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The one constant with all of the Corey Norman videos I’ve seen, is that he is shooting them himself on his own phone. So he is the one leaking them.

That’s a special kind of stupid right there. Atleast you can kinda forgive the others (Carney, Napa, Pearce, Beale et al) for doing stupid things, being filmed by others, and then having them leaked.

But Norman? Nah he deserves everything he gets.

Chill out, Dylan Napa, fresh outrage is coming

Don, I find it odd that you bought the line thrown out by David Gallop on Brett Stewart.

The facts are he got excessively drunk at the players function, was asked to leave the premises, got into a cab to go home, called his girlfriend on the way home to see if she wanted Thai, then arrived outside his home at 5pm.

If not for the false claim by the girl smoking in the unit block driveway after he stepped out of the cab, there is no way his actions preceding that “incident” brought the game of rugby league into disrepute. So the police investigation of assault is 100% the only reason why it even made the news, and therefore saw him banned. If getting drunk and being asked to leave a venue led to a player breaking the code of conduct, we’d see atleast a dozen players every weekend being banned for 4 games.

The years that followed were horrendous for Stewart. Even though the assault was proven to be false, and was actually part of an elaborate setup by the girls shady father, Stewart continued to be abused from the sidelines and in the streets right up until the end of his career. And he may still get abused now.

If players are found guilty in a court of law then ban them for life. But false claims happen as seen in this case, and many others. So the players deserve the presumption of innocence as we all do. And if The Barry wants to convict on morally reprehensible behavaviour (eg JDB cheating on his pregnant fiancé) then there’d be millions of others losing their jobs tomorrow too, in all sectors of society.

Let the guys have their day in court and make a decision after the judge has ruled.

#TimesUp NRL – we need to make a stand

Put it this way – it would be a huge shock if Castle made the call. I’d say she will move a few deckchairs behind the scenes, and hope for the best.

And that’s why Cheika must fall on his sword. Be a man, and show a little dignity. I was a fan for a few years but you can’t keep producing poor results and expect to keep what once was a highly coveted position.

The players look disinterested, they lack spark. Basic errors are killing them. The team needs a change at the top.

A poor showing at the RWC19 could be the final nail in the coffin for rugby. The model was always broken whereby the fortunes of the code relied so heavily on the success of the national team. Sustainable when the Wallabies are going well, but always heading for disaster during lean years. And with no club competition of significance to fall back on, what happens when people turn off completely from the Wallabies?

That is where we are heading.

England stuff the Wallabies - again

Huge test for Raelene Castle’s leadership over the coming days. She needs to remove Cheika immediately and announce a complete overhaul of the coaching staff and systems.

But as we saw at the Bulldogs where she was merely a puppet for Dessie, Dib & co she will again prove to have zero spine in this situation.

If nothing is done rugby could well be dead in this country by 2020. If it’s not already. The code has fallen so far behind its competition it is embarrassing.

England stuff the Wallabies - again

There is definitely some truth to that. A business that is constantly covering up misdemeanours can create a poor culture.

But I also believe the same can be said of a business where management have a strict closed door policy and team members only find out about things via the media. A culture of distrust and resentment is then created.

Beale and Ashley-Cooper stood down after breaching team protocol

Cheika, as were many others, were critical of Link advising the media of the punishments before he spoke to the players. They found out themselves from the scribes.

This time it was kept in-house and the players were left out of the squad, Only now do we find out the real reason for their omission.

I prefer it that way. I hate everything being played out in the papers.

Beale and Ashley-Cooper stood down after breaching team protocol

It’s still quick and far from “slow as hell”. I note you are comparing him to the absolute elite running backs in the NFL.

Holmes has the bare bones in place to start with. He’ll need to improve and that’s why I said that he does have time on his side if he wants to seriously make an impact. Intense training, pack on a little more muscle and he has a chance.

