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Dead right – and the penalties fit the crimes. This is the Australian Test Cricket team we are talking about, once feared, now a laughing stock. We dont do that rubbish – I wouldnt play those boys again ! BTW is anyone worried about the influence of the Cricketers Association ?

Cricket Australia’s TV deal failed the public and brought the game into disrepute

Good points Paul – but its all about test cricket for me !!

Brilliant belligerence: Remembering Adam Gilchrist's brutal Ashes century

Paul, I think we need to be a little careful when assessing I.V.A. Richards greatness, as he never faced Roberts, Holding, Garner, Croft, Marshall, Daniels et all. This is where the greatness of Allan Border (and not many others) comes to the fore. Viv could certainly hit em though ! Good article Geoff.

Brilliant belligerence: Remembering Adam Gilchrist's brutal Ashes century

I’m with you Kangas – what a day that was – considering the opposition, the MCG wicket and the occasion, Hughes’ century out of 200 odd, is my favourite of all time ! What about the imperious Dennis Lillee running off with players draped over him after bowling I.V.A. Richards with the last ball of the day? Sigh – what beautiful times !

The spirit of cricket - celebrating the noble failure

Brilliant Joe – how about Cable and Robran for starters ? Bloody Victorians……

The broken AFL fixture - and the solution

Ah Paul – what a beautiful smell. I had a mate who sat his Gunn & Moore in a bowl of linseed for a week – it became that heavy the rest of us could hardly lift it ! He could though – he made runs against the touring poms for SA country !

Roll on summer of cricket, roll on

Good article Dane and should not be scoffed at ! We have players who are not even Shield standard going to the IPL and come home driving a Ferrari. Something’s not right!

Australians can’t bat, but don't worry - it's India's fault

Matt- his 121 strike rate is no good to the team if he is back in the shed !
As overrated cricketer as I can recall !

It is time for 'The Big Show' to be shown the door

Once again lads – the recipe is simple, play your best 6 batters, your best 4 bowlers (at least one of them a spinner) your best wicky and make one of them the skipper ! Unless there is a Botham, Dev, Miller, Akram or the equivalent waiting in the wings then there is no room for any part timers ! Ian Chapell states a true all rounder has to be good enough to be picked in team in either of his disciplines. If M. Marsh is in the top 6 batters in the nation then he is in but please dont call him an allrounder, it is a slight against those who were !

Maybe not 'elite honesty', but a straightforward approach is the only way

Glad you mentioned John Arlott, Shakti but please dont forget the greatest of them all – Alan McGilvray – vale the great man !

The dying art of cricket commentary

Kenny – The WK was the highest scorer in the top 6 on Sunday – have a think !!

Ben McDermott added to Australian ODI squad

You’re off the money Leuco, while both AB and WaughS were gutsy captains, neither were in Taylor’s league as attacking tacticians !!

Tubby pulls the pin on Cricket Australia

I am 65 years of age and have loved test cricket since my dad took me to Adelaide Oval as a boy to watch Gary Sobers plunder our bowlers in 1969.
Mark Taylor has been my most admired cricket figure in that time as a solid opener, great captain, sensible commentator and loyal statesman. For the parlous state of our game to bring him to his knees when nothing else could – it breaks my heart ! Where will this all end ?

Tubby pulls the pin on Cricket Australia

Good article Dean and pleasing to see the Perth public showing their feelings by boycotting the game. The real custodians of the game are you and I – the cricket public and we will have our way !!

The events of the past week show Australia's sandpaper scars still remain

Matt – supremely incompetent in sacking Callum Ferguson after a solitary test match in which he was ran out in one of the innings ! Can you think of a comparable decision in any sport ? And who is Jon Holland by the way ?

Ultimately, David Peever had no choice but to step aside

I’m guessing you’re a Victorian, Brian ! Maxwell will never bat at 3 for Australia and you cant play as a specialist fielder ! Head’s “unlimited opportunities ” have been 2 tests – put a bit of thought into your work mate !

Who could come into the Australian Test team?

Well made points Matt and I think your rankings are spot on.
MacGill is so unlucky to have played in the same era as Warne – you could hear the ball fizz when he gave it a rip !
Lyon has been our best finger spinner by a mile ????

Where does Nathan Lyon rank among the pantheon of Australian spinners?

Absolutely right Brainstrust – money is the only criteria and winning brings in the money to ensure our game’s paid executives meet their KPIs and bonus targets !
Sheffield Shield cricket makes no money and therefore becomes a drain on the game !
Heartbreaking to see that hardly any shield games last a full 4 days !
It’s going to be a long road back !

The Cricket Australia review lays bare an ugly truth about our society

Sadly Bill – I believe you really dont understand cricket or it’s commentators – great cricketers dont necessarily make great (or even good) commentators or journalists !
If the “existing establishment” is rubbish, it needs to be called out .
Sad !

Mr Cricket: White, stale and male

I think we are all being hoodwinked by the selection panel’s obsession with playing someone at 6 who can offer a few overs of rubbish to give our quicks a spell !
I believe Ian Chappell’s basic test team selection philosophy still applies to the modern game – ie : pick the best 6 batsmen in the country, the best 4 bowlers (logically, at least one spinner), the best wicketkeeper and make one of them captain – end of story !
If the quicks need a spell then rotate selection, keeping in mind that test cricket is the pinnacle ! With this thinking – is Labuschagne in the top 6 batters in the country ?
As a footnote, I’m sure Roarers would agree we are paying the price for disrespecting shield cricket and this will haunt us for a time to come !

The case for Marnus Labuschagne

Completely agree, George! As a South Aussie, I was bitterly disappointed in the test side’s behaviour and also Lehmann’s treatment of SA players during his reign, particularly Chad Sayers and Callum Ferguson !
Ferguson was given one test v South Africa in Hobart and was run out in the first and then played a poor shot in the second dig. Promptly dropped, never to return – can any Roarers remember this happening to any other test batsman ?

The feud between Darren Lehmann and Ed Cowan

As a Croweater who just loves “traditional footy”, I thought this was a win for the ages !
A structure with a true full forward, a true centre half forward, an honest but unobtrusive skipper and two ruckmen that stay on the field almost all of the time – fantastic !
Add to this, the fact they travel the breadth of Australia every second week, due to the most disgraceful programming in world sport and one must come to the conclusion the Weagles are the strongest football club in Australia by a mile !
Well done to all ????

Redemption, resilience and the rewriting of the West Coast narrative

Very stale indeed – and boring stories of the ” good old days ” !
Bring it on ????

It can only get better for the baggy greens

Great article Stephen – our selectors need to be held accountable and Langer has to drop his WA obsession for us to move forward !
5 Shield games before the first test has given us the opportunity to pick some players that are in form to support Finch, Head, Laubershane and Uzzi (if fit).

Dear selectors, please free us from the Marsh brothers