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Two boys running across a field racing together. Laughing and bursting with energy. One goes ahead faster. The second boy finds more speed within him to match the first. Then the first finds more speed. Again the second boy matches him and then goes ahead. The first boy rises again and on they go. The purpose of sport is to bring out the best in each other. The athletic culture is to compete and improve.



Given the potential of extinction of AFL in Junior Tasmania.
I seriously consider the remembrance of a beautiful Australian animal to be most appropriate for the Tasmanian AFL team.
The Thylacine is an icon that would win hearts nationwide.
Who wouldn’t cheer for such a beautiful animal?
Of course it’s neglect was criminal.
Something to do with money I believe.

We need to talk about Tassie

He made a lot of early intuitive calls about where a game was headed.
He was even right sometimes.
That’s what commentators trade on.
Make us believe they can predict the future.
I go for the cats so the ones I remember.
“Now it’s seems like it’s the cats that are hanging on”
or something like that in the 2008 grand final.
I tried not to hear it then collapsed in a pool of tears as I swear a big hawk swooped me.

Bruce McAvaney quits AFL commentary

AFL without umpires would like dancing without set steps.

Latest man-on-the-mark 50m penalty from AFL scratch match has fans in uproar

Count the crowds in Western Sydney and it’s way less than the AFL have to say.
Closer to 2,000 if i can count to 40 times twenty. in a seating bay.
The most excitement you get from media people is not to do with the Footy at all.
It’s when the Foxtel money is announced.
I swear I heard Caroline Wilson druel on a microphone.
The AFL have no Footy Blood.
They are owned by money and it’s KERCHING KERCHING KERCHING .
Business logic will bend to the love of the game but not if no one is listening.
Heartland is only a word that can be turned into money.
The MCC/AFL and Vic State Gov have no true flare ….
How much do players and executives need anyway?
Probably about a tenth.
Bendigo and Ballarat would cheer form Noon till Sunday and sing if they had a team.
There’s plenty of money in those cities.
Cities the size of Green Bay.
AFL is operating at a minimum involvement for maximum money.
Closed shop and one big gravy train.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

These are traits that players can work on.

The ability to handle mass and pressure.
That is the physical contact ability to match your environment.
Direct body contact but also the more subtle energy of other players.
Being light and fast does not mean you cannot handle the knocks.

Spacial awareness.
When you walk in a room locate it’s area size and dimensions and look to the corners to start to own that space. Learn to feel a room and the energy in the room.
Outside on the field the concept is the same but the space is not so defined. Still you can improve your degree of space.

Energy or Emotional. The Vibe.
Joy of the skills you are showing off is what will give you some of that x factor.
Aggro will keep you in the game when the joy is gone.
Too much aggro will lead to Campbell Brown syndrome which is a kind of crazy fever where the hurting of an opponent takes over as a priority.
You are probably better off the field when you lose sight of the game itself.

Blunder Theory.
When your team makes a big blunder it’s an opportunity.
The other team may expect a drop in energy but if you can keep the team vibe stable at these moments you can turn the surprise back on them.
Try to look at mistakes as good things anyway just not intention ed that way.
The Tigers chaos theory is more effective because players emotions are not in chaos.
They thrive on miss adventure. The control theory of the Cats will only beat the Tigers chaos when they can match the Tigers uber energy. which is never dependent on fine skills. It’s the enthusiasm of being able to impact the game in any way you see fit.

How can you improve your speed.
Frantic tempo’s in music and dance.
Footwork is a great place to start.
Tap Dance, Aerobics.

What do you look for in a footballer?

In a word…. improvement. It matters not from whence you come only whither thou goest.
This is a trait available to anyone at any time. If your heart is open and you love the game.
From the ‘born to play’ Jimmy Bartel who continued to learn new roles and perfect skills … to Mark Blicavs who while gifted athletically burned the candle of repetition discipline to grow into an exotic bird. Always a student and when a teacher your student’s teach you still. Everyone all the time.

