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Two boys running across a field racing together. Laughing and bursting with energy. One goes ahead faster. The second boy finds more speed within him to match the first. Then the first finds more speed. Again the second boy matches him and then goes ahead. The first boy rises again and on they go. The purpose of sport is to bring out the best in each other. The athletic culture is to compete and improve.



Home and away win loss is underrated. The premierships are amazing but footy fans are so die hard week in week out the weekends results count large in their lives.
I’d probably go 50% home and away
25% finals and 25% cups.
I’d probably go Chris Scott over Dimma and
Maybe even over Clarko if I had to pick a coach for my team right now.
He’s not even on the list and he is the most successful coach of his era week in week out.

Who are the AFL's greatest ever coaches?

So promoting local clubs to a national Spotlight is prohibited because it offends other local clubs. I wonder if the big clubs in Ballarat and Bendigo who could be promoted to the national competition are sighing. This is a convenient mind set to retain the status quo money flows.
Any creative administrator worth a donut would use such offensive behavior to create opportunities.
Don’t use AFL to promote a location. I know what’s wrong up there and it’s the same everywhere. The AFL administrators drive past Oz Kick and think… ‘Wow there’s our future supporters!” It’s all about the eyeballs but it’s not. 40 000 watchers on Sat Nights in Sydney and Brisbane Free to Air and that’s enough to LORDE over the Bendigo’s Ballarats and Tassies.
It’s all about maintaining the most money to the least amount of people.

'Get on the phone, Gill': AFL urged to make a move that could save the Suns

Southport need to take over the Gold Coast Franchise. Fresh Start work with a Local Community.
Go small and get real. B/S teams in TV never land have no real meaning beyond the wages and the ratings. I’m not saying no one cares but what they care about is not connected to grass roots.

'Get on the phone, Gill': AFL urged to make a move that could save the Suns

Smart play by Kennett. Saves money, generational change. Now Mitchell owes him.
Too smart by half. Kennett has signed his own…..

Fagan criticises Hawks over Clarkson exit

I think Ange gets the Scottish thing. He’ll work with it and enjoy his creative project to realize the dreams of entertaining soccer lovers everywhere.

It’s not the Ange it’s the energy

North won’t be easy this week either.

What if Geelong don't win the 2021 premiership?

He’s pretty much won at everything he’s ever done.

It’s not the Ange it’s the energy

It was fascinating to watch the side to side passing and lack of any engagement with the opposition. USA were doing the same thing. Bit like Aussie Rules when both teams are trying to put the ball out of bounds without appearing to do it deliberately so to force a stoppage. As you say clever sport. It looks great when it works but the men’s Socceroos it backfired big time. Both against Spain and Egypt. I get clever soccer but it’s a fifty fifty theory. If you can get the team playing as one any style will do. It’s more about interpersonal and individual communication between members of the squad and the way they play for each other highlighting individual skills.
Sacrificing fun, entertainment and the games inherent skills to dumb down to the gold fever may be lucrative and enticing but it can be batsh@#$ boring and backfire anyway. It’s the ability to unite the individuals to form one entity that is the active ingredient in the mix. It’s basically cult of personality and built on the chemistry of success. The winning feeling of belonging to a family and all the joy of life that goes with it. Tactics and theory are interchangeable but espirit de Cor makes them winners or losers. What you saw may have something to do with a maturing of the squad in terms of tactics but lets not taint all the success of the Matilda’s in the same stroke of a pen.

The moment Australian women's football grew up

I am in the hands of the editorial staff. It must be coherent enough to be published or whatever you call it. If you get nothing out of it well …… thanks for reading.

It’s not the Ange it’s the energy

Yes Yattz.
If all things be right you want to confront the thing you fear the most.
Paper Tigers mostly and grade A B/S.
The Cats do appear to be approaching that territory but they are not the only ones.
The fearlessness ladder would be interesting.

The 2021 AFL flag is down to just six contenders

Yattuzzi you say that the cats were beaten by the Swannies when they umpires made a “non call”.
The non call was on Blitzavs against Brisbane. The Umpires call that denied Jeremy Cameron his chance to shine and clearly favored Sydney at the critical moment was the worst ‘no fifteen’ call ever called…. and it was a deliberate call. Umpires will never make the hundred percent exact right amount of calls. There is no hundred percent in reality. It’s better for the game they err on the side of under calling than over calling. Over calling is easily manipulated by clever bluffing for free kicks (as it should be). It also mostly kills the flow of the game unnecessarily. So it’s better for the umpires to just be a servant to the flow of the game. Umpires imposing their authority on every little indiscretion is an insult to our elite players. They know the game and if they are not flaunting the rules they don’t need to be treated like infant children. So if the umpires do make such a huge clanger of a call it’s better it comes in the form of a non call rather than the call this call clearly was called.

