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Something for the teams to work on in the off season perhaps.

Celebrating and commiserating the career of Aku Uate

Peter Craig, Greg Lennon, Nigel Tait , Errol Hillier and Cliffy Lyons were all pretty handy Bears.

The forgotten players: North Sydney Bears

Apparently it was obvious to ”everyone” that the concept would fail yet the Bears sign a contract which seals their fate when the ”obvious” failure eventuates.

The government funded a stadium for the club at Gosford but the wettest year on record delayed the completion. The club is cursed. Meanwhile Manly are still waiting for a decent facility.

The forgotten players: Northern Eagles

I had the misfortune to live in Ourimbah for a short while and he’s not the only f-wit from that sad little joint. At least he’s got plenty of charm and humour to go with it.

James Maloney slammed for nearly decapitating opponent in Super League semi-final

The Dogs had a very good team but the Raiders and Broncos had incredible rosters and Manly had a great roster and the best defence in history ? in their 3 consecutive GF’s .

How the worst Queensland side ever won the 2020 State of Origin series

I remember his try for Manly. Manly are currently the worst wet weather team in the comp and they were then as well. It was a wet day and Manly were leading before Uates try in the 58th.

I reckon the Knights do win the game if the try was disallowed despite still being behind by 4 because they were on top. It’s one example of why the captain needs to be able to challenge the refs.

Uate was great at Manly and was responsible for a few wins I reckon. His form did drop later on though.

Celebrating and commiserating the career of Aku Uate

Meningas Australian team was beaten by Tonga last season , Bennetts Great Britain outfit lost all four games on his watch last year including Tonga and PNG. Fatty Vautin won a series 3 nil as coach with the worst QLD team ever.

Bottom line is that if the poorer team on paper fires up and defends like demons in these rep games, then they can at times do great things, no matter who the coach is. Full credit to all these players. I can’t recall NSW ever doing it even with Bellamy as coach.

I’m very happy for DCE to get a series win myself.

It’s much rarer in the NRL to win a title with an ”inferior” team. The Dogs did it in 95 in my opinion.

How the worst Queensland side ever won the 2020 State of Origin series

It’s a current poll but because it doesn’t suit your agenda you ridicule it’s findings. Face up to reality before it’s too late.

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

The Storm had Smith , the Cheese and Grant this season and they all played in QLD as youngsters.
If the Broncos recruiters are happy with that they have several rocks in their head.

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

Who says any of these players were absolute superstars? I’ve never heard so much denial in all my life. It would be like me pretending that Brookie oval was the most magnificent ground in the country. I’m not saying anything outrageous at all.

The Broncos keep failing to sign the real gun young spine players from their state.
Is that true or not?

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

What has a players poll got to do with reality? Players opinions mean nothing to you? A whole industry revolves around polling people on all sorts of issues and millions are spent but according to you they are irrelevant. More comedy.

So somehow you are very happy that the Broncos keep ”locking up quite a few good ones” and let the great ones go but you don’t think they have a problem. Laughable. You must think the Tigers don’t have a big problem either?

The irony about DCE is that you are further highlighting the poor Broncos recruitment without realising it. DCE is yet another example. I could list them all but it’s getting too long and everyone except you seems to be aware of it.

There’s plenty wrong with Manly but they’ve been in four GF’s and won two in the time the Broncos have been in one losing GF. Must be luck according to you?

Lucky you don’t run recruiting at Manly, you were telling me how average that Turbo was a few years back. Too many errors . Couldn’t see that changing could you?

Broncos have the pick of the most players in the comp. If you can’t get it right over an extended period, it’s bad management. That’s known as reality whether you like it or not. The players have spoken.

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

It might play a role now but the history of the Storm which still applies today to an extent is more the recruitment of players that are rejected by their club of choice.

I don’t know about Grant but most of the gun players would have played elsewhere if they were pursued harder. Nobody knew that the Broncos weren’t going to be the power house they once were in the last decade or more. The Cows were also one of the top 3 clubs for a fair while but lost some key talent to south of the border.

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

So despite a players poll in which the players nominate the Broncos as the club they would most like to play for , you think any analysis from me would be faulty if I said they had a problem with recruitment? I’ll give you a tip, it’s been going on for too long now for it to be anything other than poor management.

If your expert opinion comes up with just bad luck, then you probably still wait for the Tooth Fairy.

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

I wonder what the story is with Harry Grant’s signing with the Storm and not a QLD team?

