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And the pass into touch… He was trying but made quite a few mistakes among the good bits.

Brumbies halt the Red tide to win thrilling Super Rugby AU final

With the right training, he is going to get stronger and faster (at least no slower) over next couple of years. And as you say, lots to like about his skills and decisions. Could end up being very good.

Why the Reds have the best defence in Australia

While we’re having a pop at Hodge: I think it was the Rebs v Tahs game that it really struck me how often Hodge turns over possession when tackled. I don’t know enough to know if it’s him not being close enough to support/cleaners or his technique in laying the ball back, but Hodge carries seemed to end up with opponents holding the pill.
Would welcome others more knowledgeable telling me I’m wrong and why?

Why the Reds have the best defence in Australia

I call that one the “Francois du Plessis special”. He almost always shifted his bind onto the opposing props arm, yet still managed to look surprised when the (not nearly frequent enough) penalties were given.

Qualifying final is the Reds' to lose, but don't just dismiss the Rebels' chances

My opinion of Rupert’s various organs is an always diminishing quantity of not much.

Michael Hooper to take six-month sabbatical to Japanese rugby in 2021

Nobes, despite having a rough start to your Super Rugby tipping this year, smile and remember that you’re 2 points up on Brett. 😛

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Peter, I’m pretty sure I heard Greg Martin mention that O’Connor was avoiding kicking duties at present because his groin or hammy wouldn’t hold up to the physical load of practicing to the required standard. Seems like a reasonable explanation of what has transpired.
Couldn’t understand why Hegarty did the line kicking on Saturday when Stewart had been doing a pretty good job of it and has a bigger boot.

The Wrap: Rugby shuts down… am I ever going to see your face again?

I suspect Argentina’s health system has less capacity to handle cases than ours so their govt will be more concerned (afraid even) to slow the rate of transmission. Can’t blame them for taking it very seriously.

UPDATE: Single Super Rugby game goes behind closed doors before Australian lockout in Round 8

BTW the youtube video is on the Rugby Pass channel and has professional rugby players talking about their head injuries and concussions and how they were handled by players and medical staff, with both good and bad. You can learn from people who have been there and done it, if you’re prepared to listen to them. It also has contributions from medical specialists and even a lawyer whose contribution was worthwhile. It’s about 48 minutes.

'13 against 16': Eddie Jones blasts 'absolute rubbish' refereeing after late red card

None so blind as those who will not see.
No problem, Pickett. You just just keep on being you, but the rest of the world might just move on and leave you behind.

'13 against 16': Eddie Jones blasts 'absolute rubbish' refereeing after late red card

Experience isn’t worth anything if players don’t learn from their experiences.

Waratahs' experience counting for not very much at all

Disagree with you. Absolute rubbish, indeed.
Educate yourself.

'13 against 16': Eddie Jones blasts 'absolute rubbish' refereeing after late red card

True, because if it was simplistic fundamentalism, none of them would play professional sport on Sundays and they’d have to rethink their cultural position on tattoos. The bible makes many inconvenient prohibitions. The process of selecting which ones to hold to and which to ignore is quite a thing. RA’s prohibition on public utterances of bigotry remains valid, by reason of commercial realism if not ethics.

Shadow of Folau obscures signs of rugby's revival in Australia

Keep dreamin’. It’s what keeps us sane.

Super Rugby Round 6: Wollongong is beautiful this time of year

Part of the problem with Tupou’s “try” is that SR refs allow players to crawl forward all over the park. Of course, when it gets checked on a try, they will make the obvious right call, but what about all the other times players crib 1 or 2 and sometimes even 3 metres? It’s one of my pet peeves and analogous to cricket umpires never bothering with front foot no-balls until it’s to reverse a wicket. If they consistently pulled up the offending behaviour, the players would adjust.

The Wrap: Super Rugby teams struggle at home. Why is it so?

Trying hard now; It’s so hard now; Trying hard now
Gettin’ strong now; Coming on, now; Gettin’ strong now
Gonna fly now; Flyin’ high now; Gonna fly, fly, fly
[Theme to ‘Rocky’]
Can you hear the trumpets, Harry?

Super Rugby Round 5: Reality bites

Hockings will add pressure to the Sharks lineout – if JOC, Stewart, Campbell do the right thing and kick the ball into the stands.

Super Rugby Round 5: Reality bites

Blythe may be bigger but Hockings is just a better footballer.

Super Rugby Round 5 teams: Four huge ins for Rebels, Reds name strong bench

People who choose to listen to Jones’s radio program have chosen their own punishment.

The Wrap: Lazy thinking reinforces rugby’s negative narrative

Fine article, GP.
Keep kicking the pr1ck$. They’ve earned it.

The Wrap: Lazy thinking reinforces rugby’s negative narrative

Fine article, GP.
Keep kicking the pricks. They’ve earned it.

The Wrap: Lazy thinking reinforces rugby’s negative narrative

Strike out adverse. You meant averse.
Adverse means unhelpful or harmful, such as, “After all the rain, the match was played in adverse conditions.”
Averse means being opposed or having a dislike of something, such as, “I remain averse to non-neutral refs.”

The Brumbies and the Reds should provide most of Rennie's Wallabies

Do you feel better now?
Caroline Flack was a presenter of a god-awful “reality” show on UK telly. She got into trouble for hitting her boyfriend and was due to front court in the near future on a charge related to that. She took her own life last week. The UK press had been printing lots of nasty stuff about her and she felt she’d been hung out to dry by her employer. It has been a very big, indeed unmissable story in the UK. If someone was going to ask a question about player welfare including a nod to mental health, then mentioning Flack in passing was a way to broaden the question’s relevance for a UK audience – and that makes perfect sense if your a UK journalist in the business of getting the attention of UK readers/viewers. Your ignorance of Flack and the UK media is of no account in this story. Anyhow, you carry on being you, Mick. Eddie will carry on being himself, too. Mind you, if Ireland manage to knock over England tomorrow night, it might be a while before Eddie has a grin to show the world or even in the mirror to himself. But if I had to wager, I’d put a few pounds on England at home.

Eddie Jones apologises for racism joke

As a Qlder, that’s one of the best comments I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, here or anywhere else. Thanks, RR.

Bleak Bledisloe hopes a harsh reality for Wallabies fans

I looked up Clermont’s team listings and it seems McIntyre is very much a squad man to cover injuries. He isn’t getting a lot of regular time on the field. Camille Lopez is their starting 10, with half-back Morgan Parra also covering 10 if needed.

Who are our best Wallabies prospects beyond 2020?