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Thanks for getting it up guys..was wondering.. Great picture of the two Clarkes racing in a breakaway in the 2013 TDU on the Stirling circuit my Home circuit thanks

Simon Clarke opens up about GreenEDGE

Hey Sean How about the Milan-San Remo being cut short for snow. Is this going to favour the breakaway (probably not over that distance) but does it become more of a sprinters race and less of a war of attrition. Does the shorter distance favour Sagan? or the conditions hit his body more than seasoned veterans? all these questions mean there is some great viewing coming!

2013 Milan-San Remo: Cycling live updates, blog

well Lee I don’ think anyone can say much about a guy (Matt Wilson) who admits to talking to his friend even though it’s not politically correct to do so!

Interview with GreenEDGE Sporting Director Matt Wilson

Thanks to Adam for answering questions that changed a bit because of circumstances and the great insight from a professional in the peloton 😀

Hansen on Australia's chances at World Championship Road Race

Also I think today’s stage favours Matt Goss from Orica-GreeneDGE more than yesterday’s stage..bias as usual 😀

Nervous start as Tour favourites stay neck and neck

Cavendish not absolutely going for Intermediate sprints as much as stage wins for Cavendish and no Points Jersey?

Are Sky already a team divided?

Yep, Gossy just nudged Sagan back when he tried to push in… Great article

Tour Stage 2: Sprinting at its finest [VIDEO]

Hi Kit, great article, nice pick on Fabian…certainly Tony Martin is a better long distance TT rider and it showed last night. Cadel 2-3% down on Wiggins on a 6 K TT. If he 2-3% down over 53 K’s it could end-up being lot. Early days! Go Gerro!

Cancellara shows he is still the man to beat

Spot on..Whose leading on time so far?

Live: 2012 Tour de France - Prologue (6.4km Time Trial)

Cold and wet here but images of beautiful sunny cycling in Europe….how could you go wrong !

Live: 2012 Tour de France - Prologue (6.4km Time Trial)

Gosh Nick, If this is your start to blogging on roar then I’m glued in 😀

Live: 2012 Tour de France - Prologue (6.4km Time Trial)

Hi Stuart, Great article. Hope we can get more! Bring on the Tour Go cadel, he will do it, Brad Wiggins is in the money but Cadel, Cadel, Cadel 😀

Reaching for the Sky as Wiggins goes for broke

My take would be so many national teams will not be want a bunch sprint, very few have beaten Cavendish on a straight-up sprint. I see Stuey engineering a breakaway win by either Evans, Rogers or Gerrans and Goss will be the Ace in the bag. I think people underestimate how hard Evans will work for the National team. Just imaging having a TdF champion as a domestique!

Australian Olympic team drowning in a sea of riches

Any comments on Jurgen Van Den Broeck chances at GC? They would not put the consummate bodyguard of Adam on him unless they thought he had a chance? 3rd Overall in the Volta a Catalunya and 5th Overall in Critérium du Dauphiné in 2012 and top 10 in Vuelta, in the past..must be in the mix?

GreenEDGEFans interviews Adam Hansen before the Tour de France

Implication is the issue. Where has due process, innocence until proven to be guilty and natural justice gone with this whole debate that has consumed cycling. We have Alberto Contador getting hung, drawn and quartered over picograms 0.000000000001 of a gram, enormous expense in generating these numbers…how about we test our children for this level of PCB’s, Mercury and Lead! right I’m going to write a post about this….that’s what the roar is for 😀

Is this the end for Lance Armstrong?

Just noticed you need to be LOGGED IN before The ROAR recognises who you are..der!

Can Goss take out Tour de France sprint jersey?

Hi hamleyn, I would agree with you, that sprinting is not solely the domain of youngsters, but I think there is a real shift in the peloton that Olympic Medals mean more than they did in the (distant) past when only amateurs raced. UCI also recognises this by putting the Olympic Rings on riders jerseys.

Can Goss take out Tour de France sprint jersey?

Cadel has Froome breathing down his back to secure podium…Cadel is not totally risk aversion to race!

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 7: Live updates, blog

Richie Porte continuing the pace. Dodger is now second in the Dauphine!

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

Team sky shedding riders now, but Team Sky continuing!!

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

mmmm..might be falling into the trap set by Evans and BMC. Do we know how many Riders Evans has working for him? Gilbert is doing water boy duties

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

Breakaway has still 3:32 on the Peloton. Best in the breakaway Machado is 5 minutes from Wiggins (Team Sky) the leader.

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

wow Jose Sarmiento wants the KOM jersey… Does anyone know how much the HC Joux-Plane will give in KOM points?

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

José Sarmiento has won both KOM’s so far with 15 points and 4 points. Colombian climber showing his ascending skills. The Colombians are renown climbers.

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog

peloton less than 3 minutes from the 19 breakaway riders: Petr Ignatenko, Alberto Losada and Yuriy Trofimov (KAT), Thomas Voeckler and Pierre Rolland (EUC), Blel Kadri and Christophe Riblon (ALM), Tiago Machado (RNT), Maciej Paterski and José Sarmiento (LIQ), Rémy Di Gregorio and David Moncoutié (COF), Egoi Martinez (EUS), Mario Marzano (LAM), Jesus Hernandez (SAX), Sylvain Chavanel (OPQ), Brice Feillu (SAU), Alexandre Geniez (ARG), Matteo Carrara (VCD). Sky will be out the front to keep control

Criterium du Dauphine Stage 6: Live updates, blog