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Thank you TMU for the comment re the pressure gauge- my thoughts exactly. since its not explained the “magic formula” it is always used as if its authoritative yet its meangingless to me.

Thoughts and observations: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Introduce last touch out of bounds rule:

if that rule comes in I for one wont watch the sport until its gone. so the spoil over the line will be a free? Please. you will have endless piddly handballs into oncoming players legs, players refusing to try to take the ball as they will be waiting for the free.

if it was a clean disposal rule (ie handball, kick) with no worries on the idiotic “deliberate now doesn’t require it to be intentional” concept we have now I would be supportive. If you kick it out its a free.

Umpiring in 2020: Why are we getting angry and how can we fix it?

Agree 100% Mary- you have a full year and 2 tournaments- India’s development can only benefit (as it has in the mens game) with exposure to the best players. Why have them at common time? Makes no sense

Women's IPL a squandered opportunity

Thats why Free kick Hawthorn is the call- not free kicks.

Believe it or not, more free kicks for Hawthorn won't fix footy

Well done for speaking out Wes- great to see the stigmatisation of mental health removed- especially told by people who have at least temporarily recovered. a beacon of hope for those suffering that it can get better.

He also looked very impressive in what I saw of him. Not just a plodder who got wickets.

All the best to him.

Wes Agar reveals his mental health battle

The shrug as used by Selwood (and copied by plenty of others) is nothing more than an attempt to draw a free kick. there is no natural motion that sees your arm go over 90 degrees you are deemed to have caused the contact and play on. The long stride to lower the body is a different matter.

It is a near tragedy that a great player like Selwood has these questions as it does affect opinion of an all time great.

Also I would add if you agree with mark Robinson or Jon Ralph on anything re-think your position- hard to tell which is dumb and which is dumber.

Joel Selwood’s unwanted contribution to the AFL