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Actually, if we removed the 5 Visa spot rule then Asia would kick us out of their region.

That is a rule that I agree with whole heartedly.

Have to keep the A-League as full of Australian players as possible otherwise you will have an England situation where because of having the number 1 league status, their national team fans falsely believe they should have a number 1 national team.

Australia will never produce the best players like South America and Europe has and by having a league like the EPL where there is no cap on foreign players you will only amplify that problem and soon we are producing even less quality players.

The $2.5 million question

Achieving world cup qualification should also mean “bonus points”

Scotland is ranked higher than Australia yet we have qualified for 3 World Cups now.

Bonus points should also be awarded for “reaching stages of the world cup”

Why Belgium and Switzerland should not be seeded

you claim that meaningless friendlies should not count towards rankings in a way that suggests that Belgium and Switzerland played a bunch of meaningless friendlies to improve their rank

in actual fact, the reason that Holland and Italy lowered their ranking was because they played friendlies (and won) which actually lowered their ranking.

Qualifiers and meaningful matches are the most weighted and often playing friendlies will diminish your ranking.

Belgium is definitely powerhouse at the moment.

Switzerland less so.

That does not mean they don’t deserve their rankings. They played the rankings game the smartest way and it paid off handsomely.

Why Belgium and Switzerland should not be seeded

Of those 4 clubs I can only really see 1 team that truly cared/cares about it’s existence.

Gold Coast had a parachute, a big fat overweight one.

He continually poured money into a money losing enterprise so the club operated in a way that wasn’t scared of losing money because the balance would be fixed.

Auckland Kingz were given their license by default due to the arrangement for an NZ side to be included. They had no emotional desperation to succeed. “Just making up the numbers”

North QLD was just a monumental bluncer.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

True, very true

What if the reason Shinji Ono or Besart Berisha or now Sidnei at Perth Glory even considered the A-League because the heard ADP was playing there?

(Besart may have heard Dwight Yorke played there)

You can have both but I am saying that when signing these guys clubs have to be aware of the risk of injury.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

Fowler and Kewell can be added to this list.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

The European Champions Leagus the great equaliser league.

They all have the money and most top 3 teams from all the leagues can win it.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

It is actually anti-competitive but I know what you are saying.

The salary cap has ensured a very even A-League (over a long time period) and on any given game day the bottom side can outplay and beat the top team. A Crystal Palace will rarely beat an Arsenal let alone outplay them at the Emirates Stadium.
EPL is fairly predictable, the A-League is less so.

That unpredictability has made it an exciting league to watch.

The salary cap makes it tougher to build a stronger squad through signing players.

A team like Melbourne Victory who is making profits would send more money towards signing a top coach or top physios and of course (usually) a top marquee.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

The problem here was that Richmond and Collingwood must have been bailed out by someone or some entity. (not sure of the history…. can anyone inform me?)

That is the problem with so called “capitalism/free market” in the modern world. If an organisation is allowed to rack up huge debts and then bailed out, there is nothing them dissuade them from getting them into that situation in the first place.

In essence it is not “free market/capitalism” when you bail out a bankrupt club and in fact you are actually encouraging risky behaviour.

If you take away the parachute of a bailout and just let clubs fail, I guarantee you that no club that cared about it’s existence would risk itself by getting into huge debt.

The problem is that the competition suffers if clubs die. So what do you do?

It is a tough argument for another website altogether but it is still an argument that can be applied to sports.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

How does it miss the point?

I pointed out that they bring in the benefits like you said but when these marquees miss more time than they play then that is a problem.

Lately it isn’t some freak injury from a horror tackle.
There are soft tissue injuries that are prevalent in the older guys lately.

Del Piero – Hamstring
Ono – Groin battles
Gallas – Calf

Kewell and Heskey were impact injuries to joints but they took ages to return.

The A-League's marquee conundrum


I was talking about the Marquees getting the big big dollars.
The marquees that can boost a game day attendance by thousands.

You could never convince me that Broich, Flores and Contreras would ever sway a fringe supporter to attend a game let alone bump a crowd attendance by 2000-3000.

My argument still stands and I am not skewing the facts.

I’ll put it this way.

If the news got out that Del Piero was injured a day before a game and not going to be playing against the Glory in Perth then the attendance figure would suffer.

If the same thing happened with Broich then the attendance would not suffer.

In any case, Broich, Contreras and Flores are good examples of how the marquee system is, for lack of a better word, abused.

They maybe listed as marquee and paid a little higher but they do not fit the true meaning of it and therefore are not relevant to my argument.

I would even say that Shinji could be another example of not being truly “marquee” when he was signed but he has played his way into that status.

The A-League's marquee conundrum


I know exactly what you are saying here.

There has to be some regulation though to stop “us eating each other” or “killing each other”

I think the initial phase required a salary cap to protect the clubs from having “eyes bigger than their stomachs” but very soon it would be ideal to let the salary cap go.

Soon the bigger clubs can attract a whole range of world class players and this can only raise the standard and bring in bigger sponsorship deals.

The TV deal still has to be shared equally and this is the reason that the smaller clubs will thrive and make a profit and raise up their situation.

