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The author draws a very long bow to claim the NRC had anything to do with the Red’s success. NRC matches do not even feel like a championship completely lacking in the atmosphere that club games have. The players are corralled into the NRC as it is falsely held out by rugby bureaucrats as the player’s pathway to representative football. Frankly the lack of support by a decent crowd of spectators results in a clearly felt despondency by the players. Their resultant lack of enthusiasm is palpable. There is no reasonable number of loyal following to NRC except for players’ immediate family and friends. The game feels like a covid match without any fake crowd noise. Compared to club games it is like I would imagine it is at a morgue. A championship competition by clubs would be far better supported. It is not perfect but nothing is perfect. The problematical downside is that players in country districts miss out on being observed by selectors, unless they move to established clubs. But that has always been the case and if they are serious about a representative career goal, they will have to make that move anyway.

Reds win shows the value of the National Rugby Championship as Australian rugby’s premier development competition

Maddocks had a blinder. Forwards had a hard night. Line defence improved but far too many penalties given away . The Waratahs lack of discipline makes them non competetitive. Coach should read the riot act to them.

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

Opportunity knocks for newer players. Maddocks will kill them at fullback, his true position.

Waratahs smashed by injury ahead of Super Rugby AU opener

Part of the slow game problem is that defences now stunt offences. It is obvious that referees are trying to speed up the game by limiting offside calls. The rule is abused as a result especially late in the game.
Would it not be better if the offside line was 5 metres back behind the hindmost point of any player in the tackle or on their feet over the ball ?

Eddie Jones identifies the biggest issue facing rugby

Hear hear – the game is too slow. If an injury occurs (excluding loss of consciousnesss) the player should be treated by the team’s physio without a stoppage or leave the field for a minimum of 5 minutes (using a replacement) .

Eddie Jones identifies the biggest issue facing rugby

The Giteau rule must go as it holds back Australian players and hence Australian rugby. Frankly it is a restraint of trade. A player has a limited lifespan so why shouldn’t he cash in while he can. If we want career players the global market is their opportunity to make money and improve their game. The rule is a handicap to this country. You can’t regulate the market. It is inconsistent that we can import foreign coaches and bureaucrats from the global rugby market but limit our players.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Great article. But one player, who to me is the solution, is a man you have omitted – Jack Maddocks.
Unlike the two youngsters, he has a mature rugby intelligence, kicking skills and experience. Frankly he was stuffed around by the Wallabies , put in different positions to fill gaps (like many others) and not allowed to own a position. The shuffling of players by past coaches ruined any prospect of team cohesion. Passes were made to spots where the passer expected the passee to be but was not because players were simply not familiar. The utility player of choice was Kurtley Beale who suffered a similar fate of being unfamiliar with the location of adjacent players and in result embarassingly passed into space. I could go on as forwards had a similar fate due erratic selections. Lets get back to specialists in specialists position. Maddocks fills the bill.

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

As a fan I do own it that is why I am cheesed off by the RA incompetence. If it was floated even the Chinese would not buy shares in its current state.

Is it time for us to own the Wallabies?

I strongly disagree. Cheika’s players as a squad far inferior to opposition. Two big changes since the past (a) refs do not enforce offside as vigorously as before because of criticism that penalties slowed the game, and (b) teams now have to be deep in top players as substitutes vital to results. Finally when did he ever have a reliable kicker of goals compared with opponents – never. The kicking art has disappeared in Australia.

Cheika's league tactics explain the Wallabies' fall from grace

Forget Cheika , Castles. Old news. Let’s focus on 2 things management of the game to make it financially sound and creating a Wallabies team that is competitive on the world stage. First matter is get a RA board that uses the money efficiently and that involves a CEO who is financially smart. The Wiggins/Carroll combine looked good to me but old guard felt they were being dethroned. The old guard including McLean should just move on. To me the coach of the Wallabies is not as important as having strong players in all positions. The top World teams have large mobile forwards, we don’t.

CONFIRMED: Peter Wiggs resigns from Rugby Australia board

This article is too introspective. Fact is most clubs in rugby are losers, there is usually only one winner per competition. The clubs are nonetheless supported so long as the club is competitive. So to drop Waratahs and other teams etc from a competition is not helpful given its long history of support. We tout democracy but we all know that a strong leader is required to get things moving, so to me it is vital that to move forward the RA must have a CEO that Rugby patrons can have confidence in doing the job. Raelene ,for whatever reason, fair or unfair, did not . retain that confidence. Whether the RA is truly representaive and answerable to state unions is not at this time a helpful debate.
The critical thing is to build a Wallabies team that is competitive, that is popular and as a result generates high tv earnings, and which draws young persons to the game.

Why the Waratahs and the Reds should be axed from Super Rugby

Strongly disagree with your proposals. Too complex,too costly, unwieldy and impractical. Rugby schedule should be simplified – follow the money. The popularity of rugby has to be the priority. Test Match games involving the Wallabies. club football from Shute Shield in Sydney and Premier in Brisbane (with perhaps a promotion/relegation format) and perhaps throw in a state of origin type annual completion involving Pacifica, and 7s rugby. The NRC and super rugby ought be retained only if they can support themselves financially, which I don’t suspect is possible without reduction in the number of teams. RA bureaucracy should be cut in half.

Australian rugby: A blueprint for the future

The best way forward for the immediate future of rugby is to foster its most successful and popular competitions and temporarily abandon the SANZAAR and NRC.
RA and state rugby bodies should concentrate their limited funds to club rugby , a once off interstate competition like the RL State of Origin and to Test matches between countries . At the moment, activities such as flying NRC rugby teams to play before very small crowds cause expenses disproportionate to their value to the game.

