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Would anyone be able to own a football team if morals and ethics were a prerequisite?

Football continues to sell its soul as human rights are pushed to the side

Never been a fan of SBW.
But I do admire his professionalism, his impact he has on teams, his commitment to family & faith and now his positive influence on the people & players around him.
He’s grown into a mature admirable man.
Hearing Quade Cooper discuss his influence and seeing how much QC has changed has impressed me a lot.
It’s such a shame it took so long for a wasted talent to turn it around, but thanks SBW he did.
If only SBW could mentor more young men.
I’ll probably read his book too, to gain insights.
But one thing is clear, SBW needs some mentoring in public speaking.

Why I'll be buying Sonny Bill's book

Well, I called it:

‘Sport will not survive this sort of escalating behaviour’: Why World Rugby needs to nip Rassie’s rant in the bud

This what happens when the example is set.
It was a disgrace watching the ‘Water Boy’ chasing the officials around yelling at them.
Thought I was watching a Football game, except ‘usually’ it’s just the players chasing them around.

Rugby used to be Yes Sir, No Sir, I’ll talk to them Sir, when on the field.
It was something that made me proud of Rugby, the respect players showed the Ref.
The other codes didn’t show that much respect to the whistle blower.
Now it’s a whinge fest from everyone.
Not just the Bok’s, Hooper, White, Montoya etc all pleading with the Ref to get the TMO involved.
I wish they would all shut their mouths and just play to the whistle.

'We stuffed it up': Springboks apologise for waterboy incident

I’ll take that as a compliment Geoff…as you know, everyone looks better with Beer Goggles on.. 😛

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship

Thanks Geoff,
What I realised is most fans only focus on their own players and only see the highlights of the other teams players.
So it is good to see a combined team through someone else’s eye.
Can we get an under-performers team of the RC?

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship

It’s a bit late to be releasing a video…

‘I've got to put pressure on the referee’: Savea's plan to pull tardy Boks onto line

I think the Boks missed their chance last week.
AB’s don’t make that many errors two weeks in a row.
Hopefully, it’s a tight game and the Bok’s pull of an AB’s like try against the AB’s.
Puma’s look lethargic, incohesive, it’s a shame after their huge effort last year.
Looking forward to seeing Sean Mac back, always liked his playing style.
If talk of Greg Holmes is true, good on him, fitness was his only issue during Super.
Hopefully, a great game full of excitement and tension to finish of the RC.
Wallabies winning four in a row…be still my thumping heart..
Thanks to all teams, players and fans for making this tournament possible and enjoyable.
Especially in these troubling times, its a nice respite to talk rugby with my fellow Roarers, both expert and rookies alike.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Who gains what from the final round?

Lucky you’re a Boks fan then, you probably wouldn’t survive long as a Wallabies fan… 😛

How do you say 'vive la difference' in Australian?

I enjoyed the AB’s v Bok’s match.
It was a real arm-wrestle and was winnable by either right up to the last kick.
Was it visually pleasing? No, but the Bok’s made the AB’s play their style.
How often can a team dictate a playing style to the AB’s?
I enjoyed seeing how the AB’s responded to the pressure and match style.
I have never seen the AB’s drop so much ball and make so many errors.
Credit to the Bok’s for that, and credit to them for sticking to their game plan.
Forget aesthetics, too many teams try to beat the AB’s playing the AB’s style of Rugby.
The Bok’s stuck to their guns and almost won, they were one Box kick too many from winning.

The AB’s showed why they are class, they can make errors, be forced to play someone else’s style and still eke out a win, that’s what makes them a great Rugby nation.

The other thing I enjoyed, was seeing the AB fans responding to the AB’s errors and error rate.
Now they have an idea of what it’s like being a Wallabies fan for the last 10-15 years…

The Wrap: Tense, gripping clash of styles falls the All Blacks' way

Volkanovski was immense, such conditioning and composure.
I thought he was gone with the guillotine, only to get out and then find himself in a triangle.
He didn’t panic, and turned it into his advantage, to pound the daylights out of Ortega.
To say the bell saved Ortega, is an understatement, he was out.
The Doctor coming in gave him extra time to recover. It probably should’ve been stopped at that point.
In the end there were two more rounds of carnage, it was a classic, a great fight.
Hopefully ‘The Great’ will start getting the respect and accolades he’s earned.

Aussie Volkanovski defends UFC title in brutal display

For where Noah Lolesio and Hunter Paisami would ping cool-looking but intercepted flat torpedo passes, Cooper’s work is subtle. And effective. And it’s smart.
When Cooper was their age he threw plenty of these passes.
Just goes to show the value of age and experience… how do you get those?
Time, both need to be given it, but not on the sidelines.

