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Eddie Betts dropped this week, when can we expect the doco about how he was a victim of a flawed society?

The Final Quarter reaction – I lost faith in Australia

Not cool having a go at Marsh on his ODI record, it’s good and I am sure he would of done better than that plank Stoinis in the WC. He isn’t a test top six batsmen though, he plays during the Ashes and Australia are in trouble.

Let's just make Mitch Marsh Test captain and be done with it

It’s not what you know its who you know in cricket selections.

Let's just make Mitch Marsh Test captain and be done with it

Great call on that LBW, hitting middle stump about 3/4 up and not out according to the umpire. A nine year old could of seen that was plumb.

Stop what you're doing and watch England getting skittled for 85... by Ireland

I hope the English can make it competitive 😉

What the Ireland vs England Test match means to me

Bowled out for 85 against Ireland. Not exactly putting the fear of god into a visiting team like facing Australia on the Gabbatoir in the early 2000s is it 🙂

Should England be favourites for the Ashes?

Glass half full, the bowlers did great and Cummings was bowling to hit the stumps.

Aussies Ashes candidates flunk selection test

All out for 105, we might be in trouble this winter. Labuschagne in the runs though, I don’t think much of him but this innings and his CC form should get him in the team.

Five Ashes spots up for grabs tomorrow

Nice idea, it would also boost interest in the BBL if all the top level Australians were playing. It won’t happen of course, CA are too limited in their thinking to plan for a WC four years away and at the same time boost interest in their ailing cash cow local league.

Australia should use its next ODI series as a development tour

This has to be a joke, probably off a parody website. Not even NZ under PM Princess Perfect is this nice or forgetful.

Ben Stokes nominated for Kiwi of the Year

When Smith and Warner were on their holiday and a numpty like Labuschagne gets picked before you (and gets an extended run doing nothing) you are not playing tests again. He might as well go on the T20 circuit and just stick to the white ball stuff for Australia, if he keeps his spot.

Glenn Maxwell's Test career cruelled by World Cup flop

It’s probably true for the bowlers, even if Pattinson, Siddle, Neser and Holland (or another bowler for Australia A) crush Australia it’s doubtful they will get a game first test.

Tim Paine says upcoming Australia v Australia A game isn't an Ashes play-off

” Australia has a dismal win rate of just 24 per cent when playing in South Africa and they haven’t tasted victory at the famed Ellis Park since 1963 ”
That’s the focusing on rugby part of the article, focusing on crime is less depressing.

Wallabies still shaken by phone robbery

He must of saw the Wallaby jumper and figured this guy can’t catch me if I run off.

Wallabies still shaken by phone robbery

Nice guy, dud coach. Bring in the next hopeful, then get rid of him when the Sainters keep on failing.

St Kilda parts ways with Alan Richardson

It will be interesting to see if those umpires will be side lined in the future. Darrell Hair was canned for making the correct call on Murali and due to political pressure was black banned. These two bumblers make a crucial mistake in the WC final but seeing how NZ will not throw a tantrum they will probably get away with it.

ICC issues statement on controversial Cricket World Cup moment

Head to Head, or a dance battle.

Nine better ways to settle the World Cup final

Imagine if India were in NZs position. The BCCI would chuck a fit, lucky for those ICC twits the nice, humble and unimportant Kiwis have excepted this shambles.

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Please use a sarcasm emoji next time, I thought you were serious for most of that post 😉

Was Kane Williamson the right choice for player of the tournament?

They can keep their PM. She is wonderfully woke but a bit late with gun laws, unlike our boring white guys.

Were the umpires wrong to award England six runs for this freak moment?

The wide was called and Santner not playing a shot or Boult at least not trying to run the bye off the keeper were shockers.

Were the umpires wrong to award England six runs for this freak moment?

Two craps don’t make a correct 🙂

Darren Lehmann laments 'crap' rule that decided 'the greatest game of cricket' he's seen

Awesome game and the better team in the tournament got the trophy imo but what another big bunch of proof the ICC aren’t fit to run a corner shop. It’s the final, bowl another super over if you must have that joke of a rule. Keep bowling them to you get a winner. The more 4s and 6s rule should not be the way to decide who the WC winner is.

England win World Cup final in thrilling super over finish against New Zealand

Ratings for the selectors & coaches? I would go 7/10 like Smith & Behrendorff, good but not top shelf. Great job getting the team competitive, then they go all in on Stoinis.

Australia World Cup player ratings

No Carey for the first test, but I can see him coming in as specialist batsmen at six if things have gone to hell later in the series. Given that Smith imo is the only batsman who can handle swing that is a good chance of happening. Carey’s FC average does him no harm nowadays, 29 as a keeper isn’t that bad compared to the mid 30s of the sorry lot of specialist batsmen getting picked now. That’s the pathetic level batting we have now.

Alex Carey should not play in the Ashes