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Having the riches of plenty of all-rounders only makes us stronger, right?

Guys like Watson and Maxwell earn a place for their batting along. The others (Faulkner, Johnson) are bowling all rounders. The rest will most likely miss out on a place in the top team. MAYBE one more might slip in… It’s an embarrassment of riches right now!

How many all-rounders does Australia want for the World Cup?

trev – meet Glen Maxwell and James Faulkner.

How many all-rounders does Australia want for the World Cup?

Ha – yes I noticed this. So I am eating my words and yes the selectors/coach do see something in him. Don’t quite get it!!

Shaun Marsh's hall of mirrors

From my perspective, the touting of Marsh as a Test star – waiting in the wings ended when we dropped Mickey Arthurs. I haven’t heard much of this bantered around since Boof took over.

Looking over the squads for 2013 and 2013/14 Ashes, he wasn’t listed in any of the pre-cut initial squads either.

Good, solid ODI player and accumulator much like Michael Clarke, but not a Test batsman at all. I would not have him in my first pick T20 side either, but he has a good record. Lots of young guys that have a superior strike rate who are biting at the heels.

Shaun Marsh's hall of mirrors

Who says the thrill is gone? I still don’t miss a single ODI that the Aussies are playing, whether it’s at the SCG or broadcast from India at some ridiculous hour of the night… Every 2nd or 3rd game between the top nations is exciting to watch and every game has it’s moments.

Why aren’t Australia’s best bowlers playing ODIs?

Noticed a mistake in my article –

Eng have of course slipped to no.4 in the ICC rankings (not 3 as I wrote) and are 1 position away from missing out on qualification.

The elephant in the room with the ICC Test championship

Even if it was awarded to a sub-continent team, isn’t this better than the possibility of the host not being there at all?

Does this mean that the tournament can only ever be hosted in England, Australia and maybe South Africa? Seems a bit limiting doesn’t it?

Maybe a more sensible solution would be to adjust the qualification rules and allow a caveat to the host nation eg. They automatically qualify, along with 3 ‘other’ top ranked teams.

The elephant in the room with the ICC Test championship

This series will be a pretty safe bet for another whitewash.

The Aussie team is filled with superstars at the moment (when the top side is picked). Those that watched all the matches against India will agree that you have to put a hell of a lot of runs on the board and protect it well against this sort of batting line up these days.

I don’t think we have the team composition right yet. In light of the world cup and all players being fit and rested, my ideal team would be:

Finch, Warner, Watson, Clarke, Bailey, Maxwell, Haddin, Faulkner, Johnson, McKay/Pattinson, Doherty.

We only need one strike bowler in the team and McKay was ODI player of the year in 2013 so he’s not going anywhere. However, it is tempting to go with a duo pace combination of Johnson and Pattinson and I am sure selectors will want to play with that.

The ODI series - can Australia win again?

Nice prediction.

But first, South Africa have to be able to actually beat Australia on their home soil. They haven’t done it since 1969/70 series.

And now the odds look even more in Australia’s favour. I wouldn’t dream of betting against Oz with the form they are in (as a unit).

Why the Proteas will prevail in South Africa

I’m convinced you are English. Might want to get some support on English sport sites then!

Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

It came from the dozens and dozens of websites, facebook pages, blogs and other cricket sites I frequent, where the sentiment from cricket fans the world over is quite unanimous. Not to mention the media.

And yeah, it’s nice to puff the chest out, it’s been a while! We put up with more than enough from the Poms the last few series, it feels bloody good to have the shoe on the other foot for once.

Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

It is a bit of tongue in cheek guys… I’m not a complete knob! 😉

But I stand by that comment – the record books do speak for themselves, correct me if I am wrong but Australia does have the best record of any test cricket nation. Boom.

Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

Ha! Not bitter mate. I see my planned stirring of the pot has worked though.

The idea for the article really came about because the Aussies have now turned it around. I wonder if the Aussies had won the last few series if Sam might have been swayed our way?? It’s nice to be on top for once…

Regardless, the article is meant to be sarcastic and the young bloke deserves every chance to have a great career for England… And hope that our bowlers give him a warm welcome when he does!!! haha 🙂

Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

Turns out this was written by a Kiwi.

No further comment really… meh.

Sledging: It's just not cricket

Nice article Josh… I too love that spirit and enigma that is the Aussie fight and killer instinct. I think it is best summed up by the way Australia, under Steve Waugh said they would win the ’99 world cup after a horrible start. The ruthless way we went about winning those seven matches in a row (one tie of course) is something I will never forget. It’s also the never-say-die attitude that Ian Thorpe and the Aussie swim team harnessed when they mowed down the invincible American 4×100 team at the Sydney Olympics. Damn proud of our sporting history and that killer spirit!

The Australian desire to win is finally back

Could not agree more. Sorry, but no bowler with a test average of 30+ and ODI average of 29+ is a great. He looks good when the ball s swinging, but that’s about it.

He has also looked like a complete joke during this series. Meh…

Anderson the most overrated player in Test cricket?

“He has more off-field accidents than any other player in Australian sport, maybe apart from Todd Carney and Josh Dugan”.

Totally disagree.

Apart from a swipe at Root (was never an assault), I wouldn’t put Warner’s indiscretions anywhere near many of the NRL and AFL players. Voicing his frustrations on twitter? Some on field banter with players from another team? Going to the races instead of club cricket? Petty stuff. He’s never been in trouble with the law, done a DUI, been done for drugs, glassed or raped a woman. Warner comes WAY WAY WAY down the list.

Why David Warner is Australia's Ashes x-factor

Yes. Great form in the Australian ODI team has ALWAYS been a stepping stone toward Test selection. Was in Steve Waugh and Andrew Symonds time – is still relevant today.

Should performance in India count for Ashes selection

Thanks very much Ash! Yep, I am a die-hard fan that is for sure… Best game on earth 🙂

Drying paint has got nothing on Test cricket

What a load of rubbish.

“Test failure” without even going out to bat lol… Wow. Talk about giving a guy a chance and the attitude of “get in there mate, come on son!”. I hope for one that Bailey gets in and slogs a century in spite of the tone of this article. He deserves every chance now that he has forced his way in. ODI cricket has ALWAYS been a gateway into the Australian team, nothing has changed. Good on him, hope he gets picked.

George Bailey will be a Test failure