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The funny side of failure

On 21 September 2018, 94,959 people turned up to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, expecting to see a game of Australian Rules Football. What they got, instead, was a masterpiece of trolling, a piece of performance art for the ages.

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The end of an era

The three most successful teams of the last fifteen years, Hawthorn, Geelong, and Sydney, are finished – at least in the short term. In fact, all three will miss the finals in 2019.

The teams outside of Victoria don’t have to be better; they have to be better, and then some.

The AFL fixture is biased towards Victorian clubs

You don’t have to take the bait, though.

Whitfield shuns free agency to sign monster extension with GWS

He would have been within his rights to run his opponent out, but good on him for taking the high road. 👍

Sri Lankan bowler praised for supreme act of sportsmanship

Much of this depends on how certain teams finish next season.

Will Whitfield's monster deal squeeze anyone out?

The Carlton fans here manage to make nearly every comment thread here about the Blues.

Whitfield shuns free agency to sign monster extension with GWS

People will tolerate jerks when they perform, but when they don’t, it just creates a hate-fest. This bloke needs to rack up another hundred wickets before he starts whinging.

Jofra Archer is not the quick fix England crave

I’ve given up any hope of them making a GF, there’s no way this team is winning multiple finals next season.

The decade that was: Geelong Cats

That’s the Carlton article.

The decade that was: Gold Coast Suns

not working for me

Who's set to rise and fall in the AFL next season?

I don’t get the fetishisation of the Duke ball. Plenty of big scores racked up when conditions are good for batting.

David Warner: Timing is everything

Maybe instead of commenting here you can write to the AFL and ask for all 22 of your matches to be played at the MCG. Plenty of money in it, Gillon might give it a go.

Coniglio unveiled as new GWS skipper for 2020

Surely the people bagging Warner remember when Shane Watson was opening the batting for us?

David Warner deserves more respect

🤢 😡

Kane Cornes goes after young Sun for choosing to stay on the Gold Coast

I honestly think that Lyon is cooked, he seemed to lack vigor in Brisbane. I’d be tempted to rest Cummins, the Pakistanis aren’t cracking 200 in a D/N match.

Whisper it, but Australia finally have Test XI again which picks itself

Based purely on 2019 results. I also think Brisbane will be top 4 next season, if so it’s a great turnaround.

The AFL's coach of the decade: Clarkson vs Hardwick

I doubt anyone thought that Pakistan would do any good here.

The trouble with Warner

mostly after Smith had smacked him around the park

Leaving out Abbas cruelled Pakistan in 1st Test

Yasir Shah is about as scary as a grade cricketer on Australian pitches. Not sure why they brought him to be honest.

Leaving out Abbas cruelled Pakistan in 1st Test

Why did they bring Yasir Shah to Australia? This must be investigated as a case of persecution by the Pakistani authorities.

Aussies victorious on Day 4 at the Gabba

I think it would look something like that movie ‘Cocoon’.

Joining forces: What a Geelong-Hawthorn merge would look like

Hardwick, then Faygan.

The AFL's coach of the decade: Clarkson vs Hardwick

Nice article, but what you can’t measure with statistics is the mental pressure that Smith is under with an unreliable supporting cast. His Ashes performance was Atlas-like.

Could Steve Smith actually be the best after Bradman?

😱 👎

Test greats stunned as Pat Cummins wicket stands despite no ball concerns

I’m not taken with this analysis at all. Surely Geelong 2011 must come into consideration?

Which AFL premiership side was the best this decade?

I’m not a fan of the word “dynasty” in reference to a solid block of excellent results.

The AFL's coach of the decade: Clarkson vs Hardwick