The pull apart and restitching solution for SANZAAR

The outstanding candidate if he is interested, is David Gallop. He is not connected to any faction, has vast experience in sports administration and is solid and reliable in controversy. With league and soccer he dealt with many issues involving tough businessmen, arrogant administrators and an ugly public backlash against decisions that were unpopular in the short term. In short he has been there and is unflappable. Most importantly everyone would be confident in his skills including the rugby diehards. Years ago I met him often at school rugby games as his son played in the rugby. He possessed a wide knowledge as a sports fan then and I suspect he still he turns to the sports pages first. Kearney, Farr Jones and even Alan Jones would show him respect.

Who should take the helm at Rugby Australia?

This blog as with others on The Roar on rugby is a conversation piece between a few who dominate the discussions. Come on boys just 2 comments each please if you are truly interest in public opinion.
As another Rugby tragic, admittedly a very broad class, I must disagree with the suggestion that a change in the RA administration was not long overdue . The RA management had their head in the ground and ignored the perception that the game was in a disarray. Time to move on and support whoever has a go at fixing the financial issues and priorities of the sport here. Personally , given financial woes, I would favour the temporary suspension of the NRC to cut its high expenses. The rural clubs should be become feeder clubs in the Shute Shield and its Brisbane equivalent, so giving rural players the opportunity to be seen by national coaches in those competitions. The juniors in the game show great promise so the game will likely thrive in the near future.

An open letter to the Wallabies' captains

To say ramp up defence is b.s. Good teams are good at attack and defence ; both vital to the outcome. Nothing has changed. But what has changed is that referees, presumably with the intention of speeding up the game without stop and starts, is not to enforce the offside rule as much. The result is that team defences can rush up with less risk of giving up a penalty. This change of complexion of the game says that forwards must have, size, agility and fitness, and most of all brains to read a referee.

Why defence will be the best form of attack for Dave Rennie’s new Wallabies

Beale is a nice guy loved by other players. He has devoted his life to rugby so cut him some slack guys. All players have a bad hair day. As a champion he is bound to improve. Playing behind some players who are themselves out of form does not help.

Waratahs' experience counting for not very much at all

Professionalism in rugby has a negative aspect. Players released to play Shute Shield or other club rugby inevitably ask their clubs to pay not only match fees but accommodation , fares etc The majority of those clubs are broke or are running close to the wind financially. Basically the professional Super 12 teams received players from those clubs without transfer fees etc paid to the clubs that coached and developed those players, so wouldn’t it be appropriate that such fees and expenses of the clubs to whom the club is released be paid by the professional team.

Waratahs' experience counting for not very much at all

The experts on this matter merely state the obvious about player errors but offer no opinion on the solution to the Tahs woes. How about sticking your head out experts.

Waratahs' experience counting for not very much at all

Great article on all matches. As a Waratah supporter used to bad news I think it’s time to take the gloves off about their poor standard of team play. The players are obviously trying their best as individuals. But forwards are not playing as a unit. The failure to get to the breakdown, leaving a gap around the ruck in front of their tryline, not counting up in lineouts etc are schoolboy mistakes. The frustration is showing. More talk boys you are better than that. The backs show potential but time to drop Hunt and Beale to the bench and bring them on in the second half for impact then. A young fast backline with Maddocks in the centres and Newsome back at wing playing ball in hand rugby is the best use of players. The young backs’ deference to Beale by giving him predictable passes is dulling their willingness to have a crack themselves. Beale is impatient to show his skills and not play the type of relaxed game that he excelled at in the past.

The Wrap: Super Rugby splits into two

The player who is impressing me is Jack Maddocks who has been stuffed about by the system in various roles but who despite this is cool and reliable. Unlike any of the youngsters he has done his time and he has a mature and professional, no fuss approach to the game. He should no longer be simply viewed as a utility fill in but given his own spot. Karmichael Hunt should be on the bench and Maddocks tested at this position. Hunt is only good for half a game and shows intermittent form. He is not the future around which you gel a team. A great player on his day in the past but his days in the sun have passed in my view; Tahs should not build a new team around him.

The Australian surprise packets after the first month

Great article – how refreshingly positive. The future of rugby is our youth. Great players are in the making but patience is necessary with their development. What bugs me though is how too often they are offered contracts by teams wanting to lock in prospects away from rival clubs too early, then used by coaches to fill gaps in teams rather than in positions where they made their mark. My other bugbear is that some players excel at school and colts but are too small for grade but are nevertheless contracted. Unfortunately the fact is that in rugby size matters.

The Australian surprise packets after the first month

The time has come for the Wallabies to rebuild with youth.

In the backs, forget Beale, QC, O’Connor, and Hayden Petty ; give Harrison, Petaia, Korobiete and Maddocks consistent selection for they have football brains and natural talent. Allow them to grow together.
Frankly I am very concerned about whether we have any young forwards that , given time , will cut it. They all seem small, easily intimidated and while willing, are up against big fast lads from other countries. Yes forwards decide games but need to be experienced to a far greater degree than backs. To me Hooper , given his size, has been a freak. I doubt there is any other person of similar stature that can perform as he has done.

Who are our best Wallabies prospects beyond 2020?

It is time that the Wallabies took risks witt

Who are our best Wallabies prospects beyond 2020?

We have to start builg

Who are our best Wallabies prospects beyond 2020?