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You don’t win wars by dying for your country. You win wars by making some other b’stard die for his country – General Patton.

When are losers allowed to smile at full time?

Yes agreed. It also put a lot of pressure on Mahoney to get a clean quick pass release under very slippery conditions. Some of those passes also went to ground or were misdirected.

Mitchell Moses is Parramatta's premiership answer

Ha ha good story. There’s a long way to go for us long suffering Eels fanatics. Plenty of time for us to collapse (never ending gloom is in our DNA!). Nice touch on the Ermington Psychologists Clinic.

Psychologists to apply for Jobkeeper if Eels win 2020 NRL premiership

Selection meeting: “Stuey is our best bowler”. “Yeah ok, let’s leev him owt then”.
Genius decision.

England’s selectors ensure their team is second rate

There’s no way Fonua-Blake wrote the apology. It just makes Manly look even worse. Shallow, hollow and totally without integrity. Line up sponsors, this is a mob to hitch your wagon to.

Disparaging, ignorant, offensive: Why Addin Fonua-Blake's behaviour warranted more than two weeks

Exactly right. He hasn’t actually apologized. The club issued a statement. I doubt Fonua-Blake would ever have used the word “regrettable”.

Fonua-Blake apologises for ref spray

Nowhere near the worst. Good list there though Ryan. I’ll go a bit further back…Justin Poore for Parra was one of the worst signings I’ve ever seen.

Joey Leilua the “worst signing by any club in the NRL era”? Hmm, he may well be

I like how you’ve made the Souths coach sound French. Nice touch.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

Rio Tinto blowing up Aboriginal caves. Done it before and will do it again. Oops sorry they say. They may as well personally spit in the faces of the local mob.

The sports media must promote inclusivity

Good riddance to a bad pox.

Cricket Australia names Nick Hockley as interim CEO after Roberts' departure

Don’t forget the Meapro Ham and a voucher to Viking Sauna.

Rugby league legend Noel Kelly passes away

At first I thought this was one of Dane Eldridge’s articles. Not having a go at Dane, I really like his stories.

V'landys is out of touch and losing his battle with AFL and rugby

Yeah it’s better to have lawyers and salesmen/women running the country

Australian Medical Association rubbishes NRL's crowd plans

You’ll cause an argument over who gets first crack at La Cucaracha

Australian Medical Association rubbishes NRL's crowd plans

Six pack limit /1 roast chook per person.

Australian Medical Association rubbishes NRL's crowd plans

Even if everything was perfect and the refs never made a mistake ever again, people and certain journalists would still complain. “The game’s too robotic, it needs more character”.

Let's just enjoy the footy once it's back

Don’t care about one ref, new rules, flu shots, the draw, Channel 9, blokes having fun in isolation….sorry if I’ve missed anything. But place the ball on the tee, the refs whistle and the defence rumbling down the field. Rugby league.

Let's just enjoy the footy once it's back

That was a good read Tigerbill. Thanks.

My memories of cricket in the Dacca Stadium: Part 1

So has Dylan Walker become pure after his near fatal mishap a couple of years ago?

V’landys dismisses “alarmist rhetoric” around NRL restart

Nahh, I’ll wait until next season even if crowds are allowed back this year.

When can we go to a game of footy, Scotty?

I’d be avoiding England for at least 12 months.

Australia’s UK tour in doubt

What sort of cult Christians are these blokes? Even the fundamentalist Bible Belt rocked up for polio vaccine in the 50s/60s.

I’m desperate for the footy to start but I’ll stand by Sia Soliola

Exactly right Scott. I’ve mentioned this on other forums. I’m sure it’s possible some of the players who object to the flu shot have taken pain killing injections before. Some science good, other science bad. Seems irrational.

I’m desperate for the footy to start but I’ll stand by Sia Soliola

Eales and Giffen.

Pick the greatest Wallabies team of the Super Rugby era: Second row

Stuart Law better than Mark Waugh….now I’ve heard everything.

Stuart Law in ODIs was terrible. He was the classic nudge it around for singles for ages. As soon as he went for an attacking shot….in the air….and out.

Best cricketers for Australia and England who played only one Test