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The workers at SPC voted to take a pay cut to keep the company alive. People outside Sydney get it.

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

Hmmm, “every club” you say. Well I guess that just proves my point. I was only suggesting the NRL clubs’ boards – not the thousands of real rugby league clubs around our country.

We need leaguies to back grassroots footy – not put money in the NRL clubs’ directors’ pockets.

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

…and we need a constitution that promotes the “whole of game” view.

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

Under the current constitution, there will be no significant funding for grassroots and there will be no expansion of the national premiership and there will be no increase in participation.

We thought Superleague was stealing the game, but the heroes have turned out to be the villains.

A new constitution is required – a new ARL.

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

It’s a ruse, Beastie. Even if the 130% commitment was agreed, the clubs still wouldn’t know how much they’re getting because the salary cap has been set yet. That is, how can you put 130% of the salary cap in dollars if the cap is an unknown?

The clubs know they won’t go backwards, so it isn’t as though they can’t plan. They are planning – you are seeing their plans play out now…

But anyway, this is a string about the Constitution of the ARLC and how NRL clubs with a staked interest in keeping profits can unduly influence the ARL Commission which is meant to be independent and charged with growing the game.

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

I’m not talking about performance development – I’m talking about participation by average kids just playing footy for fun.

Sure, I’d like to see some salary cap concessions for local talent coming through – but that’s another debate.

The NRL’s “A different league – play junior league” campaign started this week and it’s the first time we, as a game, have spoken to kids about just having fun. Ads on radio, internet and TV cost money. Roadshows cost money. Giveaways cost money.

Everyone has criticised the NRL for not doing it in the past and highlighted how other codes have walked all over us in achieving junior participation growth. Now the NRL are on-track and everyone jumps ship to back the NRL clubs to get a bigger handout. Not cool.

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

Of course. And if there are only 14 people required to be onboard, then it is even easier…

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

Max, the only criticism of John Grant is that his position changed on the amount of funding going to the NRL clubs and that retained for grassroots development.

Yes, the NRL clubs are unanimous in their desire to get more funding. It does not take much to “raise the ire” when money is the subject.

The NRL clubs have no interest in nurturing the game – that is why their own backyards are in meltdown with participation dropping annually around 10% in Sydney year-on-year.

How rugby league was stolen by self-interested clubs

But Sydneysiders can run mis-communications campaigns and run them well.

I expect the NRL clubs will win this battle, they will take even more control of the NRL/ARLC, there will be no expansion and there will be no investment in grassroots rugby league.

A new model is required – therefore a new model will come… eventually…

John Grant versus the NRL clubs: Why are they fighting?

I disagree, SAMMY. The QRL’s Intrust Super Cup has shown that having clubs in regional areas gets fantastic support and only makes the game better.

The QRL had to endure short term pain and lose some historic Brisbane based clubs along the way. But the result is an awesome, vibrant competition with fans across the state. Great for the game!

John Grant versus the NRL clubs: Why are they fighting?

KEN – YOU ARE AN EXPERT! You’re an expert at stating the obvious truth. The Independent Commission needs to be independent and having a position allocated to the state bodies or to the NRL clubs is without doubt a step in the WRONG direction.

You’re correct – it would be a massive conflict of interest, defeating the purpose of the ARLC and giving even more power to the NRL clubs who want to keep the profits for themselves and not share them with the grassroots clubs.

John Grant versus the NRL clubs: Why are they fighting?

Max, your conclusion is incorrect. They only need 14 votes out of 26 – one more than half – to oust a Commissioner. Therefore it is not difficult to oust a Commissioner at all. This was explained in the article.

The more important factor is WHO can oust a Commissioner. If the 16 NRL clubs vote together, they can remove a Commissioner even if he has the full support of both QLDRL and NSWRL state bodies and all of the other Independent Commissioners.

But why do we want the 16 NRL clubs to have such power – some of which are companies and all of which have a vested interest in keeping the profits to themselves even if it removes resources from grassroots footy.

I think the QRL will stick with John Grant – because he is proposing investing money into rugby league whereas the 16 clubs are proposing keeping it for themselves. The NSWRL directors are appointed by the Sydney-based NRL clubs (and North Sydney Bears). The QRL directors are NOT appointed by the Broncos, Titans or Cowboys – but are appointed by the grassroots clubs and regions.

This episode is highlighting shortcomings in the ARLC constitution – just not the ones you’re suggesting…

John Grant versus the NRL clubs: Why are they fighting?

You have highlighted things the ARLC did wrong – and they’re valid points and the NRL shouldn’t have promised funds and then not delivered.

That said, there was no dollar figure attached as it was 130% of the salary cap which isn’t yet determined. So clubs should not have allocated any money as they didn’t know how much money it was. Remember, the NRL is not proposing paying the NRL clubs less, just give them less of an increase.

But what is worse – continuing on a path that underfunds grassroots or deciding that now is the time for a positive change?

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

That’s right, DoubleDown, most punters are mindless zombies easily lead astray by the celebrity players backing their mates at the NRL clubs.

John Grant is finally someone who wants to build rugby league – not just profit from it.

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

Yes, Mush. I remember your warnings that the constitution handed power to the clubs at the expense of the game 😉 but everyone thought you were wrong…

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

No, 3_Hats, you are incorrect. Rabbitohs do not pump in $3M to grassroots – but they do give more than the others due to their benevolent family orientation and financial backers. But the other clubs do not. You only have to ask the Sydney district junior boards how much, or how little, they receive from their NRL clubs and you’ll find that it pays for an office desk and one staff member to do everything. Some junior associations receive even less than that from their NRL club (ie. not a cent). This is true for this year!

But I agree with you, Parramatta probably contribute the least.

I also agree that money has been wasted at RLHQ. I don’t know about CRL but I doubt they have much to waste. QRL are a standout – both on and off the field.

I also agree that it is the ARL’s job to look after other areas – and guess what, they need resources to achieve that objective – and that is what John Grant and the ARL Commission are saying. That is the point of this whole week!

The NRL clubs wanting more and more each year is for pure greed to look after themselves and their execs. And to want 130% of the salary cap when the salary cap hasn’t yet been agreed is plainly a scam. No money was to be taken off them – just the increase being less than previously agreed.

Everyone complains about the lack of resources going into grassroots – but that is forgotten when the NRL clubs wheel out the usual celebrity players and commentators to back their cause (typically the players that filled their bank accounts from the superleague era). How can you be pro-grass roots and not see John Grant’s point?

Now is the test for rugby league. It is time for us to stand up to the greedy NRL clubs and give back to the broader game.

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

I agree with your conclusions. Who are you and what have you done with Crosscoder?

EXPLAINED: Why NRL clubs have issued a vote of no confidence in John Grant

Self-interest is clearly the domain of the NRL clubs. They are unreasonable and will forever be the blockers of any resources going to benefit the game of rugby league.

Nothing wrong with Greenberg – he seems like he wants to improve all levels of the game.

Let’s focus on the real issues – the constitution needs to be amended to remove the power of the NRL clubs and give more to the Independent Commissions to act independently.

EXPLAINED: Why NRL clubs have issued a vote of no confidence in John Grant

Here, here! Well said, Vince from Cairns. You are 100% correct.

Show your support for the game by voting out your Cowboys directors – and use #supportjohngrant

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

I don’t think John Grant thought he was untouchable – for sure, he doesn’t now… But it has taken them five years to get to a positive place where money is earmarked for the benefit of grass roots and I, for one, don’t want that momentum to be stymied by the self-interest of just 16 NRL clubs.

The NRL clubs barely give resources or money to their own junior leagues – let alone the scores of districts that don’t have an NRL club to represent them. It is disappointing the CRL, QRL and other state bodies do not make a more meaningful stand against the NSWRL and the shameful NRL clubs. Rugby league is the thousands of players, teams, clubs and leagues in our country – not just the overpaid executives at the NRL clubs.

I knew the bogus news stories in September-October this year reporting of NRL club financial hardships were a precursor to a money grab and that is exactly what is panning out now.

I just hope the Commissioners can better use the media to explain the real debates to the masses and to the club loyalists who vote for their club’s directors. I want to see heads roll – but not at the ARL Commission – at clubland!

Show your support for junior league and vote out your NRL club directors during this killing season!

ARL commissioners throw their support behind John Grant

You mean the Broncos, one of the profitable clubs… Well actually I think they’re a company aren’t they?

But that wasn’t my point. I was highlighting that some clubs claim they need more NRL money to stay afloat – and I’m calling BS on that. Irrespective of club, they take most of the game’s money, give nothing to juniors let alone CRL juniors, spend their entire cap as quickly as they can and perpetually want more.

The management of our game is terrible. No strategy for now – and none for later. Stagnant, despite having more money than ever.

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Wow, if members are unhappy they must be knowledable…

Here’s a management idea, spend less than you take in grants and $6 pies… Maybe purchasing a team of rep players to win a comp in 2016 isn’t good for 2017…

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Thanks, The_Wookie, noted. This is similar to some of the other clubs.

Importantly, this demonstrates my point that you cannot actually tell from the reports the full profits and losses for the FOOTBALL club, as distinct from the combined group. It is very easy to “share” some expenses and revenues.

I note the Chairman gloated about successfully lobbying the NRL for another $1.5M. Well done, add that to the other millions… Oh, and thanks to the Sharks for their generous $50k to juniors (that’s sarcasm fyi).

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

Third party deals are legal if legitimately third party. In a one-team city it is pretty easy to get them – Broncos would be the easiest team from which to get a third party deal and supplement a player’s in-cap salary.

You only have to visit Bris to notice the one-eyed hero worship and player endorsements. Not just the Lockyers – half the team!

They may not be squeaky clean, I don’t know and wouldn’t bet my money on it, but they’re always under the microscope and there is so much community support you’d have to be nuts not to sell endorsements if you were a player.

Inuendo doesn’t make Broncos salary cap cheats. Back up your claims or accept that they have a massive cap advantage due to their unrivalled community support.

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction

I have no probs with teams busted of salary cap breaches being heavily penalised. Should be more of it!

But the anti-Storm people in Sydney are just one-eyed NSW fans crying over a decade of Origin embarrasment.

The Storm have raised the bar in many facets of the game and I admire them greatly. But still happy for their breach to be penalised.

The Sharks could win this year and that will look good on the headline. But they’ve bought an experienced team of quality rep players and, guess what, they’re good together. I’m a bit disappointed in that approach from a rugby league heartland. I love the Penrith model!

Storm develop new players every year and are a serious club. Sharks are just a boom-and-bust model buying a premiership…

Rugby league must expand or risk extinction