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I have loved sport since I could concentrate. My main sports are Australian Rules, Soccer, Basketball and MMA. But I am open to any sport, respect goes to anyone/everyone who is able to succeed in a competitive sport!



Would take Cunnington away from the middle…one of the best clearance players in the league and also one of the best contested ball winners in the league..Can’t waste him

North Melbourne fans chomping at the bit

North Melbourne fans chomping at the bit

Where I’m from it’s ‘chomping’ aha

North Melbourne fans chomping at the bit

Yeah I definitely agree! Japan along with Iran are strong favs for the 2019 Asian Cup! He will be a massive loss but I think they have enough time to groom a young player to take his spot!

Japanese fans should be proud of their World Cup performance

Great to see an outsider win the race! Was a great race to watch 🙂

Melbourne Cup 2017 finishing order: Rekindling wins in thrilling finish

Can only win what you play in mate

It's do or die for Socceroos

Ok, I admit I may have used the term “Most decorated” a bit lightly, but I’m a stats man if you’re not that fine. Different opinions. From 58 games Farina lead the Socceroos to 34 wins, 9 draws and 15 losses…that’s 59%…one of the best percentages of any Coach serving at least over six months. he did it over 5-6 years, not an easy thing to do.
2000 OFC Nations Cup Champions
2001 Confederations Cup third place
2002 OFC Nations Cup Runners Up
2004 OFC Nations Cup Champions
Was also instrumental in the lead up for qualifying for the 2006 World Cup. Like I said I may have used the term too lightly or wonrgly, but there’s no denying he was one of the best

It's do or die for Socceroos

By decorated I do mean the most honours such as awards, tournament wins etc Just a bit of statistics mate

It's do or die for Socceroos

It’s a very hard decision for the Sun’s board! All the other similar situations I have been able to choose which path a team should go down, experienced or start up Coach? But this is a dilemma. Are the Suns list to experienced and far gone to have a young Coach build their dream side? Or are they still too inexperienced and juvenile to get an experienced coach again? It’s a very tough one. Although I’d love to see Brett Ratten get another gig after wrongfully losing his last head coaching gig. Would also love to see Leigh Tudor given an opportunity! (North Melbourne fan)

Rocket rolled - Suns no longer feel the need for Eade

I know leaving out Mitchell was a mistake. You never really know your mistakes until you receive feedback and re read a million times. I also regret leaving out Robbie Gray, who has had a standout year. But in saying that, I stick by my article and my choices. Cheers for the feedback mate! 🙂

2017 AFL All-Australian Team: Early Edition

After watching UFC 213, I’m so proud to be an Australian MMA fan! I think it was a blessing in disguise that Nunez’ main event got scrapped and gave it to Romero vs Whittaker. I think it gave, Robbie, the confidence and the prestige he is aiming for! As for Romero, he went from being the Villain to a very respectful veteran, with Bisping becoming the villain. Bisping has been champ for one year with one title defence against a 46-year-old who nearly beat him! Whittaker will walk over him and be a great long-serving champion.

Robert Whittaker is the world's best middleweight

Yeah I honestly rushed this article. I’m mad at myself for leaving out The Pitbulls, Koreshkov and actually my fav current fighter Bobby Lashley….but that just proves how much talent there is in Bellator! There’s also the MMA greats who have never bene in UFC such as Melvin Manhoef, Cyborg Santos!

Bellator is the better MMA option

I would be great for Geelong to have their own League team. The city of Geelong deserves their own top-tier Football team, just like AFL. The Geelong Cats have one of the biggest fan bases in the league. So I think support shouldn’t be an issue. As competitiveness goes? That’ll take time, like any new team in any comp!

Geelong is ready for the A-League stage