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Goalsonly is concept movement based on pure sport as personal development endeavour ahead of all other considerations…. Goalsonly sees elite sport as a carnival of skills rather than a conflict of tribes…. Goalsonly is a long term game to restore participation in sports via the emphasis on co rivalry rather than the elimination of opposition…. Two boys running across a field racing together. Laughing and bursting with energy. One goes ahead faster. The second boy finds more speed within him to match the first. Then the first finds more speed. Again the second boy matches him and then goes ahead. The first boy rises again and on they go. The purpose of sport is to bring out the best in each other. The athletic culture is to compete and improve. The elimination of rivals weakens your position. Why would you want to wipe out the very thing that enables your growth. So why the name Goalsonly… it’s to do with acknowledging the actual skills of the game… the greatest of which is goal scoring. Once this fundamental reward system inherent within the game itself is compromised by the extracurricular four point system the game is reduced to a battle for those point…. The game itself is enough to entertain and inspire with heroic athletic deeds… the piffling four point system reduces the exercise to a rush to the finish. Counting the goals in the game enures the quality of the football is what stands out among the entire competition.... Poor quality play will not be rewarded with the same four points as those who excel at the skills. Every goal counts and it's value is not superseded by the moronic win/loss mentality.... Critiquing the game will not be made easy by the four points and a true connoisseur class of enthusiasts will emerge..



You only need to know one thing about your team….are they getting better or worse?…. because they never are exactly the same two weeks in a row….. always better or worse…. While North are struggling… the cats do seem to be improving each week… theyll need to play better than ever to beat the Dees…. and that’s what you want… it’s a privilege to be involved in this top of the table game with top spot up for grabs

Another Thursday night, another pre-finals blockbuster

The umpires had a nice rule they could interpret how and when they choose …… but over use of the whistle in these instances pricked the public’s placid demeanor and now they have had their privileges curtailed….. umpires are servants to the game and to the flow and enjoyment of this pleasant past time…. the moment they start to impose their authority they just start getting in the way…. and really …. we’d be better off doing what they used to which was letting the Captains call penalties……. when absolutely necessary…

AFL NEWS: Prestia recovering well after hit, Hunter back, protected zone rule change, Dees won't rush star duo

a few things…
Tom Stewart did the wrong thing …. elected not to attack the ball with his hands and braced himself for contact which in effect is the bump… elbow hit chest and shoulder hit head…
elbow was not raised but this has been described as an elbow incident across the media…
a general point
TIgers are the league leaders at pushing the envelope physically….they pride themselves on it and don’t shy away from it… as Hawks (2009) found out that comes with a price which is injuries…
Targeting influential players was not the issue here…. it was simply part of the cut and thrust of the way we choose to play the game which is roughly …. we actually pride physicality over precision but that is changing…. hurting the other guy in some way is part of this war of attrition (Kane Cornes) and better him than me.. this is a gladiator culture …. it could be an athletic culture but the four points system makes it winner take all and noone wants to lose…

The AFL should send off players for violent actions that take a player out

Addon….. with the jumpers….. the two teams playing lay out the colors….. Tigers V Saints its yellow black red and white. toss a coin…. first team picks Tigers would pick black… Saints will end up red and white…. Saints win toss and pick black leaving tigers all yellow…. This goes for an amount of time then alternate first pick …..

Six Points: Best season in decades takes another twist, and Pies must do something - anything - about De Goey

Wow!….. there’s groping in night clubs….. and there’s alcohol involved… How long has this been going on for?
Last touch OOB makes for a faster game…. too fast for Leigh Mathews who was the big voice last time this was kiboshed…
Tassie is not getting a “FAIR GO”…. doomsayers like Eddie Play more angles than snooker on a chess board. He only puts up North as a diversion to muddy the waters….. to the end of nothing changing… He’s burned his Shane Warne Tribute brownie points ……
Taylor Walker 2022 is the best Taylor Walker ever… I’d be keeping him..

