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Yep Salman must be a shoe-in for FFA to not go against him and rock Nikou’s bid for the exec committee.

What is East Asia doing not having any candidates?

FFA to support controversial AFC president re-election

I think we can learn from others, and should, but what was successful also in the late 80’s to late 90’s that produced a golden generation?

While some put this down to first generation migrant parents, this wasn’t all backyard teaching…

This was also a different time in youth developent (and a lot of countries have thrown resources and used methods since then to make it a more competitive market) but something worked for us in a amateur-to-semi-professional environment when others had professional clubs, greater football culture, and history.

Have a combination that has adequate resources thrown at it – how different would it look compared to what we have now?

Most A-League players can't compete in Asia. Why shoot the messenger?

As mentioned there are many variables with youth development here.

One is monetary resources being piled into the development furnace elsewhere but here we cost-cut and close avenues, reduce game time, put up barriers to education…that alone has a huge effect.

Development structures? As Mid eludes to, many grassroots parents can access coaching resources but a good proportion are the ones left standing when other parents step back at ‘who wants to be coach’ call. How many of those have the inclination or background to get educated, and then the ability to teach? (Two very different things).

And grassroots might have the numbers but are they really the level that emerges at the community level at 16-18 for national and state rep teams? No. It is the next level above, the regional and state level SAP and development squads, NPL teams, A-League academies, and even some commercial ‘academies’.

But is that the critical mass of numbers to produce a plethora of talent? Is it subsidised to allow more talented kids to enter from grassroots/community level, or priced higher to pay for coaching, sessions hire, kit, facilities…leaving some out of that pathway?

And does that have to be the only pathway (see Tom Rogic development) or is it all steered in that direction by the FFA as the preferred way (with curriculum) rather than alternatives (sans curriculum)?

What about futsal? Making more of school (primary/secondary) football leagues, with coaching?

Or increasing the time in development – near full-time vs a few days a week?

And the AIS CoE (closed)? Reduced Y-League? Competitions with other youth at higher levels within AFC? Is winter NPL for A-League youth teams enough?

Subsidising coaching to increase knowledge-base so that more enter and teach at lower levels? And how does that sit with coaching costs, and paying for what can be an employed position?

Then there is the level of training at A-League level compared to others, especially for early career footballers.

But by then if your football education wasn’t up to snuff compared to other countries, resources were a lot less, it was part-time, facilities threadbare, expensive, and game time a lot less against different levels…

…what needs to occur to change that?

Most A-League players can't compete in Asia. Why shoot the messenger?

Yeah I noticed that, too.

I remember also when Vítězslav Lavička was at Sydney FC he was training twice a day – some sort of European knlowedge and revelation at the time – that had benefits.

Hiddink and van Marwijk both had tough fitness régimes for a short tournament and both teams commented on their overall fitness being very high.

Who’d have thought fitness was a cornerstone of seeing out a match and being able to still keep technique deep into a match.

Another telling quote was having the afternoon off at Victory (assume similar at all clubs).

Being a professional and working half a day…no wonder Honda was a little surprised.

Will Adelaide United make the finals?

I wasn’t a fan just seeing the shirt on its own, but it is okay as an entire kit. Not sure if this an an attempt at not looking like Jamaica who have yellow shirt, green shorts, yellow socks.

Also wondering, after attempts at uniting players under the one national team colours, this undoes that work?

Regardless you still support your team. If they can take out the World Cup it could become the most famous shirt in our history, maybe even influence the men’s team design 😎 .

At least there is white in the socks, of sorts…

Matildas unveil their first ever exclusive kit for the World Cup, and it's... interesting

Wanderers and Nix were refreshing from all the shield-based designs.

Roar’s MkII looked a lot like a 90’s MS Paint design. Sydney’s was barley better and was let down by restriction in a shield.

Glory as a name is distinctive but is it needed on a logo? A black swan silhouetted in front of the orange rays of sunset could be a good element that doesn’t need to be fully contained with a shield or circular design.