Clash of cultures: Quade Cooper versus Los Pumas Anonymous, a 'generic Springboks Lite'

I was a bit worried when Villa sold Grealish.
But I’m starting to feel more confident and they might be able to do something special.
Leon Bailey looks like a good buy as does Ings.
Hopefully, Bailey’s injury is only minor.
Interestingly, Grealish now that he’s at City, is deemed a worthy starter by Southgate…

Mané milestone, City and Spurs stumble, Villan's stunning debut - Premier League Talking Points


Get your questions in for Issue 27 of Coach's Corner

Thanks Nick,
Was hoping for a list of 1 through to 9.
Just wanted to see if there was a pattern as to who handled the title best in the following year or two.
And if a team peaked with the win, got better after or declined.

Get your questions in for Issue 27 of Coach's Corner

By all these different answers it must be obvious then.

Get your questions in for Issue 27 of Coach's Corner

I thought Tesla’s were self-washing….maybe you can provide the info then Elon.

Get your questions in for Issue 27 of Coach's Corner

Hey Coach,
What’s the win percentages for all of the Worlds Champions for the first 7-10 matches after their World Cup triumph?
Curious to see which team had the best record.
I’m thinking it was the 2011 AB’s

Get your questions in for Issue 27 of Coach's Corner

Thanks Biltong.
I’m curious as to how the other World Champ teams faired as well.
Probably more so the Wallabies, Boks (which you’ve answered) and England, as AB’s probably were consistent.

'Bring back that wild waterboy': The Boks are 'sick' and maybe a return to Rassie is the only cure

The only thing League fans can quote in comparing the games is look at the fan numbers on TV. It must be good.
So by that measure AFL is the superior game.. so follow the crowd.. enjoy.

Me, I prefer a game that has a contest for the ball, every tackle.
One that you have to earn the right to get the ball or choose to relinquish the right.
Not some mandated, socialistic, okay you’ve had your turn now be a good boy and give it to the other guys for a turn…
Everyone gets a trophy-type stuff….mwaaaw so cute… participation prize.
League gave up the contest for the ball in the late 80’s early 90’s so they can have better optics.
That’s why the play the ball is so bad, scrums, carries in the tackle, why fans scream out annoyed about the one-on-one strips, they have no respect for the ball, because they don’t need to…
They don’t want a contest for the ball they just want turns at holding it.
That’s also why League is not popular outside of Australia.
People enjoy the contest for the ball.

Refereeing is ruining rugby

and what do those numbers look like outside Australia?
You know, cause League is an International game….

Refereeing is ruining rugby

Thanks Paul,
League removed the contest for the Ball back in the 80’s and by moving the defensive line back a further 5m’s to 10m’s, made it easier to move from one end of the field to the other.
Now they’ve done the 6 again to remove some penalties.
All in the name of speeding up the game. A lot of the contest is gone and so is the body shapes of the players, they all look the same.
It’s now just glorified touch footy. Empty of substance.
AFL has headed towards a similar path, remove the contest for the ball, all to speed up the game.
And to cater for the 5-second attention span.

In all 3 games the ref can ruin the game.
The key difference is the directive from the powers controlling the game.
What we have seen is the clampdown at the last World Cup by WR on head contact, a few years later RL & AFL had to follow suit.

WR needs to or at least SANZAAR, if it still exists, give a referee the encouragement to play a more free-flowing game.

That being said players & coaches have a responsibility too, they know the laws.

Refereeing is ruining rugby

My questions (ignoring the AB’s games) now are:
Have the Wallabies improved since the French games?
Where do the French sit when compared to the Bok’s, considering the results and players left out of the French team?
Did the Bok’s focus too far ahead, ie on the AB’s?

'We want to get the country behind us': Everything Rennie said about beating Boks, JOC return

Harry sounds like you’ve been hanging out with Wallabies fans too long.
When the Boks came out after the 2nd half I thought the Wallabies would be wiped away…
Unfortunately for the Boks they couldn’t maintain it.

I have a question, it’s something that hasn’t sat right with me about the world cup win.
And yes the Boks are World Champions.

But I wonder whether a false narrative was created by the win.
That is, the Boks became the first World Champions to not win every game.
Or, maybe it’s just the usual Boks hangover from the win.

I’d like to see some stats on the win percentage of all the World Champs 10-15 games after winning the cup.

'Bring back that wild waterboy': The Boks are 'sick' and maybe a return to Rassie is the only cure

Is it arrogance not to consider a change of tactic?
Cheika didn’t think so… 😛 😂

'Not worthy of the Springboks jersey': 'Sorry' coach's brutal honesty after 'worst' game since 2018

I’d like to see Kellaway at 15, JP to wing and O’Connor on the bench.
Would prefer O’Connor to be eased back in rather than risk him and miss the NH tour.
Give the younger fellows a chance to shine.

Tom Banks' unlucky break opens the James O'Connor door