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I’m with Roberto Bettega, great screen name by the way. I have fond memories of Bettega with Juve and Italia. these next season or two will be of belt tightening or “survival mode” as Roberto phrased it. The new clubs will survive and Macarthur will I think with their community support become a success story very soon.

Bulls' struggles underline A-League challenge

It has been the Tahs defence which has really caught my eye in this current winning streak. Bottom line is they are right in the thick of things fighting for a top 3 finish and a chance to play for the Super Rugby AU title. 3 weeks ago I thought their hopes were shot after the Rebels ran all over them. Now, things have changed and if the Tahs continue to play good defence they will make the finals.

Tahs down Force for second straight win

Dixon is impressive, he reminds me of a good rebounder in basketball, if he gets his hands on the ball he is usually going to hold on to it. His goal kicking was sub standard this week but that I think was just an off night. A good week of training and his kicking will be back to normal.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 10-11

Hats off to Port, the Tigers threw everything at them and twice came from 3 goals or more behind to take the lead. Yet each time the Power responded with a good run of their own, topped by their dominant 4th quarter. Long road ahead but this win will do Port’s confidence a world of good. They now know they can compete with the best.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 10-11

Nick Nat when on song is, as shown against Geelong, a real force and with him West Coast Eagles are definite title contenders but at his age and with his injury history can Nick Nat keep up this level of play? One of the fascinating questions of this wild and crazy AFL season.

Chris Scott mesmerised by Nic Naitanui

A one time event or something more permanent? If the former, it is nothing for the SH nations to be concerned about, especially as it will coincide with the expected Rugby Championship. But if the latter….

Japan, Fiji to join new northern hemisphere rugby tournament

I really thought it was unprofessional from Bozza to try and show up a colleague on air like that. Maybe a reuslt of underling tensions at Foxtel but either way not a good look for Bozza,whose analysis I usually enjoy.

'I'm the expert' - Mark Bosnich alphas his fellow commentators

I was absolutely shocked by Bozza’s comments towards Brenton Speed. Peacock stepped in to try and calm the waters but it did not sound like any attempt at humour to me. It was Bozza trying to show up his colleague and that is never good on air. Unlike some others here, I don’t have any issues with Speedy. I like versatile commentators. Yes, he is not Simon Hill but frankly few in the English speaking world are as good as Hill in doing a football match. Bozza’s actions were uncalled for and were trying to make his colleague look bad.

Simon Hill's departure from Fox Sports leaves a gaping hole

I won’t feel satisfied until I read all 3 clubs are in NSW. With how this has played out there can be more emotional ups and downs still ahead. At least this saga, however, is giving us something to talk about before A League play resumes! 😂

A-League to make plans for Victorian exit

Every other code got this right, including the AFL which had to get 10 clubs out of dodge. But the A League found a way to screw this up. Fortunately it sounds like NSW will grant the 3 Melbourne clubs an exemption about travel into NSW. But what a farce.

Three A-League clubs stuck in Victoria after border closes

I’m very curious to see how the Force will do. Good that they are opening with the rebuilding Waratahs rather than a stronger team because a decisive early loss to say the Brumbies could have been demoralising. But a good result against NSW and who knows what the Force can do. You would expect them to play as if they have something to proof and on paper at least these signings look helpful. It will be fascinating to watch their progress in this competition.

Western Force sign two more former Wallabies for Super Rugby AU

Wouldn’t the Roar still owe Fowler the money under his contract? Unless Fowler himself walked away that is. And despite the comments here there has been no confirmation that Fowler left on his own accord.

Brisbane Roar and Robbie Fowler part ways

I’m sorry but this is a silly idea. Different sports, leave them be. Plus if the goal is to generate money, each will be coming off of lucrative competitions then (State of Origin & All Blacks Test matches.) Let them concentrate on those not some hybrid event with mixed rules from both codes.

A cross-code All Blacks vs Kangaroos match could happen this year

A good step forward, and at a much higher figure than the $10 million dollar offer that was being discussed. Winter football, it should have its benefits but also draws the sport into more and longer direct competition with AFL, NRL and Super Rugby. Plus will bad weather at some venues in the winter discourage attendance? I’m curious what others think of this new timetable for the A League. Good, bad, indifferent?

New broadcast deal seals A-League’s switch to winter

Does Hockley’s appointment signify the T20 World Cup will not be going ahead as scheduled?

Cricket Australia names Nick Hockley as interim CEO after Roberts' departure

“Unlike Round 1 the fake noises really make you forget about the emptiness of the grounds and also add to the intensity of the close games. “
I agree completely. Matt Rowell, what a prospect!

Five takeaways from AFL round 2

moondoggie, is spot on here. Good call mate.

NZ ready to become first country to resume professional rugby union

This is great news. I knew some deal would be struck so we would be able to see Super Rugby AU but I was concerned about not being able to watch Super Rugby Aotearoa. I can breathe easier now. Plus with crowds allowed there, it may look like the old days of Super Rugby with full stadiums in New Zealand. OK Fox you got this deal done, now do something to make sure you cover the A League this season.

Australian Super Rugby broadcast deal signed just in time for New Zealand comp

What do you reckon Ed, another match with snow coming up?

Australian Super Rugby broadcast deal signed just in time for New Zealand comp

I would think there will be demand to see these matches outside of Australia & New Zealand.

NZ ready to become first country to resume professional rugby union

I’m sorry but you have to go to the bunker on that try that was called back. It is the call which determined the game. The Eels played great for most of the match but I thought they ran out of energy in the final minutes and that is where the Sea Eagles made their comeback. But the bunker needs to be able to review that call and determine if that should have been a try or not.

NRL admits Manly were dudded by wrong call

Definitely true. I just called it an opportunity squandered because if they had the contract issue sorted, they would be further along on the path to resuming play, even if only a handful of matches remain.

A-League players demand contract solution

Indeed it should have been sorted Roberto Bettega. Makes you wonder what the FFA power brokers had been doing since league play was halted at the end of March until now? They squandered an opportunity.

A-League players demand contract solution

Indeed it should have Roberto Bettega. Makes you wonder what the FFA power brokers had been doing from late March when play stopped till now.

A-League players demand contract solution

That is some opener Collingwood-Richmond, along with the Adelaide Showdown and Geelong-Hawthorn. Just a note of caution when looking at these next four set of matches, when considering teams traveling to away matches, the first two weeks of German soccer’s Bundesliga is showing that there is no home field advantage in these games without spectators. So if you place a wager on any visiting teams and win, don’t forget to share your winnings with me! 😛

AFL unveils fixtures up to Round 5