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Metrics – really it all comes down to who earns and benefits from the available money.

Is it the broadcaster, the FFA, the owners, the clubs, the game itself? It doesn’t seem right now all are co-benefiting, and stronger desires a swaying/challenging the flow of funds.

Not eluded to much is how the FFA may not want the money to flow to foreign owners rather than back in the game itself. Will foreign owners put profits back into the game to grow it or move it offshore to prop up other operations?

Easy to see the FFA wanting to guarantee some funding for development.

State feds want a slice but really there should be concentrations on the pyramid so that money could flow down easier.

FFA spent years consolidating and trying to ride out trends in metrics but now seem constrained in growth and left open for other parties impatient to see this happen.

Much has been made of youth development but then few teams are playing youth – and agree with Bosnich (not the first to mention) the Y-League is now a joke for development – and couple with ACL slide over the past few years, the professional game doesn’t appear to be improving, in isolation or against other AFC nations.

If the money to be made is via broadcasting (and both ad and sub revenue), and money is needed to fix a growing list of issues sooner than later, then decisions need to be made fast.

Something that hasn’t occurred over recent time.

Football must find new revenue streams in more ways than one

Probably one of the few chances to look at fringe players before qualification begins.

It would be good to face a strong Korea Republic to answer any questions Arnold has around the fringe and their capability during proper qualification games.

Graham Arnold unveils Socceroos squad full of fresh faces for South Korea friendly

Maybe this will get more of a run again as Premiers weren’t also Champions, yet again?

What is the difference between first-past-the-post type ‘European’ style, and the Premiership?

Both are best in the league and gain a champions league spot…

Is it time for the A-League to scrap finals?

Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

What would each A-League club's 2018-19 season song be?

Agree AGO74 (20 May 2019 @ 10:58am) – I think that is a big question on starting Chianese over Keogh with Castro at the point of attack, then swapping with Chianese as Castro dropped to a playmaker role.

While both sides had their opportunites, both were fairly tight in defence and not willing to break as readily. While one or the other had dominance in parts of the game, largely the keepers only made a few saves.

Ikonomidis and Davidson were noticeably prominent on the field, as was Grant, but Redmayne at the end sealed it for Sydney.

While Ninkovic won the JM medal – perhaps rather lazily from the voting committee – this is not the lasting memory of the Grand Final for me as a neutral.

The A-League is done, so will anyone come back next season?

Nice one Jordan!

It goes to the heart of what it means to be a football fan and a supporter of club and how the broad brush, cookie cutter approach to support just doesn’t apply to all.

Another way of looking at it is would it be better to limit the fans at another venue? Certainly if the stadium was half empty that would give some another point to take issue with, possible the same mob would lament as to why the general populace doesn’t support Perth/WA/all things not-East Coast.

Supporting a club can be complex: economics, distance, family, circumstances etc. mess with priorities and attendance every week would be nice but can be a luxury.

Enjoy the week, they don’t come around all that often for some fans.

Your experience with your club is a personal one. Unfortunately some forget theirs is not the yard stick they wish it to be for all.

This A-League grand final bandwagon talk must stop

That’s the one…

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final

Slater is one of the worse when he isn’t in check. Harper has a soft spot for the Hunter but I don’t think he favours them, or Sydney nearly as much as others.

Can’t remember his name but one commentator a few weeks ago was wearing his orange-coloured glasses when co-commentating a Roar game. It was terrible.

Contrast with Ben Homer: a proud Novocastrian and Jets supporter, but you wouldn’t know it 😛

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final

I want Perth to win. Same as last week…and they nearly didn’t.

Perth will have a lot of nerves and expectation in front of a parochial crowd. They’ve just got to rise above that and play how they have for the majority of the season.

Tactically I think Poppa is going to have to overcome Corica’s use of box crowding during on goal set pieces, and not let Sydney have too much of the ball in defensive transition.

Perth are dangerous in attack, especially when they do it at speed, and they have the quality to unlock a tighter defence with some creative play (see Castro’s goal last week with Ikonomidis assist).

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final

No worries Jordan. Keep it real, lower expectations so that when Perth win, the feeling is even greater B-)

I wasn’t holding my breath when Jets won the Championship, but really, deep down I was hoping.

Similar last year although that was a different disappointment.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final

A Perth win then, Stuart 😉

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Grand final

Tom Rogic didn’t go through regular pathways either but he won the Nike academy competition, which led to an eventual Mariners contract.

Three players A-League clubs must sign this transfer window

Not long now. Unfortunate for the likes of Alex Chidiac but a good strong squad.

Certainly no mean feet for a footballer to be able to make the squad for four World Cups so well done to Lisa, Clare, and Lydia for joining Tim and Mark in making an elite list.