He will have setbacks coming up against the US athletes. But I hope he can do it

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports

Best of luck to him. He’s around 5 years younger than Hayne when he headed to the US, so that’s a positive. Less of a “one shot only” feel about it. He has the explosive speed, and evasiveness, to atleast put himself in the frame. Up to him if he wants to put in the time, and not flee after the first setback.

Huge loss for the Sharks. He’s a genuine game-breaker.

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports

Don’t disagree with that Fionn. It’s just a concern that the issue we have with one player seems to also apply to this player too. And when you throw in Powell who’s passing let’s him down more often than not, and at crucial times, we aren’t very deep when it comes to our 9s. Genia can’t play forever.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

It’s amazing what a team can achieve when they play as though their lives depend on a result. Was brilliant to watch!

ABs were far from disgraced. They were simply out-enthused by a team desperate for a win in front of their adoring fans.

Coming for the cup? Irish knock off New Zealand 16-9

I’d actually go as far as saying that Gordon was poor. And I’m a fan of his but he didn’t step up. Slow to the ruck, no urgency, one to two steps before release, floating passes.

If Phipps had an identical game he’d be lambasted. Now I’m happy to persist with Gordon as the bench 9. We need to build depth and playing at that level will only help. But he was far from good.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

Foley gets accused of having a pop gun kick. Toomua is the same unfortunately. Every kick in the 2nd half was aimless, made no ground, and put the Italians on the front door as the ball went down their throats and they marched instantly to the half-way line. It’s just lucky for us that they were pretty clueless with the ball.

The coaching in Australian rugby, from juniors to seniors, is terrible. We literally have no depth in key positions, and the players at 9 & 10 have serious weaknesses in their game. Every single one of them.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

Also, Sleiman, I’d be interested to know what is disingenuous about wanting a name change for an award, where the criteria has been amended significantly?

Let’s look at the Dally M award as an example. Let’s say that the criteria for the Dally M is no longer judged over an entire season but rather on the Origin series only. Should it still be called the Dally M, and have the recipients sit alongside players who have excelled over an entire 26 rounds?

With the Golden Boot we now have a situation where, let’s say Ata Hingano can have 2 blinders for Tonga and quite rightly win the award. As he was the best international player for that year. But should a guy who struggles to nail down a first grade spot, sit alongside guys who were named the best in the world, due to their excellence over an entire domestic season, representative season and international season?? As was the case with previous Golden Boot winners?

It doesn’t make sense.

Instead of asking "who's Tommy Makinson", first ask "what's the Golden Boot"?

I’m glad you know the RLIFs business, cause from afar it looks like they don’t really know what they are doing. Unless having a weak international scene, one that hasn’t grown in 5 decades, is a positive?

Of course they aren’t in the business of propping up domestic leagues and tournaments. That’s because it’s the job of the domestic leagues and tournaments to prop up the international game.

Flippping that dynamic would do wonders for the RLIF. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. They are an incompetent rabble. With their only fan being one Sleiman Azizi.

Go Glebe!

Instead of asking "who's Tommy Makinson", first ask "what's the Golden Boot"?

No, he deserves the award based on the criteria. Where playing 3 good games, from 3 Tests, gets you an award. Laughable but, hey, that’s international league where the Test calendar is extremely bear.

But seeing as the criteria has completely changed, then the name Golden Boot must also be changed. That name is synonymous with the best player in the world, over multiple games, at multiple levels. In other words over a greater sample size than 3.

I know you take any slight criticism of international league to heart, and I love your passion, but surely you can see the difference?

Instead of asking "who's Tommy Makinson", first ask "what's the Golden Boot"?

Yeah agree Scott. Change it’s name.

I’m sorry but the only reason this guy got a start is because Ryan Hall is injured. And more power to him, he made the most of his opportunity, and played very well. But he is far from the “best player in the world”.

He’s the “best international player” for the calendar year. And when there are only a handful of international games a year, it puts the award into perspective. Not really that important.

Instead of asking "who's Tommy Makinson", first ask "what's the Golden Boot"?

