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It didn’t seem that long ago FFA were using active support as a difference in advertising to encourage people to games.

It seemed like the negative press on certain elements of active support got a knee-jerk reaction that got worse every year. No wonder certain groups cited this as a reason to close up.

Clubs are willing to work with these groups (well they did with the Jets groups last season) and if the FFA follow suit…well it isn’t too late for this season.

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

I’ve never met you Mike, but none of your pics looks like any of the others…

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

Preparation will be tight before hand but we should be aiming for nothing less than semi-final of the Asian Cup.

It is expected that all games are analysed closely, especially to glean what Arnold will be thinking although I think he might keep one or two things hidden early.

Of course Arnold needs to be given the time and chance to prepare. I’m not sure a couple of early, poor results will matter to some, which may spiral down quickly and affect the team and Arnold.

Graham Arnold: On a hiding to nothing or the chance of a lifetime?

Waz, I could do without ‘The Summer of Football’ if it meant the A-League could start a few weeks early and then break for three weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Music won't help the A-League, but Tina Turner just might

So who will (help the A-League)?

Ricky Martin or any current or former The Voice judges are out given they are on a competing network to TEN 😉

Would a Tina Turna type campaign work for the A-League?

Just a considered and extensive ad campaign than barely nothing would be a start.

Music won't help the A-League, but Tina Turner just might


At the Central Coast, hey?

We’ll have to get an in-match report from Mid…during the corner music for the full atmosphere from the stands.

O'Rourke's suggestions another cringey, tone-deaf blunder

Looks like your right Kaks…

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

I’d love to know what computer operating system and browser people are using to have paragraph spaces…making me feel more illiterate that I already am.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

It’s been mentioned but yeah, kill the organic atmosphere over many seasons then bring in some loud, sanitised music…

I think music and announcements can get in the way of goal celebrations as it is at times, but a good announcer can help not hinder that. While I’m partial to the horn in hockey when a goal is scored, I still think letting the crowd create the celebratory noise for a goal should be paramount.

Is O’Rourke really the brainchild or just the messenger?

Mike, if I had such a survey pop in my inbox, I’d wouldn’t delete it but make some reasonable suggestions 😉

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

One article I read was referencing BBL for in game entertainment as a measure of success football should take to increase crowd numbers… Here I was thinking it was the shorter format.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Well in, Ben. It is a good reminder…

Is it the media's responsibility to only report good news stories?

It’s OK Waz, we still will beat you 😉 and that is all the ‘licing’ on the cake we might need in an expected poor season…

Ok sorry I’ll go back to reminiscing on last seasons exploits… 😎

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

New designs can often be jarring, especially a major change in user experience in addition to design. This is quite a large change in experience.

I am just surprised at how little the design is responsive across devices. The last design had some issues but this seems to just give over space to large format print design.

Editing a comment was a nice feature – or safety net – that I am missing, as well as the email notifications of new discussion on topics I am interested in. It was nice to follow via email as I don’t often have the opportunity to go into the website and article to see where it’s at.

I am sure the kinks are being ironed out, and some features might make it back in – sometimes they’re unknowingly turned off.

Letting them know should help there.

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

I think you are right. I certainly can’t remember this amount of stability in the pre-season. McKinna seems a good fit and is community minded and it doesn’t just trickle down but flows effortlessly throughout the whole structure, including the women’s and youth teams. It cannot be understated how much unifying all the teams last season is going to help that ‘one team, one club culture’ that the women’s team alone is benefiting from, and hopefully the youth teams have more of a role in entry to senior teams. I heard the last visa spot is being saved for January, and there are a couple of spots left, or maybe just one now that Austin has signed for the season. We need another keeper. I hope it is another good season as that would really begin to set the club up, coupled with the community engagement they already do, to increase that baseline of solid support that wasn’t too bad during the dark ages. Merrick just oozes confidence. Although I think he’s flogging the team at the moment as there are a few injuries but expect that will begin to taper off in a few weeks. I think it will be a tougher season. A good start will be key for momentum again I think.

