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One coach’s bare coffers are another coach’s riches I suppose…JPDM wouldn’t like the Jets then.

The Jets cannot become the A-League’s first COVID victim

Really the shock sacking of Jean-Paul, and the quick hire of Robinson, plus WSW before hand not entertaining Max Burgess (WU) from the same agency that has Robinson, Kenny Miller, Ibini, Ledley, Donachie…really wouldn’t surprise me that JPDM was turfed when a question was put into the wind around Robinson being interested in jumping ship came back in the affirmative.

Anywho – a decision on new owners might be pending the transfer of A-League independence, who then will be responsible in deciding and need to be happy with who comes in to buy the licence. I’d also say the FFA will not want to prop up the Jets if independence is looming…

…fun times.

If an earthquake didn’t flatten us, this saga won’t.

The Jets cannot become the A-League’s first COVID victim

I wish Red Bull were interested. No concrete word they ever were. Shame, they’d be a good fit but like City, there would be some rebranding. We know what they bring – stability would go down well.

Robinson jumps ship from Newcastle to take Wanderers top jop

It might happen the world over – and is ‘just football’ – but still a bit hard to take, even with contract clauses.

I mean: it was an easy thing to do, but was it the right thing to pursue?

You can’t knock someone for doing what is allowed, and the dire circumstances at the Jets, and look after yourself and career, but it also speaks there of something of ‘seeing a project’ through and loyalty that the coach themselves was not hesitant in verbally and publicly expecting others to agree to at the Jets…

Carl said similar things when arriving in Newcastle as he has done at WSW around the work and development to do. Let’s hope WSW sort themselves out internally and that bigger clubs here or elsewhere don’t come knocking after a successful stint of games.

He is a great coach and plans on our youth pathways were progressing. No doubt he has found an even better setup there. Long term he wants to manage Wales, and likely end up managing in the UK in not too distant future.

But the local frustration at events over past few days, and the circumstances that led to them – well, that part of Sydney isn’t too popular right now. Neither is Carl.

Whilst I don’t agree with completely cutting off ties with the club, I can understand those who do. Carl was a hope more than positive feeling that this season would produce something among ownership and economic issues. Taking away hope is far worse. I’ve been fairly flat because of it but from a certain point of view it is a sign I care, so there is that…

We seem to be in a cycle at the negative end more often than not. Perhaps the pending new owner decision by FFA and APFCA should really keep in mind a single owner with shallow pockets and wafer-thin cashflow is really not a good fit for this club, given what has occurred before with Con and Tinkler (and now Martin Lee). Part community ownership, even as much as 50+1, might be worth a look. Not this time round given short notice and COVID unless the new owner/s are prepared to do something different. (I’m hopeful the new owner is already a consortium prepared to let in new parties at least…now that would be different!).

At least this sorry saga has given the city some clarity around what is actually going on internally at the club, because it was very quiet for too long.

There will be a Jets, or at least a Newcastle club. And hoping Lawrie McKinna is still at the helm but that will very much depend on who the new owners wish to bring in as CEO…

…but that is only a beginning, and not for the first time. After 15 years of meager funding and bust owners, the club has nothing to show: it rents it’s training ground, offices, stadium; it has offloaded and onloaded its youth academy and women’s team (mainly to Northern NSW Football) and to various parties and facilities over that time. Not to mention players and coaches and staff.

Let’s hope there is some stability this time round; that a decent financial base can be found so that some of the above can be offloaded from the rent column, such as training and a permanent home for the academy. Things that the WSW have brought online recently. That stability makes the Jets a good prospect for players to want to sign up here.

Such a carrot and stability might keep the next Carl Robinson at the Jets longer.

Robinson jumps ship from Newcastle to take Wanderers top jop

A very positive appointment.

Gustavsson I believe went for the US Head Coach role initially against Ellis before Ellis recruited him as her chief assistant. Gustavsson said a lot about local knowledge in key roles but that he would take the time to consider ‘the assistant’ to help him.

I wonder then if Morace could get that nod, given her links with Australia and, similar to Gustavsson and Ellis, a close second in getting the Matildas role.

Matildas poised to unveil new coach

An influx of money will do that.

Brilliant article, Stuart.

