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Hopefully none of the Tassie team get in, I have seen jellyfish with more backbone. Even the Stars would be embarrassed by that collapse.

Marsh Cup form could decide Australian T20I spots

His finger was injured but he was bowling to English batsmen so 20 at 33 is acceptable. He not a great bowler but he is a very solid wherever he plays, unlike the batsmen.

We badly need a fit and confident GOAT this summer

No Big V on the Victorian LA uniform now for some reason either.

The Western Warriors name change a sign of the times

The changes are better than nothing. The schedule is tight now but maybe teams playing each other twice could be jammed in to give our players more experience. I was reading awhile back how little we play compared to English & Indian players and that might be affected our performances. Of course that has always been the case and we used to pound those teams back in the day but those days are long gone so a change could be good.

The revamps saving domestic one-dayers

Was that Judd indecent during the finals? They are very lenient to star players during the finals. This little thug would of gotten two weeks first time up and Hawkins at least three in the regular season.

Still suspended: AFL appeal denies Toby Greene

Anderson averages 35 in Australia, Broad 37. Blame those two for dull matches.

Gripping Ashes proves yet again that England, not Australia, has the hosting formula

A 4-1 flogging instead of 5-0 flogging?

Gripping Ashes proves yet again that England, not Australia, has the hosting formula

If it’s named Marsh the tournament will go great in domestic cricket then fail with the move to international level 😉

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

Sad that the best opener (Bancroft) got a 2. Pattinson was a disappointment, I was sure he was going to perform like Hazelwood did. Labuschagne the find for Australia, all credit to him. I thought he was a spud but now I have taken the effort to learn to spell his name correctly because he should be around for a while. La bus chag ne 🙂

Australia Ashes series player ratings: No surprises as Steve Smith and Pat Cummins take top honours

St.Kilda could of had Judd in 2001 but went with Luke Ball, we have one premiership for a reason.

Love him or hate him, Luke Hodge is an AFL great

Wade can keep (allegedly ) so Root can take Paine’s spot. Spidercam to captain.

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

Siddle probably got in to keep it tight if Marsh went for runs. Siddle bowled junk and Marsh was excellent so in hindsight Starc should of played.

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

A+ Todd Woodbridge. Being made to host the cricket because channel 9 are a bunch of cheap sods, then wisely keeping quiet most of the time & not pretending to be a cricket expert. D- Mark Woodfoode for not turning up to support his doubles partner.

The Liebke Ratings: Fifth Ashes Test

Different standards for different countries for ball tamperers. India use their financial muscle to make to umpires cave, England ignore theirs so they can take an imagined moral high ground, South Africa give them the captaincy, Australia gets hysterical and treats theirs like nun killers. Pakistan is the place to be if you like helping the ball along, there you get to be Prime Minister 🙂

England have no moral high ground over ball tampering

Captain Accident & the umpires have missed 2 LBW’s so it’s not as bad as it seems. Smith will have to go big as usual if we are to get close to the runs. The pitch is flat so the batting spuds might even be able to help out this time.

Flat Australia blunted by Denly and Stokes

Another was missed since then, Captain Accident strikes again.

More proof that Tim Paine can't use the DRS to save his life

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer is he.
Probably used the blue flavour Gatorade as the sample substitute.

Willie Rioli speaks out after ASADA suspension

He has to go away and work on variations if he wants to be a true great. He has as no plan B when a batsman goes after him, as his ODI record and Stokes & Buttler have shown this series. He is young and all ready a gun but he isn’t top flight like McGrath or Steyn yet.

Pat Cummins is a great in the making

7.5k fine. The AFL will use the excuse that it was his forearm not his fist that connected. But then again he is from a Victorian club so the rules might get applied correctly this time.

Hawkins set to come under scrutiny after striking Will Schofield off the ball

Honourable mentions for Siddle & Lyon showing some back bone with the bat. Scores of 18 & 25 don’t sound like much but considering the spuds above them it was admirable. Lyon even hit a six, that shot was one run more that Warners last 4 innings scores combined. Sad but true.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

Marsh was magnificent, full stop. Funny how after one day Marsh is the savour but Siddle was always a spud.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

I bet you a million bucks Marsh will not have 200+ wickets at 30 when he retires like Siddle will.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

He was not hated from his first test. His first four tests were very good then he got injured. The internet hate came later on when he kept getting picked after repeated failures. Even now he averages 26 & 40, rubbish numbers for a #6.

'Most of Australia hate me': Marsh's response to selection backlash

Pitches have been dulled down here since 13\14 when Johnson terrified England. CA terrified tests not lasting for 5 days.

Egos shelved, sleeves rolled up: Langer, Paine instil blueprint for success abroad

He is the Dave Warner of football.

The good, the bad and the Toby: Greene's gaffes may cost him superstar status