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That’s racing.

I know who is going to win the Melbourne Cup

Yeah, I was there for her second and third cups. Was down there for the first one as well but had to go home the night before the race because our house had been broken into and the missus was upset. Damn thieves have no sense of timing!

Melbourne Cup is the biggest, but the Cox Plate is Australia's greatest race

Hello Daniel,
Very interesting article. I’ve followed Peyton forever, way more obsessively than would be considered healthy, I reckon, but that is sport for you. It can have that effect. I’m a Colts fan from the day Peyton began playing for them, but I discovered I was a Peyton fan above even being a Colts fan when he switched to the Broncos. I went to the Super Bowl when the Broncos were belted by the Seahawks – hugely disappointing result, but still a fantastic experience. I was worried I might struggle to follow the NFL like I used to with him no longer playing, but fortunately I’m getting into it as usual early this season and I’m sure that’s because it’s just such a great game. I’m not going crazy – whenever I’d watch Manning play it was dead-set edge-of-the-seat stuff all game – but I’m enjoying it and I’m trying to ease myself back into being a fair dinkum Colts fan again. They desperately needed that win today and having to go for it on fourth and seven to keep their chances alive showed how close they were to getting beaten. But they got the win and it’s an incredibly important one for them. Hopefully they can kick on from there. Let me finish by saying I’ve seen that Carson Wentz a couple of times now and, honestly, I think he is brilliant. I think he’s the future. Philadelphia are going to go places with him. That guy will likely become a superstar. Cheers.

The history of quarterbacks picked one-two in the draft