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Despite claiming a brilliant sporting career cut short by numerous injuries, the truth is best summed up by my cricket record: batted 11, never bowled...



Wow! Just wow!

State of Origin 1 player ratings: Queensland Maroons

And Capewell wins the Ethan Lowe award for performing 1000% better than expectations on debut.

Six talking points from State of Origin 1

That’s the logical play i think

REVEALED: NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons teams for State of Origin 1

I can’t wait to see who does an “Ethan Lowe” this year and goes from people wondering why is this bloke even in the squad??? to playing out of his skin in the game of his life.

Queensland Origin selections: The final squad

Glad to see you didn’t miss the chance to put the word big in front of Nelson. it’s apparently compulsory.

NRL grand final player ratings: Melbourne Storm

Coach gets a 3 for mine. Team was off the boil right from the start – that’s on the coach. As for putting May in the starting lineup over Naden. A negative play which backfired dramatically. Didn’t seem to fire up the team at half time either.

NRL grand final player ratings: Penrith Panthers

Jamie Ainscough looked a million bucks running off the Johns boys. I would have looked a million bucks running off the Johns boys. Worst decision ever to leave Newcastle but managed to make rep teams after that, although I don’t know how.

Rugby league's one-Test wonders

I thought CHN was the pick of the Canberra forwards. Mind you over on the nrl website they hardly rated him and gave Bateman huge wraps. Apart from butchering a try by going himself with two unmarked outside I can’t remember anything Bateman did.

Storm trounce Raiders to book grand final berth

The Bulldogs should get on the phone to this guy

Aidan Sezer continues to light up the Super League with another stellar performance

Great summary Baz.
I also think the hunger for the Chooks was just not there this year. The desperation that made them a great team wasn’t quite there and that brought them back to being a really good team instead.
Hats off to Canberra – I’d love to see a Raiders v Panthers GF!

Three-peat over! Roosters dream ends after loss to Raiders

Hope it goes well for him. Can’t wait to see how Brimson goes at the higher level, he’s a talent for sure.

It's official, Kalyn Ponga won't play Origin this year

Summed it up Geoff. Of course the NRL will bring out the wet lettuce which will make no difference after the fact. It has to be acted on in the game. Surely the bunker can rule on stuff like this???

Are the Storm up to their old dirty tricks again?

Deliberate act of foul play. How much more textbook do you need for a professional foul? 10 in the bin for sure.

Did the Sharks deserve more than a penalty for this?

I’m willing to write off everyone except the Panthers and the Storm. Cant see a grand final featuring anyone else.

Cooked Chooks make NRL semis a five-team fight

Pretty harsh on Ikuvalu – yes so many tries went down his side but more often than not he was coming in because there was a massive overlap. That whole right edge was dysfunctional in defence. Toupinua was often heading to the middle in defence leaving Flanno exposed and Aubo drifting in to cover that, which left Ikuvalu with 3 coming at him. For sure he had his worst game of the season but so did pretty much all of the roosters.

The Roosters' aura is fading

Which peanut approved the teams wearing almost identical uniforms?

'That's a penalty': Cowboy's pass is so far forward it's actually hilarious

Great write-up for a champion player. He’ll be missed. I can’t think of an equivalent player who provided so much versatility and consistency for such a long time.

A tribute to Mitch Aubusson

I dunno souvalis. I think Lewis was going well before he was taken off. It was really encouraging to see Wakeham come on and take charge though. Not all bench players can come on and own the team.

South Sydney's pretend contenders can have no complaints about Su'A's sin-bin

Yep – couldn’t agree more on this one.

NRL flags bunker changes after wrong call

On the captains challenge and insufficient footage I think it could work like cricket, where an umpire’s call on ball tracking might mean the decision stands but the review is not lost. Definitely a precedent that seems to work.

New rules need tweaking with finals fast approaching

Guilty of the “not disappearing into thin air the millisecond he played the ball” rule. I don’t know that one but it’s the only possible explanation

'What's he meant to do?' Was Nat Butcher hard done by to be pinged for an obstruction?

Good read Jeremy and I love the passion. I think all fans feel their team gets hard done by. The sin bin of Tevaga was waaaaay soft though. Definitely a wrong call.
I suspect with some continuity in the halves the Warriors will continue to build. I can see them pushing the eight hard next year, particularly as teams like Cronulla look to be on the slide.

Warriors see yellow, fans see red

Good talking points Barry. I think it will be fascinating to watch how it plays out. Who is close to selection? Who drops out? Who puts club first?
I think there’s too much history and pride for players to opt out, excepting some of the older guys maybe? Everyone wants to be an Origin player. But time will tell. It’s something I’ve never understood about Aussie Rules and football – that players will put club before state or country.
You’re right though – The success or otherwise of this year will dictate what happens from now on.

Origin may be a casualty of the pandemic

Luai has really won me over. When Cleary was out and Burton stepped in to partner Luai it was the young Burton who impressed. I was sure they’d gone the wrong direction when Cleary came back and they kept Luai and not given Burton an extended run.
I concede I was dead wrong. Maybe Burton would have turned out good too, but Luai and Cleary together are running beautifully.
Maybe Cleary senior does know what he’s doing after all.

Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai are the NRL's best halves combination

Dang. What a shame that he went down this path.

Xerri's career in doubt after positive B-sample