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Surely! In order of awesome:
GWS, Sydney, Richmond, Hawthorn, Carlton, Essendon, Geelong, St Kilda, Collingwood, Gold Coast, Fremantle, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane, Adelaide, West Coast, Port Adelaide.

Thanks for reading along, all.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #1 'There's a big big sound'

Nice work, DS, cheers for that. Looks like ’54 film version of Carmen Jones (based on the ’43 broadway musical, which was based on the opera) was the inspiration for both the Geelong club song and the Munster Rugby tune of around the same time.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #7 ‘We Are Geelong'

Thanks Dmak. I never realised the full version still gets played – my mistake! I tried digging up a copy of it and after I couldn’t find it on iTunes or YouTube I incorrectly assumed that they mustn’t use the long version anymore. I even went in search for it on the NMFC website, but the page that was said to hold the club song information just came up as “Sorry, but the page you’re looking for cannot be found”. So I tried…
If anyone can find it, post it in this thread!

Oh, and Pope Paul VII – I think the Saints might also have used ‘I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside’ for a while as well, until they settled on their official one. Not sure, have to look that up.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #12 'Join in the chorus'

Perhaps you’re right – maybe this song has taken on a new meaning in these lean years. I was just concerned that it solely reassures, and maybe doesn’t inspire enough. But there’s nothing more important than loyalty, that is true; I hope each and every member and supporter out there, including all the Demons, loves their own song.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #13 'It's A Grand Old Flag'

Steve, that is a remarkable find. It’s amazing how seriously they are for the most part, in their unified bobbing. If they can get that going at the Docklands, I’ll convert.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #14 ‘Sons of the West'

Oh, right you are! Sorry about that – good pick up.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #16 'The pride of SA'

Howdy all, a couple of items here:

* No, I’m not Victorian, though I am currently living in Melbourne.
* Product placement in a song (Camry!) guarantees automatic failure, although their cheeky use of mocking four or five other clubs in the lyrics might have helped that tune match this one in spot 16.
* Captain Comic was never as good as Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure, but much respect for recognising the tune – and for finding a clip of the game.
* And the Where’s The Dockers game seems to be the major topic here. I’m either just stringing everyone along, knowing once Freo’s gets a spot that no one will read these anymore, OR I better have a really good explanation for why their song is the best – only time will tell. Well, time and checking the Roar.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #16 'The pride of SA'

Good pick-up Johno – turns out the tune was composed by Kevin Peek, who played with Australian band Sky, who at times were not entirely un-Air Supply-like. As well as Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Manfred Mann, the Alan Parson Project, Jeff Wayne, etc.
The key might be in the fact that he’s from Adelaide, so may have been trying interstate audio sabotage…

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #17 'We’re the Eagles'

All very good, valid points!

I had no idea about Port using the Saints Go Marching – good pub trivia question, that. And that’s a nice article that’s been linked to there about the Eagles song – I wish I’d read that to pinch some stuff before I wrote some other entires in this series…

Oh, and please let that Bernard Tomic quote be true…

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #18 'Power to win'