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I wouldnt mind Japan because we always seem to get a result against them. That is vital in World Cup qualifying. Since 2005, they have not beat us in 90 minutes. We won in Germany and Melbourne, drew 0-0 in Doha and Yokohama, and managed a 1-1 draw in Hanoi with 10 men. There are no penalties and extra time goals in group stage qualification.

Iran is for pure revenge. I just want to beat them. Period. I also don’t rate them highly in terms of consistancy, which means if we get the full 12 points against the two small pot teams, and manage a few draws against Pot 3 or Pot 2, we should automatically qualify.

In the event that we draw Uzbekistan, I hope we play them first off in Tashkent again. Daunting prospect? Yes. But in their previous match against Tajikistan, 5 of their best players deliberately wasted time to earn themselves yellow cards and a suspension to miss the game against Japan and free themselves for the final round. FIFA was not amused, and gave all 5 a two game suspension.

Japan Football Association to rue the day they beat Iceland

I am absolutely elated that at long last, we have discovered the link between defensive and attacking midfield – MARK BRESCIANO! He was absolutely immense overnight and the answer to the missing link! Jedinak and Valeri get rightfully accused of being ‘too similar’ players, which is true. They are both destroyering anchormen. Milligan isn’t good enough, he will just slot out for Valeri or Jedinak, but with Bresc next to either of them, our national team looks much better for it.

The Spira at left back experiment failed and Im glad it did at a stage where it did not cost us vital qualifying points. North with that insipid performance will hopefully never play for the national team again. I too am of the opinion that Paartalu would have done a better job that Milligan. Everyone else was superp!

And an enormous congratulations to Archie! At first I was skeptical – ‘too old’, ‘poor form’. He was included because of his positive influence and ability to change the game and boy did he do that in spades! The crowd just exploded and lifted the boys to that quickfire treble!


The A-League's positive influence on the Socceroos

Correct! Although last time round, the AFC grouped the bottom 4 teams in a single Pot 4. They have not announced whether there will be 4 or 5 pots this time round. Assuming there are 5 pots, your breakdown is correct. If there are 4 pots Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman will be together in the bottom.

I am really hoping to draw Lebanon and for FFA to schedule the game in Sydney.

I’m from Bankstown, and all the Lebanese Australians I know are absolutely elated that Lebanon has made it this far. That game at Homebush will draw 30K Lebanese Australians alone.

My ideal draw:


Japan Football Association to rue the day they beat Iceland

It’s a very simple equation. Had Japan not organised a friendly against Iceland, they would be in Pot 1. The article explains the reasoning as to why. It brought their average down, they were better off not playing!

Japan Football Association to rue the day they beat Iceland

“Is that team in ‘Yellow’ ‘Glasgow’?” would set anybody off!!!

What I've learnt in 15 years loving two sports

Well for one, I am not surprised that the biggest sporting event of the year, the FIFA Womens World Cup 2011 Germany, ended with an absolute bang. This tournament as a whole was an example of the way that football should be played, rather than the tactical, defensive borefest that the bigger matches in the mens game have become. Progressive football, attacking football, never-say-die heart, and more importantly a real sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

As a whole the tournament exceeded expectations, and was incredibly entertaining. Record television ratings broken in Europe, Asia and the United States, and fantastic support shown in the stands by the German public with a 26438 average attendance – both feats that the Rugby ‘World Cup’ will fail to achieve later on this year.

Japan win Women's World Cup

FIFA use a certain formula combining recent World Cup finals performances with FIFA Ranking to determine their WC pots.

I just pointed out that according to Edgar of the Football Rankings blog, which is an invaluable and accurate resource at working all kinds of FIFA pots and rankings before they’re announced, that if the Brazil 2014 pots were to be announced at this point in time, then Australia would be seeded. It’s our job to hold on to that position, despite how unlikely it is that we do so.

FIFA rankings take on new meaning for Socceroos

Because we are a nation that plays the minimum of 8 matches a year, friendlies are of less importance to us in terms of building ranking points.

All the top football nations participate in friendlies for a variety of footballing reasons though: build team cohesion, practise new combinations, and the federations can gain revenue through tv and gate receipts. That’s why Australia participate in all these home friendlies especially.

In saying that though, gaining 500 in a friendly match would lower the average less than playing and beating New Zealand or Wales in a friendly to gain approximately 250 points. So yes, every point does count, and we should be tactful in choosing our friendly internationals.

FIFA rankings take on new meaning for Socceroos

You point is absolutely correct. But we do not need to be wasting friendly matches on natons with a low ranking and low multiplier e.g. New Zealand ranked 97th with a 0.85 multiplier.

‘Beatable’ UEFA opposition doesnt necessarily mean San Marino or Andorra with their early 100’s rankings, but nations such as Georgia 54th, Albania 58, Belarus 39, Israel 27, Norway 9.

Our next friendly is up against Wales, who will be ranked equal 114th with Faroe Islands. We beat Wales and we receive 258 points, or you could beat Israel for 519. Every point counts now, we can be more tactful regarding who we choose to play.

FIFA rankings take on new meaning for Socceroos