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LSL is a lock playing 6 – so is always going to be getting caught out on the tramlines against someone with speed like Bridges. So you get his ball running/lineout etc but lose out on when games speed up and mobility becomes key.

Issue is that Japan should be hot and games should be pretty quick etc – where that leaves Oz unclear, though didn’t think that Wright looked that impressive on the field when he was brought on.

6 spot is one we are really struggling with – if Squires is not available, probably means we go with Savea – but for all the positiveness around what he brings – our lineout is significatly weakened etc.

All Black to the future at Eden Park

Also I would highlight that people keep on talking about the weather conditions as being in AB’s favor due to rain.

All I can say is that I live 15 minutes odd walk from Eden Park and the rain that night was not heavy – if it was, think you would see that in the number of dropped balls, scrums etc from playing having ball knocked out in contact.

As an insight in this – according to ESPN match stats, in Perth there were 15 scrums and in Auckland 14 – which indicates that the weather was not that much of a factor.

So think Oz should not be using that as a major factor to their loss.

All Black to the future at Eden Park

Problem for Oz is that they were probably missing 1 player from the 15 who will kick off against Fiji in the WC – in Arnold, with question marks over Pocock. Is/will he be fit to play in the WC.

Again there is a bit of a soft belly to the Wallabies, no shame in losing to the AB’s in Auckland – but to do it by 30+ points and get zero points? View that from what the AB’s put out in Perth in the 2nd half when down to 14 men – they lost, but showed guts in fighting to the bitter end.

For the AB’s – missing Retallick, S.Barrett(bench), Crotty and if fit/available Squires – is a very big change/improvement on the 15 they can put out on the field.

If they can get more out-put from the props, Retallick back and then get a bigger body at 6 will be pretty comfortable taking on a monster pack like the Boks. Then when Crotty is on the field and directing play – backline is only going to get more effecient.

Intersting that even with ALB and Goodhue’s positives, think the AB’s missed Crotty’s leadership and smart playmaking a lot in the tests this year.

All Black to the future at Eden Park

Pretty harsh on Ioane i think.

Big issue for him was that he played for a poorly performed Super side and that caused his form to drop off.

Think when an individual has scored the amount of tries he has – once he gets back on form he will be first picked.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Personally was surprised at just how small Reece is – when post test he was standing next to Mounga and maybe taller by an inch it appeared.

Pocket rocket I guess.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Reece is a fantastic player – but there is a reason that Ioane was getting picked prior to his drop off in form.

23 tries in 26 tests is not to be sniffed at.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Don’t know about this “wet weather” – I live within walking distance of Eden Park and there was some rain on the night – but nothing like earlier in the week in Auckland. Personally though it looked OK for the game and number of dropped balls or balls popped in contact indicated that conditions weren’t to bad.

If anything – Wet weather weakens the AB game – because one of the key points of difference between the team is speed in the backs – which the AB’s have in the back three and the Wallabies have … Hodge. So if anything Wet weather is the last thing the AB’s want to happen – dry conditions suit them a whole lot more than rain, just had to watch the English test last year to see that.

As for the AB’s taking Wallabies off the ball? Um yea – but saw the Wallabies trying to lie over the ball all the time attempting to slow the ball down? Frankly though Pepyer let the Wallabies get away with murder at times – however that’s rugby, some nights you get the rub of the green and some nights you don’t.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Ioane is 6ft 2Inch and 100+ Kg and scored 23 tries in 26 appearances.

Reece is 5ft 10 and about 88 Kg and scored 1 try in 1 appearance.

So Ioane has about 3 inches in height and probably 15 odd kilos in weight on Reece – who would you rather mark?

Then your question is would Ioane have scored the try that Reece did? Maybe not – but then look at Ioane’s try scoring exploits in tests – size, speed and a step – he can score tries that Reece can’t because of those attributes.

Both brillant players – but if both players are inform – AB Selectors will pick Ioane all day long.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

You do realize when you are playing in the Super comp and one player gets to play in the Crusaders and one gets to play for the Blues – which player has the advantage?

Ioane was in good form at the start of the season, but then like the Blues drifted away. But as an easy question is how would he have gone if he had being playing at the end of an AB laden back-line like the Crusaders? Not tough to perform when your 10, 12 and 13 are all AB starters vs. Blues backline – with only Nonu being a standout.

