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Rusted on rugby fan - Wallabies, Wallaroos, Tahs, Marlins plus 7s



Completely agree – consecutive wins just gave fans pure and simple enjoyment. As a rugby fan in Australia, that is pretty good.

A bullet pass from a lock, and other wonders from the Wallabies’ Brisbane win

I am biased as my preferred sport is rugby, so am always pleased to see rugby being funded in whatever way, especially as Rugby AU is pretty much broke.
Being pretty cynical these days ‘a fair go’ is no longer part of sport and business which is unfortunate. Not saying its right but its all about who and what you know. While rugby has its issues between state bodies and within states it can get on message when it comes to approaching government – just look at its World Cup 2027 Bid Advisory committee.

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

Serious credit must go to Rennie, coaches & Hoops for keeping the squad up & focused after the NZ beatings, especially when in a bubble, away from home for a long time. Probably helpful being able to bring in a few extra players to add new faces, voices especially like old head like Holmes.

On the player front, really like the Swinton/ Samu combo, whilst never a big advocate of Samu, he is a smart player, great to come on in the last 20 mins, makes good decisions. Kellaway has been a revelation, he isn’t a big player but he is smart player, makes good decisions, can read the play, would like to see him at 15 this week, with Petaia on the wing. I think Kellaway would provide good guidance for Petaia. (There’s my 2 cents for free)

The Wrap: Wallabies rocket ahead while the Springboks are lost in space

Really think Covid and Rugby AU’s dire finances have really impacted the women’s 15s planning and program. It’s disappointing to see there is appears to be nothing planned for the rest of this year compared to most other countries.
Plus there is very little information put out on social media compared other countries. We have a long way to go to get close internationally, hopefully there is a lot of happening the behind scenes.
In terms of priorities I do note the only photos The Roar have is of the 7s too.

'These sports have been set back': New Wallaroos coach ready to tackle COVID challenges

I am biased have always been a fan of Hooper except when he was at the Brumbies. Just think he has matured and has naturally grown in confidence. He has never been a big personality player, not big on social media, so in many ways most people probably don’t feel like they know him. During a period when the Wallabies haven’t been strong I have valued effort players, Hooper like Koroibete are effort players and they always have a place in my team.

Everything Hoops said about 'noisy' Nic White, our own Ardie Savea and copping 's---' over record

Really can’t comment on Ch9’s League coverage interstate, don’t watch a lot even in Sydney but I assume they do it based on ratings and financials.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

As an aside from a marketing perspective Nic White is great, Rugby AU needs some players to fly the flag in this competitive footy market. White does great interviews and his reactions on field get a response. Both my sons message me re White’s reactions on the field & they love him. Add in the recent Quade factor, we have a couple of names, pity they are the older players.

'He gets bloody angry': Nic White wins Wallabies start after fiery impact in Boks triumph

Ray – All good we can agree to disagree on 9 Entertainment’s promotion of rugby, personally I think they have done a terrific job, especially as it is year 1. At the same time am mindful that their priority is NRL. The whole SD v HD doesn’t bother me much, at least Super Rugby is now on FTA.
As for the SMH, I read it daily on an ipad app so can’t comment on where the articles are in the paper, but do note there are more content – articles & videos etc than there were previously. My only negative comment re the SMH is the lack of coverage of women’s rugby when the Super W was on.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Sheek, Agree structures and governance have been poor to say the least for a long, long time but I can’t change that. I have been absolutely furious with the Waratah’s Board and management for the last few years too. Agree a lot of lost opportunities over many, many years and am realistic that we can’t catch up.
But I still enjoy rugby, watch local subbies, local grade, Tahs and Wallabies – ride the emotional roller coaster. Rugby is one of my pastimes which I do for enjoyment even if there are many flaws. If I can’t look for positives & have hope then why bother watching – move to another pastime. Plus there are enough bad things going on in the world, plus a pandemic to wallow in the negative aspects of rugby.
Even when it’s all looking bad there are tiny green shoots, one of my sons who can’t remember us winning a Bledisloe or win a World Cup just sent a message ‘How good was it to see Quade playing’. Whilst he is more into the American sports he is still a rugby fan and the win on the weekend got him up and about.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Agree the ARL has close links with media. Whilst for news organisations it shouldn’t happen it is inevitable media outlets will focus on the sports that have a financial interest in. Foxtel stopped covering rugby when it lost the broadcast rights, Newscomau website doesn’t even have a Rugby section, I bet Ch 9 will reduce the netball coverage now that has gone, I noted Ch 9 include UEFA football results in their news as it is shown on Stan.
Whilst Ch 9 has more $$ invested in the NRL, I can’t agree with your comment re the SMH, I think there has been more promotion/ coverage of rugby by 9 Entertainment than there has been in the last 10 years. I think the SMH has 4-5 journos who write rugby stories now including most recently Wayne Smith. Obviously Ch9 spend more on NRL as they have a greater investment in League but they have done a terrific job with rugby since they have taken it on.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Enjoyed that article – confirms there is a bit of sunshine coming from rugby in Australia.
Quade provided confident leadership, composure and precision in his decision making, sitting on the couch it felt good to see.

