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The one thing that makes Port Adelaide different to the other interstate franchises is that they are a real club coming from a state league. When they joined the AFL they had a history going back to 1870 & a home ground steeped in history. Of course they are passionate about their former jumper.

It's time to end the Port Adelaide prison bar debate once and for all

The attendances at AFL games in Melbourne this weekend would be unequalled anywhere else. It easily takes the crown as sporting capital!

What is the sporting capital of the world?

Should be made to wear a headband!

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Dogs out-shoot the Hawks as Jamarra proves his worth

Why, oh why, do we have to spend millions importing an overseas star for the Grand Final? The NFL (whom the AFL exec love to emulate) goes for local talent. Give the gig to Aussie talent – maybe the money saved could reduce the cost of getting a ticket for the participating clubs!

AFL News: De Goey out indefinitely on personal leave, AFL's million-dollar plan to land pop superstar for GF

There is a lot of kids footy on Sunday mornings. 1.15 pm is too early for a family to get home & then to the AFL, even if they take a packed lunch!

Despite the whingeing, the AFL remains exciting to watch

Having lunch on Sunday 😉

Despite the whingeing, the AFL remains exciting to watch

Whilst it may be true that the AFL has done well with government grants, the AFL &/or the clubs usually contribute financially, unlike the NRL & FFA. The Vic government funded the rectangular stadium for soccer & the rugbies 100%. And I think you will find that the NRL is doing very well financially from the NSW government for their Sydney facilities without any contribution by them or their clubs.

Despite the whingeing, the AFL remains exciting to watch

I am 75, an AFL member & also of my club. Like Chris & Susie, I still the footy exciting & the AFL an enjoyable day/night out. I go to as many of my club’s games as possible & also enjoy other games at MCG/Docklands. The facilities today are wonderful.
I also agree that a Tassie club must come into the AFL.
The one gripe I have is the scheduling. Whoever devises the fixture either is stupid or lacks marketing experience. Games before 2 pm will always inconvenience fans, esp families. As also late Sunday games. The June long weekend schedule illustrates this clearly. If Richmond vs Port Adel was on Saty night or Sunday, Port supporters would have come over for the long weekend. But, no – it was on Thursday night! And why have Thursday nights in the bye rounds, with only 6 games being played? QED

Despite the whingeing, the AFL remains exciting to watch

Why would you have Richmond play Port Adel on the Thursday of a long weekend? If it was Saty night or Sunday a lot of Port supporters would have come to Melbourne for the long weekend. Whoever devises the AFL fixture seems to lack common sense, or at least marketing ability.

How to fix the AFL's bye-round blues

Seymourbutts – it is not the “suits at AFL HQ” blocking a Tassie club but certain Club presidents. Collingwood, Sydney & Gold Coast, I believe. Considering the millions of $$ that Suns have got from AFL HQ, their hypocrisy is mind-boggling.
The AFL would be crazy not to accept the Tassie government’s financial commitment. Soccer & NRL would give anything for such an offer. This is to say nothing about Tassie deserving it on the basis of Aussie Rules tradition & having a truly national competition.

Only the SA and WA expansion clubs rival Victoria’s footy culture, so why not add a Tassie team?

North’s problems stem from their decision to stay in North Melbourne & not relocate. Could have been Brisbane Roos, Canberra Kangaroos, Tassie Roos

AFL NEWS: Noble hits back at 'untrue' rumours of woes at North, Lyon opens up on fallen Saint

And they are called guernseys, not jerseys. Different sort of cow leather 😉

Musings of an AFL idiot after watching their first ever game

The attendance at the North v Demons game was appalling. Seems Melbourne winning the flag last year has not encouraged their supporters to actually attend games

AFL Saturday Study: Light at the end of the tunnel for North, and brilliant Bradley Hill finally arrives as a Saint

And what about the AFL having no games in Melbourne yesterday on a sunny day – but overlapping games on Saty!

Six Points: Lloyd's Bomber bake misses the point, Leon Cameron deserves more credit, and AFL flips fans the bird again

There is a distinct lack of women at NRL games, as shown by that video

'Never seen anything like it': Ex-Origin star caught up in frightening crowd violence

Agree Don. The AFLPA negotiates on the basis that players are professional & should be paid well. But argues against professional standards in this instance. Hypocrisy!

AFL NEWS: Heppell hits out at 'smiling' critics, Seven Eagles fined for COVID breach, Cripps cleared at tribunal

Sydney is the only city in the world where the excuse for not attending sport is because it looks better on TV! Not including the Swans, of course.

Build it and they won’t come: Why Sydney doesn’t deserve more stadiums

Aussie Rules may have been the dominant code when Canberra was established – as indicated by the foundation of the clubs like Manuka & Eastlake. However, once the schools were taken over by NSW Education Dept the staff all came from Sydney & rugby became the dominant code. The establishing of GWS has reversed that somewhat. The Raiders are firmly entrenched & I doubt a stand-alone AFL club in Canberra will challenge that.

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

That’s good to know, Maccarb. I’m going back 50+ years.

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

This is exactly the attitude which has prevented Aussie Rules being played in NSW schools!

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

SportsLover – Sydney is no different to Melbourne when it comes to a crowded sports market. Other than having 2 AFL clubs as opposed to 1 NRL club in Melbourne, there are equal numbers of major teams in the various codes.
You could also argue that by population, Perth is just as crowded. The difference is the predominance of privately owned NRL clubs in Sydney.
If Sydney is different culturally to Melbourne, then it is also different to Adelaide & Perth. But attendances & membership for the Swans shows that Sydney is not culturally different. The real cultural difference is between NRL & AFL. But that is another argument.

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

Yes, you can say that Sydney is not the sporting city Melbourne is – but that’s just an excuse for their pathetic NRL attendances. The average for a decade now is just 13,000 & it is hardly that this year. This can’t compare with any other city in Australia. Brisbane is only a little better, but Broncos attendances are way below what AFL gets in Perth & Adelaide.

The fact is that Aussie Rules leaves all the other codes for dead. NRL is not attractive, otherwise they would have respectable attendances. The only reason NRL supposedly rules the roost in Sydney is because of the traditional anti-Victorian bias there. Why else would they have chosen British codes over one invented in Australia?

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

Have not heard anyone say these decisions are good for the game…..just that they are trickling down to local footy.

Dissenting dissent: Why the masses are in uproar about the AFL’s controversial new rule

The great movie, Gallipoli, had that marvellous scene where the Aussies were playing footy with a Sherrin in front of the pyramids. Wouldn’t have had the same impact if it was soccer or rugby.

ANZAC Day: How sport shaped the lives of our war heroes

In presume Eagle are 17

AFL Round 3 power rankings: The Pride of Brisbane town roars on