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The reality is that most fans don’t understand offensive line play, or how important it is. Mailata should be considered the most successful Aussie to play in the NFL at this point, that’s how impressive his accomplishments are. He will also likely sign a new deal in 2 years as this is huge discount for a starting LT. Congratulations to him and his family.

Where is the fanfare for Jordan Mailata?

Fair play Graeme.

I thought it was a good game, and it went as I expected (and bet). The offensive line losses were too much to overcome, and the KC defense isn’t up to scratch against the run.

That crew is Lewis Riddick, Brian Griese and Steve Levy who as I said do the (Tuesday) morning game in the US. As ESPN doesn’t have rights in the US, they use that crew to do a dedicated Australia feed all around “Super Bowl Monday”. Nowhere else got that broadcast.

The GOAT and the WORM: Super Bowl 55 in review

I mean if you didn’t like the commentary, you could have switched to Channel 7, or NFL gamepass which had the CBS Feed. You obviously haven’t watched much football this year, since that is the weekly ESPN Monday Night Football crew that called each game this season!

The GOAT and the WORM: Super Bowl 55 in review

There is an error in the article that was inserted during editing. The compensation should read:

•Jared Goff
•Rams’ 2022 first-round pick
•Rams’ 2023 first-round pick
•Rams’ 2021 third-round pick

I have emailed the editor inbox twice to resolve this, to no avail.

Breaking down the NFL's latest mega trade

That’s the hard part… I hope they look to trade back, acquire as many dart throws as possible.

Breaking down the NFL's latest mega trade

Yeah I really like it too! I think Stafford has a good five years left. Brady is obviously an outlier, but Rodgers is playing his best football at 38. QBs are protected so much in the modern game they can last much longer. I would expect a new deal with at least three years of money added to it.

Breaking down the NFL's latest mega trade

No problem! He is absolutely an outsider, but if one of the others were to get injured…

Derek Carr: 2020 MVP outsider?

It does when it comes to Mahomes

450 million reasons for NRL fans to watch the NFL

Not at all

Patrick Mahomes signs richest deal in sports

1. Not quite correct. He missed 1 season in his career with injuries. Sure, a few throughout his career, but the most serious one was suffered in a car crash. Nothing to do with his play.
The Panthers are in a total organisational rebuild. They moved on as they didn’t want to pay him $19 million in 2020 and his guaranteed money was gone.

2. Like I said, for the merits of signing Kap, why he was cut by the 9ers has nothing to do with it.

3. Their passing metrics are almost identical over a career sample, whether you look at completion % or adjusted yards per attempt. Cam has a higher TD and INT rate, which makes sense as he is a more aggressive passer and looks to force the ball downfield. He is a far superior runner. All of his career stats check that out – he might be the best rusher at the QB position of all time in terms of sheer output. He also has an NFL MVP to his name, and makes throws on a rope that I don’t recall Kap seeing make. I could just not have seen those though.

4. We don’t know that – but the organisation has made no moves. They clearly think highly of him and are more than happy with Hoyer as a backup as seen in multiple seasons before. We will only find out what Stidham has if he plays.

5. I don’t see Kap taking a $1 million 1 year deal to be a backup, but if he did, they are better teams out there that would fit his skill set, and not completely eat up the rest of their cap space. Ravens come to mind, esp with Greg Roman there, as do the Bills.

Why the Pats should sign Colin Kaepernick

Making absolutely zero comment on the reasons for Kap not playing the last few years, but there is zero % chance of this happening.

Firstly, the Pats have less than $1.5m in cap space remaining.

Secondly, if they weren’t planning to ride with Stidham there are other QBs available like Newton who is not only a better QB than Kap, but has been better more recently. It has been many years since Kap played at a high level in the NFL. He will also turn 33 in November, meaning it will be nearly 4 years since we saw him play at an NFL level. His game is predicated on athleticism that is likely diminished as well.

The organisation is very high on Stidham, and he is actually a mobile QB himself I was all for the Pats to sign Newton, but it’s clear that is not happening. They need to see what they have and the only way that happens is by letting him play.

Why the Pats should sign Colin Kaepernick

Dak should not blink. Jerry messed this up when they didn’t get this done earlier in the season. With the cap rising, and Mahomes pending new deal going to blow out the top 5 franchise number in 2021 (in a double tag situation), Jerry will have to give him what he wants (4 years) or up the total guarantees over 5 years.

Over to you, Dak