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I don’t think Green needs to do much to stay in the side this series. They would probably be happy if he averages mid to high thirties batting & looks okay bowling.

Green confident he can nail all-rounder role but not Stoked with comparison

Unless I missed something Carey is still the Vice Captain for the ODI team. He took charge during the last series in the West Indies when Finch was injured.

How Alex Carey beat Josh Inglis to an Ashes berth

So Tim Paines ‘old fella’ cost two careers?

Josh Inglis, Alex Carey and the importance of timing

Sorry for your loss.

Ashes Scout: Langer visits Paine, Buttler knows how to deliver a serve, Athers fears worst

MacGill had good figures in Pakistan considering the series he played there had very batting friendly wickets, he was the leading wicket taker in the series.

Agar's 2022 prospects, India-NZ draw: Talking points from the world of cricket

Mark loved his soft and cushy spot at 4 but he did bat 3 on one occasion I know of so he could take Bradmans spot in this Twitter team. As it has been 10000000% proven on the Roar annoying little things like averages don’t really matter so Mark was probably the better batsman anyway.

Steve Smith over Mark Waugh? Pick your best catcher – runs are a bonus!

Did you factor in Steve having to bowl 4 overs in this equation? He had the figures of 4-1-17-0 in the first Zimbabwean innings so he probably deserves a fatigue factor boost to his batting score.

Comparing the Waughs against Zimbabwe

That thinking cost us 2 years of Gilchrist at test level.

Ashes Scout: Clarke's 'no-brainer' keeper call, Smith reveals sweet revenge on legend, Stokes' near-death experience

Carey a certainty replace Captain Useless. He has been the appointed replacement for some time now no matter how ordinary he is with the gloves.

'Extremely concerned': Paine takes 'mental health break' putting him OUT of first Test with career in doubt

He had perfected his good little boy image then they come along and ruin it with the truth. Boo to those evil Murdoch stooges, boo to reality.

'Extremely concerned': Paine takes 'mental health break' putting him OUT of first Test with career in doubt

Healy was refused a goodbye so no way a light weight like Paine gets one.

'Extremely concerned': Paine takes 'mental health break' putting him OUT of first Test with career in doubt

How dare you! Watto!! This is the Roar good sir, Watto is not the answer, the answer is always Mark Waugh. He is the saviour, all hail Mark, all hail the greatest of all time!!!

Australia needs a captain who's handsome (but not too handsome): Step forward, Watto

Who was the best team team during the WC then? England & NZ lost twice, Australia & Pakistan with the one loss each but Australia defeated Pakistan. The best performing team deserved the title.

'Chaos and T20 cricket go hand in hand': Four changes T20 needs to make

Richardson going great at Shield level now. Bowling tight, getting wickets & making fast runs. But nothing surer Starc will play, sadly enough.

Ashes Scout: New skipper? Cummins receives key call-up as Bailey makes big Paine decision

Langer has shown he is not up to being a selector, last seasons test series is the proof.

Ashes Scout: New skipper? Cummins receives key call-up as Bailey makes big Paine decision

TA have nothing to complain about, Timmy is one of the luckiest cricketers in history. Playing second 11s cricket for Tasmania than gets a tests recall. Sandpaper happens and gets to be captain, then CA find out he is a pervert & helps cover it up. A travesty this lightweight had such a long international career when far superior players & people like Law, Maher, Hodge etc didn’t.

'Appalling': Cricket Tas says CA's Paine treatment worst since Lawry was sacked 50 years ago

Bailey has the main problem. How long can he keep picking his business partner Timmy The Perv before the Australian media stop ignoring his HUGE conflict of interest.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

Is Bailey going to excuse himself from selection seeing his conflict of interest (Timmy is his business partner) like politicians have to?
Probably not, CA will just ignore that problem like they are so great at doing. Worked well in the past hasn’t it 🤢

Joy of six: Paine makes strong return but Warne says it's time to move on, names successor

“We’ve got to aim to be number one in professionalism in the world. We’ve got to be number one in honesty — that’s a really important value. We’ve got to be number one in humility,” Langer said in an earlier press conference.
“I said to the boys before, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got or how many games or how many runs — if you’re not a good bloke, that’s what people remember.
“So humility is important, honesty is important. Our mateship is really important, sticking together is really important — that’s all of us in the Australian cricket team — so they’d be the main values at this stage.” Some 2018 ELITE HONESTY from the gnome.

Paine reveals Langer's reaction and says he wants 'ultimate high' of playing in home Ashes win

They would of been smart to drop him after the Brisbane test last year.

'Four years of hindsight is a wonderful thing': Mark Taylor defends covering up Paine sexting scandal

Don’t give the ladies a free pass. The Matildas & Liz Cambage have shown women are holding their end up in the disappointment stakes.

Tim Paine is not the man we thought he was. Is anyone?

Kim Hughes now has the silver medal for embarrassing Captaincy resignations.

Tim Paine's statement after stepping down as Australian captain

Carey or Ingliss, Smith or Cummins? I think after Mr Show And Tell is dumped they will play it safe and have Cummins captain and Carey keep. Smith still too much on the nose. PS I will be back later with smart a*se comments about Timmy. 😁 😁 😛

'Deeply sorry for the hurt and pain': Tearful Tim Paine resigns as Test captain over sexting scandal

Do you think if Warner played more FC cricket during his early years he would now be able to make runs when the ball moves around?

Deep Point: Working with Warner, how Ashes batters will prepare and why Marsh can still be key Test player

Two wrongs don’t make a right, even anti-semities like this man do not deserve to be racially vilified.

Racism whistleblower apologises for antisemitic messages