Rugby Championship turnaround: What a difference a Quade makes

Great positivity & passion- Not sure being no.1 is needed, doubt it will ever take over NRL/AFL in Oz which is fine but can definitely rebuild it’s profile in due course with better performances and more $$.
The 2 things rugby has going for it is the international component playing Tests, player opportunities and travel for the fan can’t be underestimated. The other big factor is the game is for players of different shapes & sizes, in both NRL/AFL players are very similar in size & build and can be easily interchanged between positions. In rugby we have real specialist positions in the forwards, that is a big differentiator.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Agree in regards to Kerevi not distributing to his outside, which was one of the reasons I was never a big fan. In saying that in the last 2 matches we have needed that type of simple but effective play – crash ball, take tackle or pop an offload. I wonder if it is a perception that he has to do it himself, especially as Banks does not really add much in attack from full back & Ikitau is pretty young.
I can’t remember if he played a lot with Folau and if played the same way.
Anyway it was just great to watch a close exciting game, right to the end, like watching the French series, enjoyable. Looking forward to this weekend but the forwards are going to be in for an even more brutal battle, the ruck area will be a warzone.

A rapid Wallabies turnaround, and other non-Cooper observations

I understand you have to play to your strengths which is fine but it can also be boring. I must admit when South Africa scored with the rolling maul off a lineout I was just as bored as when the Brumbies do it. That isn’t to say how they play is wrong but I was bored. In fact whenever they kicked to the corner, I got up to get drinks or do a couple of brief chores – you know its going to be a try, penalty or yellow card.
In reality whilst I find the South African play boring if it wins then good on them. As a rusted on rugby fan I would take that sort of play if we beat the Kiwis. Unfortunately in Australia we don’t have the players to play that sort of game and it wouldn’t be accepted in the competitive Australian sports marketplace.

Why I don't understand the Springboks hate

Sure keeping considering it for as long as you like but don’t ever do it !!

World Rugby explores option of making RWC a biennial event

Watching Swinton is a tense experience, he plays a very simple game, right on the edge. I think its good to take him off at 60 min before he gets too tired and slips further into the danger zone.

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

Initially thought the same but probably a combination of things. 1. He has an earpiece so he is getting messages from the coaches’ box and 2. I think he is a very smart footy player, can read the play so can add a bit of interpretation/ context not just pass on the messages.

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

It will be interesting to see how Rennie manages the players, especially the younger or less experienced ones.
I wasn’t a big Ikitau fan, just thought we expected too much of him but he had a great game in defence, will he be able to back it up physically next week?. Good to rotate the locks Swain, Phillips, Rodda they are relatively young & inexperienced, manage the physical aspects of he position. May need to keep an eye on Valetini he is only 23, maybe bring in Wilson or Naisarani to rest him a bit.

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

Probably learning a fair amount as Scott Wisemantel is the other water boy. Although will say getting a bit annoyed how often the water boys run on to the field.

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

It was just great to get a win, edge of the seat excitement to the end, it’s what rugby in Australia needed. It was a Swinton type of game – not complicated hit and get hit, 1 brain explosion, stuck up for himself and team mates
Passion – White slamming mouth guard into the turf
Still need to resolve positions 2 & 15
Still bored with rolling maul tries – Springboks twitter ‘Malcolm Marx scores a brilliant maul try for the Boks..’ Really? Brilliant?
Who would be a ref – some commentary say he was great others that he was poor – you just have to laugh
Also noted Tom Wright is always the water boy talking to the players in the breaks

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

Just going to enjoy this win, not going to get too deep into it. Forwards put in a great effort. Whilst never a great Quade fan always enjoyed watching him play – he is a footy player & with his experience showed so much composure. But am still so bored to tears with rolling maul tries off a lineout.

MATCH REPORT: 'He's a big game player. He said I've got it and he nailed it'

Whilst I have never been a huge Quade fan I’m pretty excited to see how he goes. I have come to the conclusion over the last few years I like watching footy players, players with footy smarts, not just brute force. In saying that I do enjoy the brute force of NFL.

Quade Cooper versus the Boks: What could possibly go wrong?

Everyone has an opinion which is fine. I think in regards to Hoops it’s the negative opinions that get highlighted which is fine just not reflective of the majority of fans, which is fine too. I noted ref Ben O’Keefe had a lot of positives to say about Hooper in a podcast the other day too. I heard a great comment the other other day, everyone can have an opinion I just don’t have to listen to it.

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

Thanks Will, great to see an article from a former team mate. I don’t know how he does it week in and week out, if other players over the years put in the same effort we would have had a few more wins. The reality is the hate is just the noisy minority the problem is they are noisy. The vast majority of rugby fans, coaches and his team mates support him that’s all a that matters. I think most people actually feel sorry for him, a bit like Alan Border years ago.
Maybe the dislike is of his Manly/Tahs background.

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

We live in hope !!!

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants