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Quite frankly this review is calling for things that should already be in practice and to suggest that they don’t currently have “high performance plans that underpin the commitment of each organisation to create winning teams at Super Rugby and national level, including key measurable deliverables for each organisation or player physical and skill development targets” is appalling and begs the question as to what did Pulver do in his tenure and why has it taken Raelene this long to come to grips with the situation?
Additionally the stranglehold on coaching positions from also rans is the reason we have not had succession in the past because if you weren’t inside the tent, no one would take you on because everyone, Chieka and so on needed to maintain their status quo.
and finally the rhetoric around leadership and culture is sickening as not once does it address the need to develop a winning culture

Rugby AU publishes recommendations from 2019 Wallabies review

a lot of people here paying out on Foxtel – only goes to their case that they pay less for the rugby content or drop it all together

Foxtel versus rugby: The next battle

Here’s why I am concerned: your figures reflect the current broadcast agreement and this year, financial year ending 31 Dec, the forecast loss is $5.5m. Let’s say it’s the same for next year. Then in 2021, when the broadcast rights are only $20 m instead of $60 m, we will have a $45 m loss – have I missed something here? Equity as at Dec 2018 sits at $26 m.

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

Time for Harold Mitchell to take over the negotiations

Trial by media: Australian rugby’s broadcast future to play out in public

RA could sell the TV rights to Optus or Foxtel and then pay them $6 million to show the games. Sound familiar?

Foxtel withdraws offer for Rugby broadcast rights, Optus move looms

yep, nailed it

Rugby needs review

“I’d rather win our way, than no way at all,” – be careful what you wish for, eh?

Cheika's legacy: Consistent inconsistency and puzzling selection to the very end

By giving Melbourne the Bledisloe test in 2020 Raelene has agreed to take the $5m from the Vic State Gov and give it to the Melb Rebels. Geez

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

I doubt he regrets saying it. He has nothing to lose – he wont be playing in the 2023 world cup.

Quade Cooper swipes at outgoing Wallabies coach on social media

just like a true narcissist to drop a hand grenade as he exits

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

Why , yes, she has. Since she started, there has been a new agreement to pay funds to the Rebels – circa $5 m – and they are still asking for more

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

Not so broke that they haven’t been able to fund Melbourne and continue to do so for – what – ten years now?

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

you are drawing a long bow now blaming JON for this – are you still wearing the pain of being sacked by him?
If you want to talk about Pulver and the good things he ‘actually did’ lets talk Melbourne and Andrew Cox and $6 million dollars

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

THe CEO is where the buck stops therefore Castle is responsible for the results regardless of when the coach was appointed and to what date he was contracted. If at some time she had pulled his pin – and paid him out – she might have driven a different course. Instead, she did nothing and allowed this debacle to eventuate.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss


Air NZ takes the mickey out of Ireland's hopes ahead of All Blacks QF

no one really cares if a person is born gay or not. You seem to be making a big issue about something that no one cares about except you. Instead of leading the moral outrage warriors why not campaign about something worthy

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

why are you suggesting that gay people would go to hell just for being born? No one has said that at all. Just a little bit of fake hysteria on your part? You sound a bit woke for no particular reason to me

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

well said, Sir. And very telling that the AFL and Netball NZ have both taken a very different approach than RA, and well done to them

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

It is hard to follow your comment TWAS. An inspiring choice would be an attack coach with some nous and ability to do the job. If that meant signing them for a 2 or 3 year deal that would be excellent for the new head coach. Of course, Berne is not that inspired choice – you even say so yourself.
Berne is obviously just getting onto the RA trough until he can sort out his next gig. Rebels is clearly imploding with the number of players departing and now the coaching staff going too.
Oh and by the way, don’t forget Todd Louden, who came down to Rebels at the start of this year, (when the team had their heads together and pulled great results) has quietly left the building without any fanfare.

Five months later, Michael Cheika and the Wallabies finally have an attack coach

my thoughts exactly. Look at the attack score for the last two weeks at Rebels – one try. Can’t be stuffed going back over the season, but that is grim for the Wallabies.

Five months later, Michael Cheika and the Wallabies finally have an attack coach

thanks James, a nice update on a nice bloke and good player

Aussie abroad: Mike Harris

But Pulver had another option that didnt require any further ARU payments and he refused it. Try to explain that away TWAS

Seven talking points from Super Rugby Round 18

TWAS you twit, bigotry is defined as: intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself. The Christian religion is not intolerant of those who have not yet converted. The Christian religion prays for their conversion.

Lies and blatantly unfair: Folau slams Rugby Australia

superb Nick, thanks

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019

I watched the Melbourne demons game on the weekend – lots of skill errors, hail mary kicks and dead set constant passing to collingwood players by the Melbourne players. The finals ship for them has well and truly sailed this year.
Over to Melbourne Rebels now. I also watched the Rebels v Crusaders game – some skill errors, but mainly they looked tired and beat while the Crusaders were pumped and excelled at everything they did except when what’s his name dropped the ball .
Can Melb Rebels defeat Chiefs? I don’t think they think they can, and that’s the biggest hurdle.

Top four sorted, next four might not change either