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Sport is what I live and breathe every day. Currently an aspiring sport journalist at La Trobe University in Melbourne.



They might only have a 4 day turnaround to get up for a TNF game but then they receive an extra 3 days rest for the following week depending on if they play Sunday or Monday night. I’m sure a special teams player has no issue

The NFL must scrap Thursday Night Football

One wonders whether Cleveland took him because of his ‘apparent’ NFL talents or for a marketing move to build hype around an absolutely dismal team. I rate Brian Hoyer and think he deserves multiple chances to prove why he’s the QB of the future. The Browns have been competitive all season and with West at RB as well I can see them winning 6 or 7 games this year which isn’t great but it’s the Brown’s we’re talking about here. Great article!

Why Manziel shouldn't start this year

Thanks for the read johno. There were so many players I could have slotted into this team. Greene and Terlich were considered strongly as well as Frawley but didn’t want to load up on players from just one team. Garlett and Robinson could’ve slotted nicely in the forward pockets!

2014's Almost Australian team

I tried limiting the amount of Carlton players in this team but McLean, Armfield and Robinson were contenders

2014's Almost Australian team

Maybe you need to read the article again Winston.

2014's Almost Australian team

Agree wholeheartedly, after two of the top 4 teams got bundled out in straight sets anything can happen, saying the Swans will belt the Roos is cliche at its best. On paper they have a better side but North has taken their opportunities and making a prelim is more than any ‘expert’ tipped them to finish. It could be a blowout or could be a close match. North has previously gone up to Sydney and knocked the Swans off and regardless of whether it was in Round 4 it still counts. Sydney has way more to lose in this game than the Roos

Sorry Roos, it's the Swans by plenty

It is a total disgrace, yes there was blood but as Carey said, that part of the face is easily prone to splitting open from a nudge. It would be interesting to see Selwood’s history of previous cuts on that eye because if there have been say 5 previous wounds opened up above his right eye then that works in Harvey’s favour surely.

"It is an absolute disgrace": Carey blasts MRP over Harvey ban

In terms of my fantasy team my running backs are stronger than ever but my wide receivers totalled 1.3 points this week…throw the ball fellas!

The running game gains momentum in NFL

Don’t forget the Roos can swing Jack Ziebell forward as well. Crashes packs and as we saw against Adelaide, he can hit the scoreboard as well. The Roos have a real wild card when it comes to forwards and Geelong seem to be Hawkins or bust. Selwood can’t kick three goals every game to keep them in it.

An AFL semi-final for the history books

Thanks for the read Joe and spot on. Too many yes men trying to please JJ. Heck he even has his son in law cleaning his glasses at games…They could very well beat the Rams but don’t see them getting past the Titans this weekend.

Dallas Cowboys aren't America's team anymore

Considering Harvey is still in the top 2 most important players for the Kangaroos I would say he’s not just playing so he can reach 400. The sad thing is too at 39, Fletcher is still an important part of the Dons back line. His spoiling, ability to read the game and precision kick in’s are still vital

Fletcher versus Harvey in the race to 400

Great piece Sarah, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The AFL in particular Gil McLachlan wrote to the MCC chief saying the AFL is displeasured with not fixturing games during July. They need to put their ego aside and let a far more popular game worldwide take stage. All those exhibition games would attract 90k plus fans. The AFL doesn’t realise that outside of Australia no one knows what the hell AFL is.

When the AFL takes on the world game, it is bound to lose

Sydney this year reminds me of the Miami Heat when they started the ‘Big 3’. All the commentary on them buying some of the best talent is warranted but if they win, I doubt the public will accept them as premiers as people will feel they either cheated or bought a flag.

Swans? Cats? Hawks? Who is gonna win the flag?

Massive brain fart by Vickery. I don’t know what his intention was because swinging your arm like that and that high was always going to cause damage to Cox. I did how ever enjoy a certain tweet on Twitter saying that Vickery’s lawyer said playing for Richmond this season should count as time served

The AFL Tribunal system got it all wrong

Couldn’t have said it better myself Gecko. Thanks for the read

The AFL Tribunal system got it all wrong

Intentional, high contact and severe impact. Nine activation points so it was sent straight to the tribunal. I’m not too sure about a single offence. I think it might be 5 if the player has carry over points and bad record etc.

The AFL Tribunal system got it all wrong

All good!

The AFL Tribunal system got it all wrong

I would say pitching a perfect game would be a pitcher’s career highlight.

What's the Aussie sport equivalent of baseball's ‘no-hitter’?

Kings beat Ducks in seven games. All their playoff series has been the full seven games. Crazy stuff! First team to win three consecutive playoff series in game seven’s on the road.

2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final preview

The Rangers punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals not Semi Finals?

Rangers cap history-making comeback

Melbourne Storm just has this way of taking in players and turning them into gold (bar George Rose because that was a terrible decision). They plucked Adam Woolnough from bush rugby and gave Ryles a fair send off in the twilight of his career. Would’ve loved to see Benji at Storm but money talks and its still hard to attract people in a non traditional rugby state in Victoria.

Benji needed the Storm to resurrect his career

It’s so hard to say. Carlton got Judd in his prime and were on the verge of top 4 and premierships etc. But it’s like the draft when Selwood fell to number 7 and 6 teams passed on him. No one could’ve predicted the player he would become…

How will the Kennedy-Judd trade be judged in hindsight?

Like what my Dolphins did by picking two OT’s and a WR. More help needed for Tannehill which will be good. Still can’t believe Bortles went to Jags at 3. I will be watching him this season to see if he get’s any snaps particularly with no Blackmon and their two WR picks

Sam, Bortles and 'Johnny Football': 2014 NFL Draft review

Pretty sure the NBA is going to donate the money to charity I think I read somewhere…

NBA give Donald Sterling the Clipp

I can’t wait for the new season period. Will be very interesting to see how Decker goes trying to catch passes from Smith or my preference in Vick…

NFL match-ups worth waiting for