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And now they’ve screwed up again! Juve dropped 5 points and Lazio cannot even beat Leece and Sassuolo! Game over

Five things we need for a Scudetto race

I agree with you Roberto, I think it’s done!
Massive opportunity missed by Lazio this morning!

Five things we need for a Scudetto race

D’Agostino Is one of the most talented players in the league

Each club's state of affairs before the A-League restart: Perth Glory

I imagine the Australian referees will be pleased, he spent most of his time complaining to them

Brisbane Roar and Robbie Fowler part ways

A nice tribute

For me both Simon Hill and Daniel Garbs were the most interesting, the most knowledgeable and the most passionate. It’s a shame that they’ve been cut

My favourite Simon Hill commentary moments

I recently watched The highlights of when Thierry Henry and Arsenal dismantled this side in 06.
It’s crazy that all the names you mentioned were all playing and yet they didn’t score past a defence with Eboue, Senderos and Flamini at left back

How the Galacticos became the greatest football team ever assembled

Haha , it’s a good read, but I definitely don’t agree that they are the best ever assembled.
Not even the third best Madrid side, as you allude to 98-02 won more, 14-18 won four in five (although arguably Galacticos were better on the eye) and the Puskas lot as Jbinnie points out were not short of trophies.
Milan 88-94 were up there with their homegrown talent and expensive imports.

How the Galacticos became the greatest football team ever assembled

If any comment sums up the argument, then it’s this one ‘it wasn’t like this in my day’ ????

NSL dinosaurs need to ease off the contemporary Australian footballer

I think he’s been unfortunate.
He played for Dortmund during Klopp’s worst season, when he by his own admission was ‘running out of ideas’.
Then he led the line for the first Italy side to not qualify for a World Cup since 1958.

As Brian points out, he’s only done it in Serie A, and at the moment can only be mentioned in the same breath as Di Natale and Higuain. However if he was to get Lazio over the line this year, fire them into the latter stages of the CL and score 4+ goals in the Euros next year he will be able to command the respect of the , Neymars and the Mbappes of the world.

Ciro Immobile is the most disrespected scorer in Europe

He never looks phased by the big occasion, decent summary of him.
Definitely the game of the weekend vs Leverkusen

Marcus Thuram: A clinical striker destined for success

Great interview

Gianni Stensness on the Under 20 World Cup and Ronaldinho

It’s a good point that Australia may be able to hold onto its talent for a little longer.

The season ending in August and then starting again in October, won’t necessarily be so bad given a) the rest they will have had
b) it’s not too different to the time European leagues get if their players feature in the latter stages of an international tournament.

But as you mention the mayhem might be ‘fun’

Should the A-League be worried considering its players can’t go anywhere?

The ‘form sides’

Should the A-League be worried considering its players can’t go anywhere?

And now today, the Augsburg manager broke his quarantine, leaving the hotel to buy toothpaste.
What an idiot

The Bundesliga’s back with a bang, but at what cost?

Nicely summarised article.

Although it made me depressed that you describe Arsenal as a ‘winnable game’ for Brighton ????

The relegation battle is the most exciting part of the EPL restart

@Harry I agree, Perth really missed him this year as he was such an important attacking outlet

A bad weekend in Korea for the Australians

I take your team on with a different set of players:
Lopar (WSW)
Centre Backs:
Wuthrich (Perth)
Wilkinson (Sydney)
Aldred (Roar)
Wing Backs:
Millar (NJ)
Pain (WU)
Midfield three:
D’Arrigo (AU)
Duric (CCM)
Luna (MC)
Front two:
Toinoven (MV)
Davila (Wellington)

Forming an A-League team using one player from each club

What platform do you use for A league fantasy?

Forming an A-League team using one player from each club

Waz – agree with most of what you said except the part about what Heart proved.
All the Heart project proved was that even a poorly put together franchise can attract a few fans
What Heart got wrong, Is that it didn’t capture a demographic or a geographical area.
Western United are having a go, but until they start playing in Knights or if they ever actually build their own stadium they will continue to attract pathetic crowds. I am still surprised how many WU tops I see around Melbourne though, probably more than MC. The Melbourne teams are all nomads
Agree though with the second division, Wollongong, South Melbourne, The Knights etc all have a strong enough base to form a national second tier and grow organically.
It would be great to see a team like that full of home grown players gain promotion with low paid players and fight against a plastic team full of marquees and show that team spirit can triumph over money

Where should the A-League expand to next?

I like the article.
What is clear is it’s all been trending in one direction. Lack of marquees hasn’t helped.
Some small shoots of positivity in Western Sydney, but not many other places

Analysis of A-League attendances 2019-20

Good article.
Hopefully he sorts out those players like Luiz, Mustafi & co
If Saliba returns next year, he could be the future of the defence as he looks like a beast

Arteta's Arsenal rebuild is taking shape

The defensive side is another dilemma. Traore is an interesting case, given he’s played against Arsenal in the Champions League for Basel. He should be a key outlet for Victory this year as an attacking left-back. Given Victory are so short of people in the middle who can play, putting him in the middle could be a solution. Although full backs generally can replace the defensive midfielders as opposed to the play-maker of which Victory are so lacking on.

Is this the worst Victory side ever?

The huge hole here (excuse the pun) is that there was never a holding midfielder.
We had Hargreaves and Carrick during this period, but neither peaked/featured as regulars during these tournaments.

Gerrard was a great player with Mascherano/Alonso next to him but as World Cup 2014/Liverpool 2013-14(Demba Ba) or Euro 04 showed – when he had to play the holding role he was a liability.
Lampard also didn’t play there.
If England had Javi Mascherano, Lampard and Gerrard in a 3 man midfield – they could have at least made some finals , but unfortunately Mascherano was Argentinian!

What happened to England's golden era?

Great article, while I hope Wellington do stay, I agree that Wollongong deserve a place in the league.

There is a deeper argument to combine the OFC and Asia, just as the OFC was pointless before with Aus>NZ>The rest, it’s even more pointless having NZ> the rest.

NZ would improve if they could also face Korea, Japan & Iran in qualifiers. It seems silly that only Aus are in Asia

Who could replace the Phoenix?

I’m comparing Sheff Utds resources with Man Utd/Arsenal/Chelsea and saying proportionate to the difference between these clubs and the giants of the A league(Victory/Sydney etc). Meaning the team with the most money doesn’t always win (although it often does).

But you’re right , two great groups of fans – I just think they deserve a bit more on the pitch.

The state of the F3 Derby