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The Bhoys!!????
Haters, and losers, going to hate????

Ange's Celtic all but Scottish champions after crushing win

Thanks. Difficult team to pick, lots of great players and lots of great clubmen miss out. No argument with your team except No No No for Bateman!
Also you don’t need to apologise to Croker, great clubman but not in the conversation for a spot in the greatest team.

Canberra Raiders: All time greatest 17!

Cronin not in the conversation? Changed the role of the centre, won premierships, played for Australia, was a dominant player etc. not suggesting an immortal but I think he’s in the nearly group with others you have named

Nearly Immortals: The best of the rest

If you pick him you have to pick the bloke that did his tackling for him ????.

Nearly Immortals: The best of the rest

TB, Dufty ok but still errors and he doesn’t put his body on the line when he needs too. Redeemed himself with some nice touches but I’ll be surprised if he gets resigned

'We needed it desperately': Barrett jubilant after dogged defensive display turns Roosters away

The emcee at the broncos/bulldogs game in polo top, shorts, and runners did me

Panthers suffocate Raiders with near-perfect second half to extend unbeaten start

Starts first week of the season! I’m glad when it’s over and we can focus on the comp

NRL NEWS: Panthers lock in Clearys for long term, Blues look at uncapped trio to replace Latrell

Agree Duncan. Seems lots of 4th tackle plays in attacking areas are meaningless forward hit ups, or if the ball makes it out wide, the wide forward dies with it. Very frustrating for the fan, can’t imagine how frustrating it is for the outside backs. Very jealous watching how Cronulla are doing it so well. Guess that’s what happens when you have a decent coach.

Trent Barrett's one word answer that sums up the problem at NRL's biggest underachievers

Agree Tony, was an encouraging first up performance. I would like to see both doggies halves run more and run to the line more. Fitzy has the sharks halves on song in that regard and it works. Burton definitely needs to run and create more.

NRL Round 5 talking points: Streakers, streaks and strikes

Spot on Brett. Although I’m a mad Hawks man Buddy is still close to being my favourite player. I hold no grudge but wish he was still with the Hawks. We’ve had lots of great occasions, and great players, we Hawks supporters, but 2008 is definitely a standout.

BRETT GEEVES: What Buddy Franklin has taught me about love and loss


'Ugly, stupid, as cheap as it gets': Barnett referred straight to judiciary after send off, Panthers roll Knights

Thanks Tony.
Adam Blair in front of Steve Price?! Never ever ever

The 300-plus club: A story of rugby league longevity

Yep wouldn’t have had Thompson in the top three

NRL NEWS: Surprise winner in Dally M votes, Slater says Storm should sign Sims to replace Welch

Pretty sure Dragons v Warriors is on at Sunshine Coast stadium, not Redcliffe

NRL 2022: Men's Round 1 preview and Women's Round 3 preview

At the risk of sounding negative, can we drop the inaccurate sensationalist headlines please? Leave that to the main stream media

NRL NEWS: Croker shocker as Ricky drops Raiders legend, Dragons Origin star set to miss Round 1

Yep fantastic last two games and down to last seconds in the first two games. Bengals and 49ers continue to surprise with two massive upsets. Hope this weekends two games are just as good. But I think it’s Rams v Chiefs for super bowl.

An NFL Sunday to remember

As a doggies supporter I’d love to see Meaney kill it this year. Was our best fullback who never got a proper go.

Pulling their weight: Five value signings for 2022

Thanks Paul.
What ever changes are made need to ensure the integrity of the game is not changed. So for me, for example, keep the drinks break but ban the never ending drinks and equipment changes between overs.
Don’t muck around with penalty runs etc but make fines, suspensions etc meaningful and consistently applied ie every test just not one in a series to make a point.
Likewise no free hits for no balls, rather officiate as it was previously. Third ump only involved if a wicket. If umps don’t pick up no balls then educate, train, fine or suspend them.
No to “shot clock”. Give on field umps the power to get the game moving and give out penalties on the field. Eg captain of fielding team or batter gets warning, if behaviour continues ump can give penalty such as fine and/or points towards suspension there on the field, communicated to offending player and third ump.
Site screen has been an issue for years. In my experience it’s usually security staff or others workers holding up play, seemingly oblivious to what is happening on the field. CA should have clauses in contracts for subbies who provide such staff to ensure they train their people properly for face financial penalties. As for spectators give them a warning then eject them if they continue to disrupt the game. There are plenty of security and cctv to easily identify and communicate with offending spectators.
Last one for me is the boundary rope position. I get why we no longer use the fence but it is becoming a joke. Every year it creeps a metre or two further infield. There can be no valid reason for how large it was this year. Space for an esky, the tv camera, and that’s about it.

Eleven ways to speed up Test cricket - time to cut out the wasted hours

No fan of Novak but clearly he has been used by SlowMo in his John Howard moment. Why haven’t we heard from our fearless tough on borders leader? Back hiding under his rock I’d reckon. So pathetic it almost shames me being Australian at the moment

BREAKING: Novak Djokovic wins battle to stay in Australia

Good memories Peter. A standout for me was Greg Chappell’s double century against india in early 80’s. He was ill on the side of the pitch on a couple of occasions during his innings.

My top ten SCG Test moments

Thanks Paul. Looking for improvement this year in attitude and game plan. Team looked poorly coached last year, with poor attack and woeful 5th play options.
IMO Schoupp in centres is better than Naden and Burns. And not sure Flanagan is a 14. If he’s not the halfback he’s not in the team.

NRL 2022 Radar: Big-spending Bulldogs will struggle unless dominant playmaker emerges

Hear hear

Cricket with a capital C: Time for the WBBL to ACT

Eddie was a legend, nice to see he’s not forgotten

The NBL players who could have made it in the NBA

How is Inglis better to spin than Pierson?It spins more in WA than Qld? Heard of a queensland leggie called Swepson?

Why Jimmy Peirson should be Australia's Test wicketkeeper

As a doggies supporter I hope Kikau isn’t another Tony Williams

Around the Grounds: Gould already weaving his magic, Ponga cagey on long-term future