Is JJ kickstarting the football economy going to save the A-League as we know it, or transform it and the game into something new?

The status quo and ‘consolidation’ of what was certainly wasn’t going to.

Indian Super League: An improving competition and A-League threat

Who’d be a club owner? 😛

Some players will go elsewhere for a season or two to get a bigger pay cheque understandably. No amount of PFA bargaining is going to stop that.

The upside could be some other local players getting opportunities in the A-League and finally making that leap when things normalise somewhat.

Owners are going to lose money – ie: they need to personally make up the shortfall, or cut costs. Understandably they want to avoid that, either way.

The downside is tickets and memberships may increase. It isn’t counter-intuitive to see that crowds/membership numbers will drop if members and fans are expected to pay these price increases passed on from the owners.

Most of all though this just highlights that the whole game needs to work together to get through this period – the next 2-3 seasons at least – and not feel like the game can go on as before.

The downside of not doing this is the game will not have changed when a completely unintended opportunity has presented itself.

PFA need to show leadership and deal with reality

Yeah Nabbout might easily end up in Saudi Arabia or Xanthi FC, but could as easily sign a season extension with City while global travel sorts itself out post-COVID.

As long as he remains injury free City fans should be excited.

I’d have him back at the Jets but I’m not holding my breath any time soon, if ever.

Why Andrew Nabbout to Melbourne City makes sense

I think you articulated well why Nabbout is a by far a better player than Wales.

Remains to be seen what Kisnorbo implements for City but Nabbout doesn’t have to play second fiddle to Maclaren in attack – they are disimilar players that they won’t tread in each other’s space imo – but the opposite where they could be a twin attacking force and swap roles as easily as switch positions.

A good pickup by City that makes sense for Nabbout’s family to remain where they are is the perfect summary.

Why Andrew Nabbout to Melbourne City makes sense

How much more effort and cost to host Y-League games before A/W-League matches?

Second divisions would then provide even more opportunities which can only be a good thing.

Seeing youth leagues as the first to cut costs and last to get funding is more detrimental for the 17-22 bracket as the tokenistic 8-game Y-League shows.

Anyone bemoaning the lack of Aussies in the English Premier League is missing the point

What is a ‘golden generation’ but a product of development of capable players all at once.

Development has moved on around the world but has ours?

Our development methods have changes since the golden generation were produced at their local clubs, played regularly since mid-late teens into their early 20’s, or went overseas, worked hard and made the first team.

Nothing wrong with developing at clubs, A/W-League or otherwise, but the end product + re-enforcing that education with game time is key in 17-22 age bracket.

Whether our current development setup is right or wrong is a bit hard to judge when youth are not getting the necessary, consistent game time in that age bracket.

Has Australia missed another golden generation?

Perhaps this could be where the ‘A-League All Stars’ would come into it…maybe two teams in an exhibition game for charity of who’s left while the FIFA tourneys are on…

Rather than State of Origin would you have an ‘East vs West’ team (WA/SA/Vic/TAS/NT vs ACT/NSW/QLD/NZ)?

Is there room for a football State of Origin?

Interesting take although I am surprised it didn’t happen during the NSL era in the 80’s when leagues version was taking off.

Although it is interesting that the youth championships between the football states over the decades serves this purpose in some way?

Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the A-League All Stars games – even though Berisha and Broich both indicated it was a way of representing Australia that they wouldn’t have – and even less so the exhibition club matches that followed later.

I wonder if it is just too big a concern to select between A/W-League and NPL/State teams that has the FFA Cup and potential other cups in the future serve a similar purpose and a rivalry through a different lens?

Is there room for a football State of Origin?

…and a young Robbie Kruse as a late sub before signing for Fortuna Dusseldorf a week or so later…a fairly newly appointed Holger Oziek…

That game was almost the equivalent of the 2003 England vs Australia 1- 3 win at Upton Park to begin the 2006 World Cup campaign.

Instead of a fairly new Lucas Neill et al, in 2011 we had Emmo, Neill, H, Holman, Ognenovski, et al retire as Ange left them out of the 2014 World Cup squad (or H two years earlier).

Is three Popovics a few too many?

Will the young Poppa boys get a game or training time between now and when the A-League kicks off in December-February?

