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Hello there, I\'m a passionate Wallabies follower (Which is no easy task as you all know) and follow Rugby Union. I have been reading the Roar for the past two years now and find it very interesting informative. I would love to have an opportunity to be a part of this rugby community if given a chance to share my thoughts and indulge in some rugby nous thanks to the experts.



Not sure about winning the World Cup but this team could give it a good crack.

1. S. Sio
2. J. Ulese
3. S. Kepu
4. I. Rodda
5. Adam Coleman
6. J. Dempsy
7. D. Pocock
8. S. Higinbotham
9. W. Genia
10. Q. Cooper
11. T. Banks / J.O.C
12. S. Kervi / M. Toomua
13. T. Kurudrani
14. I. Folau
15. K. Beale
16. B.P.A / T.P.N / F. Fainga / T. Latu
17. A. Alatoa
18. T. Topou
19. L. Tui / R. Arnold / M. Philip
20. M. Hooper
21. J. Gordan
22. M. Toomua / S. Kervi
23. R. Hodge / B. Foley

There is only one reason Cheika’s rival coaches want him to stay

Hi Jez,

With making a few assumptions that everyone will be fit and going by what we have seen and know with regards to form and hoping that Quade goes well and has a blinder of a season next year, this would be a good team to put out for just the RWC. Changes need to happen post WC but I think tghis team would give us the best opportunity to do well in Japan next year. Although there can be a few exceptions on a few positions.

1. S. Sio
2. J. Ulese
3. T. Topou
4. R. Simmons (Is the best line out caller ATM)
5. A. Coleman
6. J. Dempsy
7. M. Hooper
8. D. Pocock
9. W. Genia
10. Q. Cooper
11. T. Banks / J.O.C / Korobite / Naivalu
12. M. Toomua
13. T. Kurudrani
14. I. Folau
15. K. Beale
16. T.P.N / F. Fainga / B.P.A / T. Latu (Who ever is the best at the time)
17. A. Alatoa
18. S. Kepu
19. I. Rodda
20. L. Tui (Could be debated)
21. Gordon / Phipps / Powell (Whoever is best at the time)
22. S. kervi
23. R. Hodge / B. Foley (Based on opposition)

Combinations and chemistry take time. Why haven't we been patient?

Hi Fionn,

The best and most balanced back line we could put out for the RWC would be 9. Genia, 10. Cooper, 11. Banks, 12. Toomua, 13. Kurudrani, 14. Folau, 15. DHP, 21. Gordon, 22. Kervi/Hodge 23. Beale/Foley.

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

If Cooper signs for the Rebels, I’m assuming their back line will look something like this.

9. Genia 10. Cooper 11. Koroibete 12. Tomua 13. Hodge 14. Maddocks 15. DHP.

I’m just trying to figure where Naivalu and Tom English will fit in. Most likey will play a part from the bench which is a bit unfair on English. But my bigger question is if Maddocks is to be groomed by Cooper and to be tried at Fly Half, is he better off coming into the position from the wing or from the bench? I think he will benefit more coming in from 15 but DW will want DHP at 15.

Port Elizabeth: Space just for the birds, not the Wallabies?

And the power to break a one on one tackle against a back.

Port Elizabeth: Space just for the birds, not the Wallabies?

Thanks NB, looking forward to that article. It will be interesting to see in detail how and why the decline and most importantly what needs to be done to fix it. My take on it is that we have regressed at the offensive breakdowns and forward ball carrying since then. But like I said would like to see it from a proper analysis point of view.

Port Elizabeth: Space just for the birds, not the Wallabies?

Very sorry to hear that Peter.

Tupou’s turn to try to spark Wallabies

With the current stock, It has to be one of them. But not before the WC.

We have to talk about Quade

Yes Jacko, NZ sides dont seem to have this prob and always have a smooth transition. It may come down to a few things. The main point I notice is that the players comming through the NZ system can immediatly step up to the next level and are comfortable with the pace and intensity, and willing to invest time in NZ even though they are limited only to the bench. It’s not the same in Aus. There is no quick solution for that. Maybe what DW is looking for is immediate results and the development of Maddocks at the same time.

We have to talk about Quade

Thanks for the article NB.

How the Wallabies can rebuild their attack

Pete, fair enough. No one including my self is claiming Quade to be a or the long term solution. But we are still talking about him because there is a Rugby World Cup in less than a year and the Wallabies don’t have a fly Half that they are trying everyone at the position and failing. Despite his weaknesses he is still the best fly half to fill in at least until the WC. As much as some people want make this about Quade, it’s not. It’s about whats best for the Wallabies and what they need to do well in Japan next year.

We have to talk about Quade

In that case, who exactly should we talk about as a solution to the current Wallaby fly half problem?

We have to talk about Quade

Great comment Val, I truly hope this happens. Maybe DW is just want Cooper needs and a bit League intervention might not be a bad idea. If Cooper can go well for the next two season it will serve the Rebels and Wallabies well, provided that at least two more long term options are developed for the Wallabies by then.

We have to talk about Quade

“If we consider the positives, Quade may have an opportunity to rekindle his playing career at the Rebels. But the fact remains for a number of seasons the gent has been far from impressive both on and off the field and although I’m a Rebels supporter”

When exactly did he last have an off filed issue?