Similar to Wellington’s phoenix flares wings, bother swan and sun rays could lead to interesting elements of done right.

Whether the swan grips the word ‘GLORY’ or the element that contains ‘Perth Glory’ would come down to what is important in the design.

I expect the Jets will have at least a slight logo update in the next year or two, replacing the trio of F/A-18s with F35s.

Ranking the A-League logos

Draw, Nix.

Can either of Brisbane or WSW hang on for a win?

I wish for a CCM win at home against Wellington – it would help the Jets 😀 – but I’m not holding my breath.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

Umm…a win for Victory?? Jets rolled Victory 0-2 – do tipping points need to be adjusted Stuart? 😎

There are just two matches on the schedule to complete the split round that is Round 21. Last weekend began as predictably as many felt it would, with wins to Sydney and Victory leading into their Asian Cup Champions League fixtures.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

There must be some major pressure to increase profit from the World Cup to be pushing this hard on 2022 expansion, won by Qatar originally with 32 teams in mind.

Given what usually happens when a FIFA president lobbies hard for changes (changing from a northern summer to northern winter timeframe), I expect 2022 to go to 48 teams.

And if a host country says no to alcohol, so be it. I can’t see FIFA forcing a law change this late on, and in a bind to accommodate 16 extra teams, to get their own way in a country for 4 weeks just to please sponsors.

Really Infantino should just leave it for 2026 North America World Cup to accommodate expansion.

There must be an election for the FIFA presidency looming… 😎

FIFA weighing up co-hosted World Cup between Kuwait and Oman

Maybe a little bit off this season but van Egmond is back from injury and missed a few games end of W-Leagie season.
She did get caught out in midfield against Korea Republic and had a few stray passes (and missed a goal she would normally score) so maybe getting back into it.
A slight concern and will be interesting to see if Milicic tries a different combo with Kellond-Knight against Argentina.

Teams like the Matildas are just easy on the eye

Cup of Nations are important games, with the W-League finished, and NWSL pre-season just started for those playing in North American teams.

Important too for Milicic to see who can perform and take up his system quickly. I think it was telling that there was little work done on analysing Korea Republic.

Potentially a couple of injury returns yet (K.Simon and Logarzo), and decisions on who to include (Alleyway, de Vanna, G.Simon, …) given Gielnik and Raso are now making strong cases.

Matildas as a team in the two games so far do look like a team getting use to a new coach and system. I think what is good is the attack and midfield have enough to be able to overcome this learning curve quickly. Defence looks like some tweaking is going on but isn’t as big a headache as it is for the men’s national team.

Teams like the Matildas are just easy on the eye

This (point 1) and Lionheart’s comment: I think there was risk that youth were not finding their way into the squad which Stajcic was looking like trying to plan a little for the future and 2023. Fowler was an obvious choice to lock down.

Tom Sermanni did a lot of this, bringing Kerr, K. Simon, van Egmond, Foord through when mid-teens who now in their mid-twenties have 50-70 caps of experience leading into a World Cup in their prime. Ellie Carpenter is probably the only current Matilda who debuted and stayed from a similar age (17 iirc).

Gielnik looks to be benefiting from concentrating on football; Raso looks faster, fitter, and more dangerous after rehab from a broken back than before; de Vanna is getting some intensity back in the legs but is still fast and dangerous as a sub. Still have K.Simon in rehab who was our dangerous striker which Kerr has now taken the mantel.

Stajcic best contribution for me was steadying a worrying backline that Sermanni somehow couldn’t correct (or refuse to, or didn’t have depth and played others out of position). This occasionally resurfaced under Staj.

Milicic is a good signing and the players appear to recognise that and just want to get on with prep for the World Cup.

I think Milicic is more attack focussed (and a good assistant with Ange) but I think he’ll also be looking to have a strong defence to offset our aggressive attack – now a Matildas hallmark.

Teams like the Matildas are just easy on the eye

From the outside looking in this all appears to be ‘Joyces way or the highway’.

