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The ref can call six again and the team should be given the option to take the six again or kick for goal or touch.

Rule changes to make rugby league great again

Anthony Don has been a top winger for a long time now but he’s playing for the Queensland plodders.

Mead was a top winger and played for the club when it had better times and scored 70 tries from 159 games.

Michael Robertson played in some really strong Manly outfits after the Raiders and was a good finisher. he scored 83 tries in 209 games, a pretty good effort.

The Donmeister scored 76 tries in 129 games in a drab era for the Titans. Anthony Don is my nominee.

The best of the NRL's underappreciated players

Big Mal got out of SOO at the right time as a coach with his reputation enhanced but then he went to the Titans .

Great way to prove to those of us who claim QLD’s dominant spell was all about the players and nothing to do with coaches and selectors is to turn the Titans around.

So how are SBW and Izzy really faring in the Super League?

It’s interesting to see the figures for merged clubs like The Tigers and Saints. Joining two clubs doesn’t do much for the crowd numbers it seems.

I’d be much more inclined to go to watch the games if they were in the middle of a nice Winters day but this isn’t practical for the broadcasters which I understand. A pity though.

Which club really gets the NRL's best home crowds?

There was no lack of appreciation for Peachey when he was at the Panthers from Gus in the commentary box at nine.

He’s had a decent career and he’s not a has been yet but he won’t be playing SOO any time soon or hitting any sort of peak up at the Titans holiday camp, you can bet on that.

The best of the NRL's underappreciated players

In theory there is a lot of pressure on players over the years at Manly to follow on from Fulton, Eadie and Randall but if anything it’s provided some inspiration. Turbo has been compared to Eadie and Stewart from day one.

It’s easy to find reasons why a player didn’t excel but usually it’s because he was lacking in some department. Injury is one big exception though.

Curse of the Buderus: Knights' hooking hoodoo continues

I suspect if the Knights had a champion half or hooker after Bedsy or Joesy the great mentoring myth would rear its head.

No amount of mentoring appears to make any difference at all, it’s way more due to the individuals talent and dedication than anything else.

Levi has come to Manly and I’ll reserve my judgement because I haven’t seen enough of him. I’ve seen some really strong defence from him so far and his attack has been good but predictable. I’ve got huge wraps on Fainu who is strong, tricky and unpredictable ( on and off the field possibly ) and I’m hoping he will be the clubs hooker.

Mullen had all the talent I believe but there is something missing from talented 1st graders like him to the real champions and it seems to be the huge amount of drive the champions have. The idea that players like Mullen don’t live up to the hype because too much pressure is placed on them is flawed I believe.

The champions like Mortimer and the rest have huge pressure on them too ( full , front page of the Rugby League Week. ”A star is born”) but they falter briefly and are strengthened by early set backs. The rest of the pack falter and that’s where they stay.

Curse of the Buderus: Knights' hooking hoodoo continues

It’s tempting to look at the first two rounds and draw a few firm conclusions but it can be fraught with peril.

In saying that I will make a few early observations.

The preseason talk about the Broncos squad being too young is starting to look as wobbly as I thought it was. Some of their experienced troops are not on the field but they were running all over their opponents. They’ll be even less young at the end of the season.

The Broncos have the troops but once again it will come down to how their halves and leaders deal with the pressure when the heat is on.

Manly haven’t played their best so far but have had a very hard opening against two of the hardest teams to beat. The Chooks were the team I wanted them to beat the most this season because I believe we needed to reverse the hold of sorts they had over us. They’d either beaten us well over the last few years or had close wins aided by some luck and dodgy forward pass calls. The luck turned and Manly had some lucky breaks aided by great defence. Beating the Chooks after they lost the first round is a decent achievement.

Manly’s record against the top 3 teams is now 4 wins from the last 6 games which doesn’t hurt the confidence level.

The teams which have struggled the most in the two rounds look to have the most pedestrian strike power out wide and in the fullback department. It’s really hard going when even if the forwards get on top or hold their own , the ball sweeps out wide and you already know that it’s going to be a non event.

This season's NRL ladder climbers and sliders

Dufty is similar to Brett Stewart in speed and size DP, but I’d bet anything that Stewart would be a star if he was in the current Saints team despite the coach.

Thurston was a star at the Cows under different coaches.

The Turbo brothers were stars under Barrett in good and bad years.

Jai Arrow furthered his reputation in a dodgy Titans outfit.

The evidence at the moment points to Dufty lacking the characteristics of these players but I’ll stand corrected if he comes good.

The top players like Tedesco do well at struggling clubs and get poached usually.
If Dufty was being held back by the coach he should have played as well as he could and moved to the Cows or the Storm.

Dragons lose another star under Mary

Saints always seem to have great forwards in abundance.

Dragons lose another star under Mary

The Saints fans think Mary should have been chopped a while back and I agree.

I do think the situation is more complex than the situation being fixed by a decent coach using the same players. Plenty of so called decent coaches go to clubs as the answer to everything but leave with the same questions being asked.

Macguire is a good example. I’ve heard plenty of people say what a great coach he is but I didn’t think he was going to lead the Tigers to glory unless he had a better roster and so far that’s how it is panning out.

It’s looking a lot to me like some of the backs who appeared to have a lot of potential at Saints aren’t turning out as well as it was hoped for. The proof will be in the pudding I suppose when players like Aitken and Dufty leave or a new coach arrives. Do you predict they will thrive under a different coach and make a few rep teams? I’ve got my doubts.

Dragons lose another star under Mary

It was going to be hard to stay motivated for Frizell if he stayed at Saints.

It’s always interesting to try and work out why a club goes backwards when it appeared to be going forward. Saints appeared to have the right balance of established players and rising stars to have a big tilt at the crown.

