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You’ve made me nervous Neel ! He still should come into the ODI team though – he only needs to slog late and bowl a few tidy overs to be worthy of a spot. Please send him home straight after the WC before “they” have a chance to consider him for the Ashes, though !

Mitch Marsh must replace Marcus Stoinis

If there is a high performance manager for South Australia, either his job needs to be re-classified to “low performance manager” or he should be sacked.

Australia finally announce replacements for Pat Howard

Spot on Gloria – who cares ?

Sam Kerr can say whatever she damn well likes

Ahh – Kim Hughes – what beautiful memories – bless you Pete !

Alex Carey should be batting higher

Can you imagine what would have happened if this “strongman” had used these tactics on Jack Dyer or Ted Whitten – stretcher please ! Oh for the good old days.

Ben Stratton's controversial 'pinching' tactics on Fantasia- dirty, or fair play?

No Nick – relax there are more things to worry about than this boy. Maxwell’s “bowling”, for instance !

Pakistan implosion gifts Australia lucky win

Too true Nolzie – its a marathon not an 800 metre race ! Start sweating you Victorians, they’ll finish top four alright – hands up who wants to travel to Perth in September !

The Eagles are a false flag contender

Maxi contributes nothing and is a liability – no brains and learning nothing ! Marsh has to fill that batting position if we are to seriously challenge for the trophy.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs West Indies

That’s always going to be the case ren, and that is why we show it scant regard.

Time to change the Hall of the Very Good

Good point, Jim – plenty of knockers pre tournament but they’ve gone quiet now.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

For me, he is the most overrated cricketer of all time. He refuses to learn – see ya later ! (Oh, and Stoinis cant play – but is from WA, so will probably stay)

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

Quote : S. Kernahan – ” Carlton is best, f… the rest “. Footy karma is such a beautiful thing !

The fish rots at the head at Ikon Park

He’s a South Australian !

Amid Smith's masterclass, Carey finds his stride with the bat

Absolutely, Betty – we’re here to win the bloody thing ! “bowlers win matches – batsmen save them” – I Chappell.

What's the pass mark for Australia at the World Cup?

Would not get their hands on the ball these days, Ladey – tough enough but not a spoonful of skill between them ! Well utilised by Williams in the day, though.

What I miss about the AFL

Gorgeous words Gordy – it sounds like you have produced a beautiful family. Good onya.

What I miss about the AFL

Pykey has been on the nose since the GF against the Tigers, who were always going to bring manic pressure to the big dance and not much else. When it was obvious this pressure was strangling his team, Pyke had no plan B, C or D and his side went through the motions until the siren blew after being unbackable favourites. I pray they are talking to Scott already.

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

Spot on Toady – their culture is as soft as butter. RIP Phil Walsh.

Taylor Walker’s memorable, unfulfilling career is meekly fading away

True mbp but if you can just play well enough through the round robin stages to make the finals, the pressure of the occasion then cancels out small ovals, seamless balls, crowds etc. History has shown us that !

Is Australia building to a crescendo?

You’re on the money Viv – no one has ever booed Eddie Betts, or ever will. I’ve always believed Goodes’ booing was directed at the bloke – not his skin colour ! Enough of this grandstanding, let’s get on with the footy !

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

Sadly, too true WCE – can you imagine if he was a player from outside of Victoria ? (at least 2 weeks for each incident !)

Cats await decision on latest Ablett hit

Bring out the plastic sheets for me too, Hawty – I’m as left as you can go but I’m pretty sure the Rightios feed off the press just as much. If you believe our society’s are as simple as blaming some visionary thinkers, Tom – boy do you some deep seated issues that go fsrbeyond our bed wetting ! Great article Marnie.

Outrage is ruining our game

I watched that 200 in Adelaide. He was 100 not out o-night and dedicated the ton to the birth of his twins. His wife reportedly said to him when he phoned – “well there are two of them ” ! He duly completed the double ton the next day. He was on 197 and Karsen Ghavri sent back a deep mid off and mid on. Of course the maestro took up the challenge, charged Ghavri and smashed it over deep mid off’s head for four. What a player !

The greatest Test match fast bowlers over the last 50 years

Great article Gangesh but James is right – we are slaves to the “made for tv” style of cricket dominated by batsmen. The best games in any format, for cricket purists, will always be those where the bowlers have at least an even chance. These type of games show who the real batsmen are as opposed to beach cricket sloggers. It wasn’t that long ago that each Australian pitch had its own character – now they are all roads ! Very sad.

Does anyone still care about the bowlers?

Good on you for swimming against the NSW tide, Pete. We do have a bit in common, I followed Graeme Watson as well and idolised Kim Hughes. I have always believed he was the most talented Aussie batsman I have seen. (not the best but easily the most talented) His treatment by the senior players when the captaincy eas thrust upon him was one of the most shameful chapters in our cricket history !

The greatest Test match fast bowlers over the last 50 years