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I don’t subscribe to the big gamble tag that’s tossed around whenever a club signs a coach with no NRL experience. Bellamy, Robinson ,Hasler , Green , Maguire, Flannagan , Ricky Stuart , Bennett and Hagan among others were devoid of NRL experience when they were signed and all won titles at the 1st club they signed with. The greater gamble seems to come from signing an experienced coach.

If The Eels can finish well up the ladder after finishing last then so can any other team. The comp is as open as it’s ever been and a great chance for a playing group to get going over the next couple of years without running in to Smith, Cronk and co at the pointy end of the season.

The Newcastle talking points following the big gamble of Adam O'Brien

It’s pleasing to see AFB get some recognition this season. He’s got a lot more talent with the ball than most other props as well which is very handy. Junior Paulo from the Eels has similar abilities.

I reckon Burgess’s injuries have been just about the key factor in how this and last seasons comps played out. The Bunnies were looking the goods last season but they needed Sam in top form and same as this season. I rated him as top dog among the forwards and when hampered by injuries his teammates couldn’t fire up to the same level.

I rated Ponga as the comps best player before kick off and his form didn’t get close to that tag but plenty of high fliers stumble early in their careers and fight back and he is top shelf so he should be near the top of the list soon.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 30-21

First club to sign Wighton if they could would be the Broncos.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 40-31

Could have been much worse than a few cuts to the head by the sounds of it , I wonder when we get to hear the other side of the story?

Melbourne Storm star filmed in alleged Bali brawl

It’s not mild and it’s not an exaggeration, it’s a lie. If you’re not distorting the facts and twisting what I say , you are telling Porkies. Donald Trump does the same thing and it’s a good way of getting support but it’s a bit on the hollow side isn’t it?

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

Adam Reynolds is a very good half but seems to be carrying injuries a lot of the time. Fifita is one of the games best forwards already I’d say.

Wighton would be in great demand if he hit the market. I agree with Stuart in that he’s the closest thing to Laurie Daley I’ve seen. Not in the same league but a valuable player in an era where there aren’t so many big 5/8’s.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 40-31

Considering all the fun and games last off season it will be interesting to see why the Storm thought it was a good idea to be in Bali surrounded by drunk Australians in the early hours of the morning. Is it that much fun that the risk was worth it? It will be interesting to see how accurate these reports from an unnamed witness end up being. Why did they surround Vinivalu?

Melbourne Storm star filmed in alleged Bali brawl

A nine year old would have a valid excuse to be telling porkies to try and win approval because they are immature, you don’t have an excuse.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

I’ve had a few debates on topics regarding NRL but I’ve never seen so one so desperate to win as you. Desperately searching for the most trivial flaws in someones comment that doesn’t exist don’t make you a winner , it’s just desperation.

Once again you are blatantly lying ”you can’t make any sort of point or comment without relating it back to Manly” Completely false and even if it were true , the easy solution would be to avoid reading my posts . I don’t read most of yours so it’s not that difficult. You have some strange notion that you are running the site. I’ll post how I want, so stop this boring campaign.

If a Sharks fan approaches me with his opinion that Wade Graham is the ants pants and compares Jurbo to him and the lack of skills Jurbo has I don’t go on with some nonsense about them being in a different role , I answer his opinion with a sensible one of my own. I enjoyed the talk and welcome more. There is nothing I enjoy about your attempt at micromanaging my opinion with trivial babble.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

I thought Cook peaked a while back as a player , it was a high peak but I thought the defences would start to work him out more and without a dominant pack he is a touch limited perhaps.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

Fancy me having the cheek to compare two back rowers from the same competition in the same season. I’ll have to run it past you next time and make sure I’m not being irrational. You won’t see the irony in posting your banal comment on an article which compares players from different positions and rates which ones are better. It will probably be determined that Tedesco is a better player than David Klemmer. One is a fullback and one a front rower. How can your black and white mentality cope with that? You better have a word to the author , he must be in need of some education as well.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

It is a difficult task Scott. There is no correct answer and we are always comparing players across all sorts of positions as to who is the best of the crop. The Dally M medal and the immortal concept does compare players from different positions and even different eras . Fancy me having the hide to compare the merits of two back rowers from the same era .

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

Shaun Lane was Manly’s top try scorer last year and I believe the only real casualty from a dodgy year when he signed for the Eels. Cody Walker finished the season in great form in his last game.

Wade Graham is a big favorite of Sharks fans and the commentators give him huge praise but I’m not fully on the bus myself. Surely this seasons finals series was a great chance for him to show his worth and lead the Sharks to the GF? I met a Sharks fan who couldn’t understand why Jurbo was rated highly and thought Graham was much better. It’s a fair enough comment when you compare their relative bag of tricks but Jurbo’s impact on games particularly the ones that count ( I know what’s coming next) is much higher I believe.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 50-41

The NRL demanded the refs have a better ”feel” for the game and stop nit picking. It’s not the black and white situation that many would like to believe exists. A ref will be rightly criticised if he ignores markers being not square for the whole game and then pulls the whistle out in the last minute to win someone the game.

If a ref follows the black and white rule book and awards a penalty, for an incorrect scrum feed in next years GF, which swings the game, anyone pointing to the rule book (as they would ) is completely missing the point. Refereeing is not a black and white occupation.