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

Nope, just <br> tag…

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

Is it just me or is their no edit function? The comments was done via a Mac and Firefox and doesn’t include paragraphs similar to what happens on iOS. This was a double spacing after the fullstop. I don’t think this commenting engine is suitable for this site … Oh and HTML tags seem to be stripped as well…

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

Will Sydney FC emulate the Ferguson/Moyes transition at ManU? Yes but not to the same degree – Sydney will not be Premiers.

Jets will be good, but I think a lot of sides will be less inconsistent this year – or games will be tighter – and so top six will be in constant rotation rather than a standout performer leading the league from Round 1.

Perth will be better for ditching Lowe/concentrating on defence.

Brisbane won’t fare much better this season but Aloisi will be around until season’s end.

Resolving the governance saga won’t make a difference to the season; former FFA members will take credit for any upswing this season and next due to their decisions now. Will be quiet or drop a few comments on how they could do better if not.

Quality imports will spur other sides to take note for January and next season; similarly players will be more likely to come here regardless of the money offered.

Mariners will be better, Phoenix will not be.

The W-League will enjoy the focus that consistent game telecasting will bring.

The men’s National Team will struggle a little at the Asian Cup, but make the semis.

The women’s National Team will make the semis of the World Cup.

The men’s World Cup Qualifiers will be the most nerve wracking since joining the AFC…

Five bold predictions for the 2018-19 A-League season

You could be right Waz, as far as pre season predictions go 😆

One thing the Jets rare have is a stable preseason, which I think both McKinna and Merrick are going for.

O’Donovan was out for a significant period last season and it wouldn’t surprise me if he will find it hard to get back into a successful squad this time.

Still a number of squads have recruited well on paper and with that squad quality looks a step up for this season.

Every A-League team's 2018-19 one-word mission: Part two

Brilliant Paul. Busy day, read in fits and starts but never wanted to stop reading this, much like the players in this article in wanting to play.

Thanks for all the efforts that must have occurred to piece this together.

Mothering the Matildas: The trailblazers who kickstarted Australian women's football

Comment engine feedback: on iOS paragraphs are remove creating one block of text…

This was a double paragraph…

Will this year's Big Blue be a meeting of the A-League's best-ever squads?

You have to wonder at the cap with some of these players.

Then again I am hoping more likely that an effective scouting and analysis team have found that sweat spot of talent per dollar at a level that makes other teams take notice and replicate.

Will this year's Big Blue be a meeting of the A-League's best-ever squads?

Agree with Waz, there are many factors.

I’d also add the fees for coaching courses (which then might put pressure on coaches to recoup costs, if not a living). Drop fees to encourage higher education at the grassroots level – should increase quality of coaching availability. Some comparisons in UEFA between availability of educated coaching numbers at youth levels indicates a link between this youth quality from articles read years ago.

Another that can easily be overlooked is football culture in the sense that football is just another after-school activity – train once or maybe twice a week plus a game on Saturday. Seeing it this way is not universal but football as a part of life being more widespread and played outside of set hours a week would help. You could go into private academies and their effect in diverting money from families and quality of football education…

…ideally if A-League and National Team stars had skill segments as part of kids TV, this might help. There are apps but the youngest age groups would benefit imo. (Similar to what Tom Byer has done in Japan for years).

Good article.

The heat is on the National Curriculum in Malaysia

Agree with this and others. It is probably an opportunity to farewell which might not be as possible post Asian Cup in 2019 leading into 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

Whilst the few matches leading to the Asian Cup defence are important, you could see him coming off early second half to give the necessary ovation, before the rest of the half to trialling some fringe players.

Tim Cahill vs Lebanon: A significant match in the context of our times

The FFA Cup is a lot of things FIL. A lot of positive things.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive

In some ways you could say the FFA Cup is designed for upsets as a means to generate interest: NPL sides nearing end of the season (and at their season best) vs early pre-season A-League sides some of which are only a bare few weeks into preseason.

It doesn’t happen every time though.

Our next iteration of football needs to be much more inclusive