The coach is always in the firing line which is fair enough and Mary did state that he had the roster he wanted. I’m not convinced that Mary could have done much about the lack of progress of players like Aitken and Dufty.

For a number of years the Chooks were grabbing the very best young Manly talent , players who were meant to excel in first grade but only one has excelled and that is JWH. The Chooks seem to act pretty quickly if it looks like players aren’t up to speed.

If players like Dufty and Aitken were at the Chooks I’d suggest they would have been shuffled off to another club years ago , when the writing was on the wall. James Graham looks like a bit of a plodder to me also.

Recruitment and retention looks to be stodgy at the Saints.

Dragons lose another star under Mary

After being involved in too many debates on whether a a game was decided by a refs error or not , I’ve concluded that debates are largely futile either way because mostly we don’t know the answer.

What I will say, however that I personally have opinions on moments in games which probably altered the course of the game and possibly or probably the result. It’s not proof of anything but it is a valid opinion.

The turning point in Manly’s loss to the Storm this year IMO was a poor pass by Sironen. Nobody goes ballistic when you say that but if you say that about a ref error you start getting lectured. Spare the lectures , it’s a valid opinion. It’s different if you declare that a loss is due to Sironen’s pass and maybe a lecture is in order. Declaring that a ref error didn’t cost a team a victory is the same as declaring that it did, is just as illogical.

Ironically , I’ve seen the same posters give a lecture on the topic and then claim their team was robbed by the ref a few weeks later or your team only got a win because of a ref error in your favor. Hard to believe but true.

Personally , once the refs had made the error and given the Raiders six again , it should have stood like any other ref error. What’s next? One ref calls a forward pass and the other one changes it to play on? The resulting try is justified because ”they got it right in the end”? The bit in the middle where the defenders stop because they are playing to the whistle is somehow ignored.

If the Raiders got six again and scored a try , which is how they scored their first try , the reverse logic would be argued. ” The ref error didn’t influence the result because the Raiders had them on the rack anyway and the Chooks never looked like scoring another try. The Chooks just weren’t good enough on the day ”

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

The Titans got huge crowds in the first few years, it’s the honeymoon period.

Why over 1500 games worth of NRL experience could be forced to retire

They’ll still be talking about that one in 30 years time.

Some clubs only get a crack at a title once every 20 years or more and although there is meant to be comfort that next year you can get the job done , fairly often it you only get one crack at it as this season has shown.

I have yet to hear the NRL say they don’t endorse ref number 2 over ruling ref number 1 on the run. They actually endorsed it after the game , I’m still stunned. It’s a disaster waiting to happen…….. again.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

It’s all very well to regard the Knights as strong after being bailed out and having a lovely big shiny stadium funded by the tax payers.

People on the Northern beaches obviously are paying plenty of tax but none of it goes on stadiums in the area yet the Eels have had two brand new stadiums in the last 30 years and the Eagles nothing.

'Only the strong survive': Why Joey Johns thinks the NRL should let its four weakest clubs die out

It’s wise to be as far ahead as you can and forgo a few luxuries, I’m not saying it in hindsight I’ve been boring people for years with the old fashioned view of making sure you’re in as strong a position as possible in case things go wobbly. It’s not as if the banks are going to come the raw prawn at the moment either. Throwing as much as you can at a mortgage in the early years is smart in several ways.

Pay cuts will show the players are genuine partners in the NRL

I actually thought the Raiders peaked at the right time and were on top for most of the game.

Look at the back line Robinson had to work with. Last time Stuart had a roster like that he was at the Chooks and won a title. Cronk , Keary, Mitchell, Manu and Tedesco on board and they get out of jail late in the game.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

If the Northern Eagles had a bit more luck and a much better roster they could have won two or three titles.

Saints have somehow stuffed up in recent years. Instead of building momentum for a shot at the title with a potentially dominant forward pack they have been progressing backwards. Slater, Cronk, Inglis, Burgess, Gallen and JT along with a few others have gone and it created a great chance for a team like Saints to step up to the plate.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

Maybe he’ll be looking for a hobby to spend his profits on?

The NRL will be back, better than ever

It did look like the Storm were going to score and the great irony is that one of the best and coolest players ever , in Cameron Smith , threw a poor pass which largely ruined the momentum.

When the porch lights turned off

I’ve replayed the Chambers no pass a few times and it’s an interesting examination of the fine line in sport. I’ve seen a few players over the last few years in a position where the only sensible option was to pass the ball for a try and yet they hold on to it.

Brendon Elliot did it twice last season and Cotric was appalling last week after making a break and instead of passing the Croker he swerved and crashed in to him. Nobody playing league at that level should be incapable of a simple pass to a support. the excuses don’t stack up, it’s crimminal.

Chambers wasn’t the worst I’ve seen but he only had one way to look ,as he was hemmed in and he had to put all his thoughts in to looking and passing , there wasn’t anything else to think about.

The incident viewed from a broad angle puts Cronk on a level above every other player on the field, he was the only player on either team to act when the game and season was on the line in this play, everyone else was a spectator except for the few players dealing with Chambers.

When the porch lights turned off

Some of the crystal balls out there a bit on the faulty side and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The ones that always say the season ahead is basically just a repeat of the one before as they did this year again need a full service or probably tossed in the bin.

I got my crystal ball from Clints Crazy Bargains in Gosford many years ago and it keeps on trying to tell me that John Singleton is ready to introduce the Central Coast Jets in to the new comp in 2021.

The NRL will be back, better than ever

Most players should be well ahead on their repayments like the rest of the population as interest rates kept on going down. The ones who aren’t can defer payments for a fair while or pay less I’m sure.

Pay cuts will show the players are genuine partners in the NRL

Who are you speaking for if not yourself?

Pay cuts will show the players are genuine partners in the NRL