Viewing any inconsistent ruling in isolation and pointing to the rule book is never going to cut the mustard.

Why complain about the NRL's black and white decisions?

The Raiders had the comps worst spine according to a Roar article before kick off in 19 but were nearly premiers, Manly had no useful backs bar Turbo and DCE and no depth according to most but ran all over the Sharks in the finals. It only goes to prove that opinions before kick off don’t count for that much and you won’t know which Knights players emerge and improve until the season is well under way.

Get a cracking 5/8 and one or two other unknowns to really crank it up and almost anything is possible.

The Knights can bounce back in 2020

I agree. I thought before the game that the Raiders would win even though it was a risky call. I thought if they could get on top they could largely nullify the Roosters attack which is what happened. Considering the quality of the Roosters in all departments , I considered a Raiders chance of winning fairly slim if the luck went the Roosters way and that’s what happened.

At 8 all the ref could have blown any number of penalties to give the Raiders a shot at goal to take the lead. The reward for being on top and having field position should come from penalty goals which didn’t happen because the refs made a choice not to blow them. This is another piece of ‘luck’ which hasn’t been spoken about. On the bomb for the six again call , the Chooks markers were comically not square and the refs could not have missed it. If you can’t blow the whistle for not square on that instance you never can but shortly after they take the unprecedented step of reversing a six again call. Underdogs rarely win with calls like that.

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

Considering all the factors including the stellar Chooks roster and how experienced they were I had the Raiders as the much better performers to be at 8 all. History starts to alter after the siren and apparently the Raiders attack was inept and their defence not up to the task. If the Chooks were so great and the Raiders so poor, the score would be nothing like 8 all and then 14 -8.

Truly great effort by the Raiders.

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

How can anything that happens, be a disadvantage to the winner of the challenge, compared to the current situation? In next years GF you could have an incorrect strip and the team which now has the ball wins the game on the next tackle and all the angst and trauma could be remedied easily. Captains challenge.

My fear is that it won’t be introduced until a team loses a GF on a wrong call but it will be clearly too late for the loser.

Former Rooster calls for the 'captain's challenge' to make a comeback

Easy , the ref plays advantage and the attacking side can stroll in and score the try. At the moment the captains protests that they missed the knock on from dummy half is ignored but captains challenge would give him the voice he deserves. No try, correct result, nobody unfairly treated. Even with the hand of Foran , the Captain should have the right to tell the bunker at the start to check for the ball coming off Forans hand. Why not? If the captain is wrong he loses a challenge . Once again we get the correct result. If the bunker misses it, after getting a legs up from the captain, they get the chop and find other employment.

Former Rooster calls for the 'captain's challenge' to make a comeback

Considering the Rosters and the apparent advantage of having a superior coach along with the huge amount of experience I consider the way the game panned out was courtesy of a greatly superior performance. If they performed to the same level it would have been a walk in the park for the Chooks , how many Raiders make the Chooks team? Who drops out of the Chooks back line to include Wighton?

I could drop the word greatly perhaps , but it’s how I saw proceedings. They had the Manly x Storm 40 nil flogging on the other day and I watched most of it again. As a Manly fan it just confirmed what I thought a while back. Folau was easily the most dangerous player on the field and the Storm could have easily been ahead by 20 at half time but the luck ran Manly’s way. I’m happy to accept luck going my way but I don’t like it when ref errors are part of that luck. I just comment as I see things and it rarely lines up with the majority view but it won’t change me. I also think Barrett could of had a great year this year but it doesn’t worry me that I’m a lone wolf on that either, it’s what I think.

2019 NRL grand final: smoke, fire and controversy

Plenty of teams fail to score when the opponents have a player in the bin. The Raiders did send it wide at the right time but bombed a try. The lack of appreciation for the Raiders effort is puzzling. They were up against a clearly superior roster with a fantastic defence yet Stuarts tactics had them on top for most of the game.

The inexperienced Raiders with an ”inferior” coach were incredibly close to winning. With all the strike power in the Roosters team they should have been able to score a try in the 60 minutes they were tryless if we go down the path of who should be scoring tries.

To be 8 all with less than 10 minutes to go was a hell of an effort and greatly superior considering the roster and lack of experience.

2019 NRL grand final: smoke, fire and controversy

Good article and well balanced. The lack of comments shows why journalists don’t write this sort of article much at all. Plenty on the Roar call for the NRl commentators and journalists to stop being negative but where is the interest in the alternative? It’s not there.

Celebrating NRL history and what's still to come

Larry, If the rule says Cummins isn’t entitled to change his call then the Raiders would get six again if the bunker gets it right. I’ve heard the audio of refs agreeing with a player that they got a ruling wrong but they weren’t able to reverse it. A captains challenge would force them to reverse an incorrect call without the usual contempt dished out to a challenging captain we see now.

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!

By saying it was OK they are giving the green light for the same error to happen again. Abusing refs is wrong but manipulating an error with political hogwash is achieving nothing. Seems to appease a lot of people but will they be so content if they cop it in a GF?

NRL pledges support for under-fire Cummins

Klemmer as lock in for Dally M, Adam Reynolds NSW half and Dogs to finish 17th , two horse race Raiders not in the race?

Revisiting my five fearless pre-season predictions for the 2019 NRL season