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Good on ya Paul – a bit of a disgrace using the great man as a pseudonym anyway ! What is this strike rate rubbish all about? What a load – too much T20 watching matey ! The dud is 31 and finished mate – have a beer with the Burns supporters and celebrate the fact that both have had their time !

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

Jon Holland is our best up and coming spinner – wtf ?

Australia's batting future on show in Hobart today

Just to clarify Roarers, Head has been omitted from the ODI squad after being a fixture. Is he on the slippery slide for all formats is the question I pose ?

Glenn Maxwell's career has become a 12-part crime podcast

They would come from everywhere if it were still in Adelaide – guaranteed ! Croweaters are Australian sport’s biggest supporters, per capita !

The Australia Day Test: A match cricket fans can't help but adore

We know old you are Davey boy – let it go mate, you are no wiser than any of us !

Jhye Richardson and Jason Behrendorff paper over the Australian selection and tactical cracks

Plenty of us feel the same boys but what do we do about it ?

Cricket's successful formula - players play, coaches coach, selectors select - and never double up

Another West Aussie – Langer, you ripper !

BREAKING: Mitch Marsh out of ODI squad with illness, Turner to come in

Spot on Bushy, esp. your notes on Chappell. ” Chappell should concentrate on looking for the cricketers of tomorrow ” – what rubbish – the cricketers of tomorrow are those performing at shield level today ! The cream will always rise to the top. Chappell’s track record in everything bar batting is diabolical !

Justin Langer should stand down as a national selector

Good article (and response) Reg. I think sheek woke up a bit grumpy today. The selectors are totally incompetent !

The wizards of Aus: Why the selectors must go

He murdered South Aust. cricket !

Australia vs India: Where did it all go wrong?

Leading up to the Centenary Test in 1977, David Hookes made five centuries in the last three shield games – 5 tons in 6 hits, can you imagine it ? All we needed this year was a couple of players to make a single bloody shield ton and command selection. We got what we deserved !

The lost aura of the baggy green

You’re on the money Waxy – we knew how it would turn out with these 2 ! They’re simply not up to it and became our “most experienced” batters by default. Once again I say, what a tragedy for players like Hodge, White, Burns, Ferguson and dare I say it – Maxwell, not to be given half the opportunities of these two B Graders !

Khawaja has failed Australia when they needed him most

Good lad, Kieran – “zac” is an Australian (well, British !) coin and “dime” is an American coin – very important to not mix them up when discussing cricket. Good article, cobber !

Why are Australian cricketers so uninspiring?

They’re still batting Donny !

Are Australia's bowlers overrated?

I heard that his scorecard may have been altered – but it can’t be verified though !

Are Australia's bowlers overrated?

That’s just the Victorians hoping, hfm

Five big questions for the AFL in 2019

We’ll soon find out !

Are Australia's bowlers overrated?

Ian Baker-Finch lads ! Regarding our bowling, dont forget we are playing a bloody good test team – Pujara has batted longer than our whole team in this series. These boys will still bowl well in England but we wont make enough runs !

Are Australia's bowlers overrated?

Well played Dane – isnt it lovely that we can squirm and laugh at the same time ? I think the time has come for Trevor Hohns to write a book – what a read that would be !

Good news! We can stop calling for replacements, there's none there

One over for 12 runs late on day 1 – go real hard lad !

Marnus Labuschagne officially Australia's new no.3 batsman

Yawn – back on track lads – you are talking about a silly game !

Don't blame the Big Bash for Australia's batting woes

“The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing ” and 20 over cricket is pure evil. Fight the good fight Dave, you have supporters, albeit we are the silent majority !

Cricket Australia should ban all trick shots

What’s field hockey – is it like ice hockey but in a paddock ?

Cricket Australia should ban all trick shots

Get on with the cricket you whackers !!

Another Test selection embarrassment after Australia's Melbourne meltdown

Oh dear – I dont think you get cricket at all Rabbitz !

The last bastion of the CA Secret Men's Club has got to go