I’ve heard the stories about Smith, Slater, Cronk and Munster but Grant would have been playing 1st grade at the QLD clubs for ages by now , in his home state on big dollars. Has the dynamic changed whereby players are choosing the Storm despite strong offers from QLD clubs?

All hail the new kings of Melbourne

Billy Weepu was a decent sized Beasty and came off the bench a fair few times in the late 90’s.

Brett Atkins was a tearaway in the lower grades but wasn’t so hot in 1st grade.

Matt Burke was a try scoring demon for the Wallabies and looked unreal at first when he first played for the Eagles but injuries seemed to curtail him.

Joe Ropati terrorised the Kangaroos in a series in the 80’s on the wing against Eric Grothe but I was surprised how small he was when he turned up to play in our touch footy team one day and he had no impact at the Eagles unfortunately.

Poor old Jye Mullane is one player I’ll never forget. He had a hard job in a pretty average era for the club but his bombs , which used to land in the 4th row of the seats, sending the red peanuts and hot chips flying, still give me a bit of a chuckle to this day.

Here are a few players I have no memory of at all. Paul Nacinovic, Michael Boden , Glen Quetcher , Danny Mamo and Martin John Kelly.

I remember Steve Park playing against a mighty Dogs team in the 80’s on the wing and stepping cleanly through the Dogs pack and scoring a try.

The forgotten players: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Noel Cleal rated Deveraux as the best centre in the world before recruiting him. He was pretty good but he didn’t have the speed to finish off a break.

The forgotten players: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Agreed. The sheepism of these slow walk offs is pathetic. What is it with humans that they just copy each others nonsense? Show a bit of dignity players and get off the bloody field , spectators are trying to watch footy instead of an ambling ego making some sort of non existent point.

James Maloney slammed for nearly decapitating opponent in Super League semi-final

The ref shouldn’t be letting any of the other nonsense go either. Roughing up anyone who is lying on the ground after dropping the ball should be an instant penalty whether they are knocked out or not. Take it a step further and start rag dolling someone who is knocked out , then see you later son. Just because Chris Close was allowed to to do it forty years ago , it doesn’t mean it was ever OK.

Jai Arrow: "I'm not a grubby player"

Turbo looked to have stepped up a gear this season and beat the Chooks by himself early on.

Apparently Fittler would have rocks in his head to select him in the centres for NSW because he would be playing out of position according to the back seat drivers on social media?

Many of the games top players have played in several positions in rep teams over the years. Johns at hooker. Fittler in the forwards and centes I believe. Kenny in the centres …… the list goes on.

My takeaways from State of Origin 2020

Bennett is saying it’s OK to do that and Arrow is saying that it would have been OK if he wasn’t knocked out. They are both embarrassing.

Has the NRL come out and corrected this nonsense yet? Arrow should have been sent off or at least 10 in the bin and a penalty to NSW.

Jai Arrow: "I'm not a grubby player"

Enjoyable series and the better team gets the trophy.

I’m happy for DCE myself as it was a courageous path to take to even bother putting his hand up for selection a few years back with all the ridiculous abuse he was copping.

Arrow actions were pathetic. He could see that Tedesco had lost the ball and he thought he would rag doll him to rub in the so called error from him. Why the hell does the bunker think that is ok and then ignores this action? It’s 100% illegal.

I don’t agree that Klemmer would have made any difference. I can’t recall him standing up at club level when the Knights needed him.

Harry Grant could be better than Cam Smith it seems in theory but Smiths durability will be close to impossible to match.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 3

It wasn’t cheap either.

Was this a dog act by Jai Arrow on a concussed James Tedesco?

It wasn’t a late hit by Safiti at all. Munster was still entitled to pass the ball. It was good work by Safiti.

Was this a dog act by Jai Arrow on a concussed James Tedesco?

The Foxx is a fast and talented try scoring machine. Anyone care to name which player would beat him to the ball which bounced perfectly for him to score? He had no one in front of him , Allen was to the side and not entitled to move in front of him like he did.

I’ve applauded the penalty tries awarded in recent years and this was another one which needed to be on the list.

” Too far out” is complete dribble. There is no reason not to award a try from a 100 metres out if a try looks probable. Plenty of tries are scored from more than 20 metres out and plenty of them are probable.

The bunker caved in to the pressure , obvious penalty try.

QLD were dominant across the park but that doesn’t pardon dodgy calls.

Should Josh Addo-Carr have been awarded a penalty try in controversial end to Origin 3?

No doubt the bunker looked at this ridiculous nonsense from Arrow but why did they take no action? Was the grasshopper in the bunker?

Was this a dog act by Jai Arrow on a concussed James Tedesco?