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Yeah and he says that our nightmare draw would be Germany – Spain – Denmark.

You cannot have three European teams in a group. The draw rules explicitly state that.

This guy needs to go back to NRL.

How will the Socceroos perform in Russia?


The Englishman can get stuffed.

His team is always crap and performs below expectations.
I would love England in our group. We would surely lift against them.

How will the Socceroos perform in Russia?

They may seem flawed but they definitely don’t mean “nothing”. The rankings are used to determine the World Cup draw. Our inflated ranking will decide the strength of opposition we have to face.

I didn’t hear that we would rise as high as 28th but if we do, that means we will be placed in pot 3 and our group will be easier.

Our road to Russia is no more difficult than any other nation's

Thank you for confirming what I picked up while watching the 1st leg play-off.

Plenty of times I watched Honduras find a man in space in the midfield and then have nothing else on. It was always like – pass to open man… now what? They simply didn’t function as a collective team. Australia is not quite there yet but the last 15 years has seen our tactics improve greatly. Germany and Spain are 2 teams to aspire to if you want to play beautiful teamwork football.

They accused Australia of being a “simple” football team but their play was very “1st Phase” and they were the “simpletons”.

The long balls they kept playing are often a symptom of a team that don’t work for each other

They are also a “team of champions” and not a “champion team”. Meaning all their players are in it for themselves and trying to be the hero on the night. When Costly was played in over the top he only had eyes for the goal but if he had looked to his right, he could have slid a ball across and Honduras are 1-0 up. This seems to be a symptom of general Central American culture.

I believe that Honduras don’t really have much of a threat as a team against Australia but they may produce a few moments of individual magic that could alarm Australia.

Our road to Russia is no more difficult than any other nation's

I don’t think it is that big of a hit financially. They should sell out the Syria home game and make a few million bucks.

Then if they face USA or even Panama… They will sell out the MCG and make 10 million more.

Financially this isn’t that much of a disaster as we think.

If we manage to sell out the stadiums and still qualify… this will turn into a really healthy financial scenario.

Australia's World Cup hopes hang by a thread after Saudi Arabia win

The problem with having an indigenous round designed to celebrate/recognise Aboriginal heritage and culture is that it still separates via race.

It has a clear divide. It separates. Them and Us.

Which I think is ultimately is the complete OPPOSITE goal of modern race relations.

Race equality is about inclusion and NOT exclusion in any form.

If we continue with Indigenous round then we should have an Irish round, African round, Asian round etc etc and those rounds should focus on individuals to hi-light how all races can be champions.

Indigenous round is a misguided venture in race relations. AFL has already achieved racial equality. Let’s not forget that some of the highest paid players are Aboriginal. Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes.

The thing to remember about AFL is it a very inclusive sport. Big and small and in between all get a fair go.

The one remaining factor harming the race battle are the numb nut fans in the stands yelling racial abuse.

*** If you want an idea of how a perfect world would look regarding race and ethnicity, just look to the children. Kids in a daycare or primary school don’t care about skin colour. They all play with each other without a 2nd thought for race or colour.

Adam Goodes is spot on, people need to take a chill pill

Here here

I have never been a fan of Jedinak as a footballer. For years I have bemoaned the fact he makes a Socceroos squad, let alone starts.
Now he is our captain!?!?

I wish I could say Ange has been faultless but selecting Jedinak to play and then making him captain is a huge flaw in the Socceroos master plan. I fear it could come back to haunt us in a critical game when he telegraphs a pass in a critical moment and the opposition punishes us with a goal. I don’t want to see the day a reporter is going to have to tell Ange that “he made his bed by choosing Jedinak, now you have to lie in it”.

My brother has championed him for so long because “Premier League”, then we scored tickets the Asian Cup final and I told him to watch Jedinak closely. Seeing him live finally opened my brothers eyes to the truth. Jedinak is a terrible passer with amateur technique. He has to look down at the ball every time he passes and it’s a crap shoot as to whether the pass hits a target, get intercepted or hits a team mate under pressure.

To be fair, Jedinak is an excellent destroyer and breaks up the play very well…. but I am reminded of that ice hockey movie Goon.
Here is a quote by Ross Rhea who is a destroyer in his team. I feel like saying this to Jedinak (*changed for football of course).

“Kid, you got this thing. The stuff. The sh*t. The f**kin’ grit, you got it, like me. But like me, that’s all you f**kin’ got. And like me, you’re no good to anyone doing anything else. All I’m saying is don’t go trying to be a *football player. You’ll get your f**kin’ heart ripped out.”

The thing is… Ange has a ready made replacement ready to take on Jedinaks spot on the field. Mark Milligan, who is a much better passer and a very good destroyer of opposition play in his own right. Hell… Milligan is also captain material. Plus, if Ange wants two natural screeners on the field then Aaron Mooy can slot into Mark Milligans vacant spot. Mooy is arguably a better passer than Milligan and has a very cultured pass. Aaron Mooy is a great replacement for Brresciano as out set piece man.

