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What an inspirational woman. The courage, resiliency, determination and pure desire to succeed was all on display today. I cried too for her bravery can inspire us all. Jessica and Ash Barty are purely great role models to our aspiring young sports girls and boys
I hope Liz Cambage was watching and better still learning what is required to represent your country with grace, class and humility.

'I went and threw up': Jess Fox's unbearable tension before finally landing gold she's craved

Sorry to burst your bubble but the great moments you referred to in NBA history led to these teams winning championships. You are premature here as the bucks are still outsiders and have won nothing. You have simply been swept up in the emotion of the game. You should have saved this piece for when the bucks actually win the title. And that is still a long way off at this stage.

Giannis Antetokounmpo just gave us a moment on the biggest stage of all

Poor princess Naomi.
Too busy on social media and espousing garbage about movements like BLM which is essentially a political Marxist movement
Haven’t heard of one of these “depressive episodes” impacting on her performances at the grand slams in the past.
I work in public mental health with working class people with real problems so please princess kindly go away. Good on the French for not bowing to this little miss drama queen

Osaka withdraws from French Open

Mary can you please consider a piece on how Woke Naomi Osaka has gone?
I used to like and respect her however that is dissipating fast
I am referring to her hissy fit over her French open media expectations

A dream come true: Tess Madgen set for first Olympics with the Opals

Fremantle shockers
Another lamentable performance
Looking forward to Don Freo’s explanation as to what went wrong again. No excuses Don please. Just cut to the chase mate

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

Oh freo, sorry fre-woe, where is Don-freo?

Six talking points from AFL Round 7

According to BLM’s political arm, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), “We believe in transformation and a radical realignment of power … We are anti-capitalist.” That leaves little to the imagination.
M4BL’s wide-ranging policy platforms include defunding the police to demanding reparations. It also focuses extensively on age-old socialist doctrine.
You want the public to support this ideology?

The A-League must show support for Black Lives Matter this season

The beginning of the end for this mob. You won’t find many sharing your optimistic outlook. “The Giants have had some great success bringing in recruits over the years, such as with Heath Shaw, Shane Mumford and Steve Johns“
Come on mate that was an eternity ago

AFL Trades: Jeremy Cameron to Geelong will be a history-maker