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Thank you Concerned Supporter, for your ringing endorsement. Your sincerely Minister Frullens

Five ideas for rugby union in Australia

Free up playing both Aussie rules and rugby league, and still follow both sports living in Melbourne.

Both sports have their pros and cons, and both can learn from each other’s strengths. Article simply trying to outline some areas I believe AFL could improve.

Top ten ideas for AFL HQ

The Super League is played in the English summer and the A-League is played in the Australian summer. Both sports are traditionally winter sports but given they are minor sports in those countries they have had to adapt to stay relevant. Australian Rugby can choose to continue as is and continue to be irrelevant in a competitive winter season, mix things up?

Five ideas for rugby union in Australia

Problem is, that the NRL aren’t asking for bids. Apparently exapansion has been on off on now off the table.

All major centres in Australia, New Zealand and the wider pacific region should have a bid in for the next NRL team. With all being accepted into the new Platinum State Leagues, then seeing after 5 years who has the strongest bid based on proven performance.

Consider Tasmania for NRL expansion

Very sad to see an iconic team fall but they have been down for a few years now.
If they don’t re-enter, I hope the RFL take the opportunity to introduce a non north England team.

Iconic rugby league city must not stay dead and buried

Rugby league financial issues and the real threat of world rugby ARE reasons to innovate to grow the game and find new revenue streams and most importantly relevance with sports fans with more and more choice.

Innovate or slowly die. If we only placate the small-minded sydney bubble, rugby league will become the sporting version of Kodak.

Here are 15 ideas to help out rugby league HQ

Under this strategy Dragons V Souths would be played at Moore Park as they are both Eastern Clubs. Those two teams only play derbies at ANZ when they play Inner Western clubs

My advice regarding the Sydney stadium strategy

Great, unique journo. He should be poached to run the IRLF such is his knowledge of the state of the international game (probably better than anyone else across the globe) and such is his passion for the game.

Help us Steve Mascord, you’re our only hope

The nrl/RLIF must move towards a 3 week rep window – with australian and NZ origins and love the idea of the pacific cup. Repeating creates tradition….

We need to support and grow the game across the region and this is one great opportunity. Game payments should be weighted to encourage a better spread of international representation.

Agree, expansion to PNG and a second NZ team will help provide better pathways for the panic islands and stronger interest in the nrl.

Pacific Cup the answer to Origin scheduling

You can still fight, but your just sent to the bin for ten minutes to freshen up. Given that in most cases a player from each side will be sent, this should just at to the theatre of the game, with the booing as they walk off and the free flowing action for the next 10.

Sin bin isn’t used enough these days.

As for the stripping, completely agree. Soft penalties are blown way too often. Onus should be on the ball carrier to hold the ball. Change the rule, that if its lost with more than 2 in the tackle, first to jump on the ball gets it and play on. Less whistle the better.

NRL eating itself from the inside out

Great move by the nrl. Touch was developed by rugby league and should of always been under the rugby league banner. Touch, kickit, Oztag, wheelchair rugby league and nines should all be promoted under the rugby league banner, providing avenues for growth into wider demographics and regions that league alone could do. Much like futsal, 5 a side, etc does for soccer.

RLIF needs to do the same thing for touch worldwide, and help sell both games internationally, using touch as a real stepping stone into league. Touch can be a great commonwealth/Olympic sport

NRL to grow via touch football: CEO

Time should be stopped from scoring a try (or video red being called for) until the kick off. Conversion should not be included in time. This allows channel 9 to go for an ad and doesn’t chew into game play. 80 minutes should be of quality play. Use notice it when there’s 5 minutes left of a tight game, they stop play for everything….

Time to crack down on time wasting in NRL

Completely agree! Every game should have 80 mins of full proper time. There needs to be a combination of stopping the clock and making the team with the ball start play.

My thoughts if you take longer than a set time for scrums, drop outs, kick offs you give up the ball to the opposition (use it or lose it). Also, now need to wait for refs or opposition on taps and 20 min restart just go. If the ref wants to chat, they can do it at halftime.

the shot clock in basketball, changed their game from a sport from a dull game where you could hold on to the ball if you were in the lead and wait for the game to end, to one of the most exciting and quick sports in the world. The time was specifically calculated on creating high scoring match.

Time to crack down on time wasting in NRL

Solving NRL's Sydney stadium dilemmas

Expand to 22 teams –
Png, wa, 2nd nz team, 2nd Brisbane team, central qld team, Darwin team.
Play each team once – 21 rounds (reverse home games following year, same order each year).

At half way – pause season for 3 weeks for rep rounds – 3 games a weekend.
State of origin
Auckland v nz counties
Pacific islands v nrl exiles ( nrl European players plus non qld/nsw aussie players)

State of Origin schedule must change

SOO is big because it is an event. It’s played at the same time of year, every year, consistently. FULLSTOP. Competiveness comes second, QLD have won 7 in a row and it gets bigger and bigger.

Look at the AFL derbies, like ANZAC day game, Perth & Adelaide derbies, Carlton collingwood etc- they are all big because they are events. Doesn’t matter if they are lopsided.

Internationals need to have a consistent calendar, with real games and trophies to make them an event AGAIN.

Same in the NRL play derby games on the same day each year, and build tradition and a sense of occasion.

It’s just simple marketing – ad hoc ness doesn’t create events.

International league should be hyped as much as Origin

The article had 2 points, both looking towards the future (not to be done this year)

Firstly, all Sydney derby games need to be played at a stadium that both set of supporters can access and fit into, my proposal was for 1 main stafium in the west and the other near the city. This is looking at addressing the issue of why Sydney traditionally has smaller crowds. The truth is, that the Sydney NRL teams are probably just as well supported as the Melbourne AFL teams, its just that only one set of supporters attend Sydney’s suburban ground. Given the majority of Sydney teams can pull capacity 20k crowds at hard to get to surbarban grounds, it makes sense that if both teams supporters can access the game, the crowd should be around 40k (20k each).

The second point, was that these 2 stadiums need to be ccessible by good public transport and have supporting facilities close-by, such as bars, pubs, resturants and jobs. These things make the whole experience and help attract non die-hard supporters to games. The bigger the crowd, the better the experience, the more interest from fringe supporters.

Regardingvlocation, if SFS is well located fine, but much better PT needs to be built. this needs to be more than one tram to successfully move 20-30k people. And yes the NRL should be stumping up some cash from the NEXT TV deal, given these stadiums are servicing more than half of the NRL teams. Its cheaper and smarter than expanding all 7 something suburban grounds.

Solving NRL's Sydney stadium dilemmas