What do you look for in a footballer?

At 14 seconds player with ball steps to side. Play on is the right call. What is the motive for the man on the mark to step sideways if the player with the ball is not moving that way? The art of manning the mark is dead. The cat and mouse skills of bluff and play on are just more fodder for umpire squashing. Subtle and elite skills being administered out of existence. When in our game is a player ordered to stand still? If you want to limit the defensive skills why not tie their shoe laces together?
This does not stand up to ridicule which is a smart way of testing something. If you want more playing on and flow in the game make the goals worth their true value and not just underlings of those stupid four points.

Bombers' intra-club shows just how tough the new man on the mark laws are

Easy goals from penalties could hurt the game. The spirit of the rule seems to be…ummm..ahh… to umm… that is…. to umm stop the guy moving sideways when he’s on the mark because.. umm when he moves sideways he gains an advantage. Putting improved scoring in the hands of the umpire is fraught. The umpire is there to serve the flow of the game in the hands of the elite athletes. He is not there to impose his authority at every little thing. Of course elite athletes will seek to use the rules and rulings to their advantage. Or…. This could be a headline seeking rule. Controversy in umpiring is easy chat fodder. Pretty disgusting if that is their intention. Speeding the game up has been mainly done by Clarko and his prior opp comments that changed the interpretation of holding ‘the ball in a heartbeat. If this speeds up the game because the player with the ball has the chance to take off without fear of being stopped that could be good. How easy will it be to run around the man on the mark when he can’t move until the umpire says so. But really the most corrupting aspect of the game is the end result focus compulsion over the simple joy of playing and watching the elite perform dazzling and spectacular feats of skill. It’s like the only question is “Who’s going to win?” The result is secondary to the actual game. Losing hurts so much that the feeling has infected the psyche of the footy community. It is now the most influential aspect of sport in general. The avoidance of a bad feeling. When this governs thinking over the incredible highs of the most athletic sport on the planet well…
All I can say is Up There Cazaly.

Bombers' intra-club shows just how tough the new man on the mark laws are

The timing of the umpires call for play on will determine who is advantaged. Is it one foot moving sideways is play on or does the second foot have to go as well? Is forward and sideways play on? Is the line of kick toward the goal or to the players target? It has to be a straight line to the middle of the goal for it to work. If he does go sideways and the umpire doesn’t call play on, is there any leniency in the mind of the official who can correct his mistake by not awarding a penalty?

Bombers' intra-club shows just how tough the new man on the mark laws are

There’s certain pitch frequencies he hits to give the impression of authority. It’s a manipulative science. Western Media trick number 44. Hinting at the the constant need for drama, conflict, and disagreement. It’s impossible to enjoy your life while flirting with these mechanisms. But it is our way of presenting life. Every news story plays on this dynamic.

Bombers' intra-club shows just how tough the new man on the mark laws are

sounds like you agree with me about a lot.

Kyrgios open to time on sidelines again

I thought Nick was going to mesmerize him after the second set and he tried to but when Thiem blasted one of Nicks teasing shots for a clean winner he stopped playing that way and tried to match Thiem on his own terms and did a pretty fair effort.
I would like to see him continue with his fun and cheeky tricky shots but in such a high pressure environment we should thank Kyrios that he plays that way at all and not expect him to be able to just have fun with his natural style.
He’s the best show in tennis by a long way.
Maybe the best to watch ever.
He should have his own channel.

Kyrgios open to time on sidelines again

Lack of depth is a furphy but why push it?
Who can say which player will fit in at the level?
It’s quirky and any number of state level (or less) may fit in okay.
Precious selectors pretend otherwise and try to create some kind of a mythical mold but cricket is cricket.
We pretend they are some kind of special being but the truth is it’s the National mystique that captures the imagination and invites the individual to bathe in the glow of an adoring population.
The sooner we look at cricket players as all pretty good with some getting good breaks and others are freakily driven the better
Ask that “leggie” Smith.
The stigma of not being “Test” level is just plain weird. The reality is far more fluky.
There are candidates everywhere.