This is why the AB coaches will throw Ioane into the ITM cup – because they want to get his confidence/game back. An inform Ioane vs inform Reece – Ioane will be picked all day long.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Is that Ioane who was a school boy star – wait for it – in the centres?

And who funnily enough – was good enough to be played at Centre by the Blues in 2018 due to injuries?

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Yea – but problem is Hansen was complaining about the lack of impact from the Props late last year (English/Irish tests).

So problem for Franks is that this issue is not new and at this stage of his career, can re bring something to his game that he was never renowned for.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Ioane is supposed to be the quickest of the AB’s – along with Ennor – so as an idea, means both are supposed to be faster than Barrett – who has jet shoes. Further – compared to Reece, he brings size – so has a better ability to negate high balls etc.

When Ioane is inform – he is the best wing in the world – it’s if the AB’s can get him back to that form that’s the big question.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Great game for the AB’s. However still have concerns over 6 position, where against SA and Nth Hemisphere sides think we need some size – though realistically only Squires offers that and who knows what is going on there.

Could be a sad farewell to a great AB servant in Franks, who I think has run his race. Laulala just added to much by comparision to a man coming to the end of a mighty career, questioned his match fitness but what a great game from him.

Hopefully if we can get Crotty, Retallick, S.Barrett back into the team and where they are match test/fit – the team can only get better and then,

If Hansen and Co can get Ben Smith and Ioane back to top form, we will have the most lethal backline around – Ioane in form is best in world – so maybe Bridges can switch to the other side?

Then Barrett/Smith discussion – If Smith gets back into form – is it Barrett who should be a Super sub – akin to 2015?

A Bridges, Ioane and Smith back 3 with Barrett on in the last 20 minutes in a hot and humid Japan against tiring teams has a lot of appeal to me. Though even if we do continue to retain Barrett at 15 – think every team in the world would be pretty happy to have him at the back.

The Wrap: Normal order restored in Bledisloe Cup whitewash

Surprised Laulala got the nod as would question his match fitness and like Franks is noted as a scrummager but not renowned for his ball running skills.

Also think with Reece – great attacker but think can be isolated in defence and think Nick W. will be targeting him all night long with box kicks.

Weather looks like it might be a bit nasty in Auckland to – lots of rain – perfect night to rain box kicks down on new wingers.

All Blacks axe stars for Bledisloe decider

interesting selection – bit of a gamble but the only thing that stands out for me is –

In selecting Lauala – personally question marks over match fitness – so might find it a bit tough.

Reece – big upside on him but do worry about his ability under the high ball – calling in Mr White.

Loose forwards still missing some size though hopefully Cane has a better game than last Saturday, where he had a poor game.

Should be a cracker on the weekend.

All Blacks mull high-stakes selection jam

He made himself unavailable due to “personnal issues” – so could be anything from family breakdown to depression etc.

They use that discription I think to cover all bases and keep the issue confidential – remember as an employee he is covered by privacy regulations pertaining to employment.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

I think you can go with 2 small backrowers – but that’s only if you have a number of other forwards getting across the gainline e.g.

On the weekend past – No one appeared to have the ability to plough through the tough stuff. Savea obviously on the outside of people due to his speed, but no big bopper trucking it forward – Oz had that in spades across Props, locks and loosies.

Thought the AB’s were in effect owned all game by the Wallabies – not just after Barrett got sent off.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Yea I’m not confident about this weekend – don’t know what is going on with the Props? But even if you replace them with someone like Moli – he let in a basic game through lack of thought on the tryline in the weekend.

Think some big questions will be answered this weekend and Hansen is really going to show his coaching ability as AB’s have being dropping away really since middle of last year and if you were cruel – since the Lions series.

Personally I think both Props need to be put on notice – ship in 2 newbies and put size in at lock and 6 – then with SBW at 12 as a target – maybe give Ennor/Reece(? gulp) a chance on the wing and put Barrett back at 10 and Smith at 15.

Like you, think they are due a good game – hopefully it’s this weekend.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Good to see you have played rugby and more importantly in a 7 vs 8 man scrum – I mean what do you actually expect the AB pack to do – dominate the Wallaby 8 when they are down by 1 man and probably 110 Kg in pack weight?

Must be a maniac AB fan I guess if that is your set of expectations around their performance.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Pumped – they were playing in a 7 man scrum?

