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This is so entertaining. So predictable, and he keeps trotting out the same rot.
I re-watched the pool match against England from 2015 World Cup, and the team was really good that day. It’s no wonder he thought that the predominantly the same team could improve, but in all honesty that was some of the best rugby that Beale and Foley have ever played.
They were absolutely the axis of attack that tortured the poms that day… but they weren’t the only guys on the field.
They were never the same again.

Cheika: I should’ve quit before the World Cup

Hockings has started some games.
Blyth I think, starts more. If he hadn’t quit then he could have secured a starting spot.
Again, their behaviour has been poor and it’s thinly veiled excuse to get out of the contract. Just don’t think banning them for life is the appropriate response.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

So these two are fighting for wallabies spots. Neither are starting players for the Reds, so why ban them from the wallabies. Your logic, not mine.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Ok, a World Cup cycle seems fair. Does that mean the club needs to give him a certain amount of game time to prove himself? What if the player is an understudy and at best secures a regular bench spot. Is that player who isn’t a regular starter allowed in that period to look for a better opportunity elsewhere? Or are they cast on the pile if they look to move on. Imagine being contracted to a club for 4 years, and your the starting scrum half and then A player of greater skill is brought in to join the club 1 year in, and you are relegated to the bench. Can I go and look for something else then?

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

He played for the broncos for about 10 minutes, then went to rugby. He left Qld in 2009 to join the Waratahs

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

How do you decide when the dues are paid. I think your argument is subjective, fairly narrow minded.
I agree that their motives are misguided. I agree that it’s a rubbish thing to do, but everyone makes mistakes and banning them for life is a little callow.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Ok, so because you were in the military you are morally superior. My apologies Rhys, of course I defer to your sanctimonious stance.
Just be careful to judge everyone equally.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Encouragement!! What a novel approach.
Great stuff, and yes we are all behind you boys.

An open letter to the young men who can save Australian rugby

I am as cranky with these two boys as everyone else is. But a lifetime ban from the Wallabies. That’s a bridge too far, I did a bunch of stuff at that age that I am embarrassed and ashamed of.
Yes they have made a mistake, and when we hear from them we might find out a little more. But casting two young promising players to the scrap heap for the rest of their careers over a decision to try and get out of a contract. I think you’re going a little overboard.
Do you have the same vitriol for players like Berrick Barnes, who ran away when Queensland needed him most, or the great Nathan sharpe who did the same?
What about all of the Queensland school boys who plied their trade everywhere other than Queensland? There are a lot of them.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

I was kind of day dreaming a positive for the reds. Rodda leaves, LSL into lock, welcome back the prodigal son in Liam Gill to 6…. Harry Wilson, Liam Wright and Liam Gill back row….. dreams.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Do they have the same agent? They are all young men, who may be receiving poor advice. If not, then it’s just rubbish behaviour. I’m not sure they will receive a fair hearing at home otherwise.

Reds trio refuse to take pay cut, stood down by QRU

Hi Nick, and thanks yet again for the even handed and tempered feedback on the game, there is enough emotion in most of the other articles.
I would love to know who you would pick in your squad, and who would make the run on team if NB was coach.

All Black to the future at Eden Park

What’s the point?

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Springboks

Wallabies win with Quade at 60.71 % and with Bernard Foley @ 50.8%

Facts…who cares for facts…

We have to talk about Quade

Luckily, Hooper has said that there is a way forward, I just wish he and MC could elaborate somewhat on that. What is it they are trying to do, as it is not obvious.
They played 5 locks and 2 open side flankers. No specialist 6 or 8, not even a 6 or 8 on the bench. Why? He must be doing it on purpose. I have seen no-one fully back or understand the selections or game plan. Just pick the team objectively. The best player in each position, and build a team around them. Stop picking with your heart you peanut.

Coach Cheika seeing past wobbly Wallabies

It’s not just going to “click” one day. It has all been said, ad nauseam. Doing the same thing over and again… madness. Something needs to change, just try something RA.

Five talking points from Springboks vs Wallabies

Its how the AB’s keep consistently building depth. Doing it tactically in a well thought out methodical manner. Not as a reaction to results, but to safeguard against lack of depth. They truly are an incredibly professional institution.

The Wrap: Wallabies will need more than resilience to beat Argentina

Yep, your right. But who cares for stats and facts?

Wallabies team vs South Africa: Cheika rings the changes ahead of South Africa clash

I agree with you on almost every point, but I just don’t see Cheika making the same connection that you have in regards to strategy. I think he see’s his plan as flawless, and he is trying to pick a team to execute his bag of tricks, rather than build a strategy based on the best players in each position. That’s why I have been toying with the x factor thoughts.
Anyway, I will still cheer them on as I always do, and the enthusiasm my boys have for this game is hugely encouraging. Both my 7 and 5 year old go nuts for the Wallabies, and have the utmost belief that they can turn it on and win any game.

The Wallabies need change at No.10

In fairness to Brisbane City, the Force have been together for some time. But yes they lost poorly. I’m not necessarily a QC fan, but he does bring a point of difference. Statistically the wallabies have a higher winning percentage with Cooper at 10 than Foley, so I have never understood the devotion to one and not the other, with little else of any substance to opt for.
In a position where you have little ready talent to go with, it seems kind of self defeating to marginalise your only other option to the point of abandonment. His last performances in a wallaby jersey were no poorer than Foley’s. It all seems a nonsense. And there is no real reason that anyone can come up with for his exclusion.
If there are better options then I would be more than happy to see them tried also, but alas, we persist with the absolute definition of madness….
Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

The Wallabies need change at No.10

That’s just a rubbish comment. You must have been watching something else.
They lost poorly, but that had nothing to do with their attack.

The Wallabies need change at No.10

Cooper is certainly an option, for those who want to open their minds a little. He’s having a hell of a lot of fun by the looks of things yesterday.
He is playing right up on the line, and looks so dangerous with ball in hand. didn’t hit the side of the barn with his goal kicking though.
Looked out of everyone’s league in the NRC. Brisbane looked really good if not rusty with ball in hand.

The Wallabies need change at No.10

That’s rubbish, almost every comment thread has multiple suggestions on players. Their are plenty of professional rugby coaches available in any number of professional unions worldwide. Australia and NZ don’t have a monopoly on coaching stocks.

The case for Michael Cheika

I would rather see us try and bring Gill back than persist with Samu, who is so,so.

Will the Wallabies feel the need for speed after Eden Park?

What about Angus Cottrell? Reminds me of Rocky Elsom a bit.

Will Cheika be sacked before the World Cup?