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Still better than Qld. 👍

A Blues B-side could beat this Maroons outfit

That’s some side. 👍

A Blues B-side could beat this Maroons outfit

This is so bloody true, great article.

Shane Warne is my idol no longer

I am not sure if I would say he is Manchester City’s Mr Dependable (that would probably go to right back Zabaleta) but nevertheless he is a top player. The biggest issue with modern day fullbacks is they can go forward but struggle in defence, Kolorov is solid in defence and powerful going forward. His shooting ability is something to behold, dynamite in his boots.

City secure Kolarov, their Mr Dependable

Just want to add Javier Zanetti to the conversation, another great player with incredible longevity

Ryan Giggs: Tearing you apart since 1991

I read the title and that is all that needed to be read.

Algeria to struggle in the World Cup

You only did the top 7 which is a pretty poor effort..

English Premier League report card

This is a strange read because I don’t really know if you are defending McLean or not. One one hand it sound like you want him suspended for life and on the other it sounds as if you would be okay for him to not have been banned at all. Erghhhh?

McLean's copped a lot more than 7 weeks

What exactly have you invested? Do you own shares in Manchester United? Are you a season ticket holder? or do you just watch some of there games on Austar?
Get over yourself, there is bigger things in life then football. If you don’t see it that way then thats your problem.

David Moyes, I have finally lost my faith in you

Um hello who is this kid? Don’t go on about how United has brought you so much joy over the last however many years to slate them for this season. Only one team can win and only four can make the CL, its not a great season but the way you are carrying on is embarrassing.

It isn’t your club and you have never pulled on the jersey to represent the club so stop acting like a 7 year old and get behind the team you claim to be such a big fan of, no matter what.

In the end it is just a game…

David Moyes, I have finally lost my faith in you

Um I don’t know if Welbeck is going to be the striker United need if they plan to be title challengers over the next few seasons. Like he is good for most English clubs but he doesn’t really seem to have what it takes to be THE MAN for ManUtd.
As for the Olympiakos match, Moyes has a lot to lose.

Danny Welbeck: The Future of Manchester United

Portugal are ranked fourth…. not Brazil.

A look at the FIFA World Cup favourites and roughies

Kyle, you clearly did not read the article.

Combined Melbourne derby XI

A few things. First off, how does United take on some of the biggest sides in England with only one holding midfielder? I presume you are going to pick Carrick there which is ridiculous as his weakness if being played without a ball player along side him.

Secondly, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Young, Chris Smalling and Tom Cleverly are not regular starters with only Smalling having started more then 65% of Uniteds game this season, mostly due to injuries to Rafeal.

You refer to Smalling as someone with great defensive physique. What!? that doesn’t even make sense…

Phil Jones has start three quarters of Uniteds game this season whilst Rafeal has been injured for long spells. Kagawa is a great player but he is not better then Rooney, Mata or RVP, therefore it is hard to have him in the starting line up. Nani has been injured since signing his new contract so I do not know how you can expect him to play.

This is another article criticising David Moyes for something he can’t control, his players under performing, with no realistic idea of how to actually “turn things around”. LJ seems to be one of those people who things Moyes is managing United in FIFA14 or Football Manager, it just isn’t that easy.

Two ways Moyes can turn Manchester United around

Whilst I find some of the questions in this read pretty interesting and brilliant for a general football quiz, you did state it was a world cup quiz and it isnt really that at all.. refer to 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 20. For a world cup quiz you get 8 out of 20, not great but better luck next time..

The Football Hipster's World Cup quiz

Fair enough to have your opinion on the matter but the whole article just seems to be a bit of salt and pepper, a bit hear a bit there…

Some of the players you have mentioned (Sarota, Goodwin, Mooy) are very interesting and it would be very intriguing for Ange to play them.

I have to say though the small part about “as long as Lucas Neill isn’t playing, I’ll be happy” is fairly disrespectful. Regardless of his last few performances he is the national captain and one of the greatest Socceroos of all time so to seemingly categorise him as rubbish is unfair. He would most certainly not be the worst option for Postecoglou to take to Brazil.

The choices Ange Postecoglou must make

I don’t usually comment on what I write however in the case of Franjic, I doubt whether he will get the nod at right back just yet with Luke Wilkshire still playing competitively. Also since I included Franjic, I couldn’t put in McKay or Bratten because they are all from the one club and that would break the theme of the article. I agree, all three of the players you have mentioned could play a role in the squad.

Socceroos that are in A-League of their own

In short, no.

Is the Australian cricket team ready to be number one again?

25 million pounds is the figure.

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part 2)

Listen you expert, Manchester United have had a 25 million BRITISH POUND bid for Baines which was turned down by Everton. That is $45 million so I have got my facts write.

Also in a further response to Andy, I am not saying whether or not United should sign him or not nor am I saying Everton should sign him or not. I am just putting forward POTENTIAL transfers and what price clubs will be looking to get for their players.

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part 2)

Well you are taking in £ and the article is in $ so $45 million is a lot less in £.

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part 2)

– Arsenal are on the look out for a quality striker and if the money is right, Berba might feel he still has something to offer to a bigger club.
– I addressed the Lambert issue in an earlier comment.
– Many football commentators rate Tom Ince higher the Will Zaha, a player of a similar skill set and United paid $20 million for him (potentially rising to $28 million). I am not saying it is a wise move to spend that money on an unproven player but I am saying it could be an exciting prospect.
– Montoya is of a higher standard then all Liverpool defenders barring Agger, Skrtel and Sakho. He was the first choice replacement for Barcalona’s best centre back of the last decade. Yes $30 million is a lot of money however that is the price tag that Barca have put on him.
– Jordan Rhodes has been the most prolific scorer in the football leagues for a few seasons now and when goal scorers are what clubs need to win silverware and escape the drop they are willing to pay big money. If Cardiff signed Rhodes he would be their equal third highest transfer fee behind Medel and Caulker (equal with Cornelius). With Vincent Tan in charge it is well within the realms of possibility that they could bring him in.
– With Marchisio I am aware that Juve is his boyhood club however that doesnt mean he won’t consider a transfer to a bigger club in Manchester City (don’t tell me Juve are bigger then City at the moment because the simply are not). In regards to whether or not he is a holding midfielder or a “playmaking central midfielder” it seems fairly similar. eg Yaya Toure could fall into both as could Carrick as could Xavi as could Xabi Alonso.

I dismissed Kyle’s opinion because he asserted that the whole article was rubbish and he only criticised me by the inclusion of Rickie Lambert.

I write these articles because I like writing them. I read through heaps of footballing websites and I enjoy putting that info together, yes it isnt the best article ever written however what to you expect from a sports website that lets anyone and everyone write for them.

In the very least I wish the people who most often complain about what I write would write their own articles but I see as in your case Gordon, they don’t.

So if you don’t like how I write or what I write, don’t read them and you will be happier for it.

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part I)

The DailyMail is one a many articles about Lambert to West Ham. Simply Google search “Lambert to West Ham”..

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part I)

Perhaps but this is an Australian website. If you want to see it in Euro or Pounds then go to

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part I)

Lambert has played most of the season however Osvaldo is gaining form and forcing him to the bench. I haven’t got an issue with criticism as long as it is a valid argument against. I put less credibility however on people who critisce and don’t actually write their own articles such as yourself.

Top 20 potential EPL transfers of the January window (part I)