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Signing Lodge was extremely controversial and the Broncos , the sponsors , the fans and the NRL basically supported him and Lockyer was apparently keen for him to captain the club.

I’m not going to label these people as supporters of D.V and make ludicrous comments about them but when I support Dylan Walkers right to play the game I’m hit with ridiculous names and absolute rubbish. The no fault thing i

It’s OK to support Lodge but not Walker? It’s a ludicrous and most of all hypocritical .

If the supporters were so against signing Lodge all they had to do is start handing in their memberships. It’s all very well making big noises but where was the action?

How would old mate Nat be describing Lodge if he was at Manly?

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Hypocrisy at it’s finest, the plodder on the soap box savaging a fan for supporting all Manly players even though none of them are convicted criminals , cheering on the Broncos with Lodge leading the charge. Have another look at he footage and see your hypocrisy in all it’s glory.

How many woman are scarred for life by his actions but you still support him. Google hypocrisy.

Last year you were cheering on Hopoate. It’s OK if he’s at the Broncos is it? Somehow different. Spent time in jail.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

” they were allowed to play again because because they didn’t meet the minimum standard set” I did miss it because you didn’t say it ( just like I didn’t say ” no comment by Fuller”) and even if you did say this it is ridiculous nonsense.

Walker was stood down by the NRL and allowed to play again because the court case was concluded and he was found not guilty. The 11 year thing has no bearing on a player being allowed to play again. It’s what the court decides that counts.

Scott wasn’t stood down. Try giving google a go before declaring things that are nonsense.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Tyrone May stood down? …….. YES!

Dylan Walker stood down ? ………. YES!

Did either of these charges attract an 11 year sentence if found guilty? …. NO!

Do you have any idea what you are talking about? No!

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Maybe the clubs could get big David to hand over the bribe or compensation or unrelated donation or whatever it is.

NRL probes Titans over possible David Fifita salary cap breach

Any quotes from Fuller on the issue? I can’t recall any.

I haven’t changed my tune at all. The NRL claimed they made no judgement on guilt when deciding to stand players down. They then view a tape and decide not to stand Scott down despite ”extremely serious” charges laid against him.

It’s ironic that the NRL have adopted a tough policy but for most players charged they are now better off than before the no fault thing because they talk to the players and have accepted their version of events. They never used to do this but when the clubs did it they were savaged. By endorsing a player they take most of the heat out of the issue but are still pretending they make no judgement on guilt. It’s not true.

It would have saved a lot of players in the past a lot of grief if they got a bit of support like Scott and Reynolds did instead of being thrown to the lions.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

I don’t find it hard to accept that V’landy’s in his role with the NRL gets lots of feed back from the ”marketplace”. I’d be amazed if he didn’t.

The market place is just another way of describing people who are possible contributors to the games viability in any fashion in my opinion.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

The Roosters signed Tetavano and he helped them to a title and then he helped the Panthers to a GF. Another club has now signed him.

AFB was signed by Manly and now the Warriors.

Clearly I’m not alone in believing that getting a second chance is a viable philosophy.

I don’t support any NRL player to the death , you are talking complete nonsense. What do you suggest happens to those who are convicted and are now free?

Maybe you should stay off the cheap wine and you might make a bit of sense.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Fair enough point but surely he could address the broad issue involved. Tom Starling is a similar sort of event and the silence is profound. Is the head of the force happy with the way these cases are handled? Silence is close to endorsement.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Does anyone read or take these mission statement things seriously? I’m sure Crown casino and all the banks have glowing mission statements but it’s just going thru the motions.

I’m sure the blurb about working in the political zoo at Canberra is a lovely piece of work as well.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

I think the public deserves to hear more about the Curtis Scott case and others. On the surface it appears that the police were not all that honest with their version of events and the public purse will come in to play when Scott is paid damages.

Has Fuller said anything at all about these cases?

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

Michael Oldfield is onto his sixth club this year. Averages 5 games a year and wins 60% of them. Manly, Chooks, Bunnies, Pennies , Raiders and Eels.

The Australian rugby league nomads

Although I’m a Manly fan , Kenny is my favorite player. I believe he lives close by us on the Central Coast now.

Who is the ultimate playmaker in NRL history?

Player of the year at the Dogs last year was Foran.

I was a fan of Waddell at Manly when he first signed and thought he would be a decent threat in attack. I was proven wrong and I’m glad he’s gone , very average he was , although he put in the effort.

The Chooks clearly don’t rate Flannagan all that highly and just like the Storm did with Croft , they don’t muck around even if a player is doing OK. Hopefully he does well , it’s about time some young halves emerged.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 2 (13-11)

Most people seem to think Smith would elevate the Titans in to the top 4 if he signed with them and a possible tilt at the crown. For a club who has made some of the poorest signings in history to be not even trying to ring Smith who now lives in the area would be pretty hard to understand.

