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Video says much about Wallabies attitude

At the end of this article is a video of the Wallabies’ change room after the Welsh win. I love how, during the Lions’ tours, they have a camera in the change room to show you what happens before the match. And this is also a frank look at the dressing room after a good […]

I don’t think he could have pulled out. He jumped to charge down, landed on one foot, off balance, and couldn’t pull up. Would have been really harsh to card that one.

The Wallabies played terrible rugby against Wales

Are you talking the team I named, or the current Wallabies team Sheek? See I think the Wallabies COULD be a good team. They well COULD be a good team. But they need better coaching, better tactics.
I would change a few blokes in and out, there is no doubt, but I have always thought that Australia has the players to get good results… just not the coaches.

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

I saw it, and immediately thought there would be an issue there, as milked as it was. But I think he did really well with his communication all game, and thank goodness he took a pragmatic read on Halfpenny throwing his arms up over his head when Kerevi bumped into him.

The Wallabies played terrible rugby against Wales

It seems a no brainer for me between Pocock and Hooper. I know which one adds more to the Wallabies.
Hooper is not as outstanding as he was 3 years ago… this year has been mediocre… no big breakout runs, no ruckwork, missed tackles…

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

Having said how bad we were, it isn’t like Wales were any better really… And some people are actually calling for Gatland to coach Australia next? Pulease!!! Wales need new blood in their coaching box as well.

The Wallabies played terrible rugby against Wales

I thought the ref was pretty good actually.

The Wallabies played terrible rugby against Wales

I’m not sold on the Papworth letter… I agree, the issue is a deep one, and we can always do with better skills at all levels, so there is that. And it is a long fix, that if changed and implemented now, any new development would be around 10 years from coming out to Wallabies level.

Where I disagree is that a change of coach can’t sort out the issue at the top right now. They can all catch and pass. They are all good players… good enough. Sure they could be better. But when you spend all day practicing failing moves; simple, braindead plays; you become brain dead. You become automated… I have seen it at lower levels… automated. Remember? The pass off the top of the linout, then two blokes do this, then everyone sweeps around, the other pod moves here… it is automated… but if someone counters it, and one key part of the automation falls apart, the whole process fails. That is what is happening with the Wallabies because of really poor coaching. Our best players are being poorly coached, and having been poorly coached for so long, they can’t get out of the rut they are in.
A good selection shake up wouldn’t go astray… The following would be good to see, well coached:

Dempsey? Cottrell? Higgers?

The young guns like Banks, Maddocks etc… all offer something that the current lot just aren’t giving us. Why we continue to persist with what we have is just mind blowing. It just isn’t working, and Cheika is kidding himself saying it will click. He really needs to be taken to task over the team’s results… the buck stops with him, so either he goes, or his assistants have to go. That is how simple the Wallabies current situation is. The results speak for themselves.

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

Lawes was about halfway up the ruck I thought… you see it let go, this one wasn’t… fair enough penalty.

Which brings me to Wales… anyone see how they were setting up the ball at the back of the ruck? They had two players leaning on each other, feet splayed well back, so the ball was actually set out, about 2 metres from the ruck, but still deemed “in”? I thought it was a bit off… I don’t like that being allowed. Not only that, but the half was also handling the ball, rolling it back to the last mans feet himself.. It all seemed cynical and off…

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

I am super worried Larkham is the anointed next coach… Given what he has been in charge of over the last few years, it is a real worry.

And you are right… when our only play is a DEEP second man play, and then another deeper second man play after that… you have to wonder what they really plan for?

I have always had the impression that the Wallabies lately play like they train unopposed. They can’t handle what opposition does… hell even being there is an issue these days. They are just not used to picking apart teams. They train off paper. “We will run this, it will be great.” but when there is someone actually opposing them, they can’t handle the unknown of having someone there…

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

We won’t know about a good 8, until we give our 8s a go… yes get rid of Hooper because is his 19 metres run and tackles made worth the issues having 2 7s causes? Timu is a good 8, who has now been shunted after two games… Say a good 8 shows up next year… then what? We are still short a 6.

Heads must roll as Cheika's Wallabies lose against Wales with stupid play

Harsh on Genia. I thought he played pretty well. As did Kerevi, DHP and Super Saf with the two opportunities he got… the rest of the backs? Missing.

So much anger and frustration… though I don’t know why I thought it would be any different this week, I honestly don’t know why…

Seven talking points from Wallabies v Wales

SBW does well when he gets early ball, and can pick his line and wind up, OR… picks his line, and gets wide flat ball. He has good footwork, and can weasel gaps.

The issue we have is that Foley doesn’t use Kerevi well at 12… or hasn’t yet. He uses him as a short battering ram.
Kerevi is good at the Reds with quick wide ball, so he can use his feet, OR, wide flat balls, again, so he can pick his line…. Last we saw Kerevi at 12, and Foley was using him with late short passing.

Kerevi is a big, strong man, with good feet, and soft hands. When we learn to use his ability better, he could well be our spear point.

Hell, a huge issue we have in our backs is they always go wide too early… When we do put the ball forwards first, ala Argentina second half, we show we can get a roll on. We just don’t do it enough.

The All Black javelin - the 'Sonny Bill' attack

Yup. But somehow, Cheika leads a very charmed life. I don’t understand it… His selections are off, his game plan is off, but whenever you listen to him talk (calmly), he seems to make a lot of sense… but I have said before… his words don’t equate to his actions.

