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What happened since I started watching RL decades ago, the game used to continue if an injured player was at the opposite end of the pitch and out of harms way, play on and bad luck, but no, this is the storm and they are the NRL’s pet club and can do whatever they like.

I don’t talk about their cheating often, but it seems my club always cops the rough end of the broom whenever they play this lot. The 09 GF, a storm player is tackled and the ref says play the ball, he gets up and runs again for another 10-15 metres and the refs lets it go, the next play or two they open the scoring with a try. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they end up getting caught for cheating the cap in that very season.

They operate just like their previous owner does, win at all costs no matter the consequences.

Storm handed $10,000 breach notice

U run the joint eh?

It's a Bledisloe weekend, but watch the women too

You don’t wanna start one but you did. Ha.
What a load of rot, it’s your code with all the old boys networks mate. We are just inferior humans to you lot, what’s that name we leaguies are often called by our betters in union again?

It's a Bledisloe weekend, but watch the women too

Don’t say too much mate, the NRL’s little pet might get offended.

Why Ben Elias thinks the Storm should have been fined six figures for cramp controversy

Vasyl Lomachenko versus Teofimo Lopez, that’s the one I waana see. Lomo is going to annihilate this young upstart mouth.

Five boxing matches for Australian fight fans in October

Green much?

The Sam Burgess coverage typifies rugby league's negative media portrayal

Doesn’t matter anyway as we’ll be there next week regardless and you never know, the team the eels face next week might all catch the flu or their bus might break down on the way to the game or a UFO may turn up and beam the other team away.

It’s not all lost, have some faith parra fans. Up the eels.

The Eels have no hope against the Storm

When Walters took over at Catalans, the team was very much on the up, while he was there they could beat the best on any given day then turn up next week and get a record score put on them from a team in the relegation battle. Iirc he took over from Robinson and look what he’s done since at the Roosters. I can’t see the Broncos doing much with Walters imo. Good luck getting Thorne, I can’t see him returning, he has no need to and has set himself up for coaching in Union, he’ll be wanted in quite a few places if he left the Reds and would be the head coach straight away, can’t see him returning to RL.

Why the Broncos need to give Brad Thorn a call

Don’t care, my team made the finals so we’re winners already 😊

Bundled out in 2 weeks seems ok to me, I’m used to it plus it’s getting pretty close to the Summer time and I can’t be watching footy then, it’s too hot, it’s time for cricket and more beer drinking not worrying about how the eels will lose again, I’ll leave that for the miserable Winter months, summer is for enjoying and it’s the reason Parramatta don’t play into summer, cause I’m allowed to actually enjoy Summer.

Cooked Chooks make NRL semis a five-team fight

If it wasn’t for those 80 years of amateurism LOL, you wouldn’t even be watching a Brisbane Broncos side, we would all be probably following fumbleball as we’d have been indoctrinated into that cult long ago.

No team deserves the wooden spoon more than the Brisbane Broncos

Nup, the ARL were working on mergers and relocations before those two greedy TV propagandists took over.

No team deserves the wooden spoon more than the Brisbane Broncos

Come on Broncos fans, don’t take it so personally. Someone has to come last 😂

I’m a nice guy, I reckon if we band together, we could ask the Parramatta club for one of their fourteen wooden spoons to hand over, it’s not like we’re gonna miss one lol.

Anyway, we all Love being part of history (I was there, I seen that) and in footy, what can be more history breaking than winning your first title?

Being arrogant enough to think you’ll never win a wooden spoon.

So on behalf of all none Broncos/SL fans, take it, and stick it as far up Uncle Rupes nose as possible.

You’re welcome.

No team deserves the wooden spoon more than the Brisbane Broncos


No team deserves the wooden spoon more than the Brisbane Broncos

The saddest part is the no crowds, I’d have loved to have seen how low the bOncos crowds would go in a season like this 😂

I’m a huge Cowboys fan this week 👍

No team deserves the wooden spoon more than the Brisbane Broncos

This and another certain forums chat should be interesting tonight with the way the Penruff supporters have been lately regardless how it goes, nearly looking as forward to that as watching the game itself 😂

Eels suffer big setback ahead of Western Sydney derby

I gotta agree, the young guy has some talent and is a big out for Parra and I can’t see the eels in this now unless it becomes more of a grinding game. I like Stone’s style, he gives the impression that every time he plays, he playing the part of David and all the opposition are Goliath’s 😊 Anyway, really looking forward to this and regardless of who wins I hope it’s a close match.

Eels suffer big setback ahead of Western Sydney derby

Unless it was against your team 😡

Haha was nice to watch actually. Up till that point I thought the eels were going to run away with the match, Im glad the game turned out to be a lot closer. Sets up the eels – panfers game this week.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 17

I’m prepared to say it now, if the eels can’t get over the Warriors today, they’ll be out in straight sets.
I’d like to see the Warriors come good eventually but my team has been as garbage as they have been and then some so sorry to the cuzzies, not this year 🏉

It's too early to write off the Parramatta Eels

Better than trolling for thumbs up with lies so you fit in, well done. I see peer pressure works on you. As soft as an ice cream.

The lie of international rugby league

Reinstate the SE QLD Crushers, done ez. As it always should have been.

Brisbane's second NRL team will only succeed on passion

At least it exists Chase loose roos in the top paddock, unlike that Victorian abomination you follow with a made up Australian team that never plays anyone and never will.

The lie of international rugby league

100 million, this is $BW we are talking about, the whole sporting world knows who he is with his exploits with the all blecks. Shouldn’t that number be revised to say, 4 Billion?

Roosters welcome Sonny Bill spotlight

Well it isn’t another spoon year so far unless we get busted again so no complaints here. When you follow a team like the eels, you sorta get used to mediocrity and learn to enjoy the few wins you get each year. Happy I seen them win 4 GF’s tho, I probably won’t see them win another 1 but it’s all part of following sport.

It's too early to write off the Parramatta Eels

Yeah you too mr comedy.

The lie of international rugby league

Naaa I’ll stick to the sort of rubbish you post, blah blah blah blah. They don’t play RL blah blah blah because I said so, they don’t even know about RL in blah blah blah. Imba. That’s all you deserve, you couldn’t even answer my last question about Italy a few weeks back troll, so don’t try and reverse ya garbage onto me. I read you like a book, an old man trying to act like a child for likes and approval.

The lie of international rugby league