Prior to that they were easily holding the Wallaby scrum bar one penalty against Moody + playing with a light back-row with Savea in at Blindside.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

For my mind – this weekend will truly prove if this is a once great AB team sliding into mediocrity. They have some major issues to find a solution and which I would question if they have an answer:

1. Output from Franks and Moody – obviously best scrummaging Props we have – but currently both offer big fat zero around the field – Can’t even recall Franks/Moody making ground.
2. Loose forward mix – Both SA/Oz currently have a big 6 – to make an impact in defence but also ball running. If I was the AB coaches, would be pleading with Liam Squires or anyone with a physical presence to slot into 6 and provide that.
3. Ben Smith – Is it time up for Ben? Great player but appears that his speed is dropping – but if we replace him – who with? Reece is to green – imagine him under White’s high balls!

So Hansen this time has some significant problems in front of him and if he wants to show that he is a good coach – this is the time because this time unlike 2012 or even 2015 – he dosen’t have Wayne Smith backing him up, and no all time great AB’s in McCaw, Carter, Nonu, Smith, Kaino available rather he is starting to look rather thin in terms of WC talent.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Fantastic game for the Wallabies – think we can say they are back! What a crime that the Wallabies only have Kervei for a couple more game – they should be throwing money at him to stay!

For the AB’s – good to see Read performing, whilst he has lost some speed he was everywhere last night.

But now the problem – 2 Props, lacking some size in 6 and Ben Smith – big issues that the AB selectors have to address. Think I saw some stats that the 2 AB starting props had 1 run between them vs. AAA who made 12 himself – their lack of ball playing/running is impacting the AB’s hughly.

Then the 6 issue – what the AB’s would do to have a fit/firing Squire back – size and speed – he can hurt on defence and handy with the ball in hand.

Ben Smith – noticable when given the ball in space – he stepped in as he did not have the speed on the outside – ladytime potentially calling?

Saturday will be a humdinger of a game and can’t wait – Personally after Saturday, I’m not convinced that the AB’s currently have it within them to put out a statement. Personally think they should put in SBW and Nonu on the Bench – suddenly we would have size/skills and off-loading at 12 – ALB seems to have a great abilty to side-step sideways – but some nice direct running would be good.

The Wrap: Resurgent Wallabies place one hand on the Bledisloe Cup

This is what I posted prior to the game:

“There are now 2 tiers in the Rugby Championship – Arg/Oz and then obviously AB/SA.

Arg/Oz are closley matched – with Oz only winning by 6 points on Saturday in a home game against a side that historically has not being sensational travellers etc.

The winning edge I felt was not provided by breakdown work but more Scrum dominance. Now big question is can they acheive Scrum dominance against full strength Bok/AB scrums?

Realistically you would expect at best – pariety and then if you consider they can only gain pariety, how will they go against for example an AB loose forward trio including Cane/Savea – both of whom were missing in last Saturday’s game.

Next weeks game in Perth could be very tasty – will it show that the Wallabies are now effectively a 2nd tier nation in the RC and whom should not be bracketed with Bok/SA team in terms of quality or are the AB’s a once great team sliding down in to the pack and World Rugby is now awaiting another team to grab the “Worlds best” mantle?

Reality is that the pressure will all be on the AB’s to perform and more importantly perform well. If however Oz can put on a good performance and either snatch a win or come close – think people will be able to say the Wallabies are back and AB’s are on the slide.”

Guess what – read my last pargraph and think the results are pretty reflective of my commentary. If you view these types as unsavory – will sorry I disagree and I would imagine most people would as well.

Your commentary on the other hand is just filled with “chip on shoulder” and bogan nationalism – you are clearly just one of the sad bottom dwellers that both NZ and Australia have and all they do is embarass normal Kiwi/Ozzie fans.

Nine talking points from Wallabies vs All Blacks

Really? AB’s got owned from the get go in last nights game. That did not occur in 2011/15.

If you can’t see the significant fall in form in the AB’s over the past 12 months e.g. currently 2 wins out of the last 5 games – that’s a 40% win record vs historical record of circa 80% win record – well guss they can do no wrong.

Nine talking points from Wallabies vs All Blacks

Your comments are purile and immature – hopefully for yourself you can use the defence that you are 20 years of age.

And feel free to check out my comments prior to the game and post the game. Think I give respect to Oz whilst also questioning their abilities – which per a 4/9 win/loss record from last year is justified.

Nine talking points from Wallabies vs All Blacks