The 2021 AFL flag is down to just six contenders

I hope so…. I don’t listen to the main media for truth… I monitor them for why they are telling that particular lie. There’s always some truth but it’s their lies that make them so interesting.
AFL and Buddy Franklin comes to mind as a work in progress. It’s an insult to the players involved to say they are not deliberate in their intentions when the way the players choose to play is full of niggle and deliberate niggle. Hurt without damage is kind of a lifestyle choice they have all made. It’s part of the game we love and I understand the AFL’s intention to maintain this method as it’s obviously player driven. But we are told lies when they say these acts are not intentional so as to preserve the Mystique that these athletes are on the edge and don’t really know what they are doing. It’s a pretense and it works well so very well but it also makes us all a bit stupider when we just go along with the lies. It’s important to call them out for your own intelligence. To say it’s better for everyone if we all get vaccinated is true to a point. The lie is that if we don’t we will never get through this thing. There’s every chance we won’t all get vaccinated and we will get through this thing. Individual rights are important to stand up for in a crisis. It’s a personal choice and it should remain so.

What the AFL's vaccination policy could look like heading into next season

Nice work to get the microphone on his boot.

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan immediately makes amends for his kicking blunder as Dogs surge into top spot

My point is just that. Clarko is proud of his big effects on the game.
Which is the bigger effect overall may be a better question.

Caroline Wilson's warning to Sam Mitchell over Hawks coaching transition drama

How good is the Soccer in Tokyo.

Skoko on Olyroos: 'I don’t think people understand how big that is'

I don’t know if Clarko is more proud of his premierships or his proteges.

Caroline Wilson's warning to Sam Mitchell over Hawks coaching transition drama

Steed on a footy field… He’d last two seconds.. I could see him up in the members maybe.
Emma would ruin everything with one eyebrow and save him.
If the Dees were a pop culture character maybe Harry Potter as they do seem the most magical at times…. Like when they played the Cats. Max is a wizard…
As for the Bullies… Maybe Bont of Arabia and his band of mix of gangs and locals and imports.

The Bulldogs and the Demons are the new avengers

Wishing Mitchell well but the timeline does not stack up for all the retrospective smoothery.
So Clarko was gone before Mitchell even went to Collingwood?
Anyway the comment I found interesting is that Mitchell is working on game plans for five years time.
He must have misspoke or I misheard … that can’t be true. If it is what he said and that’s how he’s planning he’s going to need a guitar.

Caroline Wilson's warning to Sam Mitchell over Hawks coaching transition drama

That’s just nasty. I believe Salty witty and pretty polite wins the day.

"This is a family": Sydney's epic win provokes a few tears from Horse Longmire

I’m not talking about an eighty percenter mistake we see every quarter. I am talking about a once in a generation clanger for the all time clanger hall of fame beyond the realms of possibility no way you could call that in a month of Sundays clanger. The Close one might get Clanger of the week nomination but Camerons we plucked from space and put in the umpires head by some alien form Jupiter. It should be replayed before every umpire training session with the Banner .Never EVER do this? The better team lost…See you next time 😛

"This is a family": Sydney's epic win provokes a few tears from Horse Longmire

Yes all that brotherly love stuff is golden …. but that no fifteen call against Jeremy Cameron and the Cats…that was just a spectacular moment in officialdom.
Why didn’t all the other umpires run up and hug him and cry at the beauty of that piece of magic?

"This is a family": Sydney's epic win provokes a few tears from Horse Longmire

Guthrie was last year for Cats.
Joel Selwood this year.
Like Hawkins two years ago.
Keep reinventing themselves.

Your AFL club's breakout player in 2021

That’s the attitude. Have a surf while they’re there.

'Ridiculously Melbourne trend': Six talking points from the AFL Round 18

Cats.. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to AFL for not insulting us with any reason they might come up with to play upcoming crowdless home game against Tigers at MCG. Just maintain that silence’s so dignified.
Almost Royal like. Obviously above questioning.
If you are worried about precedent you shouldn’t be. The umpires use that as a creative opportunity to rewrite the rules. The match committee likewise.

'Ridiculously Melbourne trend': Six talking points from the AFL Round 18

If the proof is in the pudding and the niggle goes to far into the damage territory then the player might be better off spending at least equal time on the sidelines as the injured party. Should make them think about how hard to hurt rather. Only if it’s a body attack though.

Dockers forward reported for rib-crunching bump in first quarter