We have to talk about Quade

Beale is not and never will be a fly half, just like JOC. There are only three options right now and they are Cooper, Toomua and Foley.

We have to talk about Quade

True, the Wallaby backline has been lacking innovation/creativity, deception, and unpredictability for a while now. And that’s exactly what Quade offers. Right now our attack is very predictable for most of the time and when they do try a complex move it doesn’t come off. The fact that our current backline lacks speed apart from MK makes Quade’s skill set even more valuable.

We have to talk about Quade

Not sure but maybe the plan is for Cooper to mentor Maddocks for a season or two. It’s not like he is going to be there for many more seasons and def not the 2023 WC. Quade can start and then Maddocks can come in to Fly Half late in the game depending on how the game is going. By the time Cooper decides to move on Maddocks would have game time and experience both and will be ready to go. This is of course if he proves to be a fly half which we still dont know. And for once maybe we can have a proper transition of a player. If this is the plan It’s a win win for DW.

We have to talk about Quade

I think with current potential the backline leading to the 2023 WC cup will look something like this. But all depends on who takes over from Cheika. I could be wrong though.

9. J. Powell / Gordon
10. H. Stewart
11. J. Maddocks
12. S. Kervi
13. R. Hodge
14. I. Perrese
15. T. Banks

A bloody marvellous win by the Wallabies

I’m afraid that might be the case, given that Hooper and Pocock are guaranteed to start if both are fit alot of the Wallaby success until the World Cup will depend on who is chosen to partner Pooper. I agree that Tui wont do and S. Higginbotham wont be selected. There is also no reason to believe that S. Fardy and S. McMahon will be called back. That leaves very few options left where no one stands out in particular.

– J. Dempsy
– C. Timu
– N. Hanigan

Who do you think has the best potential out of this lot to fill in the role? Or do you think they will stick with Tui?

Will the Wallabies feel the need for speed after Eden Park?

Thanks for the article Nick, insightful stuff as usual. I know this is a big if but what you think of the prospect of a back row of 6. Pocock, 7. Hooper and 8. Nasarani. This combination would have the speed in defence factor covered I believe and add some ball carrying ability with Nasarani. But it all depends on how Nasarani goes in super rugby and in the Rugby Championship next year. Do you think it’s too soon get him to the equation?

Will the Wallabies feel the need for speed after Eden Park?

I think with a realistic view the Wallabies should be looking to build a team which looks like this for the world cup, given that some selections are guaranteed best to accept and work around it.

1. S. Sio
2. J. Ulese (Needs plenty of game time and good form leading up to the WC)
3. T. Topou (Needs to mature faster than expected into a starting role to fill lack of impact)
4. R. Simmons (For line out calling)
5. A Coleman (His workload needs to be manged – Looks tired)
6. C. Timu / L. Tui / J. Dempsy
7. M. Hooper
8. D. Pocock (Don’t mind switching him to 6 at times depending on the game)
9. W. Genia
10. B. Foley
11. M. Korobite
12. K. Beale
13. T. Kurudrani
14. I. Folau (Although I suspect he will be kept at 15)
15. D.H.P (Back to the wing if Folau plays 15)

16. T.P.N (For experience)
17. T. Robertson / J. Slipper (Not many other options here)
18. S. Kepu / A. Alatoa
19. R. Arnold / I. Rodda / M. Phillips
20. C. Timu / L. Tui / J. Dempsy / N. Hanigan(One of them to start preferably not Ned)
21. N. Phipps / J. Gordan / J. Powell (Whoever has best form at the time)
22. S. Kervi / M. Toomua / R. Hodge (Hodge will only be starting post WC)
23. T. Banks / J. Maddocks (Depends on who develops more by mid next year)

The Wallabies need to look at this as the backbone for the WC squad and keep improving on individual skills and game plan and execution with this lot. Big changes needed post WC though.

Brilliant Beauden Barrett bags All Blacks another Bledisloe Cup

Thanks for the article NB, a very timely and accurate one at that too.

Why Michael Hooper is the Six Million Dollar Man

I think Cheika had already decided at the time that Beale was going to be his 12 post world cup, just like he is doing with Hodge right now. The unique problem Aus seem to have is that their best players are specialized in the same role. Just look at Pocock, Hooper, Gill and McMahon (I’ll stop with him when it comes to No. 7’s. Then we’ve got Beale, Toomua and Kervi for Inside Center. And none of them are complete all round players so there is no clear choice, there is always a trade off in selecting one. So in a case like this I don’t blame Cheika for persisting with his preferred option. The Wallabies can only benefit by having players like Cooper and Toomua around at this point even though they are not Cheika’s first choice picks.

What the Wallabies need to fix during the Rugby Championship

Cheers Harry. Yes because it’s not something that comes naturally to them, so needs extra focus and work on the areas you mention. Although I’m happy that they are trying to inject this aspect to the game even if it’s weak at the moment. Can only get better from here if they keep doing the right things.

What the Wallabies need to fix during the Rugby Championship

If that is the case then based on this years results no one in the squad fits into the way he wants to play. Just pointing out Thorn’s own logic.

Brad Thorn's selection policy has him on the right track for a Reds resurrection