To be fair we do not actually have a strong l/o thrower in the entire rugby system. How we fail, consistently, at this basic requirement is mind blowing.

Again coaching in Australia is terrible. But all eyes tend to be on the head coach of the Wallabies only. When the dozens of coaches before him have failed our young men as they develop.

Jack Dempsey confirmed in Wallabies team to face Wales

Yep, Koroibete is out of the 23. A much needed change for a guy who needs to learn the nuances of rugby. Running hard and straight only, and throwing loose passes, just doesn’t cut it.

Jack Dempsey confirmed in Wallabies team to face Wales

Whatever the speculation the reality is Barrett quit. He didn’t want to be there. He was definitely considered for the Panthers job. Just because somebody doesn’t land a role, doesn’t mean they weren’t considered. Kevvie Walters says hi. No strings, yet the Broncos went down another route.

Barrett should walk and keep the tiny amount of dignity he still has. He got wind of the fact Hook was getting punted, quit his role at Manly to show his commitment and was then overlooked.

Nobody has ever accused the guy of being a Rhodes Scholar. Just because his decisions seem dim, doesn’t mean they weren’t part of his grand plan. He was clearly advised poorly, and now may never get another gig in the NRL.

Baz, it's time to leave Manly – and no, you don't deserve a cent

See I think it is Barrett who is wanting to have his cake and eat it too. It is looking more and more likely that Barrett quit once it became clear he was a front runner for the Panthers gig.
Now if he had landed the role then he would have walked. And assumed that Manly would simply have paid him out if he didn’t, as they wouldn’t want him hanging around the club

But Manly have called his bluff. They had little choice but to pursue another coach as they knew Barrett was actively seeking employment elsewhere. So they secured Hasler’s services and now can use Barrett elsewhere within the club.

It’s not a great situation for either party. But Barrett quit. He wasn’t fired. So he didn’t want to be there. He’s just frustrated that nobody else wanted him. And may never will. Best for him to slide off into the sunset while he still has a little bit of a reputation left. Or, put his head down and work hard until July next year. He’ll be paid handsomely for his time.

Baz, it's time to leave Manly – and no, you don't deserve a cent

Not sure Cooper was ever out of the equation. RA were desperate for him to move south last year but he chose not to.

In any case QC’s move to the Rebels is a great one for Australian rugby. We are in desperate need of competition for the 10 jersey. As always competition breeds success.

I prefer Foley. But don’t deny the incredible talent that QC possesses. He’s an asset for sure. And after Beale again failed to fire at 10, it appears our stocks now, and into the future remain very thin. So we need all hands on deck, ready and available.

Don’t cut Quade Cooper from World Cup contention just yet

I guess if you believe the Manly culture started in 2004, then your point would hold weight.

Des Hasler, Ben Barba and Quade Cooper give this week a good sporting feel

Good article DL. I much prefer reading about positive stories in sport, than the constant doom and gloom. Although no doubt the clicks and comment numbers will be well down.

I’m over the moon with Hasler returning. Instill a bit of discipline in the squad, and get their defence back up to NRL standard. Manly have the talent (although very light on in the outside backs) to cause opposition teams a few headaches. And Hasler is the man to get the best out of them.

On QC this a great career move for him. Somebody of his immense talent should not be languishing in club rugby. I wish he’d made the move earlier but better late than never. We need him to put pressure on Foley and he has an exciting backline at the Rebels to show his wares. This is great news for Aus rugby. The Rebels should be an exciting team to watch

Des Hasler, Ben Barba and Quade Cooper give this week a good sporting feel

I guess that’s your opinion that Timani had good performances. I saw most of them as lazy, particularly in defence. And Higginbotham excels at Super level yet never stood up for Deans, Link or Cheika at Test level. No coach saw him as the answer.

But I do think there is some talent starting to hit their straps. So it will be interesting to see the make up of the team in 2019.

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika

David, can you please explain to me the difference in Pocock’s approach when he is wearing the number 8 on his back, compared to when he wears 7?

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika