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What was wrong with my football tips R19?

I bet I tipped better than you did.

The next A-League TV deal should not be about money

The owner of CCM is trying something different – he’s going to create a club that develops players for onselling to make profit.

It was clearly explained by CCM’s coach Tony Walmsley during yesterday’s post-match.

Cash-strapped Mariners show improvement

Nice article, Tony.

As you rightly mentioned – and, given the level of vitriol directed at FFA, Lowy, Gallop, DeBohun – it needs to be repeated that, as recently as 2 years ago when MVFC allowed Ange to leave the club and when MVFC insisted on North Terrace being “members only” sections of MVFC fans were scornful of DiPietro and Robson and wanted them sacked.

These critics – most of whom were not old enough to be out of school, let alone running a business – said Robson & DiPietro weren’t real football people and had no idea how to run a football club.

I don’t agree with the way Gallop is dealing with this issue but, the cold hard reality is… neither I, nor anyone outside the FFA executives and board, have access to all the information to know whether we would have handled the situation any differently to how Gallop is handling the situation.

Just as no one outside the MVFC board & executive knew why DiPietro & Robson were making decisions that caused some fans to ridicule, abuse & demand they be sacked.

Football fans and Melbourne Victory leading the way

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
And … Then you win

Mahatma Gandhi

AUS football is at the 3rd stage.

There is no coincidence this attack on football has ramped up after Roy Morgan Research released data that showed football had become the true national sport for males & females and that the other codes that think they are major are steadily receding into oblivion as participation continues to fall.

If no one wants to play a sport … well, you don’t need to be a soothsayer to figure out what happens to that sport.

Could the negative media actually be a positive for football?

Well, there’s certainty for the next 10 years. I’d expect MVFC to have its own 40k stadium by mid-2020.

How bad are the FFA?

Chairman of MVFC has affirmed what I & some others have been saying for some time – Football in Australia is booming at the base & at the top …

a) At grassroots level, with the sport now No.1 all over Australia for males & females

b) At international level with the men’s national team qualifying for 3 consecutive World Cups, Champions of Asia; the women’s national team reaching the knock-out stage of the World Cup

BUT, the middle tier of the pyramid – the ALeague that provides the link for players & fans between grassroots & international needs more attention.

c) The FFA’s next TV deal will be critical to the next 10 years of ALeague – in terms of cash & wide exposure.

The Chairman’s address is here:

How bad are the FFA?

1200 people at the MVFC in Business Lunch today. Cost of tickets is around $185 each … so another nice payday for MVFC & further business networking opportunities.

In his address at the lunch Chairman Anthony Di Pietro has taken a whack at: the culture of mediocrity in the FFA, lack of due process for banned fans and the peanut gallery media from a bygone age.

In football news: Also, Besart Berisha has signed a new 2 year deal with MVFC and the club extends its contract to play some HAL matches at Docklands Stadium for another 10 years.

How bad are the FFA?

The level of whining & whinging from sections of ALeague fans is getting intolerable.

I’d rather watch ALeague in an empty, silent stadium if it means this group of chronic whingers leaves ALeague & sits on their couch in the middle of the night getting passionate about foreign clubs, representing towns & villages they’ll never visit.

Football, public order and change

I’m starting to sound like a grovelling fanboy but, once again, John Duerden you’ve summed up the situation beautifully.

This comment is a beauty & I know I’ve said the same countless times:

Talk of “the game I love being destroyed” or “betrayal of the fans” is surely verging into the realms of the hysteria

How bad are the FFA?

Gallop handled that presser the way I’d expect any CEO of a national company, with significant international business, to handle the issue.

There was nothing controversial, or surprising, in what he delivered. I wouldn’t have minded if he stuck the boot into Wilson, Jones, etc. but it’ probably not the way a CEO should behave. Happy for Gallop to leave the head-kicking to head kickers, including my comrades & me.

David Gallop asks football fans for positivity

That’s exactly how I saw the match.

AUFC’s first 8 matches

Under Gombau: 6 points (only 1 win)
Under Amor: 3 points (0 wins)

If this is football, how does Amor survive?


Don’t you know the default narrative is: FFA is inept, Football in Australia is in a shambles & ALeague is about to die.

If the story cannot be made to fit the above narrative, it’s not worth discussing.

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

I’ve seen AUFC up close twice – once in the FFA Cup quarter finals & last Saturday in ALeague. When AUFC plays its proactive, attacking game, they’re as good as any team in the competition.

But, when they play a cagey, reactive game they’re hopeless. Their players are like fish out of water.

I don’t know why Amor starts matches with the team shackled; then when they’re a couple down, he removes the shackles but it’s too late. Perhaps, that’s not his intention & the message is not getting through properly.

Once it clicks for AUFC they’ll be as good as last season.

If this is football, how does Amor survive?


Can you kindly name 5 things, from any aspect of football – from grassroots, kids’ level, women’s football, amateur, semi-professional, professional, international – that were better in the 1970s & 80s than they are today.

The only area where football succeeded more in the 1980s & 90s than it does today is at youth international level. Is this because Australia has dropped its standards? Or, is it because the rest of the world now takes youth internationals seriously?

Maybe a bit of both?

That’s the only aspect I think the Australian football was better ‘back in the day’.

In every other aspect of the Game, we are light years ahead of where we were in the 1970s, 80s, 90s & 00s.

Are things perfect? NO

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

Has he been banned for life from attending any Aussie Rules matches – including grassroots – anywhere in Australia?

The A-League ban cycle

I was involved with grassroots football from the late 1970s to the late 1980s.

In the past few years I’ve gone to watch various mates’ kids & family members playing in the State League of Victoria – from junior level up to senior level.

The grassroots football in Victoria that I’ve attended is light years ahead – in terms of infrastructure, administration, etc – than when I was playing grassroots football.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not.

But your are deluded if you think anything about the administration of grassroots football was better in the 1970s & 1980s.

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

I was part of the real North Terrace at Olympic Park. Heck at Docklands the North Terrace is situated at the south end of the pitch – the kids probably don’t even realise it.

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse


1. In 2015/16 there are 3 bays set aside for North Terrace at AAMI Park – Bays 37, 38 & 39
2. The capacity of these 3 bays is 2,368
3. The membership of MVFC in 2015/16 is 26, 739

You do the maths & figure out which fans are the majority at MVFC.

If you don’t have the numeracy skills to analyse the fractions, ask your maths teacher.

PS: I love prawn sangers but, alas, I’ve never been able to procure this at ALeague matches. If you could be so kind, where can I obtain this treat at MVFC matches?

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

I’d rather have 170 seats destroyed at a sporting event than see a woman punched in the face & her kids also threatened with grievous bodily harm.

The A-League ban cycle

I’m all in favour of having a transparent, simple &, above all, inexpensive appeal system for Ban Notices. But, if lawyers get involved, you can immediately erase “inexpensive” from those criteria I mentioned.

Perhaps, a simple appeal based on “wrong identity” would suffice?

I think the system for speed camera infringements allows an appeal if you can prove you were not the person driving the vehicle when it infringed.

So, for each ban, the FFA should provide evidence of the person’s involvement. A successful appeal would require the person to prove he/she was incorrectly identified.

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

I’ve been a fan in the terraces since Day 1 of the ALeague.

I’ve got no major issues with any aspect of administration of football in Australia, or the administration of the ALeague.

Get over yourselves.

If you think football is being administered poorly at the moment, you either:

a) were not alive, or not past primary school, during the 1990s so are clueless about how bad things were for the football community in those days

b) did not involve yourself with football at any level prior to 2005.

The "we" in football is threatening to collapse

Like most MVFC matches this year, the good stuff was excellent but once we had a 2 goal lead the boys were not ruthless with their finishing. In the 2nd half when AUFC finally started to push forward, MVFC had enough opportunities to put 6 past Galekovic but were too casual with the final pass.