Depth issues mean few changes for South Africa tour

When Tim played the Gabba card in his foolish loss of cool chit chat in Sydney he invited the Gods to intervene. They played havoc with safe landing miss hits and that my friend is why you keep your powder dry. India were well supported by Aussies fans across the country. This is unheard of and a big change of national character. Winning isnt everything anymore … it’s the way you play the game. The warrior mentality is fading to the truly athletic. The business minds should be taking note. Spectacle is more important than drama. Individual brilliance is the best show in town and so it should be. Mateship was born in the easy going bush not the trenches of Europe as some would have us believe.

Gabba 2021: The rise of India's machine

As long as sport flirts with the warrior mentality over the athletic there will be this sort of thing.
No big deal and lines are made to be broken but what is of interest is the compulsion to win over the enjoyment of the game. Also the fact that sacrificing individual flare to support the win at all costs theory is counter intuitive. Is the game for the person or the person for the game? Would you rather see a boring win or some individual brilliance? Sport is still in the dark ages me thinks. A long way to go and those who covet the victory over all else are never going to be happy. Yet they rule. Mad World.

A dkhead away from disaster: Does Australia's image deserve to crumble?

If I wanted to go to a place in Sydney to soak up a little of a GWS Grand Final week anticipation vibe where would I go? What street? Not this year but in five years time. Footy is not just about body sizes and stats that matter although it is a numbers game up to a point. There is such a thing as the vibe. You don’t sell the sausage you sell the sizzle so to speak. How does this relate to the trade? It doesn’t. But it kinda does. Connection to place is not a TV experience. And for all the huge rating numbers the AFL rakes up it’s still a pretty small part of the population. One in twelve Aussies watch the “triple the numbers” event that is the GF. Most people prefer the other world… the one outside the front door. Some of them even play in the AFL.

AFL trades: It's time GWS and Geelong got serious about Jeremy Cameron

The diet question is being investigated. Clubs are looking for an edge. That’s all you need, an edge. The Tigers unity is built on an edge. I think it’s a smile and look in the eye. I’m not sure they know exactly what it is but they know enough.
If a club could eliminate a lot of unwanted nervous energy and sustain more poise in the heat of the contest not to mention endurance. That’s what you would dream of out of a diet. To change diet is a huge decision and it would only work at a unified club level.

Peter Wright is about to become the prettiest girl at the dance

Thanks for story.
The Suns have to back in the coaches vision so if Dew doesn’t see it he might as well go.
I listened to the Touks Talk and was a little surprised at the fast burn roller coaster carbs in the diet.
Is anyone doing slow burn steady train Paleo?
It might just be the recipe for players on and off the field.

Peter Wright is about to become the prettiest girl at the dance

He may handle the family remove and he says he can so….
Until he finds out otherwise I think the club have to back him in.
As for player payments and footy money in general.
It’s way way overs when you think about Tasmania footy or country footy struggling under the AFL greedministration.
If there was a Ballarat team Brodie Grundy could pay their flights and accommodation for the whole year every year for ten years.
More footy more teams more seasons more divisions and more more more.

