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The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 24 (sort of!)

Yes, what is everyone’s plans for semi-isolation when it occurs? Football Manager 😛 , catchup on old games, reading, art, dare I say dreaming of thrashing the kids on FIFA?

And if Fowler gets an overseas gig after one semi-not-getting-the-spoon-but-not-being-close-to-premiership season then that says a lot about ‘not what you know, but who you know’ 😁

Stuck inside watching Australian football: A coronavirus diary

Early days…

A-League and W-League seasons to continue without fans amid coronavirus outbreak

Only second confirmed case in the Hunter but with NSW with the most cases and QLD getting there, it seems two Sydney teams, Brisbane and possibly Victorian teams leading candidates for someone to get COVID-19. Once that happens almost impossible to keep postponing matches for months just to complete the season.

If not this week then next this will hit football. The worse is ahead of us.

A-League and W-League seasons to continue without fans amid coronavirus outbreak

Near the end of the season makes some sense to see if it can be finalised but it’ll take just one player or staff member to become COVID-19 positive and that whole team will have to self isolate – the season would have to be scrapped at that point.

While I can’t at this stage see the season finishing, even if compressed, I think it is highly possible the Finals Series will be canned and Sydney and the top places will determine ‘Premiers’ and ACL places.

A nice precursor of ‘first past the post’ even if not intentional 😉

A-League and W-League seasons to continue without fans amid coronavirus outbreak

Some Jets hitting form collectively at the right time.

Ugarkovic definitely just needs a couple more regular goals to his name to complete his game.

It was a great run to arrive in the box virtually unmarked but I am still wondering how Burns was able to get his foot on the ball for a quality cross while in the middle of being tackled.

A-League Round 23: Team of the week

This Ben.

I posted a YouTube link on Twitter for the City game as someone in UK was going ‘the Russian League is on’.

Perfect opportunity for the A-League to market itself far and wide – there might not be a crowd, but there is some football to watch 😉

What happens if there's no more A-League?

Lack of fortitude, or an erosion of mental substance?

CCM seem to have a collective scar and retreat into their shells without a good run of results. Or is that a bit too simplistic given the quality of the squad they are capable of assembling? This could well be affecting Stajčić and team selections.

Sydney appear to have a bank of this mental substance to draw on but I don’t think the well is that deep: consider that the choice of coach and football department is just as important to maintain past momentum and ride through difficult challenges, lest it erodes in one bad season and takes a few to overcome.

The Jets also, having some history of poor seasons, can have good ones. An interim coach showed some of that mental substance was there, and the new coach + a couple of new signings have the side looking vastly different to earlier in the season.

How far can the Jets go in seven rounds? Have Sydney done enough to ride out a bad patch for the Premiership? Will Brisbane storm home? Have CCM already bowed and accepted their place at the bottom, even though they have shown they can play earlier in the season, with a different lineup, and challenge the Jets or Victory for not accepting failure?

Substance in the A-League: Who has it and who needs it badly?

So the question is: locking-out the crowds will boost ‘media’ numbers (media means the online platforms, given the more accurate measures…)?

Interesting scenario and perhaps some discussion on whether crowds matter, beyond lost revenue for clubs (but should be savings from not having to hire the venue for those rounds).

Substance in the A-League: Who has it and who needs it badly?

Mitch Duke indicated on Twitter that the humidity affected him personally and he didn’t receive a ‘second wind’ like usual. He didn’t excuse the performance but felt it affected the team collectively given they know they can be better (some reading between the lines there on my part).

While you can appreciate the honesty it still shouldn’t detract from a great performance by Brisbane.

Also training in that environment this time of year should be an extra advantage for Brisbane at home, but they still have to play and carry out the coaches plan.

Substance in the A-League: Who has it and who needs it badly?

Like anything there is a tipping point when something is the right price > slightly too high but willing to spend/to support > the cost is too high and no longer willing to buy.

This is the same for ticket prices and ergo ground attendance as one reason.

Pre-Tinkler at the Jets and Con would be renowned for putting prices up after a successful season to make money. Crowds would drop off a bit, and drop off some more if the Jets were not doing so well (happened in the NSL, too).

Tinkler came in and wanted to see more people in the stands. More people, with a positive experience would return, and they would be more likely to buy merchandise. Tinkler may have been willing initially to wear some costs but the numbers increased.

So for those seasons of the Tinkler era, the crowds were relatively high for what then ended up some poor results and off-field dramas towards the end as season ticket holders would turn up (having bought cheap memberships).

Contrast iirc with Brisbane at the time who wanted to offset costs by increasing ticket prices. Which in part affected crowds. They haven’t been the only one to do this, and it seems some still think offsetting reduced crowd size venue hire by increase ticket prices will reduce the margins.

So if the A-League has a bit of a revamp, the A2 second division comes in, perhaps even some changes to squads and other aspects of the league, then for some at least the worse that could be done would be to reduce rather increase ticket prices to bring people to the stands.

Of course some positive experiences while there helps but for some it is that first step into the stands for a game that can break down barriers for returning.

How much trouble is the A-League seriously in?

Streaming platforms haven’t just arrived they are part of the media landscape.

The early successes of Netflix at al have meant everyone wants a piece of the money pie which means fragmentation and multiple subs for consumers.

The ideal scenario for football fans in Australia would be for one entity to have the top few football content on their platform.

Optus seems to be that entity so gaining A-League along with UCL, EPL and the likes of J-League seems preferred – plus hoping ACL arrives there, too.

