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Well D, “winner stamping themselves as the unanimous best heavyweight of all-time“, maybe in the UFC.
Even then it’s still a big call there have been some great champions.
Originally, I thought Cain Velasquez would be the one to end up wearing this UFC title of greatest heavyweight, but alas no.
Anyway, we all know “The Last Emperor” is the greatest heavyweight of all time, just couldn’t get a UFC deal done. 😢

UFC 252 predictions: Who will become the greatest heavyweight of all time?

Does Mary get a payout as well?
He had a year to go?
This Covid season makes a bit of a mockery about the NRL and Clubs having no money.
So much for tightening the belts.
How much has been paid out to coaches and players to leave before their contracts have finished?
Is it similar to previous years?
Is Seibold next?

Paul McGregor resigns as Dragons coach

Bluesfan, I think the Hooper thing is because he is more of a game-saver than a game-breaker. Whereas someone like David Pocock is more of a game-breaker.
In cricketing terms, Hooper is like Allan Border & Pocock is like Adam Gilchrist.
Everyone wants a Gilchrist in their team but sometimes you’re better having a Border.
I just wish more players had Hooper’s engine.

Michael Hooper shines in sky blue slaughter at the SCG

I really hope the Optus/Ten joint bid gets up.
The way News & Fox has treated Rugby in Australia recently has been appalling.

Optus reportedly eyeing off Rugby AU's new broadcast offering

I’m with you Rhys regarding NRC.
I guess it is a compromise on costs versus income.
Hopefully, they can look at it again when RA is more sound financially down the track.

Optus reportedly eyeing off Rugby AU's new broadcast offering

Good to see Dave Rennie gets it. The more teams Oz Rugby has the more opportunities for your young players coming through. Having five teams may not see Oz Rugby winning enough games initially.
But by having enough opportunities for young players coming through and stay in the code, you’ll start to see results.
I look at it this way, it’s like pre-season training, that’s when you set yourself up for the wins during the season.
Oz Rugby is in pre-season.

Wallabies coach Rennie weighs in on trans-Tasman competition debate

Well he is good at generating headlines, the hardest part will be….. Can he generate positive headlines?
Because to win the hosting rights will need all the positive headlines possible, both here and abroad.

Phil Kearns: Keeping the elephants inside the tent

Let’s be honest, when it comes to hyping or over-hyping the next big thing, Rugby is purely in amateur status when compared to League and their commentators.

Dear Australian rugby: Cool your jets. Love, Australian rugby

Great article Geoff, your point about the Brumbies line-out maul and Fast and the Furious is quite on point.
The Brumbies try to score using a back-line move or anything else its “Tokyo Drift”.
When that doesn’t work its back to Fast & Furious formula, box office gold.

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU comes of age in Canberra thriller

Corne, you are talking about Oz rugby…smart has, unfortunately, been missing for a while.
Anyway, didn’t the Force or Rebels draw a penalty against the Brumbies by not engaging the maul from a line-out?
I’m surprised more teams haven’t tried to use that tactic… see first sentence.

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU comes of age in Canberra thriller

True Chris, the rolling maul is very difficult to defend against when it is well constructed.
That being said, how many rolling maul tries have been scored against the Brumbies in the last two years?
Two or three?
Also, let’s be honest, when a back joins a rolling maul it is mostly tokenism. They just want to be able to say, ‘great try, we helped you guys’.
Forwards know the truth, but they know the backs need to feel like they’ve actually done something during the game.

Penalty delivers Brumbies last-gasp win

Congratulations to the Brumbies, to win when you don’t deserve to is a good habit to get into.
Hopefully some of that will transfer to the Wallabies.
As for the Reds, didn’t they play well and exciting to watch, when they got going the Brumbies had no answer.
Their line speed and defence was outstanding, and with ball in hand looked dangerous across the park.
They just need to turn that into winning the tight ones, or putting the opposition well away when they have them on the ropes.
As for the Brumbies, they need to work out ways to penetrate a team with good line speed like the Reds.
We’ve seen them struggle when the opposition has line speed and committed defence.
Sure they can resort to line-outs and rolling mauls when things aren’t working, but it would be good to see them find other ways to break-down the opposition.
They were doing it in the pre-covid season, but have struggled since.
Maybe that has coincided with the loss of Lolesio and the average form of Banks and Kuridrani.

