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I guess that’s your opinion that Timani had good performances. I saw most of them as lazy, particularly in defence. And Higginbotham excels at Super level yet never stood up for Deans, Link or Cheika at Test level. No coach saw him as the answer.

But I do think there is some talent starting to hit their straps. So it will be interesting to see the make up of the team in 2019.

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika

David, can you please explain to me the difference in Pocock’s approach when he is wearing the number 8 on his back, compared to when he wears 7?

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika

My thoughts exactly Paul D. When Hooper wins the JEM people refer to it as a “popularity contest”.

I love watching both players, and think they combine quite well. I’d kill for a decent 8 to appear on the scene. But alas we have to wait for eligibility laws on that one. And I still have high hopes for Timu.

It’s not all doom and gloom.

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika

Interesting reading the NZ press. A bit like the Aussie press when the Wallabies get an occasional win over the All Blacks. “The tide is turning” etc etc. Great selling papers but not steeped in reality.

It makes the next clash very exciting. Which is exactly what International league needs. I was very happy for the Kiwis last night. They wanted it more and deserved the victory.

Kiwis pip Kangaroos 26-24 in Test thriller

Would love Tooves to be assistant. Great way to win back the hearts of the fans after a few tough years. Throw Matty Ballin in as strength and conditioning coach, and have Beaver there in some capacity, and the place would be rocking!

Hasler on verge of Manly return

It’s not just the fitness Bearfax, it’s that Des is a disciplinarian. And that is exactly what this young side needs.

I got so sick and tired hearing the Manly players saying in interviews what a “good bloke” Trent Barrett was, and how he was such a “good mate”. It was that attitude that left them with the worst defensive record in 2018. When things got tough, the boys packed it in. After all your “good mate” would never drop you.

I wanted Michael Maguire for this reason. But Dessie was my second choice. I really hope they sign him ASAP so he can go into the lab and prepare for next year straight away. He has a talent of getting the most out of his squads. Just keep him away from the players contracts!

Hasler on verge of Manly return

Nice article Fionn. Unfortunately Australian rugby is broken. And as much as people want to lay the blame solely at Cheika’s feet, he isn’t the problem. Things have been poor for 15+ years. And an inability to develop talent from a young age, and have coaches in place at those levels that know what they are doing, isn’t changing and doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

I’m happy for Cheika to go. The team does look stagnant. However, I don’t see many top coaches putting their hands up as it appears to be a poisoned chalice. A sport that struggles to entice the best athletes in a country littered with talent makes it tough. As we, the public, still expect to be number 1, despite not being good enough. Although we always have, and continue to, punch above our weight.

One thing that should be recognised from Cheika’s reign is a solid build up in depth in most positions (ex some key ones such as 9 & 10) given the volume of caps given. But most importantly the interaction between Super franchises and the Wallabies for the first time ever. Couple that with mid season camps and regular get togethers between players and the coaching staff to discuss tactics and plans to take back to provincial rugby and, as Mario Ledesma points out, this will bear fruit in the future. I don’t think people realise how bad this was in the past. There was a huge disconnect between state and national level. But it has improved significantly, with more to still be done.

No matter what, though, I’ll still get excited to watch the Wallabies play. I’ve learned to temper my expectations based on approaching 2 decades of inconsistent results. What we are seeing today isn’t new. It’s probably just magnified as New Zealand continues on an upward trajectory, with some of the best teams in history over the past 7-8 years, and we’ve always pegged ourselves against them.

Michael Cheika must go, but who should replace him?

Haha TB I genuinely think he will play. TBSE is alive and well!

But, seriously, this looked more like an unavoidable collision in a try -scoring situation. By the letter of the law it was definitely a shoulder charge. But the on field penalty was sufficient.

Good article today TB by the way.

NRL Judiciary hand down shock Billy Slater finding

Greg Inglis hit Dean Young in 2012. The entire pre-season before 2013 was all about the removal of shoulder charges from the game. Huge suspensions we were told. No leniency, they will be eradicated immediately.

So what was the first Test case in 2013 for the shoulder charge? Billy Slater knocking Antonio Winterstein out with a shoulder charge in Rd 2. No penalty was awarded on the field but surely, we all thought, Slater would spend atleast a month on the sidelines after it was reviewed post game. After all the NRL were going to be OTT when it came to this dangerous tackle.

The result: Slater was free to play the following week. The NRL failed. And Slater never learned.

NRL Judiciary hand down shock Billy Slater finding

Haha that would be absolutely brilliant Concerned Observer – I hope they do! Might I suggest Slater’s hit on Penrith’s right winger David Simmons in 2013 as evidence. It is identical to last night’s hit on Feki. Slater was not charged for that incident.

Although it begs the question – is there a statute of limitations on evidence from that far back? I’m sure they could find others. That example just sprang to mind as it was used as evidence by other clubs in subsequent shoulder charge hearings.

NRL Judiciary hand down shock Billy Slater finding

Slater deserves to be charged. There is no conspiracy against the Storm.

Although if you do want to point the finger at the NRL you could say that if they had penalised Slater earlier, and not let him off multiple shoulder charge offences, perhaps he would have changed his style over the years. He wouldn’t have thought he was invincible.

And then he would be playing in the 2018 Grand Final. Instead of retiring in a pretty miserable fashion. A legend like Slater deserves to go out in a better way.

NRL Judiciary hand down shock Billy Slater finding

I am shocked TB. I have watched Slater not get charged, or receive a lesser charge, on multiple occasions. I thought this would happen again such was the obvious nature of the MRC overlooking misdemeanours by him.

Manly even stated once when fighting a charge at the judiciary that they had footage of Slater performing the same tackle for no charge. I imagine most clubs used him as evidence when seeking a downgrade. Get charged, head to the club library and grab some footage of Slater, and voila – downgrade!!

NRL Judiciary hand down shock Billy Slater finding

Nice article Brett, and well done on the 10 years mate. Scary to think I’ve been here for 7 or 8 of them, although I post not nearly as much as I used to.

The Wallabies have been a frustrating beast for 15+ years. We show a glimmer of hope one week, and that is all but obliterated the next week. We will scream for a change in personnel and coach, get it, but ultimately things remain the same. I don’t see things improving, given our poor junior systems and lack of identification in both players and coaches when they are young, but I’ve said this ad nauseum.

I’m now at a point that I get excited leading into a game, sure that this time will be different, celebrate our wins but don’t dwell on the losses. I’m proud that we continue to punch above our weight at times, given our players aren’t the most talented footballers in the country. The poor blokes are simply doing their best. I think a change at the top is required with Cheika to be moved on, so we get a bit of an uplift prior to Japan next year. Performing at the RWC is critical for the survival of the game in this country.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

I’ve got to the point that I’d be happy for Cheika to move on. Get someone else in.

But is it a case of the grass is always greener? I mean which world class coach is available at the moment? Any? And I always enjoy reading how so many “world class” players have left our shores.

A new coach will get the usual instant uplift. We always see that. Before we revert to the mean. Macqueen was an outlier. Not the norm. I think people forget that.

We are still in the “also runs” pack which we have been in for 15 years. The All Blacks are a cut above. Whilst the rest of us play incredibly well at times, and also throw in some hopeless performances.

The “Wobblies” have had that nickname for years. Great one week, ordinary the next. Consistency has always been our problem. I feel the next coach will encounter the same issues. But it’s got to the point where people need to find that out for themselves. So bring in a new guy!

If Michael Cheika cares as much about the Wallabies as he says he does, he should resign

Delguy passed the ball before he was hit high by Koroibete. So had zero impact on the fact the ball was already passed forward before the tackle.

Would be a very lucky penalty. Zero chance of a card or penalty try.

Wallabies beat themselves on the Gold Coast

David, I’m a little surprised you didn’t blame Hooper’s captaincy….

Poor game by the Wallabies. Folau could have iced it at the end but, to be honest, they didn’t deserve to win.

Congrats to Argentina. They played with heart and took their chances.

Wallabies beat themselves on the Gold Coast

Toomua didn’t play 10.

If you want a Wallabies shake-up, this may be the time

Don’t disagree with you moaman. But I’m probably more referring to keeping the same 10-12 just to build depth. Give them another shot just to see if another week helps them gel.

I’m hoping there are a couple of forced changes with Pocock, Folau (to the wing) and Coleman back. And if it was up to me I’d also like to see Tupou and Banks start.

Koroibete and Maddocks aren’t quite up to starting at this level.

What happens when the result isn’t the most important part of a win?

