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Thanks, I wrote this without the news of Jenkinson. He’s a big signing and could shore up the defence somewhat. Would it be too much to say that he has the potential to be their best full back since Georgievski ?

It’s going to be a long season for the Jets

Good summary of their pre-season so far.
Amini could be their best midfielder since Kilkenny left, and could strike up a decent partnership with Timmins.
But some better defenders to play next to Lachman, some full backs , a proper attacking midfielder and they could be in the top six

Perth preparing for a Glory-ious return in season 2022-23

A great move for him

Mohamed Toure's French dream

A great write up, cheers for the article

Two emotional Socceroos, advocacy and Rale Rasic: The 2022 Football Writer's Festival had it all

I think you’ve nailed it, Hill and also getting Robbie Thompson from France is a bonus.
You’ve listed the annoyances, inability to pause & rewind, too slow to post replays and the 10play app is substandard on fetch TVs. I’d also add the userbility of the 10play app is rubbish on the phone also.
But overall the cast of pundits and presenters is good

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

Great match report from a great cup tie.
The one advantage of the restrictions is that we get to see each tie on channel ten

Floreat Athena almost cause an upset in the FFA Cup round of 32

100% agree with Waz initial response.

Western United are what they are but South Melbourne have basically made themselves look pathetic. We all want to see a club like South Melbourne back at the top of the Australian game but acting petty is not that way to do it.

I disagree with some of your points about the Bulls, my sense is they’ve been much more of a success and at least they represent (and play in) a specific area, although not being Sydney based, maybe I’m oblivious to the issues with the fans.

Western United not playing in the West is a huge contradiction and they should have negotiated with The Knights, Munich helped out Dortmund when they went under but the short sited ness of Australian clubs is unbelievable. WU, Knights, South all helping each other will only make the rivalry more interesting rather than trying to put each other out of business.

Football Australia needs to acknowledge two big mistakes

Great info, I’ve tried to follow the TAS and WA league this year on YouTube, and there has been some great drama unfolding with the collapse of Floreat and Devonport after having decent leads. Last time I looked Adelaide City looked high and dry so was surprised to see from you that they have also collapsed.
These NPL leagues are great as it really hard to sustain a lead and momentum is so important.

You are spot on with the part about travelling to the grounds and getting different foods, there some absolute gems around. The Greek food at Oakleigh Cannons in VIC is so far my pick of the bunch!

Am I right in saying that the 2nd tier in SA you mentioned contains the former NSL powerhouse West Adelaide?

Last round drama in the NPL

Agree with your article and also the points made by Grem and Tim Carter.

The points on him not demanding a six figure salary are also valid, you would hope the Jets management would be sensible enough to structure the deal as a pay per play deal with a lower base salary

A fit Jack Wilshere is worth a six or maybe even a seven figure salary, but if he only plays 4 games, then obviously not.
People forget he ran rings around Xavi and Iniesta in 2011, he could be, fitness permitting, as good as Diamanti

Is Jack Wilshere on his way to the Newcastle Jets?

Nice read!
Having Rushden on Australian TV is a huge asset.
As knowledgeable as they all are, the comedy between Rushden, Bozza and Fozza is as worth getting up for as much as their football expertise

'You can't bluff football fans': Rushden makes Stan debut alongside Bozza and Foz as UCL kicks off


Network Ten/Paramount+ had better get this right as football in Australia depends on it

I’m waiting until domestic football appears, after googling paramount+ myself there is literally nothing enticing me in terms of content on the platform.

Stan have brought in Max Rushdon, while the content that Sports Flick are offering mean that these currently seem more appealing if I was going to add something else to my Optus & BeIN plans!

Network Ten/Paramount+ had better get this right as football in Australia depends on it

One of the most eagerly anticipated ties. If it ever happens!
Good to see Floreat return to winning ways yesterday

FFA Cup Round of 32 preview: Floreat Athena are WA’s best chance for an upset

Nice summary.
Having the FFA cup final before the A-league season starts and after the NPL season finishes gives it much more prestige and focus as well as making it a cleaner format
I found it very weird having it one month into the regular season.

FA's 2021-22 calendar is the best thing Australian football has seen in decades

I wouldn’t call Pavard & Hernandez dominant in 2018 (despite Pavards wonder goal) & Cedric/Guerreiro for Portugal in 16 were good, but I also wouldn’t describe them as dominant.

But I agree Lahm, Thuram, Maldini, Cafu, Brehme and of course Facchetti to name a few have been crucial over the years.
I’m not saying left backs have always been bad, I’m pointing out more that it’s not just the winning side that has them and they’re becoming increasingly more important tactically and appreciated.
Plus this year, aside from Dumfries for the Netherlands, it’s very left-dominated.

'Who's laughing now?': The surprise shift changing football

I’m well read on Facchetti from the Azzurri & Inter, but he was an extremely unique player that the team was built around. There were attacking Brazilian full backs around at that time, and he did come up against the Yugoslav Fazlagic in the 68 final. But these were exceptions rather than the norm.
The English full backs were not up to much at the time

'Who's laughing now?': The surprise shift changing football

Love the article, and timely

I’ve been having arguments myself on this matter all day, the over-reaction to Immobile is unbelievable.

Why a cycling commentator feels the need for this reference is lazy

But it’s driven by this strange underlying ‘us vs them’ / ‘soccer vs non-Soccer’ attitude in Australia

It didn’t take long for some anti-football talk to creep in at SBS

Yeah, by “breeze past their ro16 opponents from the weakest group in the tournament” I am talking about group C, who the winner of group A will play so we’re saying the same thing

Turkey playing in Baku is close to home advantage so will be hard for Wales to get a result there with the quality that Turkey have

Euro 2020 preview: Are the Azzurri the dark horses?

They are my bet for the finals, they’re in a tough group but I expect them to breeze past their ro16 opponents from the weakest group in the tournament

Euro 2020 preview: Are the Azzurri the dark horses?

So using your logic China has the scope to have 11x the professional clubs that Japan has
I don’t think the equation is as simple as population being a factor

The rise, fall and rise again of Japanese football that we should have learnt from

Very nice read
It gives Australia some hope

The rise, fall and rise again of Japanese football that we should have learnt from

Great article

Surely APIA are on the list?
Also not including Marconi is interesting, I went there recently and while it’s really difficult to get to , there is still an aura about the place.

Nothing from Canberra?

Preston and Sydney Croatia over Melbourne Knights is also interesting

The 12 teams that should form the A-League's second division

Nice article

There is hope that the ESL will basically be a glorified version of those nonsense pre-season tournament

An ode to the game we love

Forget about all the glaringly obvious bad stuff here.
Who really wants to watch Real Madrid vs Chelsea ten times a year. Even the El Classico has lost its appeal in La Liga without Messi v Ronaldo…imagine watching that match for the 10th time in a season.

A European Super League is elitist, arrogant and criminal

I enjoyed this write up, good to hear what’s happening not just on the pitch but how the whole matchday experience goes down in the NSW NPL

The NPL NSW season kicks off in Sydney