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Those big Broncos forwards would have been licking their chops after watching the Bunnies play against the Dogs. They probably belted out got together and belted out a couple of rounds of the victory ditty in anticipation of next week as well and I wouldn’t blame them. I wrote a couple of weeks back that these ladder predictor things are a waste of space as the script was never going to go to plan.

Wayne Bennett bemoans South Sydney's slide

Absolute nonsense from Gould here. You can intimidate all you want but don’t jump on a blokes head and try to break his neck or come in with a stiff arm and try to break a jaw. Nobody wanted to run at Gillespie but he hit hard and legally. Both these Broncos players have hit players hard and legally this season and all they have to do is repeat the action. I listened to Gould on the Monday night show and he was pretty good but he seems to lose the plot on game day.

Gus Gould blasts the NRL, fears for the future of the game

If Boyd can’t shine on the back of that forward pack dominating in Brisbane I’m not sure what Seibold is hoping for come finals time out of town.

'I don't care what he says': Keary's bemused response to Seibold's criticism

Surely it would be wiser to give her something like an amazing framed photo which wasn’t so valuable. As they say it’s the thought that counts. If it was done secretly it probably indicates they knew it was somewhat out of line.

NRL's diamond ring stunt proves the game has lost its connection to the fans

Contested scrums and markers striking for the ball would be a fantastic idea if they weren’t a frustrating shambolic joke. Unpredictability is fine when it’s from a short kick off or drop out or a strip but the strip is starting to enter joke territory as well. The strip has also become an excuse to hold onto the ball and pretend to be stripping when all they are doing is slowing down the play the ball. I’d like the NRL to experiment with an alternative to scrums which is more sensible.

Hey Robbo - without competition for the ball, league can be formulaic and predictable

What about the Bunnies in that case? Same area basically.

How I learned to relax and admire the Roosters

The Tigers have done really well for a couple of years and probably played above their roster. They’ve had the wood over Manly for a while now but I’ve noticed in the past when Manly is building to a title they start reversing some losing trends against teams like this and tonight is as good a time as any to put the Tigers away. Moses Suli has been under the radar a bit and I can’t recall a centre getting the better of him for a long time. Has become good at putting his winger away on long gallops, well done champion!

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs Wests Tigers: NRL Thursday night forecast

The salary cap has been pretty successful in general but I don’t fully understand how the Chooks can land players like Fittler, SBW , Chrighton and Cronk and the other clubs don’t seem to get a look in. The players they discard like Mitchell Pearce are on big dollars. I’ve heard various reasons behind this magical ability but it doesn’t quite hit home to me. I do enjoy their style of footy however and always have, they are the closest in style to Manly perhaps?

How I learned to relax and admire the Roosters

The key to beating the Storm seems to be getting on top early and giving them a bit of a shock. It’s not that easy to do but it seems to shake them up. The Tigers have given Manly a bit of grief in recent years and it’s about time we gave them a good touch up.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Gosford railway station is about a ten minute walk to the ground which can’t be such a bad thing. I’d forgotten that the Bears had planned to move here and it’s a real pity how it panned out. I’m not sure if the NRL are viewing Gosford as a serious option but I hope so.

Central Coast fans shouldn’t have to grin and Bear it

When Manly used to play games there they would run a ferry of sorts up from the northern beaches with Beaver Menzies aboard. The Northern Eagles weren’t around for long enough to build a real following.

The tale of the NRL's two neglected cities

The Eels are just sneaking along and it’s good to see them doing well. Maybe Jake and DCE needed a rest after SOO despite Manly needing them. Injuries are going to play a massive role from now on and Brandon Smith at the Storm is crucial to their chances I believe. Does having Bennett at the Bunnies give them the edge it’s meant to? They look a fair bit like last years Bunnies to me.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 21

How much was Tedesco worth to other clubs when he was at the Tigers? If this article was about him a few years back the story could be about his 34% win rate over 5 years at the Tigers, how he wasn’t good enough to play SOO and all sorts of other ”pertinent” facts.

The Knights will need to hang on to Ponga unless his price is ridiculous , just as the Tigers needed to keep Tedesco if they could. The alternative could be a decade of plodding along watching Ponga carve up in a rival team.

Better, stronger, faster: Kalyn Ponga is the Six Million Dollar Man

I like to hear what James Graham has to say , he’s pretty forthright with his comments. As a player I seem to be one of the odd ones out , I don’t fancy him that much. He’s way down my list of the best Pommy players, give me Kevin Ward any day of the week or John Bateman.