It would be easier to understand if the big chap had taken a leaf out of Waynes rules on dealing with the media. Smith knows what he’s doing and is in on the game as well.

Mal Meninga's emphatic response to rumours of Cameron Smith to the Titans

Brett Kenny won 8 of 12 games opposed to the King at SOO level , a fairly well known stat but how did NSW go without Kenny at 5/8 ?

Seven other players had a crack and played in 19 games ( excluding the 87 exhibition game) and they won 3 games. Three different Manly players won a game each Alan Thompson 1 from 5 , Cliff Lyons 1 from 5 and Hasler 1 from 2 . The rest were Lamb 0 from 5 , Chris Mortimer 0 from 1 , Brad Mackay 0 from 1 and Fittler 0 from 1 .

Kenny also put a very strong Manly side to the sword in a couple of GF’s and did the same to the Jets. The Poms couldn’t handle him either.

Probably the best try scoring strike rate of any player in Grand Finals.

His record at 5/8 across all levels in the 80’s is compelling.

Who is the ultimate playmaker in NRL history?

Everything turns around if Manly have a great run with injuries like last years grand finalists did. Even more so if a few top clubs have a similar run with injuries that Manly had in 2020.

Lockyer was injured in 2011 while Manly had all the big guns and it changes everything.

Turbo will have a genuine 5/8 to work with this season either way and that’s a huge factor in itself.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 1 (16-14)

Thompson was a good solid 1st grader to me but I think plenty of forwards have the potential to play at his level including the 2 you mention. Gosweiski plays really hard but always seems to be getting injured. I’d expect Ben Turbo to be better than Thompson shortly due to his size and talent. Manly’s pack has struggled due to a hooker who was way too predictable in my opinion.

I thought Cust should have been hooker last year but Des isn’t silly and their must be a reason. Maybe he wasn’t ready. He’s got way more potential than Levi I believe.

If Manly’s spine is fit and healthy and plays a full season together , including Schuster or a healthy Foran , with Schuster off the bench and Fainu , I reckon it could be close the best in the comp although the Storm are well in front as we speak.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 1 (16-14)

Manly’s new signings , the last time they won a title ten years ago . were Daniel Harrison, Liam Foran and Tim Robinson. The betting market had them at $21 to win the title.

Once again the club has the cattle to do well and hopefully they do.

A great run with injuries and a vast majority of players living up to their potential and it can be happy days.

The young players coming thru are a generally a vast improvement on the players who have departed and that’s a factor which is often overlooked.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 1 (16-14)

AFB had the potential to be Manly’s best ever front rower I believe but the frequency of him saying and doing silly things wasn’t getting better , it was getting worse.

New beginnings: The NRL clubs looking for a fresh start in 2021

The Warriors face a hurdle this year which has traditionally troubled them at times. The burden of expectation.

In theory all the dramas last season should have resulted in a dismal season and probably a wooden spoon but after a while they had no pressure on them and it worked in their favour .

It wasn’t that long ago the the Cows and Broncos were considered permanent fixtures in the top 8 just like the Chooks and Storm are considered now.

New beginnings: The NRL clubs looking for a fresh start in 2021

I hope Izzy thanks God for not lighting any bush fires this season next time they’re talking.

In the NRL, sorry seems to be the hardest word

In 2005 the Tigers won the comp despite being second last in the betting market at $67.

In 2020 they were rated a better hope than the 2005 team at $30.

Point is at the start of 2020 the Tigers should have been trying to win the comp and Grant was going to help that cause.

You never know when a title window is about to open except in hindsight so I agree with W.B.

Is player swapping moral?

Unlike the French team , Saints didn’t sign Folau so any speculation as to the effect on sponsors , is merely speculation.

In the mean time , Saints have signed JDB. I’ve read plenty of comments about how appalling this bloke is but where are the sponsors fleeing and how many fans are going to boycott the games? It’s very easy to huff and puff but taking action is another matter.

Have a look at Brett Stewarts 1st game back in 2009 , it’s on you tube. Despite all the huffing and puffing , he scored 3 tries and that was the story , not all the imagined drama.

Israel Folau is reportedly on the verge of an NRL comeback

The aim for any club in having a player like Grant play the season for them is to win the comp.

Surely that was Maguires aim at the start of the season and if so , then Grant was a perfect signing.

The last time the Tigers won the comp they were long odds so the moral of the story is to have a red hot crack every season. That’s why signing Grant was a great idea.

Is player swapping moral?