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Who is Bernard Foley's understudy?

It is clear Bernard Foley will be the Wallabies’ first choice 10 unless some Stephen Larkham-esque talent is unearthed. However, it is still necessary to invest in a strong understudy should injury occur or Foley suffer a decline in form.

He has performed well in that role in Scotland. Someone like Nucifora has just as many question marks.

Michael Cheika and Cameron Clyne don't click

Okay, so I obviously know very little here, but I have a basic understanding of contracts (admittedly limited).

Whether he is Cheika’s boss would depend on whether in Cheika’s current contract (signed in 2016) stipulated he reported to a DOR.

I think we can fairly safely presume that it doesn’t say that.

However, with Cheika’s appalling results, perhaps RA will go to Cheika and say ‘either you agree to vary your contract to say that you report to the DOR, or we pay you out and find a new head coach’.

Will they do that? Who knows.

He would only have oversight over the SR coaches again if the current contractual structure says so (and it doesn’t I don’t think, as we don’t have a centralised system) or if RA can make the states agree to a centralised system.

Michael Cheika and Cameron Clyne don't click

Great player. Best of luck!

All Blacks star Ben Smith heading to France... after the World Cup

Employment contracts almost always have a way for the employer to terminate the contract early. Cheika was not so dominant in negotiations then I believe even RA would have negotiated a contract where they had to pay punitive damages to Cheika if they cancelled the contract early.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Nope. The Wallabies’ three biggest problems are (1) selections, (2) poor defence stemming from poor selections and a poor defensive structure and (3) set piece.

Larkham would at the very least address them based on his coaching at the Brumbies.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

You would have said the same in 2014, or with the Boks in 1994.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

‘We would win 0 from 13 under him’.

I suppose that was meant to read ‘could’? For it is incorrect to say that we ‘would’, but we very certainly ‘could’.

I happen to think that we would probably improve under Larkham as he cares more about set piece, defence and playing players in correct positions than Cheika, who has seemingly lost the plot entirely.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Please demonstrate to me with hard evidence that Schmidt and Cotter purely chased money.

Going to Irish clubs, rather than French, Japanese or English doesn’t indicate that.

Joseph also won’t be eligible for All Blacks coach post 2020 to being abroad.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

It isn’t at all evident to me that the home nations, with the exception of England, have the resources to pay significant more than Aus.

South Africa has never opted for a foreign coach, New Zealand haven’t either, while Australia opened itself to the possibility just once, whereupon it hired a foreign coach.

Could it not just be that the NH nations have been more open to foreign coaches, than the SH ones?

Seems to me that top coaches want the opportunity to coach internationally, and will generally take whatever opportunities they can get.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Nakarawa is the most exciting forward I have ever watched. It was great seeing him play live.

How Ireland won the battle of the big men in Dublin

Not really Aussie pride at all – since 1999 Australia has been in three World Cup finals, New Zealand has been in two and South Africa has been in one.

Pretty difficult to argue that Australia is one of the teams that most consistently challenge for the World Cup.

Johnson says he wants to return to Aus, but isn’t interested in a head coaching role, but instead wants to continue in his high performance role.

Gatland, Deans, Schmidt, Cotter, Jospeh – there are four coaches that picked up lowly performing teams in an attempt to build their international reputation, rather than going straight for the best-paying role, or the best team in the All Blacks. There are a lot more top coaches than top teams to coach.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Terminating contracts almost always just means paying out the contract.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Ideally, yes, you’re right.

However, most top international coaches are Kiwis. Realistically, very few of them are going to coach the All Blacks, and only one can do so at a time. Meaning that they will often have to settle for non-New Zealand international sides.

Having success with another international team is also part of the route to then becoming part of the All Blacks setup. Meaning that there is an added incentive to coach non-Kiwi international sides.

Of those tier 1 international sides, Australia and South Africa are the only teams that have consistently challenged for world cups since professionalism, meaning they are the ones most likely to lead to glory.

Cotter, Schmidt, Joseph, Gatland – that’s three of the four home nations that had Kiwi coaches a year ago, plus Japan.

Australia is at its nadir, there is honestly no better time to pick up the gig in terms of being able to improve results and show your abilities as a coach.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Bluesfan, I will add Aaron Smith to those players that are starting to look consistently below their best.

Do you think Hansen will make the super rugby sides rest Smith, Smith and Read more so than in previous years?

