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This is exactly the attitude which has prevented Aussie Rules being played in NSW schools!

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

SportsLover – Sydney is no different to Melbourne when it comes to a crowded sports market. Other than having 2 AFL clubs as opposed to 1 NRL club in Melbourne, there are equal numbers of major teams in the various codes.
You could also argue that by population, Perth is just as crowded. The difference is the predominance of privately owned NRL clubs in Sydney.
If Sydney is different culturally to Melbourne, then it is also different to Adelaide & Perth. But attendances & membership for the Swans shows that Sydney is not culturally different. The real cultural difference is between NRL & AFL. But that is another argument.

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

Yes, you can say that Sydney is not the sporting city Melbourne is – but that’s just an excuse for their pathetic NRL attendances. The average for a decade now is just 13,000 & it is hardly that this year. This can’t compare with any other city in Australia. Brisbane is only a little better, but Broncos attendances are way below what AFL gets in Perth & Adelaide.

The fact is that Aussie Rules leaves all the other codes for dead. NRL is not attractive, otherwise they would have respectable attendances. The only reason NRL supposedly rules the roost in Sydney is because of the traditional anti-Victorian bias there. Why else would they have chosen British codes over one invented in Australia?

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

Have not heard anyone say these decisions are good for the game…..just that they are trickling down to local footy.

Dissenting dissent: Why the masses are in uproar about the AFL’s controversial new rule

The great movie, Gallipoli, had that marvellous scene where the Aussies were playing footy with a Sherrin in front of the pyramids. Wouldn’t have had the same impact if it was soccer or rugby.

ANZAC Day: How sport shaped the lives of our war heroes

In presume Eagle are 17

AFL Round 3 power rankings: The Pride of Brisbane town roars on

Could not agree more, Felix! Thanks

Dear footy fans: Stop saying you want North or Gold Coast to move to Tassie

It is the history of the clubs that is significant as much as their geography. We often attribute socio/economic connections with that history. In many cases it goes back 150 years, which no other code can boast (apart from a few English soccer clubs).
Generations of members continue to be the lifeblood of their clubs, despite their family moving from Hawthorn/North Melbourne/Collingwood, etc decades ago. I have been a member of my club since I was 18, but moved away from the area in my 20’s. My membership (& attendance at games) continues my family connection with where I grew up, as well as something that defines me & my friends. Our football clubs give us part of our identity.

What's in a name when it comes to sporting clubs?

That has been superseded. Both Crows & Port websites have announced 100% capacity now.

2022 AFL season: Grand final rematch and a return to Sydney headlines opening round

I thought Adelaide Oval was now 100% capacity?

2022 AFL season: Grand final rematch and a return to Sydney headlines opening round

The comment about Port sleeping in their own beds last year (as opposed to the Vic clubs) makes me think that last year they were lulled into a false security. With their fanatical supporters, long history & unique culture, one would assume they had everything in their favour. But the Vic clubs had everything going against them & this was very powerful in the long run home. In fact, it led to Melbourne’s triumph.

This year will be very different & the signs are that Port will be up there this season.

AFL 2022 Radar: 'You just can't trust Port Adelaide'

Some good players suffered bad injuries in the 1st round…….is it because it is played in summer, I wonder?

'If I had to become Prime Minister to change the rules': Katherine Smith's AFL dream

Good point about the gambling industry’s association with AFL. I don’t know any football supporter who likes this. The clubs may look in envy at NRL pokie palaces, but Hawthorn (the “family club”) is the best example of how this is out of place with community values.

Is the AFLW reckless to hit the accelerator while concussion concerns hang over players' heads?

I am hoping for Dew’s sake that this team finally fulfills its potential.

Trade and draft review: Suns quietly consolidate

True enough, your last point, Thom. Almost impossible for a visiting fan to get a seat at WCE games.

What if East Perth joined the VFL?

I think it is true to say that GWS are there because of the AFL desire to have a truly national competition, with 2 clubs in each capital city (except Tassie, of course) & also to grow the game in the Sydney market. We now see the results of that in Western Sydney & Canberra.
As for Port Adelaide, their approach to the VFL was the only professional submission by an existing club – & should have been successful. It was only the hatred of Port Adelaide by the other 9 SANFL clubs that prevented it. That hatred easily transferred to the Crows & makes the Showdown a rivalry of intense & historical passion which will never fade!

What if East Perth joined the VFL?

Saints vs Demons is a 2,000 year rivalry!

Is your AFL mascot costing you premiership cups?

Clarko for Tassie Devils!

‘We're contending for finals’: Suns set Dew September task

A few years ago I went to Rockhampton for a holiday & was delighted to see lots of footy grounds with the 4 posts 🙂

The second coming of Zaharakis

Great story, Thom. Down here in Victoria we rarely here about local footy in FNQ – just complaints about the money spent on the Suns!

The second coming of Zaharakis

The pic chosen isn’t Thebarton

Sandgropers bury Croweaters late

Where was this game played, please?

Sandgropers bury Croweaters late

Your suggestion, Tyler, for a “play on” call when a player kicks backwards is a bit like the offside rule in soccer/rugby. The beauty of our game is that you can pass the ball in any direction. It makes it more free-flowing than the British codes & is one of the unique features of Aussie Rules.

Three changes to better the game from 2022

Charlie Dixon can be so frustrating at times!

The five players your team can least afford to lose: Port Adelaide Power

This article assesses players 15+……..what is being done for those under 15?

Community footy needs to protect non-elite footballers from concussion