Marco Bresciano should steer clear of the A-League

who was the radio presenter who mouthed such ignorant BS?

How do these people form such moronic opinions?
Sometimes it feels like they are just parroting what they think is popular and sometimes it feels like genuine directive passed down from the top.

Is any publicity good publicity for the A-League this week?

The original article is on the right track and you are also right in your reply.

Derbies have proven to be exceptional but they cannot be used to create a 2nd team because “derbies”.

I cannot see Adelaide working if a 2nd team is created (where is the rival?) and the only way I can see a Perth derby working is if you create a Fremantle team and create a tribal feel around Perth v Fremantle.

Fremantle does have a lot of European heritage… many Italians, Greek, Croatians etc etc live in and around Fremantle that could be tapped into.

One problem is there is no suitable venue in Fremantle. (Perhaps Fremantle oval could be converted into a rectangular stadium with the Dockers onboard to use it as a training venue only… They don’t “need” a full oval training site there… they can train at the new Perth stadium…. and throw in a hi-tech training/medical centre at Fremantle Oval as a sweetener)

Another problem is that you will cannibalise some Perth Glory members by creating a Fremantle team.

If it worked… this problem will be corrected over time with a rivalry creating more fans.

Perth could foreseeably work with a Fremantle team.

Can anyone in Adelaide correct me and find a genuine rival to be a 2nd Adelaide team?

Is A-League expansion heading down the wrong track?

Who has been knocking Cahill?

He is the one player that avoids any kind of criticism.

If you can link me any article knocking Cahill… I would appreciate it.

Asian Cup 2015: Cahill delivers for slow-starting Socceroos

Hyperbole, Hyperbole, Hyperbole.

6 Months ago he was one of our best at the WC 2014.

I don’t know why I log into sports forums anymore.
The comments border on bi-polar disorder.

1 quiet game = “drop him, he’s a liability!!!”

Bresciano has a hi-light reel and big game moments list second only to Cahill and probably only a close 2nd.

***2004 – Bending free kick/winner against NZ in WC qualifier in Adelaide.
2005 – Stunning goal against Jamaica in a friendly.
***2005 – Goal against Uruguay in Sydney to level the tie and help send us to Germany WC 2006.
***2006 – Cross for Harry Kewell goal against Croatia.
***2006 – Stunning bicycle kick against Bahrain in Asian Cup qualifier.
2008 – 3rd goal in WC qualifier against Qatar
***2008 – 93rd minute winner vs Bahrain in away WC qualifier.
***2010 – Dipping direct free kick against Ghana in WC causes keeper to spill and Holman to score.
2012 – Stunning volley from 25 yards against Scotland in a friendly.
2013 – 1st goal in WC qualifier against Jordan.
***2013 – Brilliant cross for Josh Kennedy to head in the goal that sends us to WC2014.

I know I am talking to an obvious troll but HAVE SOME RESPECT for a great player who can and is still producing great moments.

Asian Cup 2015: Cahill delivers for slow-starting Socceroos

1.Bresciano direct free kick goal against Iraq in a Friendly
2.Bresciano to Josh Kennedy against South Africa in a friendly in London
3.Holman goal against Ghana in 2010 WC (mentioned below)

(those are 3 from memory… I am sure there are more)

I also remember a direct free kick from him against Argentina in 2007 at the MCG that hit the bar then keeper then upright and magically did not go in.

Last night he set up Sainsbury from a set piece and Sainsbury should have scored with an open header.
Timmy’s overhead transpired from a wicked near post corner from Bresciano that China had to deal with.

Bresciano needs to start against *Japan because his set pieces are going to be 1 of our limited avenues to breaking down the best team at the Asian Cup.

Please stop the sports forum hyperbole and rip on Bresciano after 1 quiet game in general play. His set pieces were outstanding last night. The Luongo/Bresciano pairing is our best bet. Luongo’s set pieces are pretty standard and Bresciano’s dead ball skills compliment Luongo’s open play.

Asian Cup 2015: Cahill delivers for slow-starting Socceroos

England has played 1110 mins of football for a total of 11 goals = a goal every 100.1 minutes of football
Australia has played 810 mins of football for a total of 11 goals = a goal every 73.6 minutes of football

* this stat is before australia played spain

Socceroos wilt in possession, suffer the pain of Spain's passing game

Williams starts before Good.

Kruse starts before Leckie.

Fully fit Rogic in for a retired Bresciano

Medical science keeps Tim Cahill alive forever

Australia vs Netherlands: Socceroos deliver ecstasy, agony

Let’s not get stuck on the this 50,000 figure people.

50,000 is the record for a regular season match when Melbourne played Sydney. This is why I mentioned it.

