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Interesting to see as I was thinking Tigers had a draining slog in poor conditions and then have to fly to Brisbane. Rehab will be the key. Geelong have been stationed in Brisbane and in a good team effort only had one player down on form ..again.
Plus, I don’t think Cats win was a walk in the park. Hawkins was huge. Parsons made me believe in him. And there run was great.
Two good teams ..similar set ups but slightly different approaches.

Five talking points from the AFL preliminary finals

What about Geelong? They must need a new one by now

Shaw to take extended leave from North Melbourne, may not return

Robbed? As an independent viewer I saw no robbery. Things even on the night.
People complaining about port defender literally throwing the ball out of bounds and being free kicked. Even Hinkley wouldn’t accept it in post match.
Most biassed supporters.
Good win to Tigers

Lambert's last-quarter strikes put Tigers into the decider

Fair point. Put another way..I like a sheet anchor at one end.
With the proviso he can accelerate

My Round 1 Sheffield Shield XI

I’ll say it again. I like Bancroft and feel it would be a great bonus if he could lock down that other uncertain opening spot. people like Burns tease too much. Just when they should be dropped they get a score. But they are not consistent. If someone like Bancroft was there for ages holding down one end it would take the pressure off the following batters. I’d take 50 runs of a 150 balls with an opener every time.

My Round 1 Sheffield Shield XI

Good reading Paul. I’m sorry I could not view any of the Shield games but I’m always interested to read the articles by those who saw some action. I have a lot of time for Renshaw and Bancroft and it’s hoped they have a good Shield season to put some pressure on the two spots that are not cut and dried in the test team. Opener and middle order.
And of course young Green.
Australia need new blood and it would be good to have one coming through each year so that they can be trained up to take on a test role

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

Good read as I also had ,or have, high hopes for Bancroft.
But one thing is certain we need a reliable opener under all conditions.
Just hoping one shines through

Can Bancroft bounce back?

Paul Ahern played this year at North didn’t he

AFL trades: Zac Williams, Aidan Corr and the giant problem at GWS

Hardly. Very difficult to emulate Collingwood as there is no tattoo shop out at Arden St

'It's a no-brainer': The 'obvious' club to recruit Heath Shaw after Giants axing

Great read on Australia’s win. Watched for a while before retiring but kept thinking that Smith would have been useful at the top. I also wondered if Australia may have erred in not including another spinner such as Agar. Again , the English were feeding off Cummins.
But you have to love Maxwell and Carey getting amongst the runs. I’m a fan of Carey but a lot of chatter surrounded him and his batting with Wade and Phillipe.

A little bit of resilience goes a long way for Justin Langer's men

Have to agree with your comments re Cummins. Seems to have lost momentum. If they see Stark off early Australia needs to have two Hazlewoods operating. Whereas Zampa takes wickets he can be got at so you don’t want Cummins and Stoinis bleeding as well.
Maybe Richardson??
Hopefully Smith can make it back which would stiffen the batting.
And maybe the ever confident Wade could open.
Hard to make changes but nothing ventured….

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

Yes.Correct. my bad.

Peter Handscomb moves south in Big Bash switch

The experience of Handscomb and Siddle will be of great benefit to Hobart particularly with George not available. Depending on Australian selections it could be a good line up with Wade, Short, Handscomb and McDermott at the top. Siddle and Meredith opening. Boland and Faulkner assisting.
Three spots for younger ones to play for

Peter Handscomb moves south in Big Bash switch

I have to agree with most comments that Marsh seems happier in the white ball format and has enough of a record to maintain this position.
Adding Manus Labuschagne would, in my humble opinion, stiffen the side in the 50over game.
Finch, Warner, Manus, Smith and Marsh and its a toss up for the last position. Wade, Maxwell or Stoinis. They do not inspire confidence at the moment. Perhaps Wade.
And in the longer game I think Heazlewood to tie up one end along with perhaps Lyon ??

Australia topple England to end T20 series

I can remember following the results of Australian tour of the West Indies in 1955 where the the 3 W’s were in action. But it was Walcott who was the star of the series with 5 centuries.
He scored a century in each innings of consecutive tests. Which is still unique I’m pretty sure.
I’m not 100% now but Stan McCabe went out to bat in bad light in a test but wandered away from the pitch. The umpire was supposed to have told him it was over this way Stan and Stan said “keep talking , I’ll find you”..I believe they could not appeal against the light. Not sure if thats correct or the humour.
I also agree with All Day Roseville All Day that there was something romantic about Trumper’s era

Bradman era to era

Good article. The one thing all of us would agree on is to have had the chance to see the Don in action.
His powers of concentration must have been exceptional
He excelled as a squash player and also snooker and was Australian Royal Tennis champion

Bradman era to era

Meredith will be Australia’s gain and Tassie’s loss the next time cricket gets on the park.
Still, that’s the ultimate goal for all shield cricketers so good luck

Five players to watch in the T20 series between England and Australia

got to agree with that. A new article on the make up of the upcoming t20 side gets into the tv coverage which to me was not that interesting. Probably because there is not a lot one can disagree with the team selected except positions based on how they are going.
But all good stuff…it’s cricket after all

NSW's Test XI of the 21st century

Great team. Amazing reactions you got and how off the track some got. It was just a pipe dream and no injustice meant to any other players past or present.
Buy I liked it. thanks

NSW's Test XI of the 21st century

It’s playing with fire , in my mind, to split Warner and Finch at this point. They have batted together for quite a while now and have a great yes/no understanding to go with their power in the early overs. Marnus could easily bat at 5 as could Marsh. With the top four generally eating up overs Marsh could be more useful with his bowling. Also, it’s hoped that Carey can have some time to get a few under his belt in the warm up games.
But Marnus and his game does say : Follow me Boys”

What role could Labuschagne play in the T20 side?

I have to agree with the previous two comments. A tried and tested formula has always been 6 batsmen and I for one would like to see a fit Green at no 6. I thought Wade had lost something , in his game against New Zealand , when he kept shouldering arms to the short pitched ball to me that emphasises the point about carrying a young fresh face to be there for the future.
It could be Patterson or Maddison but Puckovski seems to be reluctant.
Anyway, SIX batsmen.

How will Australia line up for the 2021-22 Ashes series?

Good article. I’m also in agreement about Swepson. He has been endorsed by Warne , who knows a bit, but I’m not convinced. Zampa has had great exposure and has a determined mind set so I’d persevere.
The middle order is a problem and one would hope Renshaw could iron out his technique but I feel Green will lock down a role in the near future. At least I hope so.
If his batting form is maintained it would be wonderful for him , and Australia , if he could resume bowling.
It’s the time to introduce new blood. Particularly if we rely on Wade and Head

What should Australia’s Test squad look like?

Not too many decent all rounders about these days but I would pump for Ben Stokes.
Bowling, batting and fielding are not in question and now he has had a taste of captaincy to add another string. Just got to add consistency . But Australia would be a great unit with him at 5 or 6

In search of the mythical five-in-one cricketer

There were a couple of Tasmanians earlier than Eady. Sam Morris in 1884 and then Kenny Burn in 1890. Easy was 1896. Then a gap to McDonald in 1921. and the Badcock in 1936.

Forgotten efforts from famous Test players: Part 1

I love your comments about Jacques Kallis . He was one of the few cricketers I have watched that I had the greatest respect for. Just liked his attitude . Apart from his ability.
This is a very good side .
Good article.

South Africa's all time T20I XI