How Ireland won the battle of the big men in Dublin

I don’t really agree with that, Cuw. It’s still a prestigious post offering a realistic chance to win a World Cup.

There are almost no positions like that that come up, and they are really the holy grail of coaching.

Deans got 6 and a half years before he was removed, that’s longer than most coaches get, and Cheika has been given more leeway in terms of results than almost any coach I can think of.

Any future coach can be basically sure that there’s nowhere to go but up.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Lucky there is the added incentive of being able to coach internationally, which is what most top coaches want to do, otherwise they’d all be in Japan rather than super rugby of pro 14.

Or it could be, you know, Jake White?

You’re either being somewhat disingenuous when discussing the money thing, or you haven’t thought of the attraction in being a tier 1 team that almost always do well at the World Cup.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Is Cheika realistically on a contract of $2-3 million per year?

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

‘Almost rather.’

I think as average of a choice as Larkham would be, at this point any change is positive change.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

I think, as is often the case with you, you’re trying to condescend, as you mistakenly assume that it makes you seem more intelligent, as it is evidently not a good strategy to convince people of your own point of view.

In this day and age ‘relocating’ to Australia is not nearly so big of a deal.

All the media chatter is about them approaching Nucifora and Johnson. These are two people without a good coaching track record. The former of whom doesn’t want the job and has never had tier 1 head coaching success. They’re evidently looking in the wrong places.

At the same time, they have by all accounts (and by their own claims) broken off discussions with a World Cup winning coach. Perhaps they will do the 180 and hire him, but we can only go on what they say, and even so they would deserve criticism for their poor handling of the whole affair.

The Wallabies achieved exactly the results that could be expected of them on the tour: a win over Italy, a loss to Wales and a thrashing by England. So, what was surprising here? The Wallabies achieved exactly what we would expect of them based on the last three year and of form, and especially this last year of form. Why had this now seemingly sparked a change in RAs attitude when it was just a continuation of the status quo? Why are they only now seemingly sounding out coaches, rather than doing contingency planning since the Irish series, or at least since the rugby championship?

Yet again, RA shows itself as reactive, failing to control the narrative, failing to take the initiative or leave, and failing to alleviate the concerns of fans who have rightly lost faith in their ability to handle events. It was only a few months ago that Cheika had ‘the full support of the board’.

At the very least, the people deserved a bit more honesty and open words than they got in Clyne’s press conference. As per the force saga, how this whole thing is being handled is arguably as bad as the event itself.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

The trouble is that RA have squandered all faith of the fans. If they had a better track record of handling things over the past couple of years I imagine that they would have more leeway with the fans. Rightly or wrongly, the fans have no faith in RA right now.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Really? I think the following 4-8 looks much better:

4. Philip
5. Coleman
6. Jones
7. Cottrell
8. Naisarani

Naisarani is a better 8 than Cottrell or Leota, Jones is a better 6 than Cottrell or Leota, and Cottrell is a better 7 than Hardwick.

Rebels backline key to Wallabies World Cup hopes

And yeah, I think they should have. In fact, I think they should have 12 months ago.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

‘But doesn’t that information kind of show that it’s not as simple as the mug punters here are making out.’

Not necessarily true.

It may mean that they will only consider an Australian, which does make it more complicated than most punters think it is, but if true that is a problem and a limitation that RA have imposed on themselves.

However, they had a world cup winning coach, who has consistently made evident his desire to coach the Wallabies, that wanted to interview for the job, and who RA cancelled on. I know you thought that, perhaps, even approaching him might breach their contract with Cheika, but I simply think there is no way that RA entered into a contract with him so bad that they cannot even discuss options for the future with other coaches. Were that the case, then they wouldn’t be able to approach Johnson and co now.

Whichever way you slice it, it has been poorly handled by RA. RA might not be nearly as bad as some posters make them out to be, but they certainly keep shooting themselves in the foot, and do not handle these issues at all well.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

‘And should they sack Cheika without having an alternative available?’

Nope, they shouldn’t. However, they’ve had a couple of weeks to prepare for this already, and have already cancelled a potential interview with a world cup winning replacement. It’s very disorganised, I, like Wayne Smith, think that they should have done much of this work already.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Wayne Smith’s article today said that RA were considering him as an interim coach, but other stuff I’ve read have indicated that Johnson isn’t interested in the head coach role, but wants a director of rugby/high performance role.

I do fear this means we are still guaranteed another Aussie to replace him, rather than considering all candidates and picking the best one.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika