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I agree, if we aren’t at our best we could go out straight away v Uzbekistan

Mission Impossible: Can Arnie take us all the way in the UAE?

Also Mr Football, just curious on where you find out the ratings is there a website or something because im interested to know other games,
Id also wish I could find out how the ratings would go if it was on a FTA channel, it is on 10 Bold each week but unlike the footy or bbl which is always on the main network channel like 7 or 10, the A-League is always dished off onto a the networks secondary channel like 10 Bold (previously ONE) or SBS 2 when SBS had the rights

The A-League ten-year challenge: 2019-2029 edition

yes generally the 7-8K fans that rock up to Hindmarsh each week are passionate supporters and will follow it weekly, the rest of the fans who don’t rock up only rock up when there is success or a final unfortunately, when Hindmarsh is full it is a brilliant stadium to be and one of the reasons why I love the reds and go to their matches regularly

The A-League ten-year challenge: 2019-2029 edition

fair enough, he has had success with the matildas thats why I was wondering whether u as a fan would consider him

Matildas coach Alen Stajcic sacked, five months before World Cup

when the 36ers are at their best they are very good, however as a sixers fan i notice in games that they have minutes where they concede 10 points in a row, I believe it was the Brisbane game a few weeks ago and we were up by 10 and we let them score 21 odd points and we barely scored and then they had the 10 point lead and the game, if they can stop these mini fade outs in games I hope we can win the majority of games left and sneak into top 4 before brisbane do

Seven doesn't go into four in the NBL's run home

we could go all the way but it would take our very best to do it, Uzbekistan round of 16, we are probably the favourites they are beatable but we have to watch out otherwise it could end like the Jordan game, if we win that we play the winner of UAE v Kyrgyzstan, two teams we could beat but have provided trouble against us in the past, if we make the semis, it will be most likely South Korea and it would take our very best to beat them, not impossible but with an inform Son Heung-Min, it will be very hard. not impossible but will take our very best

Mission Impossible: Can Arnie take us all the way in the UAE?

would love for half of these to come true, however, with the Aleague/FFA taking so long to introduce 12 teams I don’t think pro/rel will be happening anytime soon unfortunately, would be good to see Red Bull take ownership of a club and wouldn’t surprise me if they did, and it is likely that an NPL team will win the FFA cup, with one NPL team guaranteed to make it to the semis no matter what, it won’t be too long before they become stronger and win the whole thing

The A-League ten-year challenge: 2019-2029 edition

although I would love a second adelaide team and make an Adelaide rivalry here in SA, currently I don’t think the sport has the popularity in SA to hold two A-League teams, at least not until pro/rel starts (if it ever starts)

The A-League ten-year challenge: 2019-2029 edition

Waz, i saw you mention Brisbane will be looking for a new W-League coach and ur referencing Stajcic im guessing, considering his good record with the national team, would u want him as the Head A-League coach at the Roar?
Oh and as ur a roar fan im just interested is there someone in particular u guys want as your new coach?

Matildas coach Alen Stajcic sacked, five months before World Cup

Good goal for Lia, a rare thing to see as a reds fan, tho if he keeps scoring goals like this I’ll be happy as a reds fan

Vince Lia scores rare goal to put Adelaide ahead

agree with most of this, I think Crows will be higher but thats also probably because I am a crows fan and Id expect them to win just about every game apart from a couple away matches, however Id expect the Hawks to bomb after losing Tom Mitchell to unfortunate circumstances, although I think West Coast are fantastic there’s a chance that they might fall not by too much just due to inconsistency over the years from going from top 4 to missing finals to runners up to only sneaking in to premiers, after the crows, id love to see the eagles go back to back, a very entertaining last year and good to watch

My 2019 AFL top eight predictions

agree with this however I think the teams placed 9th-12th are capable of making finals, I reckon it will be a close and entertaining season

My 2019 AFL bottom ten predictions

I agree with most of this article, on the best 22 id rather have Hartigan before Keath and Douglas before ROB, I’d also have Riley Knight somewhere as he was critical late in the season in shutting down the impact certain players had in certain games, Tex does need a big season tho after having surgery last year and having a full proper pre season this year, I hope and i believe he can get back to his best

Adelaide Crows 2019 season preview

pretty fair assessment, myself I see the Swans having a good solid list capable of making the 8 but also very capable of missing it, there elimination final loss in 2018 was poor and hopefully its not a sign of falling even further this season

Sydney 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

i agree with these, some others I’d add would be Ben Halloren who has been played more centrally rather than on the wing which saw him rose to prominence at Brisbane but this is due to the injuries at United, I still think he has been good for the Reds this season however, not every game but sometimes this season, Craig Goodwin has been played more in midfield when Ryan Kitto is playing on the wing, but without a doubt Goodwin is most effective on the wing

Three A-Leaguers that aren't utilised properly

although Id rather play Uzbekistan than Japan, Uzbekistan will still be a tough match up for the Aussies, will be an entertaining yet nervous match Im sure for us Aussies, a lot good matchups here, Jordan v Vietnam will be close as will Thailand v China, Japan v Saudi Arabia will be very entertaining as well i reckon,
Expectation now for the Aussies is to make it to the Semis, they are capable of beating Uzbekistan and then the winner of UAE v Kyrgyzstan, will most likely play South Korea in the semis if we make it

Socceroos set for Uzbekistan clash as Asian Cup knockout draw confirmed

would be good if Dortmund won, changing it up in Germany would be good, has been an exciting title race so far, would be good if more leagues were like this in Europe, French has been dominated by PSG, Italy by Juve, Germany by Bayern, Spain usually by Barca, be good if it was to switch up in these leagues

Familiar foes headline the first true post-Klopp Bundesliga title race

Mabil has been great since coming into the squad in late 2018, exciting and not afraid to take players on, great to see a former United player shining for Australia, hopefully he, Ikonomidis and add Nabbout and Leckie as soon as they return from injury, can add plenty of goals in the knockout stage

Is Mabil the Roos' new goalscorer?

The greatestest rivalry in the A-League era – the distance derby

The A-League midseason report card

good win from the mariners, great to see them get a win

Matt Simon rescues the Mariners from going off-script

Was a terrible call no matter what way you look at it, one of two bad errors even the Milligan handball which wasn’t given was a pretty bad call
Tho as an Australian I’m glad the Milligan handball didn’t given

Socceroos triumph in a five-goal thriller over Syria

Although I admire De Gea, from what I have watched of Schemichel he was both fantastic and entertaining especially how he wasn’t afraid to go up in the last minute to grab and equaliser, he scored 10 goals in his career, pretty good for a goalie

David de Gea leads United to victory with goal keeping clinic

fantastic game from Rogic, and good reward for Ikonomidis who has played so well this A-League Season and in the tournament so far

Tom Rogic puts one on a platter to help restore Socceroos advantage

fantastic goal, one of the best at the tournament, good to see a former reds player shining for the socceroos

Awer Mabil draws first blood for Australia

as a United fan, had to admire De Jong free kick, while it was a good save at the end by Redmayne Kitto should have buried it, shows why we need a striker!!! 🙁

Andrew Redmayne's clutch save secures Sky Blues victory