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A Leyland P76, comes to mind – they certainly dont have class of a Ferrari or the reliability of a Corolla. They are still a long, long way off the pace !

Stephen Silvagni has failed Carlton

Sorry Paul – I think Rowdy is on the money. I like the boy and think he has done enough to keep the job but please dont downplay his mistakes in the old dart. Putting the opposition in and gifting Stokes his big hundred really turned our campaign from a dominance to just “falling in” and that is a slap in the face for the incredible Smith.

The biggest winners and losers from the early Sheffield Shield matches

That’s Bata, Roy – Scouts for the lads and Ponytails for the lasses. I was certainly too poor to own a pair but was forever an admirer of the animal track soles and the compass in the heel – wow, what would I have given

The wearin' of the Sherrin

Many levels below Richmond and others, Tiger and they lose their best finals player. “It’s all over now, baby blue” !

Who will fill Tim Kelly's boots at Geelong?

Either way gents – the ladies are imploding. I think we all knew that it wouldnt take long !

AFLW players urged to reject new deal

Spot on Larry – imagine describing our home and away season to an EPL fan pointing out that we dont play each other at home and away and that some of the teams dont leave their home for 7or8 weeks at a time ? We’re a laughing stock – it’s the VFL and that’s it . The premierships won by those outside Victoria should be cherished because they make sure they dont happen very often !

What does the rest of the AFL need to do to catch the Tigers?

Absolutely – when a player is down, you keep him down. Scott took his eye off the ball. Very poor coaching, take note of the plan Leon Cameron has for the Tigers only tall forward !

Cats lacked the cream to extend their season

Well done Wayne ! For those Roarers outside SA, us footy LOVERS loath the Crows and Power teams being in our local comp, to the point of some fans even boycotting their games.

SANFL Grand final results: Glenelg thump Port Adelaide to claim first flag in 33 years

What was the crowd figures, lads ? (40k at SANFL, yesty)

Subiaco smash South Fremantle to win another WAFL Grand Final

Watch the GF closely lads – Lynch and Martin will be tagged very tightly, unlike Friday night. Scott inherited a very good list and “a drover’s dog” could have won that first flag. His bleating over not hosting a final at a suburban oval is embarrassing for your club – time to go Scotty ! The door has closed, start the rebuild.

Answering Geelong’s burning off season questions

You’re an Oracle, Mick. God bless those boys – one to go !

How the Giants can topple the Magpies

15 frees to 7 at half time despite GWS dominating possession – you cant have em all ffs !

Pies fans furious as Finlayson goals after getting away with blatant push

The door is closed kids. Take away the advantage of that crappy suburban oval and they’re middle of the road, at best. Footy Karma for “shadows” Dangerfield – exquisite

Geelong’s season in review: Pain now, lots of promise ahead

What if he was a Collingwood player ?

Still suspended: AFL appeal denies Toby Greene

No chance at all – that is not what the VFL want ! What an embarassing joke of a competition.

Are Geelong and GWS any chance of causing upsets?

True Paul – county cricket form is not a good indicator. Facing the Dukes nut and batting in 6 jumpers, aside, there cant be much credence given. Shield cricket (after a bit of a shake up) has to be our barometer.

I wouldn’t be a Test selector for quids

The leaders will have to do it all again (minus Hawkins) because there ain’t much else !

Cats’ leaders needed to lead – and did when it mattered

Let’s cut to the chase fellas, this is a team that travels the breadth of the country every other week. We are all apprehensive about going over there once a year – they do it every fortnight ! This has to take its toll and the WCE premierships should be lauded by all ! They’ll never be able to win them all but they’ll seldom be far away. A very strong club !

The Eagles' uneven premiership defence ends without much fury

You may be missing the point of batting first Donny. The statement a skipper makes (Mark Taylor) is “I’m backing our batters and we are going to make the running”. Hiding our openers by batting second (meaning that we also bat last ) was never going to cut it. We had our feet on their throats and we let them get up. All experts and commentators, except you, seem to agree.

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

“I’m not disappointed in the team’s performance in the slightest” – Paul can you honestly iterate that our opening stands did not disappoint you ?

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

Hats off to the great John Arlott, Donny. Poor old Bob Cunis will never be far from our thoughts whenever we want to recall a priceless piece of cricket commentary. Could you imagine it happening now ??

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

Those same people would probably agree that one needs to gather runs in other backyards besides your own, Simon.

Who should the Test selectors look at for the summer?

They’ve murdered you in the past Tim – better luck this time but Victorian umpires being unbiased toward a team from Sydney
against Collingwood ? “Tell him he’s dreaming” !

AFL preliminary finals: can the underdogs rise up?

As a Crows man, I dont like Dangerfield but he’s the best player in the comp and will play well wherever he is positioned. You need your best player where the ball is – he will be in the midfield – and he will play well but Richmond are flying. Prelims are often our best finals and this one will be a ripper.

AFL preliminary finals: can the underdogs rise up?

Hope you’re right Paul but history tells us otherwise. It seems to be similar with brilliant first year players – their second season is usually a bit flat. As a supporter of all non Victorian teams, I wish you well and hope your momentum continues.

Are Brisbane at risk of doing a Melbourne next year?