It is the trickle down effect. You just have to make sure the trickle is not too slow or even stopped

Free market capitalism is the best way but if not “managed” in certain areas can end up with giant monopolies eating everything.

The EPL shows that sharing the TV deal money equally is a massive advantage. La Liga/Serie A went the other way and the big clubs were allowed to negotiate there own TV deals and look what resulted.

2 or 3 team leagues with the rest just making up the numbers and sometimes going into crippling debt.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

Shinji is a genius but he seems to be one desperate lunge away from a long term groin injury.

The name “Shinjury” has been floating around a little bit lately because his age is starting to show.

But… I agree that we should be thankful that we have seen him grace our football fields.

The A-League's marquee conundrum


They haven’t been injured and they are not the “big” names I am talking about.

The A-League's marquee conundrum

for all intents and purposes he is a Marquee player.

He is a big name and he has played less than a full match out of a possible 9 matches.

It is disappointing to say the least because I was hoping for a huge year from Harry and him forcing the hand of Ange Postecoglou to pick him for the World Cup. (If only as an impact player)

The A-League's marquee conundrum

Not sure if you are taking the piss or wanting an “Ashes showdown”

Socceroos' World Cup draw could result in football for breakfast

All of them play Football

That is the point. Some better than others, that is for sure.

If I was to name all the countries in the world, they would all have a national football team.

(and I would go pretty close to naming all the countries in the world. I paid attention in Geography and I have visited at least 50 of them)

Socceroos' low ranking not all gloom

Might be something to do with it being the World Game and more than 10 teams can actually play the game well.

A game that doesn’t require meathead brutality or simply being athletic to be the best.

In fact, the best player is a little guy called Lionel Messi. His technique leaves luddites like you in his wake.

I’d rather be ranked 59 in an international sport that the world cares about than 1st out of 3 teams that take a sport seriously.

Or if you are into AFL… you can enjoy being the best out of 1 team who plays it… or does that make you also last?

Socceroos' low ranking not all gloom


Socceroos' low ranking not all gloom

nah not really mate

We would have been in the same pot in any case … (unless we were a top 7 team)

The mini footballs they put in the bowls are not weighted physically or metaphorically

It really is the “luck of the draw” from now

Socceroos' low ranking not all gloom

Couple of groups that I would also like to see Australia in and would have no fear over the opponents.


This would be huge grudge match group.


We should not fear Columbia because they do play some qualification at altitude. Russia are just meh and Croatia holds no fear for us.


Germany would be great to play and I think the revenge factor would be huge. We beat them at their home albeit in a friendly.

I wouldn’t mind playing Holland either despite their massive amount of talent.

Our past 3 results against them are 1-1 Draw, 2-1 win (at their home) and 0-0 draw in Sydney. Our recent Dutch education bodes well to understand their style.

I don’t want to see Spain, Brazil or Belgium in our group but wouldn’t mind watching Messi play against us.

Position D4 would also be a sweet position to be in for TV times (for WA)

First kick off will be at 9am/11am (EST) and then two midnight (2am) games

Socceroos' World Cup draw could result in football for breakfast

Sooner rather than later this will happen.

I am against dissolving Oceania and the idea of putting the OFC winner into the 3rd Round of Asian qualifying appeals on so many levels.

Then they have a fair route to qualification and the Middle East teams have another spot to aim for.

Although I highly doubt they will prosper from this extra spot. This move will end up paying dividends to China or maybe North Korea again. Uzbekistan also has to love this idea.

Really we have to start seeing the world’s most populous regions being exposed to the World Cup.

FIFA would love for China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to one day make the greatest stage.

An extra chance for this to occur has to be in FIFA’s sights.

All Whites eye football qualifying through Asia

I don’t think that New Zealand is really that far behind the best of the rest. (They will struggle to beat a Spain or Brazil)

Leading into the World Cup, NZ beat Serbia 1-0. I remember it well because, at one point, Nemanja Vidic had to quell the crowd with a megaphone.

Then that Serbian team went on to beat Germany in the World Cup.

NZ drew with Italy at the World Cup and on another could have snatched a win.

With the right tactics they are a match for most teams.

The NZ debacle was not a sign they are so weak but actually it was a great learning opportunity. They will be better off now.

Yes it was really tactically naive but all they need is a good European or South American coach and they will be a good shot for Russia 2018.

They have all the right ingredients to be more than a handful.

* A solid spine with a high class defender in Winston Reid.
* A World Class attacking midfielder in Marcos Rojas
* A quality FWD line with varying options for different situations.
* Up and coming speedy full backs

They face the South Americans in the next qualifying campaign so it will be tough to see them in Russia 2018 but don’t write them off.

Oh and please have them join the Asian Qualifying stages at some point. If not for Russia, then for Qatar 2022.

Is it time to farewell Oceania?

I remember when Guus took over. He went so far as cancelling a scheduled friendly so he could implement his game plan through training first.

1 game was plenty. What Ange needs is a long “pre-season” with these guys to get them playing like Brisbane Roar.

Ange keen to build a bubble of belief after first up win

Too convoluted. 🙁

How to make a 40-team FIFA World Cup work