Whether Kayo/Fox retains (unlikely) or new bidders drive up rights price, consolidating Telstra, Kayo, Fox (and FTA) into the one package makes sense.

Making more sense would be the A-League having greater control of and offering their own subscription for their content to retain the most revenue, rather than receiving a money deal.

A good deal with Optus might be the halfway point while the ‘A-League brings in more content in an A2 division amongst others.

Does a new broadcaster hold the key to the A-League's future?

1 – 1 : BRI vs WSW
2 – 1 : ADL vs WUN
1 – 2 : MVC vs SYD
0 – 3 : CCM vs WEL
2 – 1 : PER vs MCY

Brisbane could win this game, maybe even WSW, but I going for a draw.

I think Sydney will bounce back from the disappointing draw from ACL but will find it tough against Victory looking to keep up winning momentum.

Adelaide is relatively consistent at home but another tough one against WU. Similarly Perth taking the points off City.

Really Nix should take the points from CCM, who appear in disarray. Hoping for their fans it is not another goal fest against them.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Newcastle needs wins and doing so at home to Perth when that hadn’t happened in many years was something to get the side pumped for the remaining games…

…then Victory and WU also won which doesn’t help the Jets at all eyeing a distant sixth place.

I think Sydney will end up easily being Premiers but 2-4 will be one tussle while 5-9 will become clearer over the next few weeks depending on which team produces a consistent run.

The Jets need to win all their games and as unlikely as that sounds they could still have a decent run and show up inconsistencies in other teams and play havoc with those looking at finals football.

Jets looking very much like they’re preparing for next season already while looking at not giving up on this one while there is life left in it still.

Taking Stuart’s list I would say Jets will finish 7-8th where Adelaide and Western United will be lower than they are now – possible that either of those two will be 10th and fighting with the Mariners for a FFA Cup spot this year.

A-League parity causes havoc in a frantic run to the finals

That ball was coming straight down, not across. Even more difficult.

And he managed to connect well and smash it into the turf making it harder to stop.

A great goal. It would win goal of the week any other week (and still might) but a shame his team got flogged 6-2 to gloss over what is a fantastic debut goal.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

I think those questions are starting.

Good point by Bozza last night: why have certain quality players on the bench now when games are being lost like that?

I’m sure it is pretty trying all-round but not doing anything is worse than not trying something.

What’s a Rudan or Talay going to do there?

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

…also Merrick didn’t want a replacement that was offered when Clayton Zane vacated an assistant position.

Perhaps a stubborn streak in Merrick, and a penchant to doing things on his own.

Certainly he showed belief in his players. And when he found a lineup that worked, all was good. But he didn’t seem to want to change if results were not as good.

It would have been interesting who Merrick would have started if Kanta and Jackson injuries occurred earlier.

And I doubt we would have switched to a back-three.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Oh don’t worry. Can’t forget that one in a hurray 🙂

There was talk on whether that was (as Brendon Speed eluded to during the telecast) that was the best scored at Hunter Stadium…

…not withstanding the Scorpion Goal he called, all Nick Carle’s almost-length-of-the-park winner…

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Similar thing on Tom Rogic (Canberra) by CCM, when he just got offered a contract after winning Nike Challenge…

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

I can’t quite recall a round like that in any season that could top this one.

Just the shear number of ‘goal of the season’ contenders – the bulk of the highlights real is already made.

And the teams wanting sixth spot gave a collective wave to a couple above them.

The Jets win was vital but not so Victory’s or WU’s from the Jets context.

If that sort of momentum continues it will provide plenty of stories leading to to the final rounds.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Simon Hill. FoxSports.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Fitness is the question – both are in the extended squad so remains to be seen if they stay in.

I’ll be surprised if we make the six and would imply and awesome run in the final rounds if so, and good momentum into the final series.

Not dissimilar to some past season but it has been the opposite for the most part – a slow slide from a good start and scrapping for points but ultimately finish seventh or so.

Now it is about converting the numerous chances created, which has been the story for a couple of seasons, to reward some good football since Merrick’s sacking.

A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

So far with two draws of the final 10 games their max points is 26 from 30, which would put the Jets on 41 points.

Not an impossibility or too few points, but stacked against us and relies on other results to keep sixth closer to bottom pack.

A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

In the only draw of the list of games: I expect Victory will want to go for the Adelaide game as obviously wins are vital. Adelaide are good at home but see this as a draw, not least because a Jets win vs Perth will allow us to move ahead of Victory. A Victory loss is better but can’t see that as much as a draw.

A narrow City win over Brisbane but again it could easily be a draw or a loss – real pressure on City to keep second and they don’t look comfortable being there.

Great run of puns for Paul there – I could go a few with ‘danger (Carl) Robinson’ but really if the Jets have any ambition of sixth place they need to keep putting teams to the sword with more goals on the scoreboard. I think they can against Perth but the headache for Carl is how to fit an in form Thurgate in with Hoolahan if not reverting to a back four defence. I think likely a similar setup to last round with Thurgate making way for Hoolahan, but then does one of Roy or Arroyo make way for an off-the-bench debut for Ibini. Still plenty of disruption for the Jets as they need wins to move away from the spoon.

Except for the draw basically home wins all round.

A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

Perth played well and looked comfortable and in control for good chunks of that game.

Run mainly by Castro.

Was Sydney FC’s ACL embarrassment the A-League’s fault or just a bloke named Ange’s?