Matildas unveil squad for Women's World Cup

Perhaps all the bag searching on entering A-League games stems from flare use in the past.

But is doesn’t equate to evicting a dad because he needed to take his daughter to the nearest adjacent toilet rather than the hundreds of metres around the ground.

And if there were fan violence at the football/soccer in Australia we would have heard about it, ad nauseam

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

One of the board members on Twitter responded last night that they’d look into it, as would Greg O’Rourke, and would chat with the dad personally.

As to a much wider media release and comment they may be getting all the facts before commenting…

…but then you do wonder if a simple ‘we don’t want our fans and community to have this experience and will investigate in lieu if any improvements can be made so this scenario will not occur again’ type release could occur in the interim.

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

Understand those scenarios Fadida and how sometimes de-esculation isn’t enough…

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

I agree here with you AGO74.

It is not a question about what FFA can make the police do.

But venue security are usually in much larger numbers.

And this case it appears to have been the venue security that called the police in.

Was it the right call? Was it over the top and could have been handled better by venue security without police involvment?

And FFA do hire the venue and all the associated services that go with it is part of the ‘matchday experience’.

Can FFA afford to allow a third party to affect that experience enough that it negatively impacts on the perception of the FFA and the game to the very people they would like to attend more and engage with the game more?

Perhaps the FFA needs to review the various companies that are hired by the venues the FFA hire.

Or work with those venue security groups on how better to manage crowds.

Or start planning how they can hire venues without venue security.

Or gain access to different venues where they have greater input in security personnel management of crowds…

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

Who hires who might be clear, and it has been for some time.

But the perception and reputation from the actions of third parties, official law enforcement or private companies, or both in this case, is also clear as to who affects – fans attending and the parent body that it is done on behalf of.

And it is a common theme among most venues to those few it does affect that haven’t done anything wrong.

No one is telling police how to enforce the law but then what law was broken here? Backing up venue security who decided to evict a payed patron for what? Managing a large crowd by herding people to use a central toilet facilities on the other side of the ground? Not practical to treat hundreds or thousands as the same at all times?

FFA have condemned it and will investigate. The police may not be willing to manage the crowd better but the hired security can.

You might hire the venue but the contract would state a third party will manage of course. If you want surveys to state your guests are enjoying themselves and not being hassled for no reason, you might be a bit more interested in how the local bikey gang affects that perception if they are being hired over other, more capable groups that can do a better job with less hassle, and don’t need to bring a gang of police in to act as heavy muscle for party security on minor disagreements.

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

Ultimately FFA have to do something about it.
Subcontracting out to manage the crowd on behalf of and in FFA’s name (and it follows Sydney FC, A-League, football, the venue,…) means those actions last night reflect what those bodies think of its fans?
It sounds ludicrous but tell that to a dad and his daughters the day after.
The FFA may be looking into it but it shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. ‘Match Day Experience’ isn’t just belting a song out over the PA with a few giveaways.
If a review and contract termination won’t stop this repeating if FFA hand over to another organisation with the same mandate.
And what work, if any, has been let slip so low that NSW Police (and other state forces) allow harassment of a citizen at the game?
Managing the herd has gone too far if it misses the mark and affects those it is suppose to be supporting.
Oh and the football was good…

When is the A-League going to admit it has a problem with policing?

Hoping for a Perth win and hosting the Grand Final. The GF will sell out in Perth wherever it is hosted there.

Fair to say the A-League era didn’t start too well for Glory.

Regardless of the result hopefully they can maintain this level for a few seasons rather than drop off immediately following.

Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth

Or some commentary on how he should have done better during the campaign and had a better result on election night when it counted…

Tonight's A-League semi-final should be a celebration of Perth

Oh and Paul: brought back memories as a kid…house filled with crepe paper and parents getting ready for the grand final 😀

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Semi-finals

3-0 Perth vs Adelaide
It should be Perth. Adelaide didn’t look all that convincing against a City side hesitant to be caught out at the back.

Stranger things have happened and perhaps like Wellington, a fantastic season may stare Perth in the face and shrug if they don’t stick to what they do best – score.

1-2 Sydney vs Victory
It wouldn’t surprise me if Sydney win, but I think Victory are prepping better for one-game-at-a-time approach.

It might just come down to who keeps who quiet the most in attack.

Perth vs Victory Grand Final in Perth.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Semi-finals

That’s progress :-p

City went down fighting, but Joyce had to go

I wonder what the salary of that squad is?

If they made it under the cap then Macarthur South-West United could just make some calls now :mrgreen:

The Roar’s A-League team of the season are Johnny Warren Medal contenders