Undefeated or unemployed for Cheika in Europe?

Yeah, Swimming and Olympics were related to funding to a point. At one point, they refused to spend on the coaches for a period there, and so many Aus coaches went overseas and came back coaching other countries and beat us… I couldn’t believe it. How could we be so stupid?

It is could be that no one plans for the “after”, but it could also be that by “planning” in a dreadful fashion, they completely alter the “after” and make it much worse! Sometimes you wonder where they get their ideas for planning from…

Australian rugby must innovate or perish

All massive obvious points and I agree with them Thugby. Adding to the first point about Foley, what he has done is dropped him because he was out of form, but Foley stayed with the squad, and played off the bench to get his form back… only he had no real game time to find the form, and then was selected back into the team when the only alternative failed, which many saw coming from a long way back… but Foley simply hasn’t changed form at all? I cannot get over Cheika’s selections and how they affect the team so much…

“Cheika’s need for a win with terrible game plans overrides any chance of experimentation”. I would also say, his need for a win is actually because of his terrible game plans and selections. IF he had better both, he would not be 2 or 3 from 10 this year (is that where we are? I think that’s about it).

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?

That is how I see it as well… We can’t keep picking two players we think are great… and shifting spots to accommodate them.
Pick one. Live and die by it. The sad thing really is that for some reason, they made Hooper captain, so by putting him to the bench where he should be, they would disrupt leadership again… not that there is a heap of leadership coming from him… but lets be honest… it isn’t going to happen. Again, the contract by RA has made sure of that as well.

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?

You know what is really bizarre here, and there is possibly a rather large story in it itself…

After massive periods of success in three key sports… Rugby, Swimming and Cricket… the admin in all three did what? and then we have a period of what harsh reality would say is caplitulation…

Maybe that is a tad harsh on Swimming, but certainly after our Golden years at the turn of the century, our swimmers are not seeing the fruits of success quite as much… now this is due to a few things, like funding, coaching etc, as well as other countries stepping up their game as well… but still…

The premise of my train of thought is that what have the admins of successful Aussie sport done during our golden periods to ensure it carries on? In all three case, they possibly need to look HARD at what they have done, and find out why results have fallen away. Rugby and Cricket in particular… boy do they need a good hard looking at.

Australian rugby must innovate or perish

Fionn, your first backline is a dream. Smart Toomua, Fast Super Saf and Banks, big skillful Kerevi and Folau and powerful Petaia.. Would love to see it. That would be my pick for the tour as well. Pick them and keep them as long as possible to see if they can gel.

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?

Good points, but nope, I don’t think we will see any of it.

Just on Hooper, I get the idea, but really, what is the difference between Hooper at 6 or 7 or 8, when we still have Pocock at either 7 or 8 or 6 or whatever? Does it make a difference where Hooper plays if we will have Hooper and Pocock on together? It makes a difference who the third one is though…

Three opportunities for the Wallabies to experiment. But will they be taken?

Bites, bites, bites…

Here goes… No league player has been a success after 1 year and an off season. Sure, they have good parts, but most of them have solid deficiencies in their games even after a few years.

Second thing is you can’t pick a league player in the front row… Particularly one shaped like Jake T. He is too tall, and wouldn’t have the core strength to scrummage well enough. Backrow would be better for him. I’ve always thought League props are tailor made Union 6s and 8s.

One thing I will say about League, is they just have a great conveyor belt of talent… I mean look at the halves that pop up every year or so in league… yet in Rugby at the moment, we can’t find 1 decent 10 in the country. Two if you really think Foley is decent I guess. The gap between our starting 9 and the next best is seemingly huge, but we could never be too sure, because the only other bloke to get a go is poor anyway.

Still, I think to mix the two games together, your team has a few flaws… but I do love the challenge of the mix:

1. Scott Sio
2. BPA
3. Tongan Thor
4. Rory Arnold
5. Coleman
6. Name your big angry prop…
7. Pocock
8. Klemmer

9. Genia
10. Ponga
11. Israel Folau
12. Kerevi
13. Latrell Mitchell – But he would want to pay attention for the whole 80 minutes…
14. Valentine Holmes
15. Banks

Rugby union is in strife – league is here to help


Wales to fire against Wallabies: Davies

The issue is truly, regardless of the results, the Wallabies need a good hard look at themselves… but this isn’t happening.

If Wales loose, THEY need a good hard look at themselves… their coach simply can’t beat us if that is the case, and they need to look at what is going on there…

Wales to fire against Wallabies: Davies

When everyone was worried about the penatly kick-a-thon rugby was about 10 years ago, it seemed to simple to me… you can only kick for points within the attacking 22. Everything outside that had to be an attacking play.

Having said that, it does seem to have settled down since then… no so many long range shots anymore.

Taking the referee out of the equation

IF they can’t beat Australia at the moment, then they need a seriously good hard look at themselves… more so than us!

Wales to fire against Wallabies: Davies

As others have said, Lewis/Geyer was 2 minutes of great theatre, and it is well documented that it was Wally who instigated it to fire up his team after Geyer dominated them for the first 40. Lewis took a calculated risk that himself getting under Geyer’s skin would put him off.

Wendell and Mad Dog!! Always tried to find each other.

The NRL's greatest player rivalries