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The funny side of failure

On 21 September 2018, 94,959 people turned up to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, expecting to see a game of Australian Rules Football. What they got, instead, was a masterpiece of trolling, a piece of performance art for the ages.

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The end of an era

The three most successful teams of the last fifteen years, Hawthorn, Geelong, and Sydney, are finished – at least in the short term. In fact, all three will miss the finals in 2019.

A win for the Giants: clears cap space for more important players, and gets a bloke with an attitude problem & unreliable body out of the joint.

AFL trade news: Brad Hill, Paddy Ryder, Jonathon Patton, Sam Jacobs and more

“The club policy is to contend every year.” Are they contenders, though?

Chris Scott: Success or failure?

A poor dismissal. He winds up with his feet a foot outside off. A decent delivery, but an experienced opener should know that it goes over (and slightly wide) of off stump.

David Warner brought back down to earth with golden duck

I wrote an article predicting it. They’ll have wooden spoon by 2023, at the latest.

Cats entering uncharted territory

They are definitely heading for the tail end of the competition, they will have a wooden spoon soon.

Cats entering uncharted territory

Petrucelle is like lightning, I wouldn’t be parting with him either.

AFL trade news: Mason Cox, Orazio Fantasia, Tom Papley, Ollie Wines and more

It was an impossible task after two interstate finals, not to mention a poor record at the MCG. The expected result.

It's Richmond's league now: The unstoppable Tigers confirm their place in history

Meh. If the Giants could lounge around in Sydney for two months, and had the Grand Final at the Showgrounds 😛 they take the flag. Beat the Tigers at home every year they played Finals.

It's Richmond's league now: The unstoppable Tigers confirm their place in history

Richmond are the biggest club in Australia, it’s just that their supporters went AWOL during the dark ages.

Collingwood are the victims of their own hype

I’m surprised at the lack of hate for Richmond. I guess 30 years in the gutter killed it off.

Collingwood are the victims of their own hype

Weekes is the only other player to score six consecutive 80+ scores.

Numbers don't lie: Measuring the dominance of Steve Smith's Ashes

That’s what happens when you enter the draft — that’s the whole point.

Carlton's big fish could help Tim Kelly become an Eagle

I was going to write something similar. A strange club, permanently stuck in the ancient past; but still very popular and a financial powerhouse.

Collingwood are the victims of their own hype

The Raiders had so many chances, refs aside. You have to put points on when things are going your way.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

everyone is a rival, Freo could play finals next year with some decent coaching

AFL Trade News: Jamie Elliott, Tom Papley, Tim Kelly, Zak Jones and more

I see them more as the New England Patriots— the “evil empire.” Richmond’s players to me look like Gaelic Football players, in terms of physique.

The frightening similarities between the Richmond Tigers and Golden State Warriors

St. Kilda should have merged or relocated. Life as a beta Victorian club must be dreary.

Saints slogging towards mediocrity


Ablett, Taylor to play on with Geelong

If you are on Twitter, you should follow @EFCFinals.

The big AFL trade period preview: How the big trades go down plus the best-value players flying under the radar

I’m sure that Marlion Pickett fits in very well with the culture at Punt Road.

The three things every AFL player must have

He’s not going to change, and I hope he never does.

Leon Cameron speaks about Toby Greene's behaviour

Toby is Toby. This is his authentic self. That’s just how he is. Deal with it.

Leon Cameron speaks about Toby Greene's behaviour

My belief is that all players should go through the draft, and they go where they go.

It's official: Tim Kelly requests trade to West Coast

You are welcome to him. Quality forward, but lacks versatility & agility.

Hawthorn set to pick up another former no.1 pick from GWS

What does the rest of the AFL need to do to catch the Tigers?