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I feel as though Fagan has certainly run his race, unfortunately he is a business based CEO and the Crows are still quite profitable so I’m not sure we’ll get the change we’re looking for there.

How to rebuild the ailing Adelaide Crows

Going to be a ripping contest, personally I feel like our bowling may rest on the shoulders of Starc performing with the Old ball and whichever spinner we pick doing their job in the middle overs!

The crowd will be raucous with Smith and Warner and I reckon they’ll respond and do something special tonight.

Australia vs England: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

Yep good signs so far, bowlers have been brilliant without Mitch

Two bowlers and the Aussie No.5 will be crucial against India

Handscomb and Head both picked, like the move!

Two bowlers and the Aussie No.5 will be crucial against India

I agree, 39 here tommorow and then 35 on Friday, should dry out and harden up nicely. Bowlers with the new ball ought to be on song, cause it could well be a hard slog after that.

The green Adelaide pitch will favour India

Chloe Scheer will be very good, I have no doubt.

AFLW 2019 preview: Adelaide Crows

Hey Paul, cheers for the comment! You are right about it being untried and I truly do hope they show some temperament, it’s going to be a cracking series. Only 24 hours now!

Two bowlers and the Aussie No.5 will be crucial against India

An interesting take, personally i would like to see Starc used more sparingly purely due to his effectiveness earlier on in his spells. I think he played ridiculously well last summer given as has already been mentioned in the comments his injury issues, it wouldn’t take much for him to replicate it or better it imho. Here’s one for you though, i think he might be a weapon in the Adelaide test with Shaw out, with India’s opening pair being slightly unsettled an early wicket will certainly have his tail up and although i dont have the stats on me he performed well against Kohli in India from memory so there’s certainly some room for optimism! Well presented argument as well mate, top job.

Time to face the Starc reality

Brilliant article mate, remember that 06 game like it was yesterday, tough watch for me but good for the game to see genius come through.

The West Coast Eagles saved football, again

Adelaide are a classy outfit when everyone is out there, they managed to still notch a couple wins early on when they were injury riddled and i reckon the confidence was high, now that everyone has exposed them they are shot, needed the bye desperately! Interesting to see how they come back

Should the downtrodden Adelaide rebuild? What an idiotic line of thought

I always understand that Australia want to play a attacking innings but Bailey could’ve still provided that for the team, IMO a batting lineup with bailey gives stability in between hitters like Travis Head and Mitchell Marsh therefore it would read:

M. Marsh

Ten things I love about Cameron White’s selection

Ryan Clarke is poised to have a good year in 2018 but for mine some of the younger Roos will struggle with the likely losses they will suffer most weeks. I mentioned a press conference i heard Daw speaking at recently, it just sounds like he wants to succeed, he has the tools and now he just needs to believe he can do it, the mind is a funny thing.

Your club's next breakout player: Part two

The Dees was a hard one to choose but because my selection process outlined in the first article was to select players under 40 games (Just under 2 full seasons) Hunt just missed out. Like you mention though Hunt will be a star and the way that demons backline is starting to shape up id suggest he’s in for an even better year. I chose Brayshaw on the basis that his body is midfield ready, he has the tank and he’s got the build. If he can stay out the wars look out!

Your club's next breakout player: Part two

To be fair mate, You’ve won the grand final on the back of a once in a generation player. Like you mention the rest of your team were young and largely unheralded, they worked brilliantly as a team and possessed great culture that’s what got the tiges over the line. I dont feel as though any young tiger played consistently enough to demand selection over any of these blokes, yet still the future is bright. Nothing wrong with flying under the radar.

Ps. Jack Graham is skipper in waiting.

The top ten AFL players in 2025

Agree that Matt Crouch and Clayton Oliver might be alittle Vanilla but they’re both most definitely bulls and will lead the midfield of two teams who are likely to be good for a long time into the future. Much like SPP over at Alberton. Like the article though speculation is always fun!

The top ten AFL players in 2025

Had already booked Shrewsbury and Luton in for a cheeky multi, good read mate! It’ll be a hectic weekend.

FA Cup third round preview

I tend to agree with Tom, i feel as though Maynard has plenty of room to improve but Crisp and Phillips will merely fill the fringes of the first 22, Treloar is a gun even though he cant hit a target, so once he sorts that there’s no doubting his potential superstar status. Aish was a fantastic junior talent and i feel like hes got this year and if he’s unsuccessful it’ll be time to go home to South Australia. Collingwood will improve this year, see them between 6-11.

Your club's next breakout player, part one

Ill be honest i did miss Blakely, he had a fantastic year last year and im sure his form will continue as he has all the attributes to continue winning plenty of ball, Freo have no shortage of young talent and all their supporters can hope for is that they all are hitting their straps as their A-Graders like Fyfe and Neale enter their prime. A first premiership is coming within the next 10 years in my opinion.

Your club's next breakout player, part one

I was most certainly impressed with Mactier, happy to part with $20 considering the ridiculous odds he opened up at. Bounced back well on an otherwise winning day for bookies, great wrap up!

Past the post: Caulfield wrap

Interestingly i found some of the other less notable performances even more promising, for example Will Clarken’s Split Lip who ran second in the first. If it returns for a stakes race back in Adelaide my money will certainly be with it. Cant fault Happy Clapper he is cruising this prep and im so keen to see how Tony McEvoy turns around Hey Doc after his frank assesment post race! Back to 1200-1400 for the Doc.

Stars rise on spring carnival statement day

I seriously hope hat once Santi is back at full fitness that Arsene puts him in, he is a footballer who plays because of his love for the game. Having been out with injury for so long his is likely to work extremely hard for the team. As aforementioned that 4-3-3 formation should be returned to, Sead will play at left back and bellerin can play at right back. Cazorla can play in midfield with any of the other centre mids and Lacazette can head up the front three. I really dont care, aslong as he cans this wingback shit and puts holding on the bench.

An honest assessment of Arsenal from a devoted fan

Honest mistake ?

Matt Crouch isn't a stat-stuffer, he's a star

It’s good to see someone like Mooy doing so well, when you go to Europe as a 15 year old you’d feel as though it would all come together fairly early. Coming back to Melbourne City and then doing it all over again shows his character, and boy isn’t he benefiting from it now

Aaron the Mooy-siah

Dusty in my own opinion isn’t the same player if he goes, he works brilliantly with the players he has around him. I’m not saying that those players are better than the ones at north, but when you get drafted the year after your captain and you’ve played midfield together for 8 years you build that connection, he should stay

Dusty's decision: Take North's money or win a flag with Richmond

I to am also staggered by the percentage of bets on McGregor, I understand that people love his attitude and he represents the underdog in their mind. But any Boxing fan or enthusiast would understand that even if you don’t like Floyd Mayweather you have to respect his art, his defence is virtually inconceivable for most fighters that have come before him. Sure McGregor is alright but you’d almost be inclined to think it was fixed if he won! All in all atleast the circus will finally be over come Sunday

The hype is nearly over for the supposed fight of the century