The aboriginal AFL jumper designs are the most celebrated piece of sports costuming in Australian history…Also….. When two teams play it’s simply a better and simpler look if no color is seen on both costumes… including white … including numbers…shorts and even boots… It’s uniformity and it’s good for the team individuality. Doubling of colors at any level invites in the unnecessary confusion we’ve traditionally been tied to … So Only one team gets to show white at all…

Six Points: Best season in decades takes another twist, and Pies must do something - anything - about De Goey

It’s equally dumb to not not pay a true free as it is to reward a staged one….
All the time avoiding the issues of the rule of the week culture that has dominated umpiring for nigh on 50 years or more… ask Wayne Campbell…. he referred to it on Andy Meagher and Bob Murphy’s show when it was running…. but this sort of panto villian is a lot easier subject to brooch… I mean… How do you even get to mention that “rule of the week” culture that is so entrenched and even support by Sam Mitchell… … drama sells papers I guess..

Ginnivan's gravy train of freebies is rightly lurching to a halt now everyone has wised up to his ruse

Common sense would be a general cultural understanding the simple reason any particular rule was invented….eg push in the back …. and a non confusing interpretation within that purpose for which the rule serves the game…. at the moment it’s lawyers looking for loopholes in which to impose a penalty and punishment… the more creative the umpire the more broadband the interpretations… eg… falling forward when tackled from behind is now a push in the back against the tackler no matter how careful he is….. it’s the clever use of momentum to milk a free by the tacklee ( ooh a new word) I salute that clever gamesmanship but it’s the umpires who need to be smarter if they wish to earn that mysterious word respect rather than simple be saluted for wearing the umpires cap ( if they wore one but it would probably fall off)… that’s just common sense…. that is a clearly articulated purpose for every rule….

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Swans and Tigers put on a classic despite the controversy - and why THAT non-50 was the right decision

I reckon there’s a subtle side to the communications in and around a team and pinpointing just who is the creative heart of the teams connectivity is not as simple as saying the coach dictates the culture… I can’t prove anything but I have a suspicion that Luke Hodge was the active ingredient in the Hawks chemistry set…

With Leon Cameron gone, GWS finally have a chance

Saints were always going to be a tough game coming off Melbourne and feeling them up close and personal…. Paddy Ryder was huge but the third quarter was the definitive statement….Cats are thereabouts and were still in it with a minute left… even contributions and some great play… just spilled a lot of marks that didn’t look that hard….close finish was exciting..

AFL Saturday Study: Saints' best win in a decade has them dreaming big, and Tigers' 'back to the future' tactic works a charm

Bombers have turned a corner…. despite the dodgy kebabs affecting so many teams

AFL Saturday Study: The Swans' SCG problem could cost them top four, and fortune favours brave, brilliant Bombers

Any time you use the word ….SHOULDA… you are on shaky ground…… could have or might have makes more sense…… even better stick to what really did happen… every second play in AFL is a skill error…. if the players were all precise and fearless and smart they would get goals every time they got the ball

AFL Saturday Study: Prolific Stewart a problem for the Cats, and will the real GWS please stand up?

The cats got a taste of a genuine contender in top form… were beaten for an hour while they absorbed that energy …..then stepped up as they do and nearly pinched it with some stunning heroics.. not good enough but not too bad and as always they fronted up for the contest and you can’t ask much more…. Freo were mostly just that bit quicker and cleaner in the middle…

AFL Saturday Study: Prolific Stewart a problem for the Cats, and will the real GWS please stand up?

The AFL has it’s one true master and that is TV money.. Losing Gazza to the Gold Coast still kinda stinks to me…. There’s plenty of communities around the country that would benefit from having a team with an AFL spotlight…. Instead no community is getting anything out of these TV dollar fake expansion clubs… It’s good numbers for executive junkets but that’s not what our elite athletes should be forced to promote….. community connection history is the history that AFL cowboys are sucking off … they have to acknowledge that history…. it’s John Wren pinching the best players out of Richmond and putting out his bovver boys to recruit child supporters…. a personal friend was held down with a knife and asked who she barracked for until she said the Pies and that was as late as the 1970’s… the depth of passion came hard and the tribal conflicts survived only with an accompanying sense of humor….

