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well said Spiro. Unfortunately, when the RA meet in April to announce their Financial results, the good old boys club of Victoria, NSW and QLD will accept their rhetoric because in doing so it guarantees their own funding to their SR franchises.

Cheika survives the axe as Rugby AU bring in Scott Johnson as director of rugby

You are right. Why are they still paying secret payments to the rebels? What’s in it for Clyne? He has been hell bent on saving that franchise and even arranged for their own lawyer to change the put option for Mr Cox so that it could be executed in time before Mr Cox drove the franchise into insolvency.

Rugby Australia is turning into Fort Freefall

all too true crash ball2

The Wrap: Is this D-day for Michael Cheika or same old, same old?

some considerations:
1. Clyne does not like to be told what to do, so sacking Cheika can not happen until it is seen to be Clynes idea;
2. If Clyne protects Cheika then Cheika protects Clyne and they both stay in their cosy arrangement;
3. Castle will talk rhetoric but say nothing;
4. Until they can tee up a new coach they will not sack Cheika;
5. Their financial situation could be dire (they did have a full program at this mornings’ meeting) due to the extended bail out program continuing with at least on SR franchise without the extra cost of a payout for Cheika and a sign on incentive for a new coach

Rugby Australia chairman delivers short update on Wallabies coach

totally agree with you about the All Blacks having a system, and one that works but to think that centralisation for Australia is the answer ignores the elephant in the room – we don’t have the mind set to determine a system of coaching. Centralisation in Australia no longer passes the sniff test because what it really means is that NSW (and possibly QLD) will dominate their own self interests and ACT and VIC (forget about WA now) will become even less important.

Rebels backline key to Wallabies World Cup hopes

Yep Redsfan1, that is exactly their plan

Only optimism for Wallabies fans lies with December decisions

hey TWAS, you should start a petition to save Clyne as RA Chairman and see how many true believers sign that one . mate.

Australian rugby can turn this corner, but only if it wants to

Australia doesn’ t have the depth of talent to rest the Wallabies during SR games. Lets be pragmatic, a franchise pays big bucks to get a talented Wallaby player , and Cheika asks them to be rested? So that he can have them peak for him? There is no way in hell I would rest my players for him unless he paid for it. Otherwise, every franchise in Australia has something to prove in the SR comp and it’s every man for himself trying to make the top eight this time

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

no, WA only have 1 vote since they do not have a SR vote any more. My understanding has always been that a successful vote would need to be 75%, so 12 votes needed to make any changes. Or put another way, 4 votes can block any change. NSW and QLD rule the roost.

It's time to centralise Australian rugby


England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

In the first instance, the problems that Australian rugby faces does not need to be rectified in one sweeping move. First things first. 1. We need a competent coach who can prepare the team for match fitness, skills and strategy.
That’s a different solution to the second issue which is of governance. 2. We do need a sweep out of the Board and we need a clean out of the senior management, and probably and culling of head office.
Thirdly, I cannot agree that the state unions would give up their independence – it surely would not be for the greater good, and what would RA gain from it? Nothing they don’t already have.

The state unions have their own interests to protect and I would never give that up, but that is not the same as building a national coaching program. One job at a time

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Mr Pulver could give back his $500,000 termination handshake, since he signed Cheika up and all. that would go a long way to paying him out.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Steady on old boy. If Cheika has requested SR coaches to rest the Wallabies players for certain games, the Rebels might be short a few experienced players. Even Wessels cant walk on water yet

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

Pulver tried to kill professional rugby in one state and made a secret side deal with a millionaire to keep it in another state

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

Pulver was asleep at the helm

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

Rubbish. Pulver had his own agenda and he fulfilled it without regard to man or state. If he was at the helm he was asleep

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

I recall reading recently that RA had written to past Wallaby players asking for $5000 to prop them up

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

Yes and what a joke that has been

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go

nice read thanks JSJ

Why we must embrace Twiggy's rugby rules

nicely put

Why do Wallabies coaches have immunity until the World Cup?

thanks for that snippet

The curious case of Beauden Barrett

Umm, I made a comment some time ago, from my source, that Cheika had lost the confidence of the players, and got slammed , so I don’t really comment about that any more, but actually, now that you mention it too, I did hear that from a very good source

Wallabies must be be aware of the elephant in the Padua room

Well said Spiro

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

Yes, we need a clean out, but that would require Clyne to act honourably and to step aside. That is unlikely given his past performance. So then the State unions would need to hold an EGM and sack him, again, NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC will never do it – they don’t have the guts to cut off their secret payment plans – otherwise referred to by Pulver as the ‘commercial inconfidence agreements’

Undefeated or unemployed for Cheika in Europe?

This was clearly part of Chieka’s plan to harden the F$%K up before swooping in with the important wins

Undefeated or unemployed for Cheika in Europe?