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Arguably Australia's Greatest Armchair Sportsman.

I love a bit of banter from all sports!

SuperCoach Addict.

Canterbury Bulldogs and GWS Giants.

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April 2017
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Surfers Paradise
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AFL, Cricket, Cycling, Football, League, Racing, Rugby,

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Referees and umpires: It’s not their fault

Referees and umpires: It's not their fault

16 Jun 2017

Referee. Umpire. The two words that can make you see red and let your blood boil.

Do we always need to compare?

Do we always need to compare?

10 Jun 2017

As a sporting fanatic society, we are constantly comparing the elites of their respective sports to those that have come and gone before them.

Does success determine greatness?

Does success determine greatness?

9 Jun 2017

Greatness is defined in the dictionary as: an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average. But how is that portrayed in the sporting world?

Thank you, Alex Fasolo

Thank you, Alex Fasolo

7 Jun 2017

There has already been an incredible amount of recognition and praise for the strength of Alex Fasolo and the courage he has shown.