Collingwood and Treloar - sorry for the three flags you missed Ads but we seem to have overspent

I don’t believe there are any other players than Gary Ablett Senior who attracted the crowd in the kind of numbers we are talking about. I wouldn’t have bothered putting him in such rare company if there was. That was the point. As for his personal life if you must bring it up it’s commonplace and not really part of this conversation.
The other point I’m making is that if you really want to find the very very best turning it on in the finals may be second to bums on seats and the x factor in the equation is scarcity. These guys are rare. MICHAEL JORDAN, TIGER WOODS, MOHAMMAD ALI, GARY ABLETT SENIOR. I am not saying these legends are the only ones but you can imagine how long is the list of great sporting names that have not had mass crowd movements as part of their resume.
You pissed me off a little bit kind of sneakily diluting what I said but I believe I have used that anger creatively. Cheers. 😛

The inevitable truth: No-one had a chance against Dustin Martin

Turning it on when the money’s down is a great quality no doubt.
Stevie J too lived for the big stage and there is a magic to it for sure.
The ability to rise to an occasion is something we all have but few are so aware of as Dusty and the above mentioned.
For finals yes Dusty is best but I like the week in week out style of greatness.
For this there is other criteria to consider,
I give you bums on seats.
Movement…. like a band that you just have to dance to even when you don’t dance.
People moving their bodies to the place where greatness is or even the closest thing to it.
Michael Jordan regularly filled the Rod Laver Arena for the Melbourne Tigers while he was playing and he wasn’t even in the country.
That’s the pinnacle for me.
That’s a statement of must see greatness.
There are Tigers everywhere in this discussion so lets not forget Tiger Woods who also filled fairways with strolling starers week in week out worldwide.
Mohammad Ali has to crack a mention although in pure crowd numbers I don’t know but he was a must see that sent schoolboys a wagging to watch his fights.
In Aussie Rules the closest thing we have had in this league of crowd pulling power was Gary Ablett Senior. He whizzed those turnstiles to the tune of maybe 5-10 thousand per week and they’d follow him end to end to witness the greatness on display.
Do we put Dusty in this company?
It’s a very tough school. I’d love to put him in.
Just to be in the conversation is to know there is like greatness here and now.

The inevitable truth: No-one had a chance against Dustin Martin

Richmond have become so dominant they don’t even need an opposition 😛

Missing from the Richmond dynasty? A legitimate rival

Homeless TV team in need of a postcode for starters. When I think of them in my head I go to no where and no place. But I can watch them on my telly. Where are they headed? Somewhere I suppose but just where are they coming from? Are they the Homebush Gums in disguise?

Missing from the Richmond dynasty? A legitimate rival

I don’t sleep too much if that’s what 😛 you mean.

Missing from the Richmond dynasty? A legitimate rival

The AFL is as strong as ever. The idea that there is a finite number of AFL standard players is fallacious. Great communicators and strong clubs build up better players.
Dusty might have been lost at a weaker club and he appears to be AFL standard.
The nurturing of talent is not some casual pass-time while the “real” players just go about their business. There’s plenty of players to go round for plenty more clubs.
What the comp must work on is making more effective communicators. Presently many of our ex players who are the best communicators are lost to the media for the glamour and the bucks while getting to play the BS part of some over lording authority picking on “losers” and dangling carrots. They are needed at club land. Hopefully Luke Hodge stays and grows in his role at Brissie.
As for the rival for Tigers search party. You make a good case for West Coast.
As a cats fan I like to believe there is something between the two clubs that makes their contests appetizing. If the build up to this years GF is any indication there’s plenty of impartial s who also savored the heavyweight bout. According to a lot of feedback the game did not disappoint so the Cats are thereabouts to qualify as legitimate rivals. The lack of a recent flag dint’s the mystique but at a pure football level the Cats have played the game as well as anyone this year.
Certainly the way they rose against the other fellow contenders indicates they were in with more than a little chance. If we’d beaten WC instead of Collingwood that would have said something. We got them one year at the Gee to play the Tiges in the prelim if I remember right.
As for our Tiges encounters the numbers say it wasn’t even close and thats kinda true but Richmond turned it on big time so the heights were hit if you know what I mean.
Anyways…. Being bunny to the champs is agonizing but it’s the second best job in the caper. Darn those Tigers.
You Tigers better keep up your standards coz i have a feeling the Cats are about to start purring.

Missing from the Richmond dynasty? A legitimate rival