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I think this is a really difficult situation. VFL expanding to AFL gives too many Victorian teams. Trying to balance that with more teams from Tassie, NT, SA and WA to say 22 teams dilutes the talent pool too much. Many argue 18 is spreading it too thin. The Suns’ Chairman saying the existing clubs will not support expansion because of the financials.

Trying to get Melbourne teams to relocate is not going to happen as most of them are actually in fairly healthy financial situations. So you end up with the essence of this report. The AFL happy to have Tasmania pour money into Melbourne clubs in return for games featuring the Suns, Dockers or other non Victorian teams. Tasmanians not so happy about that and voting increasingly with their feet.

COVID gives us Essendon playing in Launceston and the ground was full. There’s more money for them playing in Melbourne so they won’t normally come. However North play Melbourne in Hobart to an empty stadium. Not sure if that is just North or North at the wrong end of the ladder or not many here like Melbourne.

Unfortunately for Tasmania, it’s too small to make the AFL much money so they won’t do anything other that what you get now. Tasmania is sick of being taken advantage of. I’d suggest offering say 25% of current funding and the AFL can take it or leave it.

BRETT GEEVES: Forget AFL's latest tease, only the map of Tassie will excite us now

Congratulations to him on his 350.

A very good and fair umpire. All you can ask for (and don’t always get).

That look at Heeney had me laughing.

Why Razor Ray continues to be a great asset for the AFL

Their injury list at the moment is huge. That alone is reason to think they may not win again this year.

They have had a lot of injury issues over the years. What’s the story there?

'Simply a coaching insight or two away': Creating a Giant problem

They should have won the flag in 2016.

'Simply a coaching insight or two away': Creating a Giant problem

Jacinta’s an Eastern Suburbs woman.

'Simply a coaching insight or two away': Creating a Giant problem

Article needs a financial cost benefit analysis. There’s a big cost in breaking that MCG contract. AFL decisions are mostly money based.

The AFL must use an interstate hub for finals – and there's only one safe choice

Wrong. July is the month to have poor form. August improve and September peak.

'Isn’t going to cut it in September': Melbourne losing form at the wrong time

I’m going for the desperation factor; Fremantle, Richmond, Giants, St Kilda, Essendon, Carlton, and Eagles all trying to get into or stay in the 8.

I think cold and wet suits the Giants more than the Swans, unfortunately.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 18

Based on that game, he could drop Weightman or Bruce. Swans’ defence had a very good game. To what extent do you blame Bulldogs forwards?

Beveridge calls for calm on Ugle-Hagan hype

Coaching Box Hill in the VFL is an important difference.

Roos to Longmire also says a lot about Roos recognising his limitations and/or putting in place limits, and his management style. I understand there was a deal with his wife (that ultimately got re-negotiated because of the Academy job and then the Melbourne job, and their kids). Clarkson is a different character.

'If you are going to do it, do it': History shows no point in Hawks delay

You are talking a lot about trading but you need to remember this is Essendon who really don’t do trading well. Starting conversation for Shiel would be two first round picks. Won’t happen. Probably the same with Stringer!

The four off-season moves Essendon must make

I understand they are performing poorly in second halves and fourth quarters. Not fit enough? Is that on the coaches or the players?

Assuming they could do what they did last year rather than improve may also include not doing enough in pre-season to have competitive fitness levels.

In 2018 and 2019, they were very inaccurate in front of goal, I think?. Last year they weren’t. This year they have reverted to inaccurate. Isn’t that a big part of their inefficiency?

How the Saints crashed down to earth

Well spotted

We need to respect Adam Goodes' Hall of Fame rejection. Here's why

I understand that Adam said he didn’t want the award and asked them not to disclose that he had been offered.

I was at the ground for the one minutes silence in the seventh minute of the third quarter and it was one of the most powerful things I have experienced.

I read a story about a group of kids from Adam’s home town coming to Sydney and visiting the SCG. There was conversation about the booing that led to talk about racism and the kids said what’s racism. A bunch of multicultural kids could not understand it. Their mates were mates and their racial or cultural background was not important. Perhaps one day there will be no racism. (I’m a dreamer).

We need to respect Adam Goodes' Hall of Fame rejection. Here's why

Cats were very impressive on Friday. I saw Cameron, Smith and Higgins fitting in to an already impressive team. They didn’t look too slow. I still think the old part of that cliche could produce some injuries that throw a spanner in. That is however one of those variables that is very important in September.

The stars align for the Cats in 2021: A premiership is coming

How do they fit them all in? I have a very suspicious friend who struggles with this.

The stars align for the Cats in 2021: A premiership is coming

They need a Tom Mitchell – he suits them quite well in terms of wanting to get paid well but he also wants to win a flag.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

I thought he’d be spending more time forward this year but his clearance numbers are still very good.

Swans skipper Kennedy to play on in 2022

Commentators did not let up on him. Blaming the loss on him was rubbish. If this and if that … rubbish. Swans 13.14 to Saints 12.11 – Swans were more inaccurate.

Five talking points from AFL Round 12

It’s like ducking the head. Drop at the knees and the guy tackling is drawn onto the back. Cripps is good at it. Doing a Selwood can now have doing a Cripps added as how to get lots of free kicks. Dawson needs to do some work on how to not get sucked in. The umpires need to pay the incorrect disposal then it won’t happen so often.

Six talking points from AFL Round 11

I wonder if any team has ever kicked 20.1.121? I seriously think it could be the upset of the round but I don’t have the guts to tip it.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Think about the Saints; 20.1.121, dogs; 12.9.81. Or maybe how they played against West Coast. So woeful last week, likely to be the opposite this week.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Mike Fizgerald screamed down the phone that the Swans would not win a Flag while Buddy was playing for them hence the bizarre umpiring in 2016 GF.

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

There are some teams that have done very well from dropping the ball when tackled and/or throwing the ball. You’d almost think they had been coached to do it.

Ratten confused by AFL umpiring

Injuries very important IMO. They have had a very good run with injuries in September. Can that run last for another year?

The whole argument about system based team is rubbish. It is not good to use it as an excuse but it is still a very important variable come September.

Why Tiger Time is far from over