But, top of the table with a game in hand is a nice place to be after 25% of the season is played.

Finally, for those who worry more about crowds than the football ..

… Last night’s attendance was the biggest crowd for a match against Adelaide in recent years. In fact, it was even bigger than the crowd – at the same stadium – to watch Ale Del Piero play in a Finals match, which was also his last game in Aleague.

So, with no big name marquees last night; and after a week where sections of the media tried to scare people from attending ALeague matches … MVFC vs AUFC pulled a bigger crowd than when one of the world’s most famous players was on the park.

Highlights: Victory hold off tough-tackling Reds

Was at the match last night. Enjoyed it before the NT walked out. I enjoyed it after the NT walked out.

Didn’t see even one police officer any of the sections of General Admission on Level 3 when I scanned around at any stage during the match.

During the 90′ did not hear even 1 abusive comment from anyone.

Not 1 racist comment.

Not one drunk. In fact, hardly anyone drinks at ALeague matches – quite frankly, why would anyone pay money for the muck they serve as beer at Etihad Stadium. By contrast when I attended the cricket, Spring Racing & AFL in Melbourne the culture is to get boozed out of your head during the event.

Unlike a recent match in another sport, no woman got punched in the face.

As one of Australia’s most respected sports journalists, Debbie Spillane said yesterday:

I’ve spent more than 50yrs attending sports events in Aust. A-League games not even close to being scariest environments I’ve experienced.

Anti-football media take advantage of FFA


In relation to MVFC, ADP boosted the crowd for only 1 match in his 1st season.

Crowds MVFC vs Syd in Melb

2012/13: 26.9k at AAMI Park (only 1 match in Melb)

2013/14: 20.5k AAMI Park; 24.4k Etihad Stadium (that season the match against NIX got 23.2k and there was no marquee playing for the NIX)

So, yes, ADP boosted the crowd for 1 match in Melbourne in his 1st season.

Also worth noting in ADP’s 1st season in HAL, Sydney FC had 4 crowds under 14k out of 13 home matches. So, one of the most famous footballers on the planet at that time was playing in Sydney, but not even 14k people bothered to turn up.

I’ll have to check, but I don’t think any match MVFC played in Sydney has had a crowd below 14k. So, maybe, we could mount the argument MVFC playing boosts crowds for every team?

Ten ways to re-invigorate the A-League

1. More star power – “Has been” International Marquees

Depends on the cost & the benefit. Pirlo is one of my all-time favourite footballers. But, from all accounts, he’s treating the MLS like a holiday & I wouldn’t pay even 1 cent for Pirlo if that’s his attitude. Regardless, how much increase in home crowds would Pirlo bring?

2. Ditch the Nix
Not unless the AFC tell us they will not allow an Oceania team in the ALeague.

3. More star power – Premium Australians
Yes. There are around 100 Aussies signed by European & Asian clubs. I’m all in favour of Aussies moving to better clubs & leagues if they’re part of the match day squad.

But, if they’re moving to Europe to play in reserve teams, or not play at all they’re wasting their career.

4. Less rounds
No. We need more football, not less.

5. Make more of other sports and cultural events
The last thing I want to do on Boxing Day is attend a football match, so I’m not fussed with no Boxing Day football in Melbourne. Australia Day has now become: MVFC vs SydFC

6. Stadium Double Headers
No. The pitch needs to be perfect for football.

7. Play marquee matches on free-to-air
YES. From what I’m hearing, the new TV deal will see the FFA packaging the best 27 matches which will be played on Saturday nights & this package will be sold to FTA TV.

8. Promotion and relegation

Promotion only for the first 4 years, maybe commencing in 2018. Then a period of consolidation for 5 years. Then relegation based on a playoff between bottom HAL team & NPL Champions of Australia.

9. Ditch 5pm kick offs

10. Magic Round
Don’t have a clue what this means, but the term “magic round” makes me cringe, so: NO.

Ten ways to re-invigorate the A-League