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Congratulations to the thousands of volunteers across Australia that run the great game of football for the millions across Australia who love to play it.




It’s time to finally scrap the name ‘Socceroos’

The G and other stadium lights will be converted to coal powered lamps that frequently black out or need to be shut down for repairs.

REVEALED: Josh Frydenberg's to-do list as the AFL's next CEO

Yeah, how was that 3 man crunch tackle on Boyle not a penalty?

REACTION: 'Arnie gave him that belief' - coach's brave call creates unlikely hero as Socceroos advance to World Cup finals

What a difference a dance makes.

REACTION: 'Arnie gave him that belief' - coach's brave call creates unlikely hero as Socceroos advance to World Cup finals

The initials of our first round Group D opponents are F.D.T. which translates to F*ck Donald Trump in Tunisian, which is yet another good omen that we will top the group and go on to beat the USA in the Round of 16 knock out match.

A one-eyed supporter's guide to Australia’s World Cup chances

Lol . . .

How about AFLZ Z Z Z Zzzzzz as the fans like to call it.

Five quick takes from AFLX

Probably one of the most important games for the Socceroos in recent years.

Any prediction is plausible Mike, because this one is going to be close. There aren’t too many blowouts in these fixtures and its usually decided by the odd goal.

Its a pretty ordinary Socceroos team against a team that ain’t at their peak.

I’m backing a draw . . . again.

All the pressure is on Japan in Saitama

I’m a part owner of a Nigerian Prince.

I paid him $500K so he could escape persecution in Nigeria and we’re waiting for him to arrive.
He was a nice bloke and said he’d pay us a million bucks when he gets to Sydney for being so kind to help him out.

Nigerian football goal-fest slightly off target

Current standings with 4 games to go

United States 6 4 1 1 7 3 +4 13
Costa Rica 6 3 2 1 7 3 +4 11
Mexico 6 1 5 0 3 2 +1 8
Honduras 6 2 1 3 6 7 −1 7
Panama 6 1 3 2 5 7 −2 6
Jamaica 6 0 2 4 2 8 −6 2

Are you coming to Brazil, bro? Assessing the All Whites' World Cup hopes

Yep of course we do, but its funny how the Kiwis always like to have a go at the Aussies and vice versa.

I wonder if they qualify, can we end up in the same group and which pot of marbles they will be in – Oceania, Asia or Concacaf?

Are you coming to Brazil, bro? Assessing the All Whites' World Cup hopes

Yes, agree melange that the FIFA rankings are a little dodgy at the best of times and Columbia a surprise currently ranked 3.

Its just that a lot of countries use them to say that they should be in the WC finals and not Australia.

Are you coming to Brazil, bro? Assessing the All Whites' World Cup hopes

The 1991 team had Mark Bosnich, Kevin Muscat, Tony Popovic, Paul Okon, Lorenz Kindtner, Bradley Maloney, Steve Corica, Kris Trajanovski, Mark Silic, David Seal, Mark Babic, Robbie Stanton, Matthew Bingley, Adem Poric, George Sorras and Mark Schwarzer. Coach: Les Scheinflug. Assistant coach: Raul Blanco.

The 1993 side featured Clint Bolton, Joel Marino, Craig Moore, Carbone, Milicic, Mark Rudan, Ian Pollari, John Angelovski, Darren McDonald, J.Carter, Josip Skoko, Robert Enes, Jimmy Nikas, Robbie Middleby, Mark Viduka, John Angelucci, Paul Bilokapic

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

Not to Brazil.
The country with the best Youth WC strike rate is also the best senior men’s nation on the planet.

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

By unlucky goal I meant penalty miss that cost us the Cup. That team was so close to winning and it created a lot of interest around Australia even from the other codes.

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

Great efforts by the Asian youth teams to reach QFs – should we be asking why not Aussies?

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

I seem to be grossly outnumbered here and am bouyed by the support for the youth team and you’re happy that results don’t matter.

I would have thought we could do better.