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

If you are confused about the laws of the game then that’s the intention…. If you are not confused about the laws of the game then you work in marketing….

Dissenting dissent: Why the masses are in uproar about the AFL’s controversial new rule

My heart goes out to the wives and children of all these individuals who paid so dearly serving God and King…

ANZAC Day: How sport shaped the lives of our war heroes

it was a long time…. maybe it was more of a who you know in those days…

The AFL isn’t prepared for the vitriol the umpire crackdown is going to set off

my personal anecdote is meeting a top young umpire form local north eastern Melbourne comp many years ago who did all he could to enter the AFL ranks but it was a private school boys club…now how to you find out if only the private school… old school tie dictates the culture of AFL umpires…

The AFL isn’t prepared for the vitriol the umpire crackdown is going to set off

Lets not call it “respect” as that has to be earned…. it is simply saluting the cap…..”well you’re the boss Mr Umpire….” What would be the sporting equivalent of a gesture that signifies the salute…. without doing any kind of formal salute….. Maybe a thumbs up or the A OK little circle …. Obviously nothing to do with the arms raising….. Remember it’s not respect it’s simply saluting the cap…. If the umpire’s want respect they will unify their interpretations consistently ….. What about the popular hand to the heart?

AFL House does it again - creating more problems than they solve

There’s only one clear rule in AFL adjudication land…. all rules will be controversial and open to interpretation and that will change all the time….

AFL Easter Monday Microscope: Umpire dissent, booing premiership heroes and another Cats-Hawks classic

I think Norman embraced the show over the result which often went against him…. I like him as an example of majors not being the only measure of greatness… he contended so often he had to miss a few….. His recent comments about being too cavalier in the clutches was interesting…. Maybe he played to the gallery more than he should….. I think he loves people… he loves golf.
Cameron Smith might never get so close again and could still have a great life…. It was a big sign that he dragged himself up for another crack after that outrageous chip in… Those two guys were totally in each other’s head space and when their two balls follow each other around like that it’s rare air indeed…. It was like Cameron Smith didn’t just want to beat Scheffler…. he wanted to beat him sort of every shot and I guess thats how those ultra skilled competitions can play out…. You start playing the man because the course is never as interesting…

Did this year’s Masters provide a moment that transcends golf?

The rule that rules all the other rules at the AFL is the only rule that really rules…..
And that overruling rule is simple this…. all rules must be controversial…. if you can’t think like a marketing guru…. you are a bunny to their wit and skullduggery….

Six Points: Swans benefit from AFL's dumbest rule, Saints must be praised, and Dogs' problems aren't just bad kicking

Are umpires there to serve the flow of play for out elite athletes… or impinge their authority on the naughty boys…. about half of the decisions could be left uncalled….. it’ would be a better game for it… but we wouldn’t have anything to talk about….

You’re kidding me: Why Collingwood should've beaten West Coast, and what the AFL can do to end unfair umpire decisions

nothing provides the AFL with more free advertising in a week in week out way than adjudication confusion….. they would have to be mad to clarify anything….. it’s all a bit of a laugh anyway…. Mock serious but really kinda comical…. don’t sell the sausage sell the sizzle….

BRETT GEEVES: The three options AFL has to fix farcical exploitation of medical sub rule

Kelly helped

Every club's best trade of the 21st century: Part 2 - Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong and Gold Coast

The money got done and Kelly helped….
GWS will lose more champs if they don’t get some grass roots …
2000 fans is kinda sad after so many years….
They have no vibe of place…. it’s a TV club for extra games…. it’s all in the electronic media which needs real world roots …..

Every club's best trade of the 21st century: Part 2 - Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong and Gold Coast