I really enjoyed the game and it showed that if two teams are committed to trying to win the game instead of trying not to lose it, then Oz Rugby can be an enjoyable spectacle to watch.

Penalty delivers Brumbies last-gasp win

Can’t understand why Sehwag didn’t do better at T20.
On the surface, it appears to be the perfect game for him.
Maybe it came along too late in his career.
Pretty good strike rate though mid 140’s.

India's all-time T20 XI

Tears for Villa if /when Grealish goes…
How do replace someone like Jack for a club like Villa?

Transfers that should happen this European summer

Thanks Rellum, as a Milan fan the last decade has been disappointing, looks like it will continue.

The Old Lady makes it nine in a row, but celebrations are subdued

Although I am looking forward to the new Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’, whenever that comes out.

The pub test: What is actually plausible for 2021?

No, my point is NZR are controlling their narrative regarding whatever comp evolves.
South Sydney is controlling their narrative regarding whatever happens with Suaalii.
RA is controlling none of theirs, they are going from crisis response to crisis response.
To use a Cricket analogy, ‘ They are always on the back foot, trying to block the chin music.’

The pub test: What is actually plausible for 2021?

I don’t understand how Juve can be so dominant in Serie A and not transfer that to Europe.
ie. Champions League Trophy, what are they 2 from 9?
Isn’t that why they bought Ronaldo?

The Old Lady makes it nine in a row, but celebrations are subdued

TWAS, Ahh I think you’ve mis-read my comment.
My point was League & News are pushing the $3M.
Which is drowning out RA’s narrative.

The pub test: What is actually plausible for 2021?

RA are being played like a fiddle.
There are two areas where they have lost the narrative and it’s being used against them.
The first area is finances the second is talent.
There are two organisations or three if you include News/Fox that are recently using it to their advantage to control the narrative.
The first is NZR with their Aratipu Report, high-lighting RA’s lack of talent and finances for pushing only 2-3 Oz teams.
By controlling this narrative and getting the media and usual suspects on board, whatever happens next they have a fall-back position.
If RA go it alone, there is the ‘we offered them to join us’.
If RA is successful in getting all 5 in the NZR comp and OZ teams get flogged it’s, well we only wanted 2-3 anyway.
The other is Souths, having tabled a huge offer to 16-year-old Suaalii believing it to be fait accompli, only to find out he was investigating Rugby and it’s options.
So to control the narrative, suggesting that the only reason he’d go has to be due to a huge counter-offer.
Souths get News/Fox on board with that narrative cause sharks love blood in the water, whether it’s burley or prey.
There you have it, Souths win if he stays cause he chose League over Union and if he goes it’s because he went for obscene money from a broke, talentless organisation.

Whatever happens with the competition next year RA has to win back the narrative and have it on their terms, otherwise, they will be dictated to by everyone.
Which is part of the reason they are in this current situation.

The pub test: What is actually plausible for 2021?

I first became aware of Hill during SBS’s 2005 Ashes coverage and have been a fan ever since.
Although commentating different sports he and Phil Liggett are probably my two favourite.

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

In the age of digital media, one guiding principle rings true:

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

I mourn for the loss of balanced, truthful journalism and for the informed, knowledgeable reader.

The Wrap: Truth proves elusive as Superman Suaalii saga rages on

That try had more arse than Rakheem Cornwall, but if any team was to score a try like that, of course it would be a NZ one.

'We've seen everything now!' Crusader lights up Super Rugby NZ with unbelievable trick try

As much as I love watching LeBron, I think the MVP will go to Giannis.
It’ll all depend on how they play after the Covid break.
Which, as we’ve seen in other sports, some players excel and others have struggled to recover their form.

The bigger question is whether these two will challenge Kawhi for finals MVP…

Exciting times to be seeing NBA back.

The two-way race: Who will be crowned NBA MVP?

When you have a superiority complex every one looks insignificant when you look down on them.
As this is a ‘One-Year’ option I think they’ll go it alone with a re-think if it turns out to be more than that.
What’d I’d like to see is two pools of the five teams with Pacific players sprinkled in with the intent for them to be stand-alone for the next comp if it happens. They keep aligned with their national teams but gain Super Rugby experience.
That way they are able to experience the level of games to improve competitiveness.
When the fifth team from each pool would normally have the bye they play a trans-Tasman game.
Everyone plays every weekend. If need be RA clubs have more PI’s then NZR.
Benefits everyone.

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