One thing this Wallabies squad has shown repeatedly is guts and determination. What they lack in skill and finesse, they make up for with heart. And sometimes as a supporter that’s all you can ask for. A team that leaves nothing in the tank. So it was no surprise to see them hold on when facing an opposition that has as many problems as us when it comes to skills and finesse. In other words the Springboks were woeful. So I take the victory with a grain of salt, happy for the team to lift their spirits, but far from happy with most of the performance.

Having said that I’m happy to see the same team run out on the Gold Coast. It was great to see Toomua back, and having another crack with Beale will see us build much needed depth in the 10-12 channel. Long term I see Beale as one of our better bench options as he truly is not a full-time 10. But happy to see them go around again.

What happens when the result isn’t the most important part of a win?

Gday Con yeah you are spot on and I’m probably being a little harsh on the players from the comfort of my couch. Any twinge to the neck area must always be treated with the utmost of caution. And if I had pressure applied to that area I’d no doubt stay down as well.

I guess I’m always looking at ways that teams can milk penalties. And this appears to be one of them. But it is certainly a difficult one to police, given the area that is being compressed is such a vital part of the body. But I’d hate to see this young man potentially miss a GF because of it.

Six talking points from Sydney Roosters vs Cronulla Sharks NRL qualifying final

Maybe I’m a little blinded as I’m frustrated by players staying down a fair bit for these so called “crusher” tackles. But I can’t for the life of me see how or why Mitchell would be suspended. At speed when a player turns to have his back facing the tackler, as Dugan did, what is the defensive player meant to do?
With 75 carry-over points I fear that Mitchell might miss a GF, and for what? It wasn’t malicious. It wasn’t reckless. It was simply unfortunate. And it looks like it (players staying down rather than there being a spike in the type of tackle) is creeping back into the game.

Six talking points from Sydney Roosters vs Cronulla Sharks NRL qualifying final

No doubt Argentina will be tough. But we always match up well against them. And they have only beaten us once at home.

The Argies always turn up against the ABs, put in a great performance, but still get comprehensively beaten. And then falter in the weeks after, having seemingly put everything into that game. I expect a tight tussle but won’t be taking last nights form from them as a given that they will put us to the sword.

A bloody marvellous win by the Wallabies

I loved seeing the desperation and heart shown by the team at the death. The team has been growing in this regard. They rarely leave any juice in the tank. That sort of stuff makes you proud as a supporter.

But a marvellous win?

If that was the ABs we would have lost by 30+. I believe we took a step back last night compared to the Irish series and against the ABs. The backline was stuttered. One out running is all we could achieve, and very rarely got over the ad line from a backline move. Passes regularly missed the mark. You could see the frustration in Genia a number of times as another backline move disintegrated.

The Boks handling was terrible. They were the most disjointed I’d seen ever on our shores. And some average Boks sides have toured previously. We can thank them for not turning pressure into points at the end. You just knew they’d cough it up. They’d been doing it all night.

Tupou was an awesome addition. Gee we missed his presence as a rock in the front row. We need to move on both Koroibete and Maddocks. I’d love to see DHP persisted with at FB, so put Folau and Banks on the wing. Can’t wait for Kuridrani or Kerevi to return as Hodge is not a 13.

Happy to give Beale & Toomua another crack together. But ultimately I think Foley & Toomua are a better fit. Beale needs space. When you put a 10 on his back he doesn’t ever straighten the attack, and cramps his outside men. But let’s see how he goes against the Argies, if he can manage the team with potentially more space.

A bloody marvellous win by the Wallabies

Not reflective of reality in the outside world. But certainly here on the Roar. Did you not read this article, Fionn, and it’s insistence that “captaincy stats” are somehow relevant? And that Hooper is at a crossroads? Stand up or else? It’s like he’s never had a good game in Gold.

We love looking for a scapegoat. It’s always one person’s fault, and if they weren’t there, presumably we’d win!

Tonight, for Mr Lord, that scapegoat is Michael Hooper. If we fail I do expect a follow up analysis beating a similar drum, citing “captaincy stats” once again. If only Pocock was there, he’ll say!

But if the Wallabies win and Hooper has a blinder, as he often does, then it will be crickets. And another reason for the win will be sought.

Surely, you have seen this pattern from Mr Lord before?

Michael Hooper is at a career crossroad tonight

I look forward to the in-depth post game analysis we have come to expect from the Roar tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Wallabies win: it’s because Foley was on the bench

Wallabies lose: it’s because Pocock was out injured.

Michael Hooper is at a career crossroad tonight