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

I’m not happy with the results the youth team are getting and this has been happening despite the enormous time and money we are spending on developing our youth. I was extremely disappointed that we didn’t do better in round 1.

Paul Okon is not responsible for what has happened over the past eight years, he only took over recently, so I’m not contradicting myself.

Also for the sake of stability and continuity I’d like him to continue. The poor guy was only given about 10 days in 2 years to put together a world cup squad. The FFA needs to organise more camps and game time and team training together if we are serious about getting results.

The problem is above his level and how we are only now starting to implement a better tactical and technical approach.

But there’s still a way to go, because despite the nice passing game, the youth teams still have woeful defences and can’t protect a lead.

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

So how do we measure progress?
The results don’t matter and not qualifying for a WC or coming last in the group and getting eliminated is OK as long as we play football that looks good?
On results alone our current youth teams are much worse than those of the last century.
We stood around watching as El Salvador and Turkey scoring “amazing goals” to knock us out of a world tournament. They all had free shots on goal.

Where are the results for Aussie youth football teams?

I’m not saying we need to persist with a lone striker and find someone to replace Viduka, that’s backwards thinking and agricultural.

I’m saying we should change tack and employ 2 or even 3 strikers and start to impose ourselves in the friendlies.

If you stick with the same team and format, you’ll never end up with a decent striker or striker combination.

Holger should use the friendlies leading up to the WC to develop and blood new strikers and be more aggressive in his playing style.

I’ll guarantee you that given the chance Bulut and Duke would score more goals for Australia than Brosque and Macdonald. Give them game time and give them confidence and they will blossom.

Even Vieri and Ballotelli had to play their first games ever and stuffed up, but the coach persevered and developed them into international stars.

Have some more confidence in your young home grown strikers and they will get more confidence. You can still play Cahill if he is good enough, but not as a lone striker.

Socceroos: the striking truth

Absolutely fafida but the structure dictates what players you need to fill that structure.
With a 4-5-1 or 4-3-2-1 structure you need a solid front man otherwise you are effectively playing with 10 men. The lone striker is waiting for the ball outnumbered and unless he’s very good at it, rarely gets to control the play and bring in other players.
His best opportunities for a lone striker come with set pieces and corners, but then again that’s where you mark up and if Tim is off his game cuts off our main scoring avenue.
The point is we should change the tactics and the structure. Barcelona, Spain, Brazil, Holland, Real Madrid or Man United play with 2 or even 3 strikers, especially at home or when they need to dominate.
Tim Cahill is not an out an out striker.
Lets find some to promote into the top squad and develop into world class strikers, anyone like Leckie, Ibini, Ruckya, Bulut, Duke, McBreen, Bridge, Babalj,Taggart, Mclaren, Gameiro – I don’t care.
Strikers need to be developed. Look at Christian Vieri who went from zero to WC hero with the right coaching, support and player development behind him. His first couple of games for Italy were shockers.

I hope Holger uses the year leading up to Brazil 14 in preparation to develop some new tactics, structure and world class strikers. Otherwise quite frankly, we won’t make it out of the first round.

Socceroos: the striking truth

I’m not into falsies myself.
Real or false, Cahill is not striker.

About time we had a genuine one.
Holger’s got 12 months to find and develop one. Our best young strikers are being forgotten and languishing in the dungeons of European and Asian football clubs.

Bring back Bulut – he’s our most promising striker in years.

Socceroos: the striking truth

Have we given McDonald enough chances? I think its 26 games and no goals for the Socceroos.

We need a striker who can score goals – that’s how you win games.
This is part of the problem especially if Tim is having a bad game like against Iraq.

Socceroos: the striking truth

No worries, she’ll be right, good as gold and green.

Socceroos vs Iraq: The golden grass of home

Yes we all remember Septic Bladders broken promise.

We got screwed for the 2022 WC as well – easily corrupted by oil money.

Socceroos vs Iraq: The golden grass of home

I hope we both do and the Aussies and Kiwis make it to the WC Finals again.

NZ have a good chance over 2 legs against a team like Panama or Honduras.

Socceroos vs Iraq: The golden grass of home