As for Manly , we won’t be causing too much damage if we make the finals unless we can step up a few gears. Turbo has been a touch out of sorts for a few weeks and it makes you wonder if he’s carrying an injury. He was rested after Origin and wasn’t prominent in game 3 either.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 21

I don’t know what Ponga is worth now but you would be crazy not to factor in potential. They factored that in to his original deal and were correct. Paying any player big money is a gamble about the future and has some risk attached to it. Even the wisest clubs don’t get it right all the time. The Chooks gambled on Jackson Hastings a few years back instead of Maloney but the Tedesco gamble paid off. Chrighton isn’t playing like the player we thought he was but how do you tell that was going to happen?

Ponga has the raw ingredients to match anyone who has played the game and is the player to take the Knights to a title if they get one.

Better, stronger, faster: Kalyn Ponga is the Six Million Dollar Man

He beat Manly in round one last year , no doubt about it. There would be other times as well. Not so many this year though.

Better, stronger, faster: Kalyn Ponga is the Six Million Dollar Man

Even with his injuries and other problems I can’t think of another player in the game who has created and scored more tries than Brett Stewart. I’m not sure who comes second if I’m correct.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Best of the rest

I’ve always rated the howls of protest by the commentators when a team takes 2 to be ill advised. Manly took 2 against the Storm the other week and then took another 2 to lead by 4 which usually sends the commentators in to a meltdown. I reckon a whole lot more teams should take the 2 when chasing 8 or 14 for example with time running out.

To win in the NRL, just score first - however you do it

Any team which has lost a whole heap of games in a row is a dangerous proposition and the Warriors were always going to beat someone. Manly weren’t making breaks or looking dangerous and the Warriors defence aimed up well. The Knights are going to touch someone up soon as well.

The Sea Eagles' road trip from hell; ‘Baby’ Burton spears the Sharks

No one is saying the first decision determines the outcome. When the first points are scored nobody knows for sure who is going to win and therefore the captain and everyone else is expected to compete for the win until the match is over. 33% is a lot different to 0%.

To win in the NRL, just score first - however you do it

It doesn’t matter if it lands in front of the feet. It starts from well in front of the feet and drops mainly sideways but also backwards. Players react like that because they always call drops like that knock on’s whether they are or not , except on the odd occasion when they play by the rule book.

Rugby league's demand for consistency means rugby league is consistently wrong

It’s not all that much fun.

Rugby league's demand for consistency means rugby league is consistently wrong

No grey area then? The reality is that refs are constantly making choices on what they pull up and what they let go. The only time they were getting closer to calling ”what they see ” was during the great crack down.

If I was a ref I would call Hunt to play on and you would call it a knock on so that would be OK by you then? It’s not OK by me because you would be incorrect and it doesn’t matter that I preferred the Cows to win. Have you looked at the Hunt drop or not? It isn’t relevant what Hunt or Bennett did or said , it didn’t go forward.

I’m saying do ignore the rule book in cases of feeding the scrum straight as long as it’s consistent but in the case of knock backs I’m saying let the game flow by following the rules as long as it’s consistent. At the moment the refs are all over the shop on the issue. Maybe you would like them to be all over the shop on scrum feeds and rule on what they see………sometimes.

Rugby league's demand for consistency means rugby league is consistently wrong

Why does it matter which direction Ben Hunt is facing when he drops the ball? You are giving mixed messages by saying ignore the rule book when it suits you. It’s laughable to suggest as has been done on this thread to suggest the ref should ignore the rule book because a player makes a mistake. Why not call back grubber which rebound off someone to create a lucky try. The Broncos scored a try last night when Turpin collected a pass which ended up on the ground , why let that go if we are going to pull up player errors? Pull up player errors if they contravene the rule book or let them play on, that’s the simple message.

Refs get dropped because they incorrectly call ”what they see” , excusing every error that way is setting the bar way too low. If what they see isn’t correct then they need to work on their way of looking at things.

Rugby league's demand for consistency means rugby league is consistently wrong

The mixed messages refs are getting from posters on a forum like this are interesting. The refs are told to call what they see and go by the rule book yet when Ben Hunt knocks the ball back they are told it’s all good and it’s fine to ignore the rule book because they always ( except when they don’t ) call those knock on’s. I can live with refs ignoring the rule book , like feeding the scrum straight but it’s no good if it’s all over the place like knock ons and knock backs .

Forward passes have the same problem, the one before the last try last night was probably forward and was let go but the one which went Manlys way against the Storm wasn’t forward and was pulled up. Letting close ones go is the best solution as the author suggests.

Rugby league's demand for consistency means rugby league is consistently wrong