Which might be tolerated if CFG can make some coin every season or two for selling players that they pick up into their system. Fornaroli wanted to be released before this season but within the A-League that is not good (football) economy.

Putting this another way: how much would swapping Sarri with Joyce and seeing how the Kepa incident played out have looked?

You get the feeling Kepa would have been watching that cup final from the stands already.

How far did Fornaroli go in ticking off Joyce?

Bruno Fornaroli finished at Melbourne City

Looking through a certain lens CFG bought the Melbourne Heart franchise as another club in the CFG stable to on-sell players for profit.

Upgrading and spending on training facilities and academy all leads to this.

If Melbourne City win a few trophies along the way then that can only enhance the price tag of their players when selling.

From that point of view unless CFG look at Australia as a whole and invest to develop the game in this country as a whole that benefits their players price tag, then you can’t be disappointed when they do little in an obvious sense for Australian football.

At this point I can’t see their decisions as benefiting anyone except only their bottom line.

This includes coaches, the way they play, and treatment of players.

City Football Group continues to expand but will Melbourne be left behind?

So Mid, is that J-or-K-League, rather than other football codes?

Comes back to the call for football to worry about itself…

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

I think you’re right, but is that from a Fox subscription point-of-view vs Kayo?

Probably yes if reports in this post and at other times that people are ditching fox subscriptions for Kayo (which appears for all intents and purposes, the same thing?).

I don’t know off hand what Fox’s stake in Kayo is, as it seems not a full offshoot of Fox(Sports).

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Whoever ends up running the A-League would get better revenue in the long term if controlling the rights of the content and making revenue from advertising.

FFA cannot do this right now (they can barely fund the Y-League, pararoos…).

Potentially an owner consortium could, if they don’t onsell to another entity.

A huge transition period looming in the next deal cycle if moving away from Foxtel, which will involve less money for both A-League and FFA.

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

This assumes the current management hierarchy if in place are prepared to shift away from what they know and risk non-Foxtel…or a new team is in place when negotiations begin.

The question there is will an A-League consortium be in place in time? Or FFA won’t fight tooth and nail to keep the A-League and licences…

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Yes but if they move from FTA/Foxtel to the online platforms have the numbers actually dropped?

That is where access to all the actual data is needed and collated to build an overall report.

FTA/Fox alone paints a grim picture. It sounds like FFA are concerned so is that because they only have the FTA/Fox data (and if so why don’t they demand the online data to get a better idea) or because the online data isn’t that great either?

Also concerning for FFA (and clubs and media) is crowd trends but is that mirrored for platform figures?

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

My Football app use to rebroadcast the FoxSports feed and commentary for the Saturday night game before I went over to Kayo. Similar to the Ch. 10 feed, which adds their broadcast badge and FoxSports mentioning Ch. 10 viewers when they are about to cut out.

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Beach – the Jets loss to Kashima had little to do with a stale competition.

But there is work needed on the league; the shot in the arm that a new team will provide won’t have the impact like it might have had five or so years ago.

Kashima lost on the weekend in their opening round J-League match, iirc…

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Maybe a good ROI is to give Slater a package then…

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

You would hope if the FFA got a $billion that they would setup something similar to AFLMedia…

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

I tried Kayo for Asian Cup and subscribed – I would never have done that for Foxtel (with sports package) – and will unsubscribe when the season is over.

I also got the yearly My Football app sub but I’m not using it much now for streaming but it does ping news and events. I’ve turned off auto-renewal.

I had Optus for World Cup, and when it did work it was great, especially the mini-matches.

One thing this highlights is the potential fragmentation of content via different streaming platforms: it invariably leads to mult-subscriptions and expenditure so there is an issue there.

Streaming services will have better metrics on usage, and peak times during a match at that, over the traditional FTA system.

Have the A-League's ratings tanked because people no longer watch TV?

Assuming this is for the U16 component – it would depend what FFA allow him to do and the resources at his disposal.

At least the year long fact finding analysis gathering across the country would not be needed/be very short.

Japan is the template, but does our football culture allow us to follow it?