This derby is going to be huge pretty soon and 50,000 will be a disappointing figure if it is held at ANZ.

I just hope that the powers that be don’t kill the golden goose and try and move all 3 games there.

Make it a one off game every year. The big show! This will create a situation that sells itself and crowd figures will always be around the 80,000 mark.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

I can see you are getting the idea.

You are right. There would be no regular season derby like this in the world.

Only 2 derbies come to mind that might come close where the teams play out of the same venue.

Milan Derby and the Munich Derby.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

I think the game should always be the 3rd and final derby of the year. A neutral ground “decider” so to speak.

Plus you could sneak it in as a final round game as well. Who knows, maybe you will get a title decider one time.

How huge would that be?

As for trying to avoid the NRL and their torn up pitch. I don’t know what the answer is for that. This will be a perennial problem for the foreseeable future.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

I think in the long run that it would even itself out in terms of gate takings.
In the first few years it might not sell out. Once tradition and the rivalry is set in, this fixture would be the glamour event of the year and gate takings would be equal year in year out.

Ideally you would want Sydney FC promoting their “home” game and likewise for WSW.
That would be the fairest way.

Get out what you put in.

Some would argue that WSW would provide more fans. So Sydney FC could look at “inciting the rivalry” to increase their gate.

Have to be creative in this world.

But I think you are making more problems out of this idea than their actually would be.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

Who is to say it will only be 50,000

I just said that I like when we reach that figure to a match.

This derby is going to get bigger and bigger and sooner or later they will need to move a match to anz stadium.

How to make the most out of the Sydney Derby

Ben, I have seen many of your comments on this site and you come across as a generally thoughtful guy. Russia may very well have slipped a few brown paper bags under the table to secure the 2018 bid. The 2006 Germany result had a farcical story to it. South Africa 2010 was awarded to correct the backstabbing of the 2006 vote and well they straight up just gave the tournament to Brazil against no competition.

World Cup bidding is a slapstick comedy of corruption and political skullduggery. As far as awarding the Cup to Russia, it is actually easier to stomach than other recent bidding processes. At least Russia actually had to compete.

Russia is not a tiny speck on the map with a population of just 1.7 Million people. Russia has a population in excess of 140 million people and Russia has a long story of footballing tradition. Awarding the World Cup hosting rights to Russia was a probably the right one because all of their competition had hosted the event before.

The Qatar thing is just a down right joke. When they do move it to a Northern Winter slot on the calendar, I hope USA, Japan and Korea team up with Australia and launch a massive lawsuit.

Get it straight, FIFA is a laughing stock


The $2.5 million question

Actually out of the 3 competitions, NRL is the probably the fairest of them all.

It is the only professional league in Australia where the teams play each other home and away.

The AFL season always grinds my gears with it’s incomplete version of a true league system.

The $2.5 million question

It is good in theory but would never be practical.

Just like there is a disparity in skill, commitment, vision and athletic ability amongst players there should be a wage disparity.
Players who do more for the team should be paid more and they will tell you that themselves.

If you are more talented at your job and bring in more business and create more wealth for your company then you should be paid accordingly.

I know that that the salary cap doesn’t ultimately restrict what you pay player A and player B but in the A-League at the moment it definitely restricts the ability for clubs to go after the best players.

Didier Drogba is the perfect example.

After Chelsea he was signed by Shanghai Shenhua because they could afford to sign him.

As what happens a lot with players going to China is they get a massive culture shock. The food, pollution, traffic and club politics causes a big proportion of foreigners to flee quite quickly. Ask Bernie Ibini.

If Sydney had the ability to sign Didier Drogba do you think he would have scuttled off so quickly with our fantastic lifestyle plus a similar pay packet?

AFL and NRL have such a popular league because people want to see the best week in / week out.

The A-League needs to remove the salary cap so it can attract more of the best like ADP.

Regarding your banking system comment. You are so right about that.

It is a disgusting system that is making a handful of players and bankers obscenely wealthy.

The $2.5 million question

I am talking about “salary cap”

The first NBA salary cap you talk of was abolished after 1 season.

Semantics really.

All your facts are actually strengthening my argument though.

I am talking about the modern day salary cap we see today.

But please do go on…

The $2.5 million question

Any more?

“inaccuracies” is plural and you have only named a single inaccuracy.

Even then it doesn’t seem relevant to this article.

I was aware that there use to be rules that governed early English football league spending. Those rules were dispensed of and the benefits are for all to see.

I maybe wrong but I don’t think there is any meaningful (or no) limit on how much a modern Premier League club can pay it’s squad.

I know there are Financial Fair Play rules taking effect soon but from what I understand those rules depend on the amount of revenue that a team has.

So hypothetically if the revenue of Manchester United was $1 Trillion dollars then we could see players being paid Billion dollar salaries.

The $2.5 million question