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I love this article, couldn’t agree more! I love Warner at the top of the order but sometimes i feel he gets lost especially against good attacks. An opener to partner him like Renshaw may prove to help him who knows! but those who were upset by Renshaw’s play were far to critical of a 20 year old on debut trying to: 1. Win the match and 2. Revive the Summer

Problem with Renshaw's strike rate? You don't know Test cricket

As an Adelaide fan all the points you make in this comment excite me! Good times ahead!

Your club's next breakout player

Tom Lynch deserves to take the reigns for this side, Gaz is a fantastic player but it’s probably time that he just works himself back into the game and helps lynch with leadership duties

Suns set to replace Ablett as captain

I agree that we cannot paper over the cracks but we must enjoy and praise this win with the turmoil in which the summer has started, going into the ODI series next is perhaps not the best thing as Australia’s new young side would most likely like to take their momentum with them straight away against Pakistan. But we cant do anything about that, i assume the selectors let the side stay the same and may even give Maddinson another chance (not warranted in my opinion).

Despite the cracks if we give these guys a chance to forge relationships and build as a team this could become something special and could carry Australian cricket for a long while due to their youth.

Australia won, but we must not paper over the cracks

Yeah Ross has been injured, as far as i know he was due to return to the shield side against Queensland but was kept out due to Ferguson being put back into the team. Not sure about his absence from this game against Victoria.

Players to watch in BBL 06

Cool article, I reckon that any park cricketer could relate to this aswell! The Joys of cricket

Dropped catch an example of the uniqueness of Test cricket

I feel very sorry for Fergy! hopefully an experienced campaigner like himself can continue to make a heap of runs and make the selectors think twice about their ridiculous selection of maddinson.

The forgotten 'second chance' policy

True, Giroud only cops so much hate because he isnt the flashiest player on the field. Although that drought didnt help his case he deserves to hold his spot up front with a new front man beside him

Who needs a new striker when you've got Giroud?

I think anyone is a possible destination for Durant, Boston do provide a good situation but other teams with massive money stores like the New York knicks may attract Durant. Its possible also that Carmelo Anthony would take a pay cut to bring in someone like Durant so that they can make a run for the title.

The Knicks are all over the shop at the moment to be fair but a – Melo, Porzingis, Durant combo would be fairly frightening.

I do hope though that Durant chooses a smart situation rather than going for cash dollar.

Kevin Durant in green? Why Durant should choose the Celtics

Viable option

It's time to bring State of Origin back to the AFL

True True, was probably not the best idea to neglect a WA team considering the argument you just made!! Bring everyone in just get it to happen!

It's time to bring State of Origin back to the AFL

Agree with you 100%, people can hate Kyrgios all they like but you can’t question his talent. He will make them eat their words soon enough

How will our Aussies fare at the Open?

Legitimately heartbroken that the Iron Bowl is not being aired

All fans are secondary to college basketball lovers

Will never have a problem with the rushing when Marshawn Lynch is your HB, true though palmer dropped 451 yards on the “best” secondary In the league

Seattle’s slide: The Legion of Fourth-quarter Collapses

There has been speculation about him representing Canada but he continues to reiterate his intentions to continue to play for Australia, hopefully for all of how sakes he makes that decision. He didn’t represent Australia at the recent u/19 championships for scheduling reasons unfortunately which is abit of a bummer as we didn’t perform spectacularly as a team. How have you heard of Smith id like to know? apparently there is some divided opinion on him that i have seen throughout my research

Cheers for the comment

Thon Maker: The next phenom in Australian basketball


Highlights: Holly Holm KOs Ronda Rousey at UFC 193

As did i, while watching the draft admittedly i was hoping that there would be something crazy and Jahil Okafor would slip down, but Kristaps definitely justified his high selection now

Live-wire Latvian: Kristaps Porzingis

Agreed for a team with a substantial financial base they have failed to bring home success for along time.

Perhaps rebuilding through the draft like smaller franchises is the way to go, they have already proven that they are better than what everyone thought

Cheers for leaving a comment, love to hear others thoughts

Live-wire Latvian: Kristaps Porzingis

I love Kawhi, he is going to be the next guy in that spurs organisation behind Tim Duncan that’s for sure, no one better than pop to carry him through his career either!

Kawhi Leonard is quietly becoming an NBA superstar

Always appreciate watching a player like Al Harrington, his experience is incredible showed last night by dominating my boys

Harrington shines for Kings in NBL win

Funny how the race changes throughout the year, I remember when Jeremy Johnson was among the group of favourites – This coming from an auburn fan #WAREAGLE

College Football 2015: Top five Heisman candidates