The move might be good for them 😉

Is three Popovics a few too many?

More Aussie coaches overseas is a good thing.

If Poppa can get a team back into the top flight then more power to him to do so.

Popovic leaves Glory to join European club

It’s all on JJ. That is a good and bad thing.

I believe he is capable. Just that he doesn’t have the total control that seems to be needed to make meaningful change, unless he can steer all stakeholders in the right direction for the game.

Can football be saved from itself?

City should have their heads up after this game: this wasn’t a choke or a weak performance by any means.

City came out hard and had Sydney pegged back a little early – making Grant hang back a little took the pressure off that side highlighted this – but as the game wore on one thing became apparent:

Sydney’s bench is quality and deep, something which City suffered from late game as both teams emptied the pine.

Both keepers had good games, especially Tom Glover who kept City in the game to allow his forwards the opportunity to level.

This is where Noone would have frustrated me as a fan: good positions and ball in the box but one too many touches destroyed the slim chances he had throughout the game. And McClaren was kept quiet as Sydney midfield turned the screws, their quality subs even more so, and began to peg back City’s defence, allowing Grant to overlap and bomb forward as the game wore on.

Easily Curtis Good and Glover could have earnt the Marston Medal – perhaps they would have if City won – but hard to go past Grant’s influence.

Grand Finals: nothing wrong with them when all is said, for the 43rd edition 😉

Gripping grand final proves there's still life in the A-League yet

The obvious choice is City and Sydney.

It is no surprise if it will be WU vs Perth.

WU vs Sydney very possible.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Semi-finals

So the strategy of defending a narrow lead, or stiffling your opponent and hitting them on the counter, narrows the form gap in a one-off game. It is just smart coaching to adjust for this part of the season if you are unsure your current setup will do the job.

Sydney have barely changed between pre-and-post COVID break on top of a shift in strategy for this part of the season by likely opponents.

A couple of fast, early goals for Sydney or City will mean Perth and Western United will have to change and open up to win the game, which could play into either of the ‘sky blue’ teams’ hands.

I expect only Western United currently are capable of over-hauling that sort of deficit.

Sydney FC and Melbourne City had better be ready for their A-League semi-finals

Would it be necessary to put a -*- next to the season if Western United become Champions?

Like the Nix winning the dunny seat, Western United would give plenty to talk about during the off-season until December or February kick-off.

Are Western United a Cinderella story or the A-League's ugly sibling?

That is correct! 😂

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

Daniel Garb and Hill’s Monday podcast was brilliant, as was Peacock’s Wednesday edition.

Simon has a new one out with Craig Moore and Zeljko Kalac – a must listen already and showcases Hill’s journalistic and presenter credentials. As well as his ability to call various levels of football for answers.

Hill would be brilliant as the new FFA community and comms manager – a well respected media and community personality to get the stories of football out there into the public domain, and to the community. Who knows if he’s going for it but a key role post-COVID normality.

I’m glad Hill is not lost to us and to football journalism in Australia, which has been decimated these past few months.

On the Bozza vs Speedy stoush: My recollection last night was that Speed was not giving up the debate, but Bozza had moved on. After four to five minutes it sounded like Bozza had had enough.

Not great in the end, and Bozza was a bit cheesed off for a bit, but Speed should have moved on earlier after his third attempt at winning the debate.

Maybe FoxSports have cost-cutted production crew so much there wasn’t a producer in their ears to ‘move on! You’re live on air, gents!’…

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

LH – technically I thought a vector had a value and direction.

Velocity and speed are synonyms. Just a value. Like acceleration, but different. 😛

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

Well it turned out to be a win but Adelaide need to slip up badly and us to win for a slight chance on sixth.

Read a comment after the Sydney game that Robinson was two games too late this season.

That’s possible but Robbo’s already planning for next season, reflected by the starting lineup and his now oft line of ‘show me if you want to be part of my plans’.

Ibini replied with some fine defensive cover and midfield runs, plus a couple of exquisite attacking passes.

Fitzgerald’s scissor goal nice on the CV but expect some more starts from him.

Some signings will depend on ownership, unfortunately.

Newcastle Jets’ disastrous restart makes three points tonight against Sydney a must