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Great article Lara!

Norma Plummer once copped a bit of heat when she took the Head Coach role for South Africa. She replied “If you don’t share the knowledge, it will forever be a two horse race”
We are certainly at that point where netball is, as you said world class, and it is only a matter of time before other countries really do step up.

I was particularly impressed with the African nations and their performance at this world cup. Specifically South Africa and Uganda. The next world cup is in South Africa, and those national teams will be a major force!

As for the Diamonds; they are leading the way in rebuilding; whereas I think New Zealand and England still rely on their older players a little to much. When the time comes, the Diamonds will be that force again with a solid squad and in months/years time, New Zealand and England will be where we are now, but certainly nobody is going backwards.

Final thoughts on the 2019 Netball World Cup

I find the Kings are impossible to watch! Exactly as you described. Taking pot shots, and no defence!

Anthony Davis is out of this world

Giannis reminds of me of Harden last year.. The star of the team that just tries to do too much.. I feel Harden has been relieved of some of that pressure with the intro of Chris Paul and it has made his game even better and more rounded.. I’d like to Giannis get some help which will help evolve his potential even more!

Anthony Davis is out of this world

So excited for Next Friday when the NRL Kicks off! 🙂

I wouldn’t have even considered talking Parramatta up, but they were pretty awesome last weekend!

I agree the forward pack is lacking, although the addition of Lillyman, Heighington and Guerra should make it interesting. (Although at the upper end of the age scale!)

As for talking the Knights up.. Someone’s gotta win… #Whynotthem 🙂

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

5-1! I like the way you think! Get on it! It would be nice odds!

O’Donovan still finding his feet after injury, but looking better by the day (or round) 🙂

Looking forward to a massive crowd (of both sets of fans) this weekend!

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

Those Philly fans! My goodness! 🙂

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

Simply trying to prove a point, but I agree there would be a lot of different comments based on your preference of code.

You’re righ! The piece has more focus on the jets and their season but only because their season is well over half done. With the Knights winning the last 3 wooden spoons, and having a positive re-build pre season. Why not mention both 🙂

Knights kick off next Friday! Lets see what they can bring. 🙂

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

I like the way you think! I agree there has been a lot of hard work involved! You hear the word “re-build” a lot in sport. Hopefully the Newcastle teams are there/almost there 🙂

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

Perhaps Newcastle should be a ‘statue’city 🙂

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

Why Not! 🙂

Although Newcastle doesn’t seem like a statue sort of city… Otherwise would we have seen an Andrew Johns statue years ago?

Have Newcastle finally shattered their city's curse?

Great Read and Brave tips! 🙂
I’m predicting the Knights will be up there this year, perhaps around 8th or 9th..
I’m taking Bulldogs for the wooden spoon and Cowboys for the premiership, although I think Roosters will be a force!
I like the idea of Widdop for Dally M! He’s very underrated!

As for Parramatta; they are definitely the team to watch this year.. I think they will surprise everyone!

My fearless predictions for NRL season 2018

Thanks Pete.. That is what I meant..

Goodbye Kobe Bryant

I agree. However it is hard to grow and perhaps reach full potential if you are confined to such restrictions.

Having said that, I hate seeing the NRL games at ANZ Stadium.. 15,000 in a stadium that holds 83,500 just looks a little sad..

With increasing popularity, netball is experiencing growing pains