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Can you solve the Wallabies inside backs problem?

Can you solve the Wallabies inside backs problem?

29 Jul 2015

With the Rugby World Cup just under two months away the beginnings of a Wallabies team is coming together. But who will steer the ship at five-eighth and inside centre?

Richard Graham is patient zero at the Reds

Richard Graham is patient zero at the Reds

8 Mar 2015

Those that run the Reds, the team I have followed since I can remember, have made a fatal decision that has put them on course for disaster.

Origin man-of-the-match gong a farce

15 Jun 2012

Who the hell picks the Man of the Match? OK, I know it is the state selectors, but what do they see that we don’t? How could they choose Nate Myles over Brent Tate in the Melbourne game?

Haumono's revelation raises questions

21 Aug 2011

There was a very interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday. Solomon Haumono has come clean after 13 years of everyone believing he went AWOL chasing “the pleasure machine” Gabrielle Richens.

Beale or Cooper?

28 Feb 2011

A thought occurred to me today: Whilst Cooper is good, perhaps Beale is the real reason for the resurgance of the Wallabies late last year.

Picking a Wallaby side of the decade

15 Dec 2009

Coming to the end of this year, can only mean one thing to all those who argue long and hard over anything: a team of the decade!